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The General - May 1, 2006 01:31 AM (GMT)
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Name: Thelgor

Race: Man of Gondor

Gender: Male

Born: Minas Tirith, Gondor

Home: Constantly moving around, doing the Lord Denethor's wish

Title: Lord of the Fountain Guards

Weapons: Tied to his back is Thelgor's great warpike and his authentic shield of the tower guard. At his waist, of course, is Thelgor's favored weapon his broadsword given to him from the Captain Boromir himself

Starting Weapon: Thelgor usually readies his great pike in the beginning of most battles as he prepares to skewer the oncoming rush of the enemy army

Possesions: Nothing but the clothes on his back and weapon(s) at hand

Military Skill: Is usually on the frontline on the battlefield. Skilled in large scale battles and is a leader among the soldiers

Language: The Common Tongue, Thelgor learned Orkish/Black Speech from an evil numenorian from the Black Land after capturing during a skirmish with the forces of Mordor

Psycological Desription: Thelgor is a man of his word and is loyal to Denethor and all of his superiors. Though his deep voice makes him sound like a bit of a brute, Thelgor is gentle and easy to get along with. However, on the battlefield he is considered a "beast."

Physical Description: The Gondorian Fountain Guard Armor. Wears a fauldron extrending from his hips to hi feet. Sollerets. Nothing on his head, except during battle, he wears his official Fountain Guard Helmet. Thelgor is 6'5 ft. tall and weighs in at about 265 lbs.

Thelgor was a warrior born. He came to Middle-Earth shortly before Boromir did. He trained with Boromir and they quickly became quick friends and together were unstoppable on the battlefield. When Boromir asked his father, Denethor the Steward of Gondor that Thelgor should become a captain as great as he is, Denethor declined until the War of the Ring began and he was made commander of the Fountain Guard. During the battle of Osgiliath, he let out a fierce battle cry which scared the orcs away from crossing the west bridge before he, Boromir, and other nobles of Gondor destroyed it

Sample RP: The Battle for Osgiliath
The hundreds upon hundreds of orcs began their assault upon the west bridge in the ruins of Gondor's capital, Osgiliath. The orc leader pressed onward, blowing a terrible orcish horn and waved Great Eye banner.

One man, only one stood in the orcs way across the bridge. But this was not any man, this was Thelgor, Lord of the Tower Guard. With his sword and shield at hand, Thelgor began taunting the orcs of Mordor in their own tongue. Enraged, many orcs fired arrows upon the man only to see their arrows be blocked by his mighty shield.

Eventually, the army began to march, and still Thelgor stood ready for battle. With a quick slash, Thelgor felled the Orc captain knocking him into the river below.

"Mordor will never triumph over the greater good of Gondor!" And after those words Thelgor let out a great cry that could be heard throughout the runied city of Osgiliath. The orcs anger quickly turned into fear and the hundreds fled to the western half of Osgiliath. Moments later, Boromir arrived with a few others and helped Thelgor push the hordes of Mordor back into the depths from which they came.

Tar Aryndil - May 3, 2006 08:40 PM (GMT)
I'll start with the lethal killers here.

You can't start out in the army. And you can certainly not start out as a high-ranking officer. And armour is something you've got to earn after roleplaying a bit.

Nova6 - May 4, 2006 01:15 PM (GMT)
You actually can start out in an army, but yes, not as an officer and certainly not with other men under your command.

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