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Title: Random Bunnies, Anyone?
Description: i think too much...

mano mardenna - October 19, 2004 08:50 PM (GMT)
i know this is pretty vague, but an elladan/lindir thing jumped on me one day and now it won't leave me alone :D
a strange elf (little past his majority) rides into imladris one summer. he is frightened, exhausted from travelling and is in a troubled state of mind. the only thing he says is that his name is lindir, but is otherwise silent and afraid of physical contact. elrond takes him in and cares for him, trying to find out what has made him so troubled, but the only person who really gains his trust is elladan.
after that it's a bit of a blur, but extra points for a fluffy bit involving elladan and lindir alone somewhere, maybe the hall of fire, where elladan discovers lindir playing one of the musicians' instruments (i don't know how it would work, but i'm sure someone could figure it out :) )

needless to say, this is eventual elladan/lindir, and there's much anst involved, but it also has a happy and fluffy ending :D i might think about writing this myself some time, but i'd be interested to see how other people interpret it. any takers? *looks hopeful*

Merevindur - January 30, 2006 09:45 PM (GMT)
That's a really nice bunny, Mano dear - I love the idea of Elladan being a confidante, and helping out. I might take this on when I've finished all the others, if you haven't already done it yourself, LOL. :elladan:

Brassenaurian - May 30, 2006 06:16 AM (GMT)
MINE!!! Mine mine mine! I am SO going to write that Elladan/Lindir bunny! Consider yourself adopted, little plot bunny. I would like to know one thing however; What rating do you want this? With this bunny I could go do anything from PG to NC-17 with no problem. So what would you prefer Mano Mardenna?
:lemon: or :lime: ? Sweet and Fluffy ending, or keep it Angst all the way? You tell, I write. :type:

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