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Welcome everyone to TRRPG, one of the few active online Tomb Raider RPG's on the net. The administration here at TRRPG pride themselves at helping the best they can, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Epris Stone

As the great sphere turns, eyes will reveal themselves. These eyes will see all, though influence none. There power will be hindered, until the fire no longer burns.

Darkness will fall, all warmth will fail. Famine shall spread, until Adam and Eve have perished; clearing the way for the makers.

This scripture was found only three days ago. It was inscribed at the feet of a statue in Crete, an island located in the Aegean sea, just of the coast of Greece. The true origins of these writings are unknown, though myth pertains to a time of heroes which inhabited the island and its surrounding land formations. Although archeologists believe it was most likely written by the Aegean people, in hopes that they would have some sort of map for the future.

Most likely written in near or before the Bronze Age (c. 3000–1200 bc). The foretelling has been broken down to mean a number of things. The most popular amongst scholars is the nearing of an apocalypse. It's expected that this age of darkness and famine will be brought upon by a set number of stones or gems, or as the scripture calls them eyes. These eyes may also be symbols for plagues or catastrophic events that may wipe out civilizations.

There is also some brief speculation that the 'fire' spoken of is the sun. The extinguishment of the sun may be a symbol for an eclipse, when the sun disappears for a slight moment. It's possible that the 'eyes' will reveal themselves at this time, when darkness falls over the earth.

Other then the findings above, little else has been discovered. We need to find out more information if we hope to know when and where these events will take place. Or if this is simply another myth that may be written off in the text books.


C O N G R A T S . T O :

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 Elisabetta Bennadetti, Character
Posted: May 3 2009, 12:09 AM

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Nickname you like to be called: Echo
Do you have other characters here? Mention them: None.

Your character info
Character Name: Elisabetta Desores Bennadetti.
Nicknames | Aliases: Lady Chance/Deadeye/Artemis.
Occupation: Mercenary.
Age: 42 (Born 2/3/67).
Sex: Female.
Orientation: Bisexual, prefers women.

The Look
Height: 5,8
Weight: 119 pounds (8 1/2 stone).
Eye color: Very dark brown.
Hair color: Jet black.
Skin: Darkly tanned tawny.
Build: Physically very elegant and graceful, but with a very solid physique that is all hard muscle. Long-limbed and slim, but with distinctive physical power evident. If you get a good look at her, it is evident that there is no wasted flesh on any part of her body.
Overall Appearance: A woman of startling beauty, all smooth lines and full curves even into her fourth decade with little "wear and tear" to suggest her age, she resembles an Olympic Athlete who keeps in shape by running marathons and pumping weights. That doesn't properly explain her exceptional physical development and prowess, but she rises at five-thirty every morning and spends two hours working out to stay in shape, just as she has for the past twenty-four years, every day of her life.

She has tattoo's. as well, hourglasses with one end aimed at the shoulder, the other at her hands, on both mid upper-arms. An Eagle is tattooed across her entire upper back, wings finishing at both shoulders, beak drawn to appear as though its holding her spine in its beak. It seems about to fly away off of her back. Finally, numerous thin scars mark her lower back and buttocks. These are scars as a result of her being whipped when she was a child.

Off-duty she wears luxurious dresses, styles her hair and makes sure that her physical beauty is emphasised through a combination of jewellery and makeup. She isn't remotely vain, but she enjoys the attentions of men and women and knows herself well enough to be well sure how to get it. On-duty, she wears black leggings and combat boots, a body armour of the highest quality and a sleevless black t-shirt. Her hair will always be tied in a tight ponytail that falls down her back, while being left loose when she's at ease.


Celebrity Portrayed: Monica Bellucci.

The Origins

Place of Birth: Venice, Italy.
Date of Birth: 02/03/1967.
Nationality: Her Passport says Italian. She has another which says Italian. Others, too. All are completely legitimate.
Her father, Joseph Bennadetti, was a drunk, a drug addict and a devout Evangelical Christian. So devout, in fact, that it left him unhinged when he discovered that the rest of the world had very little time for him and what most referred to as "His obsessions". He tried to break his Wife to force her to be obedient, using psychological torture and physical violence, but she ran away in 1970 to escape the madman her Husband had become.

With her mother, Ada Adelina, gone, her father was left with no other escape for his unhinged ferocity than Elisabetta herself. He "disciplined" her with a whip, kept her home from school to teach her the Bible and it's stories, never let her socialise with children her own age, let alone anyone younger or older, without his direct supervision, beat her with his fists when she didn't follow his draconian rules and put her in Hospital more than once. She'd promised she'd kill him herself when she was old and strong enough by the time she was five years old-but nature got there first.

He suffered a Stroke when she was fifteen, then a heart attack when she was seventeen, which finished him off after he had spent two years drooling uncontrollably in a Nursing Home. She and her mother met for the first time in fourteen years when they were the only one's who attended his funeral. Elisabetta simply told her Mother if they never met or spoke again it would be too soon after what had happened to her when her mother had left alone with her father, then left. They have had no contact since.

Unknown to Elisabetta at the time, however, was the fact her father was a former Mafia Assassin who had been so successful in a thirty-year "Career" that he had effectively killed himself trying to wash away memories of horrors with anything which did the job, even for a few seconds. Don Stefano Gaudiano, his old Boss, made contact with Elisabetta to see if she'd picked up anything from her father over the years. As it turned out, she had-an immense capacity for focused violence and an almost feral ruthlessness about using it. She'd been so long separated from the rest of humanity by her father, while being treated with such brutality and anger by him, that she had no real emotional connection with her own humanity, let alone people she didn't know.

The Don arranged for her to be taken under the wing of a Retired Master Assassin just known as "Carmine", where she discovered the only father figure she's ever known and perfected her skills over three years of training. They lived on an old farm in southern Italy where they could train in a specially adapted gym and in the fields if they were careful. Killing is the only skill she has ever really practised-and she is horrifyingly good at it. Carmine, as a result of their bond, is the only person she has ever called "Sir"-and still does.

People who've met her since and survived swear she isn't human. People who've seen her work say she's a Demon practicing an art form taught by the Devil himself. She is a true Chameleon, changing her appearance, nature and even her entire personality day to day and, a simple fact, she is an in-demand Assassin the world over. She has even been employed by Mossad and worked for the KGB briefly during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.

In 1995 the CIA hired her to kill Fidel Castro as part of a "honeytrap" Op. She did her part, but the CIA bungled it's as it's Agent was arrested after being shot when his teams attempted an insertion on Cuba only to be massacred by angry locals who were quickly joined by army troops. One Agent lived long enough to give up the Agent she was waiting for in a desperate plea for his life-which failed, since he was left to bleed out. Only the fact the Agent who was to meet her withstood the torture until his heart stopped and he was too badly injured to be resucitated saved her life. Ever since, she has referred to the CIA as "Capitalist Idiot Activities" and refuses to have anything to do with them.

Less than picky about who she takes Contracts from, she's worked for intelligence Agencies, Terrorists, organised crime and even private parties with the right financial backing. One particular individual, though, has stayed with her since 2001.

After the mess with the Illuminati in 2001, a Contract was initiated as a result. The Order was to terminate the killer of the Elderly Gentleman, a senior member of the hierarchy, by any means necessary, retrieve any and all technology/information in the killers possession relevant to the Illuminati and return it to said group. Payment to be recieved on fulfilment.

The target turned out to be Lara Croft, the young British adventuress and "Tomb Raider" who was regarded as the definitive succesor to Indiana Jones. Wishing to test herself against a truly worthy opponent, Elisabetta took the Contract on. Even years later, she would never be quite sure whether or not things would have turned out differently if she hadn't.

To get a feel for her exceptional opponent, she researched Lara's background and accomplishments. What she discovered made her even more interested than the womans photograph and reputation had managed-so she took the extraordinary step of arranging for them to meet face to face. After spending some time in Lara's company, she belatedly realised something very, very important: she hadn't taken the Contract because she wanted to kill Lara, but because she wanted an excuse to meet her. She was falling for a woman she'd never even met before...

By deliberately holding off on fulfilling the Contract until the Elderly Gentlemans successor Cancelled it two months later Elisabetta got the Contract voided, saving Lara's life, unknown to her even now. They have met up again over the years, even worked together on occassion-Lara thinks that Elisabetta is a professional Mercenary, with good reason-but Elisabetta has never dared mention the fact she's quite sure she's in love with Lara. Why is easy-Lara is so straight that she could have built by the Roman's, a fact Elisabetta is all too well aware of.

In 2003 Elisabetta saved Lara's life again, without her knowledge, again. Teddy Sheridan managed to place a call to some old friends of his without Lara's knowledge during the "Cradle of Life" quest, to make sure he got away clean with the Cradle itself-or avenge him if he didn't survive. They never made it, because Elisabetta got in the way. For all of her skill she was terribly wounded in a vicious fight with three former professional Special Forces soldiers and spent a month in a Coma. When she woke up, the first thing she did was call Lara to make sure that she was alright.

While she still keeps an eye on Lara and watches her back today, she's increasingly aware that she isn't getting any younger. She isn't sure how much that matters, though, she never expected to die peacefully, let alone in bed..

Grapnel gun, strong rope, backpack with gear for long-term field jobs. Combat webbing for field work if she needs access to gear and weapons in a hurry. Lockpicks. First Aid Kit. Belt with gear pouches. Dragon Skin body armour, highest quality.

Weapons: 22. pistol for close, accurate, silent work. Glock 45. for simply shooting people shooting at her, comes with Silencer. AN-94 Assault Rifle-won't discuss how she got hold of it. Dragunov Snipers rifle. Pancor Jackhammer automatic shotgun. HALO combat knife.

Transportation: Her normal method of transportation is heavy motorcycle. However, she has access to a Humvee if she needs her gear-although she takes a van in civilian heavy environments.

Other: None.

The Natural Abilities and other things

1. Extraordinary physical prowess, strength, speed, agility, fighting style is one unique to her.
2. Her body is so highly disciplined and developed that she doesn't make physical mistakes. If something happens to or because of her, it's because she let it or wanted it.
3. She is a genius, but her sanity is very much in question. This is, in some ways, a bonus, however. Her behaviour and responses cannot be anticipated because they deviate so much from the human norm-her father did psychological damage she'll never recover from to her when she was a child.
4. She has an exceptional level of pain tolerance as a result of all the physical and mental suffering she has been through over the years. Torture has very little effect on her and she can keep going with critical injuries. Short of crippling injuries, only death will stop her.

1. Her physical skills have become so much a part of her identity that to be left incapable, even for a while, could break her.
2. She has suffered severe psychological trauma. Manage to bring her father up and there is a very good chance she'll forget everything she knows in fury and simply try to beat you to death with her fists alone.
3. She is incapable of demonstrating human kindness, or returning it. If someone got under her guard, they would find themselves striking at her from a blind spot she is not aware she has-except where Lara Croft is concerned.
4. Her focus is such that she will ignore even catastrophic loss of blood to get the job done if it reaches that point. Get her focused enough, she'll miss the one thing which will kill her.

1. Orange juice, as fresh as possible.
2. Cappuccino, Italian.
3. Fish-watching them is one of the few things she finds relaxing.
4. Sex-she has had thousands of one night stands for the physical satisfaction alone.

1. People telling her what to do, under any circumstances for any reason.
2. American coffee-it tastes like recycled sewage to her.
3. Donughts-she made the mistake of Dating an American Cop once. Trying a snack he swore by put her off it for life.
4. People who don't finish what they start-she's never missed an episode of "24" yet and describes Jack Bauer as her ideal man.

Personality: She's a Sociopath, human life doesn't really mean anything to her and she is capable of anything to get the job done. Terrible temper and propensity for physical violence, she could be termed Psychotic her violent tendencies can reach such extreme levels. Suffers from extreme Paranoia, does not trust anyone without having known them and everything about them for years. Very passionate woman, gets very involved in her work and spends every day of the week in someone elses bed more often than not. A perfectionist, she'll always have planned out every Operation in advance and have at least two fallback plans set up. She'll have triple-checked her weapons and gear and have double the number of reloads she expects to need for the Op in case of the unexpected.

Rather surprising is her commitment to those few she genuinely cares about, however. Go after her friends, let alone kill them? She'll use means of inflicting pain she invented specifically to describe her own work to teach you to never, ever touch anything under her protection. When she's through with you, a lake full of Piranaha's would have been a kinder Fate. Doctors have wept at the sight of her work.

Occupation: Assassin, she's been training for the job for twenty-five years and been working as one for twenty-four. She couldn't do another job to save her life-nor would she ever want to

Place of Residence: Rome, Italy.

Fears: Loved one's suffering or dying. Failure.

Did you read the rules?

Other: This woman is not Sane and could easily be considered Deranged. Rational and irrational mean very little to her as terms of any sort.

RP Sample: (Essential. This is our first taste of your role playing skills so make it good. Also when applying for a canon character roleplay as them. Remember to use the proper roleplaying format of our board that is explain in the rules section. You must include a 200 word sample)[/SIZE]
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