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Title: Thor Ironhammer
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Elohir - February 2, 2005 10:41 PM (GMT)
Name: Thor Ironhammer
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 249

Nationality: Durin's Folk
Home: Erebor
Occupation: Smith

Possesions: He carries a mattock, or a war hammer if you prefer that name, that he uses for battle. Along with a Dwarven sheild. Both of these things he crafted himself during his years in Erebor while his smithcraft skill was becoming its highest. Other than that he wears normal dwarven clothing, with no actual armor at this point in time, though he is searching for a way to gain such things in the world.

Description: Most Dwarves look alike, this one is no diferent. With many grey hairs in his thick, long, reddish beard. His thick red hair is kept in braids, along with the sides of his beard, as is the dwarven fashion. He's built like a normal Dwarf, short, stout, and thick muscled with an over all gruff appearance and deep voice. The one interesting thing about his appearance is that his reddish-grey hair contradicts his blue eyes.

History: He was born in the year 2770 T.A. in Erebor, the lonely mountain, just months before the dragon Smaug descended upon it. He escaped with his family, being carried away from the mountain in his brother's arms. They fled into the grey mountains where his brother and father found work crafting in the mines. There Thor was brought up and raised, and where his father taught him the ways of Smithcraft. When he was twenty-nine years old, he, his brother, and his father marched to Moria with their lords. There they fought in the dreadful battle of Azanulbizar. It was a terrible battle, and though the Dwarves won it in the end, the losses were heavy. Both his father and his brother died in battle, and were burnt Dwarves.

After the battle of Azanulbizar, Thor followed Dain, into the Iron Hills. It was there that he stayed for many years and increased his skill in smithcraft that his father had taught him. It was not for many years in the year of 2941 T.A. that something would happen to bring him out of the deep mines and forges of the Iron Hills, the battle of the five armies. He again followed Dain, but this time into battle, not away from it. The battle of five armies was again a battle with heavy losses, atleast for Thor. Many a friend he watched fall in battle, but it was soon over. After the battle of five armies he stayed in Erebor the place of his birth, under the rule of King Dain, for a while. There he increased his skill in smithcraft with finer metals.

For forty-eight years he worked as a wright of the mountain, becoming one of the most skillfull craftsmen amongst his kindred. At the end of that forty-eight years he followed a Dwarf that had become a dear friend, a Dwarf by the name of Balin, into the retaking of Moria. With the taking of Moria soon over, he stayed for two years, before he began to grow weary of the mythril mines, and longed for the gold and bright treasures of the lonely mountain. Thus it was that just two years after coming to Moria, he took his leave of it and returned to Erebor. There he worked yet again for another twenty-seven years, held to be one of the greatest wrights of the mountain. One year ago however, he began to grow weary of even the halls of Erebor, and wanted to see the Ered Luin, the dwarf mines in the blue mountains that he had never seen before. Thus he took a few of his belongings from Erebor, and set out on a journey to Ered Luin, he travels now actually, on his way there, seeing what he can along the way.

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