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Welcome everyone to TRRPG, one of the few active online Tomb Raider RPG's on the net. The administration here at TRRPG pride themselves at helping the best they can, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
Take a look at the rules along with all the specialties such as avatar claims and the CHAT section.
(First and Last)
This is more of an advanced RPG. Please do not be alarmed. All we really badly want is that you post atleast three (3) well developed paragraphs.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay.
Raid on!
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Epris Stone

As the great sphere turns, eyes will reveal themselves. These eyes will see all, though influence none. There power will be hindered, until the fire no longer burns.

Darkness will fall, all warmth will fail. Famine shall spread, until Adam and Eve have perished; clearing the way for the makers.

This scripture was found only three days ago. It was inscribed at the feet of a statue in Crete, an island located in the Aegean sea, just of the coast of Greece. The true origins of these writings are unknown, though myth pertains to a time of heroes which inhabited the island and its surrounding land formations. Although archeologists believe it was most likely written by the Aegean people, in hopes that they would have some sort of map for the future.

Most likely written in near or before the Bronze Age (c. 3000–1200 bc). The foretelling has been broken down to mean a number of things. The most popular amongst scholars is the nearing of an apocalypse. It's expected that this age of darkness and famine will be brought upon by a set number of stones or gems, or as the scripture calls them eyes. These eyes may also be symbols for plagues or catastrophic events that may wipe out civilizations.

There is also some brief speculation that the 'fire' spoken of is the sun. The extinguishment of the sun may be a symbol for an eclipse, when the sun disappears for a slight moment. It's possible that the 'eyes' will reveal themselves at this time, when darkness falls over the earth.

Other then the findings above, little else has been discovered. We need to find out more information if we hope to know when and where these events will take place. Or if this is simply another myth that may be written off in the text books.


C O N G R A T S . T O :

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Posted: Mar 17 2007, 05:52 AM

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Group: Admin
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Yes, the almighty rules strike again...


Alright, so you've all probably played on a site like this before, RPG I mean. If you haven't, don't worry. It's fairly easy to pick up on things. The rules that follow are fairly routine and straight foreword. If you follow them, you'll be in calm waters. There are a few; I’m not going to lie. It will probably take you a few minutes to read all of it, but the reason for so many rules is because of the subject of the site. To my knowledge not too many people have made an RPG site, and so I’m kind of making this up as I go along. If you don’t read the rules, it’s going to get confusing. Everything is explained below, but if you still have questions, ask. Don’t be afraid.


-This is probably the one rule you must REALLY pay attention to, because it carries heavy consequences if broken. I will not tolerate flaming on this site. It could also be called bashing or insulting another member. I want this to be a safe place for the members and won’t tolerate anyone who wishes to obstruct those wishes. Besides, you're all here to have fun I hope. And things aren't fun when you have people screaming at you.

-This goes hand in hand with the first. Everyone should be respected. Take the feelings of others into consideration. And also please be kind to the staff. They're here to maintain and have fun themselves. Sometimes they have to make hard decisions that may not make some members particularly happy. Just don't harass them when you need a character accepted or something like that.

-Not every post you make will be on an expedition or working or something. Raiders, archeologists and even MI6 members are allowed lives. Take them out for coffee, watch TV, or go to the park. You don't always have to be on the job. Plus, I know you will get bored with always raiding tombs and such.


-Please use the specified format when starting a topic. Information on this can be found here.

-All posts should be in the third person, unless you're speaking.

-Color is allowed, but just make sure you're not making your posts look like a rainbow. Color should also only be used for speech or thought.

-Posts should be fairly well sized. No two liners. Two to three paragraphs would be acceptable. It's no fun RPing with someone who gives only a few sentences to react to.

-If you have a writers block, don't fret. I'm not going to kill you. Every once in a while we all get it, so if you can't meet the minimum posting requirements a few times, that's fine. Just don't make a habit of it.

-Don't post in fifty thousand separate topics at once. Pace yourself. I think about ten topics should be a good maximum for everyone.

-Good grammar and spelling is expected. You don't have to be a prodigy or anything, just run your posts through a spell check or something and read over it. That's all.

-This is a mature forum, and cursing is allowed. Just down drop the ‘f-bomb’ every two words. It's uninteresting and makes you and your character look like a delinquent.

-Along with the cursing comes sex and romance. Yes, it is allowed. Though any descriptive work should be moved to the mature forum which is password protected. If you need the code, PM one of the admins and they'll give it to you. Although, to access the mature forum you must have at least 50 posts under your belt.


-Your first character is completely up to you. When you'd like to post it, the history and all that is completely open. With a few exceptions but that will be explained later.

-Second, third, and even fourth characters, which should be your maximum, will only be allowed after a set amount of posts. You are allowed a second character after 50 posts. A third character will take another 50. Same for your forth.

-If you feel like your world just wouldn't be complete unless you have just one more character, then you may apply for a fifth, but that's all. I understand that some people are extremely talented and can handle a bazillion characters at once, but for this site. I think five is enough.

-God-moding is a big concern on this board. It means giving your character the characteristics of being practically invincible and never getting hurt. When you're raiding a tomb, or hiking through the Amazon, the chance that you won’t get some type of injury is extremely slim. Traps will be set off, bridges will collapse, and spiders will be waiting for you to walk right into their web so they can crawl all over you. Please allow these things to happen at some point in time. You're not always going to get the prize, and you're certainly not going to achieve anything in two posts.

-Main thing, be RESPONSIBLE. If too many problems with people giving their characters too much of a perfect glow, rules will be adjusted, but I really hope it won’t happen.

~Posting Characters~

-When posting a character for rping, you need to be very detailed. The more detail, the better the app is going to be and quicker you will be accepted.

-Characters shouldn't be teenagers. They can be young, like 17 being the minimum age. I don't want a bunch of fifteen year olds running around the board digging up treasures and taking on MI6. If they are going to be young though, I want them to be with someone. Like a mentor or team.

-There is a link given for weapons here. Please use it if you are unsure on what you would like to list as your main weaponry, or use in rping. I want to keep the use of mythical weaponry, futuristic weaponry, and made up weaponry to a minimum. For example, I think I heard the government is working on all these high-tech weapons like hydro based guns, sound releasing weapons, etc... Until it is all released to the public, then I want to exclude it. Unless your occupation is with the government, then I may make some exceptions.

-Please try to be original. I know Lara is cool, it's why I made this site and probably why you‘re on it. But we can't all be her. So please refrain from making Lara Croft clones. People are different, even if they are in the same profession.

~Character Relations~

-This is for the most part optional. Not everyone has to have one of these; it just helps to be able to track who you know and your love interests. Plus it can be pretty fun.

-Example templates are given but you do not have to use them. You may alter the existing ones for your own benefit, or completely create one from scratch.

-You can only have so many soul mates and best friends. Get creative, one person must mean more to you then the other.

-If your character is in love with an enemy or someone who opposes their profession or beliefs, whatever, it should all be explained in the history or summary. I want you to explain the relationships you have with others. Don't just say he likes her, and she likes him, then they got married and had nine children. Not good enough.

-Basically just have fun with it.


-There are rules explaining this in the actual forum so I will be brief. Expeditions are what your character will be doing on this board half the time. Of course, not every character will be traveling the same amount as others, due to professions and character details.

-It's recommended that you first post a summary of the expedition in the auditioning forum here. It will allow the staff to check it out and tell you whether or not you can proceed with it or not. I don't plan on denying a lot of them as I want you to have your own creative twists to the site. I just don't want people tackling things that don't fit in the board. Example, A single person can't take on a whole army of mythical creatures that get loose by the...'eye of ramsees', which your character just happens to steal. This isn't to say I don't want any fantasy in it, I do. I just don't want it to seem like your character is a god or invincible.

-Posting in the auditioning forum also allows the staff to enter it into the list of active expeditions. This will be used for archiving purposes as well as allowing other members to get a quick view of topics they can post in and which ones are private.

-Expeditions can also be created by NPC characters (employers) that will be controlled by Admins. Employers may call for specifics that you may need to meet. For example, you may need a team, or be of specific experience (post count). Details will be listed in the request.


-In a lot of cases, plots can be considered expeditions. They are, however, separate. Plots are more specific to characters or events on the board.

-You may start a topic for a plot here. It will be examined by a member of the staff and placed into the active plots thread.

-Once in the active Plots thread, other members may post in the thread to maybe be in on the plot. You and the members can discuss how it should be played out and such. Everything will be updated to the Plot list, showing what is what, and which plots are available for entry and which ones are private.


-You don't have to be on a team, but it sure makes it ten times easier to post. Obviously you can't role play if you don't have another person to interact with.

-Sometimes teams will be required for expeditions in which case a sign-up will be held.

-Sign-ups can be held both by employers and by members of the board. Employers’ teams will most likely be temporary though member teams will probably be more lasting. It all depends.

-Lists of active teams and such will be posted, allowing you a better look at what’s there and what isn't.


-This part is pretty simple. If you find an artifact, you can post saying what you found, where, when and all that. It will allow for a list to be created, showing what has been found and what hasn't.

-This prevents members from finding two different artifacts of the same name.

-This will also help in building your reputation. Some employers may require that you've found so many artifacts before they want you. Again, this is a big responsibility for members. I don't want to see any artifacts being found in two posts, and then the topic is over. Also, please refrain from finding 20 artifacts in the same thread. The password for making a character is your favorite color.


-Signatures must be no larger then 15.2 cm x 8.85 cm

-Avatars can't be any larger than 130 px x 205 px. Pictures will automatically be resized if larger.

(This list will be updated frequently, as this is merely a ruff draft. When something is added, an announcement will be made and the newly added material will be underlined.)


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