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Title: my application
Description: creating a character

fabien - April 2, 2006 10:56 AM (GMT)



elf prince from mirkwood and one of the member from the fellowship of the ring.

Character Name: legolas

Titles: the archer,the elf

Race: elf

Gender: Male

Age:(not sure)


Home: mirkwood

Occupation: archer

Weapons of Choice:long bow(or bow)

Starting Weapon: long bow(or bow)

Possessions: arrows,white horse from rohan(dont remember his name)

Military Skills: strategic

Other Skills: nature-lore,archery,herb-lore.

Languages: sindarin,westron.

Psychological Description: he always travels with his friend gimli the dwarf and they compete in little "tournaments"

Physical Description:tall,solidly built,(dont know what eye color),blond hair,green and brown clothes and he look like a noble elf.

History:He is the son of Thranduil,king of mirkwood.When Frodo,Merry,Pippin and Sam arrives to Rivendell,he comes to the council of Elrond.He knows that Aragorn is the exiled king of Gondor and honours him.He is very precise and accurate.He is one of the first to want to help Frodo go to Mordor and destroy the ring.When the fellowship is set out,he helps the fellowship with his long sight. He knows a lot about evil creatures(such has goblins and orcs).He is keen-sighted and can spot little holes in even the best armors.He goes with Aragorn when the fellowship breaks up but he wanted to go help Frodo.He goes to Helms Deep and his friendship with Gimli is a very strange one.He keeps the arwenstar when Aragorn lose it and gives it back.He goes with Aragorn and the dunedains to summon the dead.He goes to the pelanor fields and kills an olipahunt,big elephants.He goes to the black gate and he is very intelligent.He is verry happy when Frodo destroys the ring and when Mordor is destroyed.

Sample RP:After Mordor is destroyed,Legolas and Gimli wonder the lands and see beauties of Middle-Earth.One of the places they come back is Fangorn:
Gimli:I never thought i would come here again.
Legolas:Yes me too.
Gimli:Its quite dark.
Legolas:Yes it is.Wait.I need to know how old is this tree.He seems old.
Gimli:He is quite normal to me.
Legolas:Wait,he is full of grief and sorrow.
Gimli:Wat,did orcs come here after Mordor got destroyed?
Gimli:come on orcs,bring it on!
Legolas notices hundreds of orcs coming.
Legolas:they're surrounding us!
Gimli:Do not fear Legolas,we are still two heroes.
Legolas:yes,you're right.
After three or five minutes,all orcs were killed by Legolas and Gimli who aren't hurt.
Legolas:wow that was easy.
Gimli:you bet it was.
Legolas:let's go to lothorien.
Gimli:k i'm right behind you.
Legolas and Gimli then go to Lothorien.

Nova6 - April 3, 2006 11:29 PM (GMT)
I'm afraid you're going to have to seriously improve this bio if you want to take a book character, especially Legolas. Some nice suggestions, before Ary finds this topic and tears it to pieces:

1) Look at other RP threads to see how you're supposed to write. You write it like a book, basically.

2) Work on the dialogue. Lots of the phrases you have there are VERY "modern." Think about the comparable era of our world that they lived in (Dark Ages), and try and not use modern cliches in your dialogue.

3) Please, you can spell "Ok" instead of just "k." It's only one more letter, and it's right above "k" on the keyboard. Regardless, do you really think someone from that era would've said "Ok"? See point #2.

4) Have you only seen the movie? Remember that the movie is hardly an accurate representation of the book. Try reading the books (start with the Hobbit, it's great for starters, I loved it) and then see how much better you can play Legolas.

All in all, I think you should ditch Legolas and create an original character. They're easy to pass with. After you've read the books and improved your writing style, you can reapply for Legolas, but that won't be for some time now. Be patient.

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