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Welcome everyone to TRRPG, one of the few active online Tomb Raider RPG's on the net. The administration here at TRRPG pride themselves at helping the best they can, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
Take a look at the rules along with all the specialties such as avatar claims and the CHAT section.
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This is more of an advanced RPG. Please do not be alarmed. All we really badly want is that you post atleast three (3) well developed paragraphs.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay.
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Epris Stone

As the great sphere turns, eyes will reveal themselves. These eyes will see all, though influence none. There power will be hindered, until the fire no longer burns.

Darkness will fall, all warmth will fail. Famine shall spread, until Adam and Eve have perished; clearing the way for the makers.

This scripture was found only three days ago. It was inscribed at the feet of a statue in Crete, an island located in the Aegean sea, just of the coast of Greece. The true origins of these writings are unknown, though myth pertains to a time of heroes which inhabited the island and its surrounding land formations. Although archeologists believe it was most likely written by the Aegean people, in hopes that they would have some sort of map for the future.

Most likely written in near or before the Bronze Age (c. 3000–1200 bc). The foretelling has been broken down to mean a number of things. The most popular amongst scholars is the nearing of an apocalypse. It's expected that this age of darkness and famine will be brought upon by a set number of stones or gems, or as the scripture calls them eyes. These eyes may also be symbols for plagues or catastrophic events that may wipe out civilizations.

There is also some brief speculation that the 'fire' spoken of is the sun. The extinguishment of the sun may be a symbol for an eclipse, when the sun disappears for a slight moment. It's possible that the 'eyes' will reveal themselves at this time, when darkness falls over the earth.

Other then the findings above, little else has been discovered. We need to find out more information if we hope to know when and where these events will take place. Or if this is simply another myth that may be written off in the text books.


C O N G R A T S . T O :

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 Jake Newlands, Raider character application
Jake Newlands
Posted: Jun 24 2008, 06:14 AM

Inexperienced Member
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Group: Raider
Posts: 6
Member No.: 115
Joined: 23-June 08

.: Your info :.
Nick or name you like to be called: Jeryen
Do you have other characters here? Mention them!: None at the moment and don’t plan to

.: Your character info :.
Character Name: Jake Newlands
Nicknames | Aliases: The Hunter
Occupation: Raider
Age: 29
Sex: male
Orrientation: straight

.: The Look :.

Height: 6’0
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: light brown
Skin: Lightly Tanned
Build: muscular
Overall Appearance:

Jake has a normal looking appearance for a 29-year-old man that hunts old and ancient relics for a living. He has messy brown hair from most of the expeditions, blue eyes that seem to give him a peaceful look; he has smooth and slightly tanned skin and a muscular build from all of the exercise he does and has a few small scars around his body after a few accidents on his first ever expedition.

On the top part of his body, Jake usually wares a white t-shirt with a necklace that has a small diamond in it that is both a good luck charm and a token from his first raid by himself. He has a slightly dusty Black Jacket over it and a brown holster that carries his two handguns around. To finish off what he wares, he has a black pants with a brown belt and black running shoes.


user posted image

Celebrity Portrayed: Unknown

.: The Origins :.

Place of Birth: Myrtleford, Australia
Date of Birth: (10 - 20 -1978 )
Nationality: Australian

Jake was born in Myrtleford, Australia in 1978 and had what you would call a normal lifestyle, he went to school, hanged out with friends and had loving parents who always supported him in whatever he wanted to do. In school, Jake excelled in PE and I.T getting good grades in those subjects. Jake also went around a few times with his parents, going to the busy streets of New York City in America, to going on a safari trips in Africa.

Jake rarely got into many fights while at school, but at one time he sent a punch towards a kid after he constantly hounded him. After the fight had finished, the teachers had expelled the kid after he started picking fights with other kids. Once he turned 18 and passed school with no problems. Wanting to spend a year or two off before going on to find solid work, he decided to go on a trip around the world, since he always wanted to see the world by himself.

Jake went through many countries, absorbing all of the different cultures around him and went through many museums, looking at the many priceless artefacts in all of them. This began his fuel to go hunting for relics, especially when he started hearing whispers of different artefacts that were being found. He then realised what he wanted to do for a living, one that combined his love for exploration and his dream to make a name of himself.

After hooking up with a man named John Brent and learning the tricks of the trade as a raider. He went on his first expedition into a tomb by himself after hearing whispers of some rare treasure hidden inside it. All was going well in the tomb, with the exception of a few cuts, bruises and nearly meeting his death, but sadly, he missed out on the more rare treasure in the tomb after another raider got here before him. But he did find a small bundle of rare gold coins and a necklace that were worth a small fortune. Selling the coins to get a decent place to live, better equipment and a small bar to help pay. He kept the necklace as a good luck charm and a token for his first ever tomb raid by himself.



+ x2 STI's Tactical model 1911 with laser sights

user posted image


His motorbike is his main transport, although he uses anything that can get him to any place quickly


+ Mobile phone

+ Laptop

+ Keys to his motorbike

.: The Natural Abilities and other things :.


+ Fairly strong

+ Great aim with handguns

+ Can run Fast


+ Slight fear of heights

+ Can be a little bit too trusting at times

+ Can sometimes do things without thinking


+ Going adventuring: either hiking in a mountain or looking in a tomb for any relics.

+ Listening to music

+ Reading books

+ Finding rare artefacts


+ Annoying people

+ People who betray him for some reason

+ losing a artifact


Jake is a nice enough guy, although this can sometimes lead to trouble or a tight situation since he can be a little bit too trusting at times, he also is quite open to trying different things and helping people out by listening to other peoples sides of a conversation before coming to a conclusion.

When around friends and friendly people, he usually is nice to them, pulling out the odd joke and helping them out when they need it, he would even try to protect someone from serious injury if they are someone who is close to him. When around people he does not like or hate, he stays more serious and keeps a sharp eye on them, making sure that they don’t cause too much of a problem.

Jake has always loved the sense of adventure, loving to go on different adventures, either going hiking or exploring a salvaged tomb. Sometimes he might start talking about the different adventures he has had if a conversation goes into that direction, he can sometimes drag on about it if nobody stops him.

Jake has never been too lucky in love, he sometimes finds a girl and starts to fall in love with her, but usually after something happens, like if the relationship does not work due to Jake travelling most of the time, or something else. He still looks to see if he could find the one for him that can keep up with his active lifestyle.


Jake first learned how to be a Raider under the wing of his mentor who called himself John Brent after Jake helped him out of a tight situation regarding some traders in Africa after they did not come out with the money for John’s artefact.

Jake learned many different things regarding raiding from John, from using handguns in tight situations, to avoiding different traps that he would face against in his expeditions. Once he had learned enough and joined John in a raid in a tomb in Egypt. Jake went on his separate ways, but he hoped to see John someday.

For a average job, Jake usually owns his own bar in Aulbry after earning enough money to buy one, the bar is fairly decent, and he also has a good friend of his who takes care of the bar when Jake is off on a hunt

Place of Residence:

In a small mansion in Albury, Australia


+ Snakes: at the age of 10 after disturbing a snake while walking around the bush nearby his house where his parent’s and himself lived. He was bitten, luckily it was a non-lethal snake, so Jake was able to survive the bite with only a fever.

+ Heights: Jake has had a slight fear of them after having some close calls while going through the different tombs he has visited.

Did you read the rules? .:Admin Edit:.

(Anything else we should know about your character?)

RP Sample:

(This is a sample from a monster character I created in a Resident Evil RPG)

Shadow Blade walked along the long streets of raccoon city, the place seemed far too quiet for it. The infected that roamed around the city were no match for the two blades, but the other monstrosities that roamed around the city were great battles. Shadow Blade soon saw two people standing in front of him with their guns pointed at him saying while shaking senseless.

“Back, Back you monster!”

As the foolish man shot at his chest, Shadow blades helmet glowed red, he grabbed the neck of the man, snapping it and throwing him into the wall nearby. The next man, armed only with a knife, ran off screaming in fear. Shadow blade simply grunted and walked off while a zombie that went after him tore the man to shreds. After it cleaned off the blood off itself and its sword, it continued along the road.

Shadow Blades walk was soon ended as it found two lickers stand right in front of him. With the lickers ready to pounce on their prey, Shadow blade pulled out one of his swords and blocked one of the Lickers attacks. Grabbing the Lickers neck, Shadow Blade threw it right into the path of the other Licker. As the two Lickers attempted to untangle themselves, Shadow blade bulled out his other sword and stabbed both of their heads. After he threw the Lickers into the wall beside it. Shadow blade continued down the road again.

As he was walking down the road again, he saw a woman and child cowering in fear, as a group of five zombies were about to reach in and eat them alive, quickly reacting, Shadow Blade cut down two of the zombies. The zombies soon turned towards Shadow Blade as he grabbed another two zombies and flung them to the wall, making a crushing sound as they made contact with it. With one more zombie remaining, the zombie grabbed Shadow Blade and made a attempt to bite him, only breaking its teeth in the process. Shadow Blade then stabbed the zombie, cutting open the guts, and flung it to a light post, cracking its spine and crushing it as the pole landed on top of them.

Shadow Blade then turned to the woman and child, still staring at Shadow Blade and frozen in fear, when Shadow Blade gave a grunt and pointed away, the woman and her child ran off into the distance to find a good place to hide and shelter from the zombies. Shadow Blade then walked into the alleyway that the Woman and child had stood and saw something that he had not seen on so many years, he held his head as a flashback entered his mind.

John walked along the street kids base of operations, it had been two months since their leader, Greg and a couple of members had found him in the gutter, feeling sympathy for John, Greg let him stay at their small hideout, where they all sticked together and helped defend each other, as John was going for an apple, a group of policemen entered the hideout telling everyone to stop what they were doing. In the confusion, the police captured lots of the street kids gang, John ran as fast as he could away from the hideout. After running for ten minutes, John sighed in relief as he got away from the police, but cried for several minutes until he set off by himself down the streets, alone once again…
(End Flashback)

Shadow Blade shook his head back to reality, screeched in rage and smashed most of the cardboard boxes and other things that were in the hideout. Still in a rage, Shadow Blade ran slammed his fist into the wall, causing a large crack into the wall. Shadow Blade then started to calm down, he then simply grunted and walked out of the alleyway and walked down the road once more, still having small flashbacks to his past.
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