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'The interspecies challenge'

First of all, your birthday MUST be listed in your profile. Only members who are 17 years old or older will be granted access beyond the News and a few General Forums. We also ask that you introduce yourself in our Introductions Forum (mostly so we know you're not a Spam Bot!). After we see your birthdate and Intro post, we will upgrade you to "Slasher" status, and you will have access to the entire Boards!! Just a Note: If you, for any reason, feel uncomfortable sharing your full birthdate with the rest of the members, simply PM Tigerlily and she will grant your request to remove it from your profile once she's validated you :)

1. Be respectful of others. No flaming, rudeness, or name-calling will be allowed. Trolls will be banned. Hate speech, anti-gay or homophobic comments, offensive content, and racist remarks will be dealt with swiftly and with zero tolerance.

2. Please do not add pictures, dolls, or graphics to your signature.

3. If you are hotlinking to images or if your signature is extremely inappropriate, moderators and admininstrators have the right to alter the signature.

4. If someone offends you or you think someone is rude in general, do not pick a fight in the forums. Email each other if you must, but please report the incident to a moderator or administrator.

5. Please do not post single line posts (things like only saying "I agree" or "LOL that's so funny") or pointless posts just to raise your post count. This is known as "post slutting" and we don't like it.

6. This is an English board. We all have different nationalities, but don't write in your own language - that is just plain rude. Elvish in moderation is acceptable.

7. Please do not post large pictures in your replies. In most cases, instead of posting the picture, you should be linking to an external URL.

8. Remember to give proper credit! When you post a fic rec, art rec or something else you want to share, we all like to be given credit...

9. This goes for the avatars too - if you did not make it yourself, remember to state who did! Most of us do so in our signatures.

10. Please rate your art or links if there is anything compromising in them. Especially with R/NC17, remember some members are checking this board from public computers at school or work.

11. When registering and choosing a user name, please make sure that it does not contain more than 17 characters. Any more than this and the forums will become slightly stretched and rather unattractive.

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