Guidelines of the forum
This forum is a place where female (and male!) race fans can meet and talk about the drivers, without being laughed off as so often happens on 'standard' F1 forums. It has no driver bias, all fans of all drivers are welcome. members should be able to discuss the pros and cons of their favourites and not so favourites without feeling threatened by fans of other drivers. And people should be able to discuss race events without feeling threatened too! Everyone should be able to put across their point of view, and everyone should accept that people don't always feel the same way, don't always agree. To agree to disagree amicably....

Some basic rules:

1. No driver bashing or abusing.
You are welcome to say what you think. But let it be something you can back up with an argument. If you think David or Ralf or whoever can't drive, give some evidence! And allow others to give evidence in defense. Forums are for discussion, let's discuss. Without getting mad and jumping to conclusions.

2. No bashing or abusing of forum members.
We should all have some respect for each other given the interest(s) we share. So attacks on other members are more personal, more upsetting, and more vindictive than attacks on a driver. I will not stand for abuse on the forum itself, and I also will not accept email abuse. If a member is mailing abusive emails to another member, I would seriously listen to the victim's argument to ban the sender. The sort of person who would do that is not someone I want on the forum to be honest.

3. Use the forum categories correctly.
This one should go without saying really! If you want to chat off-topic, please use the OT forum.

4. No race results in topic headings.
Not everyone can watch races live. So if you would like to start a topic about the race result, please do not head it 'Alonso wins!!!' as that obviously will spoil the result for anyone else.

One last point - from me, not a guideline We all like different drivers. And that is what makes this place special, that we can have such a diverse group and yet all chat together. But we need to remember we support different people. After a race, the result will please some and not others. Events will be seen in one light by some, differently by others. That doesn't mean you have to worry about saying what you think. That doesn't mean you should think your point is wrong. I'm sure we're all adult enough to be able to debate things, no realise that when someone says, for example, that they didn't think Juan drove very well, they don't mean 'I hate Juan and all his fans'. So don't assume that is what they mean. People disagree, don't take it to heart. Debate your point in exchange! We don't have to descend into slagging matches etc., let's enjoy the fact we all support different people, this would be a much more boring place if we were all the same

We're all different but we all share a common passion, we should be able to share that, not have to worry about how others will react to our comments. The only rule we really need is.. think before you type. For example if you love Kimi for example don't shout 'Jarno is a crap driver and an idiot!' First decide how you'd feel if someone else shouted 'Kimi is a crap driver and an idiot!' But equally if someone says 'Kimi drove really badly he totally blocked Jarno for half the race' don't explode at them! Argue your point!
And one last thing... look at the smilies! They're a good pointer for how seriously the comment was intended!

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