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Title: Harin Adred
Description: Oliphaunts

NOVA7 - March 26, 2006 02:43 AM (GMT)
Username: NOVA7
Characters Name: Harin Adred
Titles: The Hunter
Race: Haradrim
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Nationality: Haradwaith, Near Harad
Home: A hut in the deserts of Near Harad
Occupation: Soldier
Weapons of Choice: A medium sized spiked Halberd, bow, long polearms
Starting Weapon: A medium sized spiked Halberd
Possesions: A horse; a falcon; fishing gear; needles and thread; mending cloth; a horn; a home;
Military Skills: Marksmanship; good hand-to-hand combat skills; stealth (individual and group);
Other Skills: Navigation; hunting; sewing; Animal Training; Horse-lore/Horseback riding; craftsmanship;
Languages: Language of Haradrim; Debased Black Speech; Common Tounge
Psychological Description: Very bossy, with very little humor; likes hunting and eating; very outgoing, mixed with a strong temper; gives others advice, but is mostly in it or himself (selfish);
Physical Description: 5 ft, 11.5 in; strong brown eyes with black hair; light skin with a little tan; wears long clothes of blue and red and black: Turbin (with face cover) (black/purple); leathery shirt with long "coat tails" down to ankles (dark red); loose pants (blueish purple [dark]); leather mocasins (black); straw/wood vest with leather straps (leather: dark brown) (no sleeves but surrounding all of back and chest and shoulders;
History: Born and raised in Near Harad; at about 15, left home and went to Khand and joined military; came back to Near Harad at 21 and built home; began training animals, many of these were Oliphunts for military; also trained falcons and horses; at almost 27 Sauron called for his army, and Harin began to do extreme training; also worked on Oliphaunt carriges; left home to begin journey for Mordor and went to City of the Corsairs to get his position
Sample RP: I packed quickly, the journey to Mordor was a long one, and I would need all my strength. It was tim for the Warriors gathering. I was told to meet my legion at the City of the Corsairs in Umbar. I called to my neighbor, who was going to the land of shadow with me. "Are you ready yet," I called. This was not the greatest question, as I was not ready mysel, but I asked it all the same. "Yes," was the reply I heard. I threw the last of my things into my pack, filled my canteen from the well and went out to meet my friend. His name was Redgen, and he was waiting for me at the entrance of our 12 hut village. We wlked side by side away from our home.
I was about spent. the road had tired me out and I was almost out of water. After 4 days on the road, I finally saw the city. "Well, that's it," I said to Redgen. We walked to the city gate and I blew my horn. A commander came out of the city. "You have come to answer the call of Mordor? this way," he said and we were lead into the city, and to rhe fight for our lives!

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