Sunny Island
Hello and welcome to Sunny Island! We're a little island in the middle of nowhere, but for that we have a fairly large and diverse population. They say that the island was abandoned long ago, but no one quite understands why--it is full of natural resources. The initial settlers turned the deserted place into a number one tourist attraction! But, um, we don't quite have that distinction anymore... why don't you join us in helping to put this island back on its feet again?

It's currently Year Two of Spring.
It's a little bit cold for the season; a few particularly obstinate piles of snow and slush are left on the ground, even; but that hasn't stopped life from returning to the island. Flowers push their way through the ground, birds sing boisterously, and farmers once again set to the task of growing crops. There is no snow expected for the season, but there will be a lot of rain, so take care and keep dry!

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 Check Ins and Check Outs
Posted: Nov 15 2009, 10:52 PM

Green Grass

Group: Administrator
Posts: 127
Member No.: 2
Joined: 29-August 09

Opening the Inn in the morning had become a task so routine for Ann, its manager, that she could perform it literally in her sleep. She didn't mind that routine at all, really; knowing so well just meant to her that she could wake earlier and be ready to serve customers. She first went through all the vacant rooms, making sure they were clean enough to be taken; if not, she would see to it that it was taken care of. She'd slowly make her way down the hallway and finally come to the lobby. Before sitting down at the front desk, she straightened out the furniture in the sitting area (which, if he had visitors, was inevitably moved around during the prior day). Finally, she'd sit the desk, remove a small placard that read "closed," pull out a thick leather-bound book and begin to read, waiting for whatever customers would come that day.

((If you want a room at the Inn, post a reply in this topic playing out acquiring a room. Please be sure to at least list which room number you are taking. You can play Ann, too, as she's an NPC.))
Posted: Nov 22 2009, 07:41 PM

Red Grass

Group: Member
Posts: 11
Member No.: 16
Joined: 14-October 09

So... There had been a small problem in getting her farm. It turned out that she would need a bit more money to actually start living on it. Well, as expected, she had been a bit angry at first, but Piper had calmed down and eventually found herself at the inn.

It seemed she would be staying for a little while at the inn. She wasn't sure how long it would take to earn at least 500G (she hoped it wouldn't take too long), but that was how long she'd have to stay. Sidling in to the building quietly, she glanced around for the check-in desk. Her eyes landed on it rather quickly, and she stepped over to it, a weary grin spread across her lips.

"Hello, I'd like a room, please." The woman behind the counter nodded, then showed her a list of available rooms. She picked room 15, pulled out 100G for a week's stay, picked up the key, then headed to her room.
Posted: Nov 23 2009, 04:42 AM

Indigo Grass

Group: Member
Posts: 400
Member No.: 4
Joined: 29-August 09

Coming in from the Fall breeze a rather different looking woman emerged into the door way and umbrella in one hand ,probably to block the sun from hitting her pale skin, and a trail of luggage behind her. She quickly closed her umbrella and headed for the woman at the front desk intent on getting a room in this place. Leaving her luggage where it lied at the time being.

"Hello I would like one of your rooms here please. I do hope they have large closets as me and my brother will need a lot of space... Well mainly me but that isn't whats important just give me a room make it snappy." She rather smugly causing the woman behind the counter to look a little agitated. "Oh and can it be a room that doesn't have neighbors please."

The woman behind the desk grabbed the key for room 20 and simply tossed it at Cara hoping to get her away from the desk as soon as possible before she wanted to kill her. Cara looked displeased with this as she gave a simple "Hmph." Taking the key and grabbing the handle of her small luggage train and went to her room.
"Service sure is lousy here."
Posted: Dec 4 2009, 06:41 AM

Red Grass

Group: Member
Posts: 8
Member No.: 8
Joined: 2-September 09

Elli quickly entered the inn, closing the door just as quickly behind her. She shivered as she kicked the snow off her boots onto the entrance mat that had been placed there for that very purpose. While looking down to make sure her boots were clean enough to proceed into the inn, she made the annoying discovery that the bottom of her long blue skirt was wet. Of course, with the island having the name "Sunny Island" Elli didn't expect it to be cold there so she wore a skirt.

For a place named Sunny Island, it isn't very sunny. Or warm.

She let her annoyance towards it being cold go for the moment so she could focus on the matter at hand; getting a room. She adjusted her grip on the heavy suitcase he was carrying and adjusted her backpack before approaching the front desk.

"Excuse me, I'd like to rent a room, please," Elli said timidly.

At first, Ann gave her the nod she gave every other customer before setting her book down to fetch a room key. It wasn't until Ann was actually handing Elli the room key that they recognized each other from their days in Mineral Town.

The two talked for a brief before Elli was given the key to Room 4. The brown-haired girl found her room with ease and dropped her things off before leaving it and locking the door again. She tucked the room key into her coat pocket and braced herself to go out into the cold again. Elli needed to if she was to find a job, she couldn't live off the 1000G she came with for very long.
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