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Ashley Marie - November 14, 2009 05:24 PM (GMT)
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[[ CHARACTERS FULL NAME]] Jason Morgan, formerly Jason Quatermaine
[[ NICKNAMES ]] Stone Cold by Spinelli
[[ AGE ]] 35
[[ OCCUPATION ]] Enforcer to Sonny Corinthos. Half owner of a coffee shipping compnay.
[[ CELEBRITY ]] Steve Burton
[[ DESIRED USER NAME ]] Jason Morgan
[[ PARENTS ]] Alan Quartermaine & Susan Moore, adopted by Monica Quartermaine
[[ SIBLINGS ]] AJ Quartermaine [Half - brother], Emily Quartermaine [Adoptive sister], and Skye Quartermaine [Adoptive sister]
[[ SIGNIFICANT OTHER ]] Samantha McCall, sorta. (Not sure who Jason is for at the moment. But this can be changed.)
[[ CHILDREN ]] Unborn son [with Courtney]. Jacob Martin Spencer [with Elizabeth.]
[[ HISTORY ]] Jason Quartermaine was conceived due to an affair between Susan Moore and Alan Quartermaine. Though Alan fought for custody of his son, he remained with his mother and Scott Baldwin until Susan Moore was killed by Crane Tolliver while he was trying to blackmail Jason's grandfather Edward. Soon after though, Jason and his brother AJ were sent off to boarding school.

When they both returned Jason, who was a terrific student and athlete was welcomed home like the golden boy while AJ returned to little fanfare. AJ had never been a very good student and his failures lead him to begin drinking. During this time, Jason began dating troubled Karen Wexler who was alcoholic and a secret stripper at Sonny Corinthos' bar. Karen and Jason drifted apart due to her love for Jagger Cates. Soon after though he met Keesha Ward, who came to town with her Cousin Justus Ward. AJ, who also had fallen for Keesha, feuded with his brother but ultimately, Jason and Keesha survived. They both lost the virginity in Paris during spring break together where they made love for the first time. Their happiness would be short lived though.

One night Jason tried to stop AJ from driving drunk and got in the car with him. AJ hit a tree and Jason was badly injured, leaving Jason with permanent brain damage with no memory of his family or the girl he loved. Pushing everyone away, because he could not the stand they way his family or Keesha looked at him, as if suddenly he would remember them all, he met Sonny Corinthos, a mobster. Working with Sonny gave him a way to work through all his aggression and anger about the accident. Cutting all ties to the Quatermaines, except Lila, his grandmother, and Emily, adoptive sister, who he remained close with until their deaths, he went as far as to change his names. He would no longer be known as Jason Quartermaine but Jason Morgan, his Grandmother's maden name, and would declare the day of the accident his birthday.

While working with Sonny he met Robin, an old classmate of Jason Quartermaines, and she was really the only one who could get through to him. Robin was still grieving over her first love Stone, who died from AIDS, and the fact she was HIV positive. Their friendship began to slowly turn into more but there was one hitch, Jason was sleeping with Carly Robert who he had met at Jakes. Jason who loved Robin knew he had to break it off with Carly and did so.

Robin and Jason continued their relationship happily until Sonny left Brenda at the alter. Then his life changed radically, he became the Godfather to Sonny's organization and became a father with Carly claimed that her child was Jason's, not Tony's. Jason knew he couldn't be since he hadn't been with Carly in some while but did when Carly begged him too. After she gave birth, she suffered from postpartum and left town, giving the child to Jason. Though the child, he had found out from Carly, was really his half-brothers. Robin didn't agree that they should keep the secret from AJ but she went along with him. He became the father, even having him baptized and naming his Michael after his mentor, Sonny.

Carly came home as he was baptized and moved in with Jason to become close with her son. Their happiness was short ended though when Tony kidnapped baby Michael and Robin. Jason rescued them both, and Tony was put on trail. Carly shot him in the courtroom after he was only giving a year of community service. Carly was sent to a mental intuition after that. Robin, Michael, and Jason became a family, moving into Brenda's old cottage after he left the mob, or so he thought. Though they were all happy together, he could no abandon his old friend Carly and had her released from the mental institution early, she moved in with him, Robin, and the baby. This did not last long, Robin could no longer deal Carly and soon left but not before telling AJ that he was really Michael's father.

(From soap central, was to confusing for me to write in my own words. :P)

Jason and Carly made plans to leave the country with Michael, but at the last minute, after Jason and Michael had already left, Carly panicked and went to the Quartermaines with a story about how Jason had kidnapped Michael. Sonny let Jason know that Carly had stabbed him in the back and Jason returned to Port Charles to find out what was going on. Carly told him her plan to get AJ to drink again, then take full custody of Michael in a divorce, assuring AJ would have no right to pursue them. She told him the plan would take about a year. Jason thought she was crazy, but he reluctantly went along with the idea.

Carly married AJ and after a custody hearing, they were forced to share custody with Jason. After some time of this, Jason felt that his anger toward AJ would confuse Michael and terminated his own custody rights for the sake of his son. As time went by, Jason began to recognize that he had deep feelings for Carly and they shared some tender moments. When Carly was ready to leave AJ for Jason (unbeknownst to Jason), she went to tell him and found him dancing lovingly with Elizabeth Webber, who he was in reality, comforting over the death of her fiancé, Lucky Spencer. Misinterpreting the situation, Carly went to Jason's best friend, Sonny Corinthos, to interrogate him about Jason's connection to Liz. Caught up in his own anger at his girlfriend for not telling him she was an FBI agent sent to bring him down, Carly and Sonny ended up having angry sex. Jason walked in on them 'the morning after' when they were trading insults and was devastated. Having been shot minutes before in an ambush by a rival mob king, Jason stumbled to Lucky Spencer's deserted boxcar where he fell outside in the snow. Liz found him, frozen and bleeding, and dragged him to the boxcar. She went to Sonny and Bobbie and they came to help Jason. Jason refused to speak to Sonny or go to the hospital, so Liz took him to her art studio to heal. They formed a fast friendship while he healed and later, he moved back into his penthouse. When a bomb was set in Liz's studio, which Roy DiLucca defused, Jason decided that the people he loved were in danger as long as he was around. Carly was constantly trying to win back his affections as well, which was driving him crazy. He had established a tentative working relationship with Sonny after what happened, so he went to him and told him he was leaving town and gave him power of attorney over all his accounts and control over his assets, which had been put in trust for Michael. He told Sonny, Emily, Lila, Monica and Elizabeth good-bye and road into the sunset on his motorcycle.

Jason visited in August 2000 to track down Emily after she had been kidnapped. He was also more accepting of Sonny and Carly's relationship at this time, advising them to be together. '

In January 2001, he returned to help Sonny bring down bad mob boss Sorel. Good friend Liz Webber hid him out during his first days back in Port Charles, and he listened to her own problems (she didn't want to be a model for Laura's company, but felt obligated to). He realized he had very strong feelings for her, and she had equally strong feelings for him. She had to choose, and chose longtime love Lucky over Jason. Jason then left town to hide out from Sorel.

Jason returned about a year later and began dating Liz Webber. On Sonny's orders, Jason kept a watch out for Sonny's sister Courtney, who was married to AJ and working as a stripper. (End of Soap Central.)

As Jason helped protect Courtney as she worked as a stripper to clear AJ's name and protective her from a stalker AJ paid to scare his wife, the two became close. When Courtney found out it was her own husband who was behind the stalker, she turned to Jason. She invited him over for dinner to show her thanks and they two wound up making love. (Help from Soap Central) He began dating Courtney in secret, due to their fear of Sonny's reaction. Meanwhile, Jason was arrested with back-from-the-dead Brenda Barrett for killing Luis Alcazar. The longtime bickering friends married so they wouldn't have to testify against each other. The charges were eventually dropped and the "happy couple," finally having an understanding of each other, annulled their marriage with a pang of regret. (End of Soap Central Help)

Courtney and Jason soon decided to be together in public but when Sonny learned the truth, he was furious and made Jason break up with Courtney. After about a month of force separation, Jason finally chose Courtney over Sonny. After a while, and with Carly's help, Sonny accepted the fact that Courtney and Jason's love as real and let them be together. They planned to get married, but on the day of their wedding, Carly was kidnapped by Sonny's half brother, Ric Lansing.

(Soap Central once again, sorry guys, I tried but that was A LOT of stuff. :P.)
Sonny and Courtney didn't believe him, but Jason did. After a few months he proved Michael's suspicions correct. Unfortunately, by the time the two men burst into Ric's panic room to save her, Carly was gone. Luis Alcazar's brother, Lorenzo, kidnapped her. Jason and Sonny began running drugs through their operation per his orders, and planned to free Carly from his clutches. Unbeknownst to Jason, Courtney discovered she was pregnant. She kept the news to herself because of his ambivalence on having a child during such a dangerous period.

Jason, Sonny, and Ric went to South America to rescue Carly, with Courtney following behind them. Alcazar found her and held her hostage, demanding an exchange: Courtney for Carly. Jason and Sonny reluctantly left Courtney behind and returned home with Carly. Courtney then escaped and miscarried in the process. Back at home, Jason sensed that something had happened to her in South America and wondered if Alcazar had done something to her. She finally confessed that she had been pregnant but lost the baby when she escaped. Unable to find comfort from Jason, Courtney briefly turned to pain pills. While drugged out one night, Courtney ran down Elizabeth but didn't remember doing so later. Eventually the crime was covered up and Elizabeth decided not to press charges as a favor to Jason. Jason and Courtney finally exchanged vows during a trip to France. But their married life got off to a rocky start with little privacy and little time for just the two of them. Their focus was on Sonny and Carly and their problems. When Carly lapsed into a coma following being accidentally shot by Sonny while giving birth, Courtney took care of the kids and Jason took care of the business. Her tolerance of Jason's violent life began to erode and they finally separated following Sonny's attempt to kill Alcazar. When Courtney attended the opening of the Haunted Star with her new detective friend Brian, the hurt in Jason's eyes was evident. But he quickly became suspicious and warned Courtney that Brian was only using her to get information about Sonny and Jason's mob dealings. Courtney refused to believe him and insisted that she was just friends with Brian.

Following her coma, Carly couldn't seem to control her feelings for Alcazar. So Jason held Alcazar hostage in the Panic Room to keep him away from Carly. Although he was fed up with Carly continually seeking out Alcazar, he still came to her rescue when she checked herself into a mental hospital in an effort to forget about Alcazar. While suffering from the effects of a hallucinogenic drug, Carly stabbed Jason with a syringe of the same drug. Jason wandered off and found his way back to the love nest he had shared with Courtney. She found him and he showered her with kisses but later didn't remember doing so. Courtney saved Jason again during an ambush by the cops on the docks. Brian had his gun aimed at Jason, so Courtney shot Brian. Appalled by what she had done, Courtney insisted to Jason that she come clean to the cops, especially after Zander became the suspect in Brian's shooting. But Jason insisted she keep quiet.

During the hotel fire, Jason found Carly and they shared a tender moment before trying to find their way out of the burning building. After Jason got Carly to safety, Ric had him arrested for shooting Brian during the fire. A crooked cop handcuffed Jason to a stair railing and left him there to die in the fire. But Nikolas found him and saved him. All of them survived the fire, but nothing changed in the custody battle between Carly and Sonny one bit. Jason firmly believed that Sonny and Carly should have joint custody. Even after Sonny's limo exploded and he gave full custody of the kids to Carly, Jason still believed the kids should have both parents in their lives.

When Courtney purchased the pier property that Sonny and Jason shipped through, she refused to allow mob dealings on her property. She quickly realized it wouldn't work and sold the property-to Alcazar! Jason felt betrayed by her decision, but he still entertained hopes of reconciling with Courtney. However, all hope for the couple was lost when Courtney chose to knock Jason out in order to save Alcazar from certain death by Jason's hand. Although they briefly bonded over Michael as he recovered following a fall into a well, they ultimately finalized their divorce.

When Jason found out through Emily that Sam, Sonny's ex-mistress, was pregnant, he implored Sam to tell Sonny. Sam stalled and Jason threatened to tell Sonny himself. Eventually Sonny learned of the pregnancy, and Jason offered to marry Sam to protect them. Sam reluctantly agreed, but changed her mind at the last moment and ran off to a convent to have her baby and give it up for adoption. Sonny found out what was going on and sent Jason after her (while he went to look for her in another direction). Jason found Sam and brought her back to Port Charles and offered to take care of her and the baby. At first Sam told him that she was no longer pregnant, but excessive cramping forced her to tell him the truth. Jason offered his protection again and this time, Sam agreed and moved in with Jason. Initially, Sonny seemed to be OK with the arrangement, however he intended to be a part of his child's life and felt increasingly threatened by the relationship growing between Jason and Sam. It was also clear that Sam was hiding something else from them, and Jason and Carly (working separately) decided to find out what it was. Carly learned that Sam was wanted for murder in Florida, where she had been convicted after fleeing for setting her mother's house on fire and killing her. Sam admitted to the arson, explaining that she did not know her mother was there. Things seemed to make sense, but then Sam began disappearing and Jason discovered that she was making a visit to someone. Barging in on them, Jason discovered that the man Sam was visiting was her mentally challenged brother. Danny, it turned out had really set the fire and Sam was trying to protect him. To make the charges disappear, Sonny paid a man on death row to admit to the fire while Jason arranged for Danny to be sent to a specialized facility that could help him and keep him safe.

Sam and Jason continued to live together relatively quietly. They grew closer and bonded over the baby whom they learned would be a girl. Jason helped Sam realize that she could be a mother and promised to be there for her when her daughter arrived. He went with her to doctor appointments and was there for her after Sonny asked her to induce her labor two weeks early so that Sonny's other daughter, Kristina, could use the unborn child's stem cells to cure her of leukemia. Sam refused the request, saying the 10 percent risk to her baby was too much of a risk. Later, during a particularly heated argument, Sam went into premature labor and collapsed. Sam was rushed to the ER but the baby had been stillborn. Dr. Steven Lars Webber explained that it had been an unforeseen complication of pregnancy not a result of stress from the argument. The placenta had separated from the wall and the baby had lost oxygen. While Sam remained unconscious, Jason was the only person to hold the baby. He kissed her and told her she was loved before continuing his vigil at Sam's bedside. When she awoke and learned of her baby's death, Sam was inconsolable. Jason stood by her side anyway, feeling just as heartbroken over the death of the baby as Sam. He also helped her understand that the baby's death was no one's fault, and that the baby's life did mean something, in that it saved Kristina's. Sam eventually found comfort in that, but was still overwhelmed with grief after leaving the hospital.

As Sam began dealing with the loss of her daughter she and Jason grew closer. Then they met Bridget, a pregnant teenager who wasn't prepared to be a mother. After helping Bridget deliver a healthy baby girl, Sam and Jason brought the baby home and named her Hope. They make plans to marry, but then Bridget had a change of heart and decided she wanted to raise her baby. Sam was devastated when she was forced to give the baby up. It was during this time that Faith Roscoe kidnapped little Kristina Corinthos. All eyes of suspicion turned to Sam who was in an emotional tailspin. When Michael and Morgan disappear things go from bad to worse. In a race against time, Jason and Sam team up to find the missing children who had been kidnapped by Faith Roscoe. It was all an elaborate plan devised by AJ Quartermaine to get his hands on his son, Michael. Morgan and Kristina are soon reunited with their parents but after a bloody shootout, evidence is found to indicate that Michael had been murdered. Eventually though, clues would surface leading Jason and Sam to begin tracking AJ. After narrowly missing AJ in the Bahamas, Jason and Sam return to Port Charles, where they again manage to track AJ down, this time with Skye's help. When Jason finally catches up to AJ at the Quartermaine mansion, he and his brother struggle. During the fight they tumble over the railing and AJ 's back is broken. Shortly thereafter, AJ is found murdered.

In time it's revealed that while AJ was strapped down to a bed and sedated, Michael slipped into his room and tried to smother him. He was interrupted when he heard a noise. He quickly hid while Dr. Thomas snuck into the room, picked up the pillow and finished the job that Michael started. Dr. Thomas had good reason to want AJ dead. Years earlier, AJ had hired Dr. Thomas to put an end to Jason's suffering while he lingered in a coma after suffering irreversible brain damage from AJ's drunk driving accident. It was around this time that Jason began experiencing painful headaches and memory lapses. Sam was concerned and she pushed him to see a doctor. Nothing helped and the incidents increased in frequency. Desperate, Jason resorted to taking experimental drugs despite being warned of serious side effects including death. While the drugs helped recover memories in the beginning, the end result was disastrous. Jason lost everything and his health quickly declined. Sam turned to Robin Scorpio for help. Robin was a leading researcher specializing in the field but Jason needed more than her drug protocol. He needed surgery so Robin arranged for Patrick Drake to come to General Hospital and perform the highly risky surgery. It was a gamble that paid off. Jason made a full recovery much to Sam's delight. Their love was stronger than ever and they looked forward to a happy future. Unfortunately, Manny Ruiz stood in the wings.

Manny Ruiz was the homicidal maniac son of a mobster who was instantly obsessed with Sam McCall. During his reign of terror, Manny shot Sam while she was in Jason's arms. While Sam lingered in a coma fighting for her life, Jason convinced himself that the only way to really love Sam was to let her go so that she would never again be hurt by the violence of his life. Alexis, Sam's mother, fully supported this decision. Even before she learned that Sam was her daughter, she felt that Jason was bad for Sam. When Sam emerged from her coma, Jason walked away. Sam was stunned and deeply hurt. She tried to talk to Jason in the hopes of making him understand that it was her choice to decide whether the risk to be with him was worth it or not. Jason refused to bend and Sam grew frustrated. Soon that frustration turned to resentment. Angry and wanting to lash out, Sam turned to Ric one night after a particularly heated argument with her mother. As Ric and Sam started drinking and talking, one thing led to another and they ended up having sex in the living room. Alexis and Jason arrived at the lake house at nearly the same time but only Alexis saw what was going on in her living room. Not wanting Jason to see what Sam and Ric were doing, Alexis faked a coughing spell and had Jason take her to the hospital. Later, Jason returned to the lake house. He'd finally come to his senses about Sam and wanted to reconcile. What he saw changed his mind. Like Alexis, he'd seen Sam and Ric having sex through the window of the front door. Disgusted, he left the lake house and returned to his penthouse. He started drinking when a knock interrupted him. Jason was surprised to see Elizabeth standing on his doorstep. They'd reconnected as friends since Sam's shooting and had grown quite close. Jason was even more surprised when Elizabeth told him about Lucky's drug addiction and his on-going affair with Maxie. As they started talking, Jason reached out to Elizabeth and kissed her. One thing led to another and they spend the remainder of the night making love and talking about their past, present and future. By the next morning though, both realized that they had to go back to their real lives. Sam, filled with remorse, went to Jason and confessed to sleeping with Ric. Jason told Sam that he already knew and admitted to turning to Elizabeth after he saw Sam and Ric in Alexis's living room. Sam was hurt but realized she wasn't in any position to judge. Despite the hurt, both Jason and Sam decided that they wanted to give their relationship another try. Things hit a snag when Elizabeth realized that she was pregnant. It turned out that the condoms that she and Jason had used were recalled by ELQ because they were faulty. Jason asked Elizabeth to marry him if the baby turned out to be his but Elizabeth turned down the proposal. She didn't think their marriage could work when they both loved with other people. A paternity test revealed that Jason was the father of Elizabeth's baby. Elizabeth went to Jason's penthouse to tell him not realizing that Sonny had misinterpreted Elizabeth's reaction to the paternity results and told Carly that Jason was not the father. Carly raced to Jason's penthouse to deliver the happy news. When Elizabeth got there she was taken aback by both the news that Carly had told Jason he wasn't the father and Jason's reaction to the news. When Sam walked in and Jason shared the news with her, Sam was naturally relieved. Not wanting to rock the boat, Elizabeth decided to let everyone believe Lucky was the father. She thought it was for the best especially since Lucky had decided to go into rehab upon hearing that Elizabeth was pregnant. He believed he was the father, since he still remained in the dark about Elizabeth's night with Jason.

What Elizabeth didn't know was that deep down inside Jason was disappointed to learn he wasn't the baby's father. Elizabeth kept her secret and divorced Lucky while Jason focused on his life with Sam. Things would be rocky though. Sam's desire to start a family with Jason was stronger than ever while Jason was reluctant. He felt that his life was too violent for children. Sam was hurt but persistent and eventually convinced Jason that they deserved happiness. Unfortunately getting pregnant would prove difficult forcing Sam to seek out medical help. When she learned that injuries from being shot by Manny Ruiz had destroyed all hope of conceiving or carrying a child to term, Sam decided to keep quiet. She started looking into other option including hiring a surrogate to donate an egg and carry a baby to term. All baby plans were put on hold though when the Metro Court was seized by armed gunmen. Jason and Spinelli worked together to try to rescue the hostages including Sam, Elizabeth, Emily and Alan. Disguised as one of the gunmen, Jason was forced to stand by while his father suffered a massive heart attack and his sister made to choose between releasing Elizabeth, who was experiencing painful contractions, and his father. Elizabeth helped Emily make the choice and Alan was ordered to walk out on his own steam. He started to collapse and instinctively Jason went to his aid and helped him out of the lobby those final few steps. That would be the last time Jason saw his father alive.

After the Metro Court hostage situation came to an explosive end, Elizabeth and Jason found themselves trapped inside an elevator. Tired of keeping her secret from Jason, Elizabeth told him that the child she was carrying was Jason's. Jason was hurt that she didn't tell him sooner but understood her reasons. He decided that they needed to tell Sam and Lucky the truth as soon as they made it out. When it came time though to tell Sam, Jason found he just couldn't do it. Sam had confessed that she was unable to ever have children. Jason couldn't bring himself to hurt her by telling her that Elizabeth was carrying his child. Later, Elizabeth came to Jason with the news that she decided to re-marry Lucky and asked Jason if would allow Lucky to raise the baby as his own. Jason realized that it was best for his child if the baby grew up in a stable, loving home with a family not surrounded by violence. He trusted Elizabeth to do what was best for their child and agreed to go along with her wishes. Despite both claiming to be just friends, it was clear that they felt more. A distance began growing between Jason and Sam. Jason was preoccupied with thoughts of Elizabeth and their child while Sam was desperately trying to keep an ugly secret from her past from catching up with her. Sensing the distance between them, Sam grew desperate and that only widened the gap. Then one night Sonny ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo. Instead of carrying out the order, Jason went by Elizabeth's house and found her unconscious. She'd gone into labor and began hemorrhaging. Jason scooped her up and drove her to the hospital where he watched in horror as the doctor's raced to deliver the baby and save both mother and child. After his son's birth, Elizabeth's condition remained grave. Jason had promised her that if anything happened to her, he would step up and claim his son. He was on the verge of doing so when Elizabeth woke up from her coma. She named their son Jacob Martin, silently honoring Jason by giving their son his initials.

Jason resumed his life as Sonny's enforcer. With Skye's help, Jason managed to get Alcazar alone and kill him. Neither Skye nor Jason realized at the time that Lorenzo had kept the room monitored and that the audible of the shoot had been recorded. Lorenzo's sudden disappearance didn't go unnoticed. Ric began investigating and soon found the recording. He immediately had Jason arrested for murder. Then the unthinkable happened. While Jason was in jail, Jake kidnapped by a grieving mother who lost her infant daughter in a fire. Sam, who had learned the truth about Jake when she overheard a conversation between Jason and Elizabeth, witnessed the kidnapping and told no one. Earlier that day Sam had Maureen, the woman who kidnapped Jake, for her show and knew not only who took Jake but also where he could be found. Everyone began looking at Elizabeth as a possible suspect, thinking that she was suffering from postpartum depression and had harmed Jake and covered up her crime. Jason refused to believe it and grew angry at Lucky for having such little faith in Elizabeth. When Jason was released on bail, he immediately began searching for his son. Amelia, Sam's boss, was ultimately the one who figured out where Jake was. She had called Maureen and heard a baby crying on several occasions. Knowing her baby had died, she told Jason about the phone calls. They raced over to Maureen's house and quickly recovered Jake. Before Jason left, Maureen told him that Sam had seen her take Jake. She had assumed Sam was the one who had told Jason where to find his son. Jason kept a tight reign on his fury and quickly returned Jake to Elizabeth. As Jason watched Elizabeth and Jake reunite, Lucky walked in. He clearly didn't like what he saw and but his happiness at seeing Jake momentarily overshadowed his displeasure. When he began questioning Jason about finding Jake, Lucky realized that Jason jumped bail to do it. He had Jason taken back into custody. Elizabeth was furious with Lucky but couldn't keep Jason from being taken back to jail. As Jason's trial approached, Elizabeth continued to visit Jason frequently putting more of a strain on her marriage. Meanwhile, Jason shared the truth about Sam's actions with Sonny who in turn had a talk with Sam. Realizing she had to face Jason sooner or later, Sam went to visit Jason in prison. For the first time in a very long time, both opened up about all the secrets that they'd been keeping. In the end, it was clear that their relationship was in complete ruins and there was no salvaging it. Sam walked out but not without a warning from Jason. If Sam didn't leave Elizabeth alone, Jason would make sure the police learned of her role in Jake's kidnapping. Unfortunately the threat only fueled Sam's hatred for Elizabeth. When Jason finally went on trial for Lorenzo Alcazar's murder, Elizabeth was forced to testify about her night with Jason but she lied about the paternity of Jake. She knew that Ric had proof of the affair. Months earlier Cruz Rodriquez had told her that Jason's penthouse had been bugged and they had recorded a conversation between Elizabeth and Jason where they talked about their night together. However, she lied about Jake's paternity when Ric questioned her about it. Lucky was in the courtroom and heard for the first time that his wife had cheated on him. He was crushed and it was the beginning of the end of their marriage. Eventually, Jason was found not guilty when Carly enlisted Jerry Jacks to help her free Jason. Jerry arranged for evidence to surface that Lorenzo was very much alive and well. Since a body had never been recovered there was nothing to dispute the evidence.

With her marriage crumbling and Jason a free man in every way, Sam realized that Elizabeth might be tempted to put her fears aside and be a family with Jason. She arranged for two armed goons to pretend to be enemies of Jason and kidnap Elizabeth and her children in the park. Before they could get away with the kidnapping, Sam would come to the rescue and scare them off. The plan went off without a hitch and just in time. Elizabeth had been on her way to see Jason for talk to him about their relationship. When Jason learned of the attempted adduction he immediately began investigating and soon uncovered who was really behind the plot. Jason went to see Sam and very coldly told her that if she ever harmed Elizabeth and the children again, he would kill Sam. At first Sam didn't believe him but soon, she realized that Jason was very serious about the threat. Again, it just fueled Sam's hatred for Elizabeth and Sam was determined to ruin Elizabeth's life and expose her secrets. She seduced Lucky and the Spencer marriage ended. By this time, Jason and Elizabeth could no longer deny their feelings. Jason told Elizabeth that he loved her but they were trapped by their secrets. Regardless of how they felt for each other, Jake's safety was more important. There was also the matter of Lucky who still believed that Jake was his son. Their personal lives were put on hold when tragedy struck. Emily and Nikolas hosted a Black and White Ball where they announced their engagement. Happiness turned to horror when a storm hit, the power went out and the guests were stranded on Spoon Island with two homicidal maniacs on the loose. During nightmare, tensions between Sam and Elizabeth grew. During a rather nasty confrontation, Sam screamed at Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth about Jake. Jason walked in and told Lucky himself. Lucky was stunned and turned to Elizabeth hoping she'd tell him that Jason lied. She didn't. She admitted that Jason was Jake's father. Lucky left in a rage. Shortly afterwards, Jason found Nik devastated with grief, holding Emily's murdered body.

Jason was left with the grim task of giving Monica the news of Emily's death. Monica blamed Jason since it was a mob enemy, Anthony Zacchara, who had been arrested for the murder. Later, it would be revealed that the Text Message Killer murdered Emily. Heartbroken over his sister's loss, shunned from the funeral, Jason waited for Elizabeth in her home after the funeral. When Elizabeth arrived home, Jason turned to her for comfort and they made love. Later, Lucky agreed to remain Jake's father if Elizabeth stopped seeing Jason. She agreed initially but after learning that the Text Message Killer had struck again and murdered Georgie Jones, Elizabeth arranged to see Jason and suggested that they try to take what happiness they could. They agreed to see each other secretly and steal time whenever they could. Jason found a safe house where they could spend time together without worrying about prying eyes. (End Soap Central.)

(Help from Wiki.) Elizabeth gives birth to a son, Jacob Martin Spencer, in May 2007. Sam watches and says nothing when she sees Jason and Elizabeth's son, Jake, being kidnapped. Jason and Sam's relationship ends, and Jason recovers his son with the help of Amelia Joffe. Jason and Elizabeth admit their love as her marriage dissolves. Jason reveals Jake's paternity to Lucky at the Black and White Ball. Lucky and Sam agree to keep the secret, and Elizabeth and Jason begin to meet secretly. They become engaged but when Michael is shot, Jason ends their engagement. He had asked Elizabeth to go to Italy with him, but the shooting of Sonny's fiancée the trip is canceled.

A war with the rival Russian mob began to escalate in November 2008. Jason agrees when Lucky proposes sending Elizabeth and the boys, along with Sam, to hide in a cabin in the woods. During a shootout with Russians who had followed the women to the cabin, Jake is kidnapped once again. Sam returns with Jason to search for Jake, and they return him safely to Elizabeth. Jason and Elizabeth once again vow to never see each other again for the safety of the boys.

Jason denies Sonny access to the organization when he wants it back. In order to regain his power, Sonny becomes head of the Zacchara organization by marrying Claudia Zacchara. Jason is later offered a blanket of immunity by Agent Rayner if he informs on Sonny Corinthos and Anthony Zacchara, but he refuses to give up Sonny. After Spinelli was set up by a geeky undercover agent named Winifred Leeds, he was arrested for his illegal activity. Jason is forced to agree to Rayner's deal to gain Spinelli's freedom. Jason asks Sonny to quit working with the Zaccharas, but Sonny refuses. Spinelli is freed from the FBI's hold when Sam, with the help of Winifred, destroys all the evidence against him. Jason and Sonny reconcile, and Jason is more than happy to give Sonny back the business.

Jason obtains evidence that Claudia Corinthos is responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason is also dealing with Carly Corinthos and her unstable son. In May 2009, his nephew Michael Corinthos wakes up from his year-long coma, but due to brain damage he is now an aggressive 17-year-old. Jason refuses to allow Michael's request to join his father's business and agrees with Carly that Michael should live at the Quartermaine Mansion for his own good. Jason resumes a friendship with Sam, who has partnered with Spinelli in her quest to start a private investigation firm.

Jason depends on Sam's skills to help him with an issue involving Dominic Pirelli, a new mob soldier who was trying to make his way into Sonny's organization. When Michael and Kristina run away because both teenagers each believed themselves to be the driver responsible for Claudia's car accident that resulted in the loss of her unborn baby, Jason and Sam take off to Mexico after them, recapturing some of their former closeness along the way. A resurfaced Jerry Jacks manages to capture Sam, luring Jason into a trap. During the ensuing shootout, Jason is pinned beneath a pile of rubble and Jerry taunts Jason with lies about Claudia's innocence before shooting him twice and leaving him for dead. Sam escapes and returns just in time to rescue Jason and nurse him back to health, and then they make love. On August 28, 2009, Jason and Sam find Michael and Kristina in Cancun, Mexico, and bring them back to Port Charles a few days later. Jason tells Sonny about his altercation with Jerry and about Jerry's claims of Claudia's innocence in Michael's shooting.

Despite their denials, Jason and Sam's renewed closeness is apparent to everyone, especially after they are caught kissing by Maxie and Spinelli. Jason is given a lecture from both Carly and Maxie on how he should treat Sam if he wishes to stay with her. Jason listens to Carly's advice and refuses to let Sam back out of going to the carnival with him. The carnival takes a chaotic turn when Jason's grandfather Edward Quartermaine has a drug-induced heart attack and passes out behind the wheel, plunging his car down the carnival midway. Jake is injured at the carnival, and Jason turns to Sam for comfort and reassurance multiple times during this ordeal. While at the hospital, Jason witnesses Nikolas and Liz kissing, and ends up at Sam's apartment, ostensibly to discuss his concerns about how Liz separating from Lucky would affect Jake's care. The discussion eventually turns to themselves, but is interrupted when Sam is called away. Later that night, Sam goes over to Jason's penthouse to talk about the events of the carnival and the Zacchara shooting. As Sam prepares to leave, Jason convinces her to stay the night, and they end up making love again. Believing themselves to be alone, they are caught by surprise the next morning when they come downstairs in each other's arms only to find Spinelli and Maxie's wedding party planners in the living room. Jason orders Spinelli to refrain from inviting any more guests without his knowledge. On October 26, 2009 Jason and Sam find the proof them need to bring Claudia down on Michaels shooting. Jason learns on November 6, 2009 that he is the Godfather of Josslyn John Jacks, his best-friend's daughter. (End Wiki)

[[ YOUR NAME ]] Ashley Marie
[[ AGE ]] 20, almost 21.
[[ ACTIVITY LEVEL ]] Pretty active.

Taking a deep shuddering breath I looked up from the dead body on the ground and to the little boy standing over it. I knew Michael wasn't the baby I held once or the little boy I played ball with but a young man. The look on his face, the vulnerable look that was full of pain, regret, and anger that he had taken another humans life, made him look like the little boy I had once promised to protect. Guilt washed over me in huge waves but I kept my face impassive, loosing control over myself would only upset Michael further, I had to be strong. I could deal with the guilt of not protecting Michael later. Looking up at Sam, she nods and lets go Michael shoulders and grabbed a blanket, draping it over Claudia's dead body. "Michael, look at me...Michael." When the boy's face doesn't move, I reached out, turning his face towards me.

When his big bright blue eyes meet mine, I see something I saw everyday in the mirror. Coldness. He was retreating into himself, taking the pain and burying and letting himself become numb. I knew that feeling, I knew it all to well, I felt every time I took another life, every time I pulled the trigger, and every time I saw my son. The son I would never claim because of this life, the life that had put Michael in this position, had taken his own innocence as it had taken mine. Taking another deep breath that I felt all the way down to my heart, I leaned close to him, offering him my comfort in a way that wouldn't smothered him.
"It's okay, you need to get up. You're mom and baby sister are over there, you don't want to scare him." I felt like an ass, I didn't want to encouraged him to retreat even more into himself but Carly and the baby needed to stay calm and Michael needed to focus on something so he wouldn't go into complete shock.

After waking up from the year long coma, Michael had been a different young man the one who had been shot, he was harder and I saw so much of myself in him. I wanted to prevent it, I wanted him to become the young boy who had been so full of life and not pain and anger. I wanted to rock him and read a book about some wild world destination like I did when he was a baby. To calm him down and protect him like I had all those years ago.

"I killed her." He only whispered and I lean closer, placing my lips near his ear. His words were so filled we regret and pain that it was nearly my undoing. I almost crushed him to my chest and began to rock him. Instead though, I tucked my own pain deep inside me some where and whispered in his ear.

"You did, but you did it to save your mom and sister. I'm going to take care of this but I need you to go take care of your Mom. She's worried about you." I feel him nod and I move off my hunches and pulled Michael up with me. His hands were coated in blood and trembling so I grabbed a towel off the wooden coffee table and began to wipe up most of it before he walks over to the couch. Giving me a silent nod. Watching him for a few moments, I swallowed past the lump in my throat and looked at Sam. "Can I have your phone?"

"Yeah, of course." She reached into the pocket of her leather coat and handed it to me. I didn't want to make his call, I wanted to go back, stop Claudia was taking Carly, stop Claudia from ordering the hit, I wanted to go back and make Michael a baby again and take him away from all of this. But I couldn't, so instead, I opened the phone. I dialed the familiar number and waited until the familiar voice came over the line.

"Corinthos." His voice was short and clipped and I knew he wasn't alone.

"Sonny, don't say anything, just listen." I took a few steps away from Sam, Carly, and the baby and began to fill him in on what happened and how he needed to send someone to clean up the scene. His words were tight but simple and agreed and said he'd be there soon. Once I disconnected the call, I looked over where Michael was sitting there, refusing to hold his baby sister because of all the blood on his hands. Michael would never get rid of all the blood on his hands and I knew he would carry this scare for the rest of his life and once again I wished I could go back and take him away from Port Charles before he got so wrapped up in this life. Looking away from it before I lost myself in the regret, pain, and guilt, I walked over to the body and grabbed the ax that had killed Claudia and began to burn in the fire.

I would have time for the regret, pain, and guilt later, for now though, I needed to stay impassive, strong, and deal with this situation like it was any other. I needed retreat into myself, push away the raging emotions inside of me, focus on cleaning yet another mess the mob had made and the life it had taken. More then seeing, I felt the change overcome me. The raging emotions which had made my eyes a bit darker then before slowly shifted back into the ice cold blue that was Jason Morgan's calling card.


If anyone else is needed, I would be happy to pick up another character as well, but I wasn't aware who was needed besides Jason.

gina! - November 14, 2009 09:07 PM (GMT)
Awesome application, Ashley Marie!
Thank you for your extended Jason history, too. It was an added bonus.
Please wait for Katelyn's approval as well.

katelyn! - November 14, 2009 09:12 PM (GMT)
Welcome to the board Ashley Marie!
Great application! =)

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