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Gabbi Shrine
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Welcome everyone to TRRPG, one of the few active online Tomb Raider RPG's on the net. The administration here at TRRPG pride themselves at helping the best they can, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
Take a look at the rules along with all the specialties such as avatar claims and the CHAT section.
(First and Last)
This is more of an advanced RPG. Please do not be alarmed. All we really badly want is that you post atleast three (3) well developed paragraphs.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay.
Raid on!
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Epris Stone

As the great sphere turns, eyes will reveal themselves. These eyes will see all, though influence none. There power will be hindered, until the fire no longer burns.

Darkness will fall, all warmth will fail. Famine shall spread, until Adam and Eve have perished; clearing the way for the makers.

This scripture was found only three days ago. It was inscribed at the feet of a statue in Crete, an island located in the Aegean sea, just of the coast of Greece. The true origins of these writings are unknown, though myth pertains to a time of heroes which inhabited the island and its surrounding land formations. Although archeologists believe it was most likely written by the Aegean people, in hopes that they would have some sort of map for the future.

Most likely written in near or before the Bronze Age (c. 3000–1200 bc). The foretelling has been broken down to mean a number of things. The most popular amongst scholars is the nearing of an apocalypse. It's expected that this age of darkness and famine will be brought upon by a set number of stones or gems, or as the scripture calls them eyes. These eyes may also be symbols for plagues or catastrophic events that may wipe out civilizations.

There is also some brief speculation that the 'fire' spoken of is the sun. The extinguishment of the sun may be a symbol for an eclipse, when the sun disappears for a slight moment. It's possible that the 'eyes' will reveal themselves at this time, when darkness falls over the earth.

Other then the findings above, little else has been discovered. We need to find out more information if we hope to know when and where these events will take place. Or if this is simply another myth that may be written off in the text books.


C O N G R A T S . T O :

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 Gabbi Shrine
Gabbi Shrine
Posted: Jun 28 2007, 06:35 PM

Inexperienced Member
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Group: Admin
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Joined: 28-June 07

.: Your info :.
Nick or name you like to be called: Gabbi
Do you have other characters here? Mention them!: Not yet

.: Your character info :.
Character Name: Gabriella Karen Shrine
Nicknames | Aliases: Gabbi
Occupation: Archeologist
Age: 18
Sex: female
Orrientation: straight

.: The Look :.

Height: 5' 3¼" (1.61 m)
Weight: 110
Eye color: Deep blue
Hair color: Blonde
Skin: Lightly tanned. If she does not tan well as her family's skin burns easily.
Build: Gabbi has a flat stomach and has muscle but it is not really visable.
Overall Appearance: Gabbi has a great body with its great curves and beige skin that doesn't tan well. Gabbi has deep blue eyes and lips that are a pretty pink. She does not wear a lot of make up but does wear mascara to darken her eyes a bit. The girl has golden blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back, maybe a bit farther. When on the job she will wear whatever is appropriate for that day. If she is going to a destination of lots of water she will rent a wetsuit, if she is going to a place that is hot she usually wears a short sleeve shirt with a pair of shorts. Boots are always thought of by the way. If it is very rocky, she will wear boots or if the destination is known for dangerous habitats, boots are always a good idea. When Gabbi goes out with friends she wears whatever makes her look good mostly things like tight jeans all the way to a long, strapless dress. Gabbi's hair is usually loose but may be up in a pony occassionally, usually when exploring.

Picture: user posted image

Celebrity Portrayed: Nina Williams

.: The Origins :.

Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
Date of Birth: 11-25-1988
Nationality: Canadian
History: Gabbi was born in Toronto, Ontario on November 25, 1988. Her father, David Shrine and her mother, Cindy Shrine were married two years prior. David Shrine worked at his own business as the owner of a car company. Her mother, Cindy worked at a clothing company called "The Shrine," which David's mother started. Both companies were very successful and made quite a bit of money. David comes from a weathy family and Cindy from an average family.

Gabbi grew up in a great home. She was at times a stubborn child that did not do as she was told. Adding to her "perfect" life she is an only child. She never wanted any siblings and to her amazement she never got any. At the age of three her parents started to work longer shifts so they hired a baby sitter. Her mother found a woman that was said to be reliable. A big mistake her mother had made. The baby sitter had taken Gabbi to a coffee shop down the street from her home. She placed Gabbi in the play room and left... WITHOUT GABBI!!! Once four o'clock came around so did the baby sitter to pick up Gabbi and took her home to wait for Gabbi's mother to show up. This happened for weeks until one day Gabbi's mother and her went to the coffee shop. The owner recognized Gabbi and said hi. Gabbi's mother had wondered how the two had met as her mother never had taken Gabbi to the shop. The owner explained. Her mother was furious. She fired the babysitter and took her to court. She didn't get much but did get the woman's babysitting licence taken away. Gabbi believes this is one of the reasons why she has so much independence.

Her parents then decided to place her in preschool to get her involved with other children. When Gabbi was taken she started to ball her eyes out. She was scared that her parents were leaving her. When the baby sitter left her she had hope of her parents coming to get her, but when her parents leave her who can she hope to come for her? As the year continued to grow so did Gabbi and her independance.

Once she got to public school she was getting amazing grades. She got along great with other children but most of the time was to herself when working. She was a quiet student all the way to grade nine. Ingrade nine she was pushed up to academic classes and was entitled an honour student. This made her parents proud and herself feel the same. She loved it when her parents were happy of her. It brought a feeling into her that nothing else had done.

At the beginning of grade nine Gabbi got into gymnastics. She loved to watch girls doing the uneven poles. She thought it was amazing. Her father hired a private teacher and got Gabbi into gymnastics ASAP. Also her father wanted her to get into self defense classes he believed she had to protect herself. She did as she was asked and did that on the days she was not doing gymnastics.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Gymnastics
Tuesday, Thursday-Self Defense
Saturday, Sunday-Personal

Her gymnist coach asked Gabbi if she would like to participate in shows but her answer was alway, "Why? I don't see the point of it. People go out there, spend a lot of money for what? To be humiliated?" Even after the speech other coaches asked. She still neglected. Gabbi soon graduated highschool and started taking travelling courses in college. She travelled to only a few places such as Egypt and Brazil both nothing special. She was unable to really explore like she wanted. She soon dropped out and decided if she was going to explore she was going to have to do it herself, not with a school class.


Weapons: Gabbi carries her dual pistols, which both hold 30 bullets each. This is for far targets if at all. She rarely kills as she is not the type that enjoys it. Along with her fire arms is a pair of sais. She was taught in self defense with these weapons once she hit a higher level. She is very comfortable with them and can really use them to her advantage.

Transportation: A deep blue motor cycle.

Other: Flashlight and grapple hook which is similar to the one in TRA but she is unable to grab objects with it or pull objects down. For good carrying she carries a nap sac.

.: The Natural Abilities and other things :.

Strengths: As said previously she did take gymnastics, which gives her a lot of experience with pole flipping and flips in general. She has learned to to about four tumbles in a row and an ending flip at the end. That is as far as she has gotten in her training at the moment but she does continue.

Gabbi is able to hold her breath under water for a good length of time making it easy for her to go from places below surface level less stressful.

Gabbi also has fantastic balance.

Lastly, Gabbi is a good visual person, meaning if she is at one ledge and another is across the room, she is going to know if she will be able to make it or not. She will not just jump thinking she will be successful and realize she has made a horrible decision. Also if something is coming towards her she she must dodge it, flip over it, etc. She will know when to do so. She rarely does things too fast/slow.

Weaknesses: Gabbi has bad grip. Her hands sweat a lot when in wram temperatures or if nervous, making it difficult to hold onto a ledge for a long time.

Gabbi also has difficulties climbing. She doesn't have the best upper body strength needed to ascend ropes but is in luck with her grapple, well kind of anyway.

Lastly, Gabbi can get furious very easily. If something isn't going her way such as her grapple, or her plan, she gets a little annoyed and may freak out... A LOT! But once she gets her cool back she tries things from a different point of view.

Likes: Gabbi likes easiness, well doesn't everyone? She likes to try something and even if she fails, she likes it if she learns something. She likes it if she can learn from her mistakes and when things go her way.

Dislikes: (This should be a bit longer) Gabbi hates doing things more than once. Repetition gets on her nerves. She hates it when things get way too hard and when she must give something up. She hates failing even though many times she has. She really hates it when nothing goes her way!

Personality: Gabbi is an eighteen-year-old female that cares more for others than herself... Most of the time. Gabbi cares a lot for others yet she isn’t scared to stand up for herself. She was an A+ student and liked the subject English and travel and Tourism. Gabbi is a very independent person that will do almost anything to get what she wants. Failure never really crosses her mind unless she has done so. She can cop with group members but once in a while likes being alone. Since she was an only child, a snob like appeal does revolve in her but she does her best not to let it show. 99.9% of the time Gabbi is a happy person. Many people like her but the odd person doesn’t. Although she is a nice person Gabbi can get quite jealous at times. Like many others she does get overwhelmed and 'cranky' at times too. Gabbi will do all in her power to make her parents proud even though she and them live farther away from eachother than ever before.

Occupation: Gabbi, as said, enjoyed tourism for some time of her life and has never really been hired. She does it for fun and the money doesn't hurt either. She was asked to get some things for museums but they never wanted her full time. She was soon hired by a woman and has worked for ever since. (If this is not what you want, please PM me and explain please)

Place of Residence: Gabbi's father must go on company trips once and a while and rented a place in Britain. When her father is not there Gabbi takes it over.

Fears: Gabbi fears of failure as she had never failed in her childhood. From gymnastics to self defense she was always one of the best. Now being an Archeologist there is quite a bit of failure at times and Gabbi is not used to such things. Gabbi is also scared of not making the people around her proud as it makes a type of tension that does not make Gabbi's life any easier.

Did you read the rules?: Something about my favourite colour?

Other: ---X

RP Sample:

Location: Peru
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Terrain: Rocky
Time: 9:37 am
Equipment: Flash light in nap sac, along with grapple, sais and Dual pistols
Magazines: four magazines that hold 30. Gabbi does not belive she will use that much but just incase.

Gabbi looked up at the rocky embankment. Moss growing down the sharp, deep crevasses. The blonde haired girl pushed an escaped stand of hair behind her lightly tanned ear. She sighed heavily trying to gain the courage get rid of the nervous feeling that embedded inside her stomach. She crossed her fingers and gave them a slow push as they intertwined. A smooth cranking noise met her ears. Gabbi walked towards the embankment. Looking in she noticed three ledges that were unequally spaced apart. Before preparing to jump, she tightened her black boots. Quickly, Gabbi raced to the edge and grabbed the first ledge. Its rough texture loosened Gabbi’s grip. Rushing along the ledge she came to the end and noticed the next ledge beside it. “One…” she took a deep breath. “Two…” she held onto the ledge as best as she could. “Three!” Letting go of the ledge she pushed off her feet with all her might, gripping the next one a meter later. She did the same to that ledge which was shorter to her disadvantage and had a longer distance to the next ledge. With out hesitation, Gabbi pushed off the ledge, stretching for the next ledge, she grabbed with losing her balance. Her hands grasped for anything she was able to latch onto. She let out a slight whimper and finally obtained the grip needed. The girl laughed at herself a bit as she thought of what just happened. And this is just the beginning, she thought.

user posted image
Lara Croft
Posted: Jun 29 2007, 07:31 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 77
Member No.: 1
Joined: 26-February 07

Looks awesome, I love the sample post. I was nervous for her. You have a really good style of rping, I can really see what your trying to say. Great job

For the actual app, everything looks really great. The history is well formed and the general appearance is pretty descriptive. I have to say I have no problems, I'm getting fairly lucky with these apps. Everyone who's applied for a character seems to know what they're doing.

The employment is great. It will make doing expeditions a lot easier, plus it will pay off when rping with another who doesn't have an employer. Your employer might say she's sending you to achieve something, but you have a new partner...??? haha, I don't know. That's for you to play around with. wink.gif



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