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 Abu Dhabi GP
Posted by Pervert_girlF1 - 11-20-16 23:18 - 4 comments
so girls, the end is near!
who will be champ?

#teamNico #gonico
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Posted by Schueyfan - 10-22-16 15:06 - 7 comments
Hello anyone. biggrin.gif

Don't have Sky but am listening to P3 on the net. Anyone about want to sa ...read more
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 Current drivers.
Posted by Schueyfan - 07-31-16 19:48 - 2 comments

I am beginning to think that I don't like winners (Michael being the exception) as I used to really like Lewis but now he is winning everything he gets on my nerves. And I used to not like Seb when he was winning all the time ...read more
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 German Qualy.
Posted by Schueyfan - 07-30-16 19:40 - 5 comments
Thought I would start the topic, but not sure if anyone actually watched it lol.

I did and am chuffed that Nico got pole.
Mostly because I did't want Lewis too.

Disappointed with the McLarens as they were a bit rubbish ...read more
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 I miss this place
Posted by Schueyfan - 07-30-16 16:29 - 23 comments
Facebook is all well and good, and there are loads of F1 forums, but they are all inhabited by MEN! ugh lol.
I don't dislike men, but I can't discuss F1 with them as they don't want to discuss the same things that I do.
...read more
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 RIP Jules
Posted by Whirlygig - 07-18-15 19:29 - 1 comments
It's been too long fellow GF1 subscribers, & no idea if any of you still visit here on occasion, but I feel we are duty bound to acknowledge Jules' tragic passing.

Such a talent, lost too soon.

Rest in peace.
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 Monaco GP
Posted by redsteph - 05-26-14 19:25 - 6 comments
Guess where I was at the weekend biggrin.gif

What a brilliant brilliant time! Saw everyone!.
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 Spanish GP
Posted by Pervert_girlF1 - 05-12-14 09:55 - 1 comments
Heya! How r u? long time no see!

comments about the race?
zzz zzzz zzzz boring zzzz zzzz zzzz

poor nico
thank you, Ferrari (but poor Kimi and Alonso)
McLaren: no comments

see u
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 Stefano "quits"
Posted by Mikey - 04-14-14 11:56 - 0 comments
All change at Ferrari.

Not really a surprise...he's made some brave decisions...and honourable at times. Nevertheless you're in it to win and they haven't won it!
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 So much NEW stuff for 2014.
Posted by Schueyfan - 03-9-14 19:36 - 1 comments
New engines (sorry power trains), new cars, weird noses lol, new drivers, new team mates.

I am fascinated to see how some of the new partnerships, and I use the term loosely, will get on. Particularly Kimi and Nando, Seb and Daniel and Je ...read more
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