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Title: 21/03/10 - New Interviews

Jamie - March 21, 2010 11:11 AM (GMT)
An article appeared by Paddy in the Telegraph on Saturday 13th, discussing the occasion when he recorded with Stevie Wonder - and, thanks to the dilligent efforts of Stewart, you can see it here. There's a great picture, and some intriguing soundbites, particularly the following:

'...we released eight albums in 17 years, but we recorded many more, some of which I've started releasing. [...] I'm still chipping away at it, writing, recording and releasing records.'

Rather an optimistic view there! As if to prove his point, the article ends by claiming 'Prefab Sprout's new single, 'Sweet Gospel Music', is out on Monday.' We can presume they meant Monday 15th, but no-one has seen any sign of this single, or mention of it anywhere except in this article. So it's another mystery!

If that has whet your 'appetite', a partial translation of a French interview with Paddy, apparently brand-new and up to date, can be read here, thanks to forum member fredster.

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