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May 5th, 2012
The Portal is now functioning again. Easy Access to latest posts, news, and popular and necessary links are now available once again!! Upgrades are still in progress and going smoothly! We look forward to venturing into the new era with you! - 'The World' Staff.

April 25th, 2012
New World is continuing its efforts to upgrade to version 9.0. At this time threads are being moved into the archives and soon the new version will be implemented into the game. If things are missing or you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member for help. We look forward to venturing into the new era with you! - 'The World' Staff.


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REMEMBER!! to update your files every time you save. If you die then you will start from the last time you save. that or whats in here if you haven't made a save in any of the cities yet!! ~ Tsugasa


 Olivia, Powered Partizan
Sora Kitty
Posted: Jun 23 2010, 07:26 PM

To Begin Anew

Group: Hero of The World
Posts: 576
Member No.: 1,469
Joined: 4-January 08

((Yeah, it's obviously person who plays Kit, but I'm tired of her depressing posts, so I'd like to try to start fresh I suppose. xP I dunno about details on how that's gonna work yet, but I figure it's worth a shot.))

Gameplay: BOTH

Character's Name: Olivia
Character's Age: 18
Character's Sex: F
Character's Build: Build has muscles for agility due to her race, but overall pretty slender.
Character's Hair Color: Sunset orange
Character's Hair Style: This
Character's Eye color: Left eye is red, right eye is green.

Character's Clothing: clicky!
Accessories: as shown in picture above, there is a headpiece, belt, and shoulder pieces.

Character's Personality: Olivia is certainly a people person, ready to strike up conversation with just about anyone about anything. Fairly easygoing and not afraid of a challenge, the latter can sometimes get her into a bad spot when she doesn’t know when to give up. She is not one to be easily afraid of anything, at least by her outward appearance. She does whatever she deems to be ‘fun’.

Character's Background: Olivia lives with her parents and 2 younger brothers near the center of city. Pretty well off, so far she has only had to worry about schooling and choosing her future career. She is a big fan of online games, so she’s had some experiences with MMOs in the past (so not a big fan of n00bs, not to be confused with newbs).

Important to note she is a good friend of Kiyoko; a year younger than her, Kiyoko graduated high school and plans to go Harvard University in America. Before leaving Japan to travel to America that summer to study aboard, Kiyoko gave The World game to Olivia, explaining that they had the game on campus anyways and that it was a game Olivia would probably enjoy. “You’ve always understood RPGs better than I have anyways.”

Level: 1
Character's Class: [b]Partizan/[b]
Race: Inconnu (fox)
Guild: N/A yet
Weapon: Force Lance (重槍・勢い)-300-30-1-1-50-0:0-0-0-0-0-0
Armor: Rough Armor-200-20-1-1:30-x
Accessory: Simple Necklace-200-20-1-1-1:0-0-0-10-10-0
Skills: -Air Raid-1-Aerial-Single(Small)-15-Thrust Upward - 1.65 damage - 2 hits
Items: (no items)
Money: 500 G

Stats: 700 *
HP: 200
SP (Spirit Point count, heals up 5% each turn): 150
Physical: 140 (30 armor) (10 race)
Vitality: 160 (10 race)
Spirit: 0
Mind: 100

Elements **
Fire: 0
Water: 0
Wind: 0
Earth: 10 (10 necklace)
Light: 10 (10 necklace)
Dark: 0

Rengeki (For each one, please put down name, a description of what it does, and the damage it inflicts and/or the effects that it has)

Level 01 Rengeki: 1 Rengeki you start with

False Change: Olivia tosses fake gold of various amounts onto the ground around the monsters. The monsters, also roughing through hard economic times (goblins have families to feed too), are willing to snatch it up thinking they’re real. As soon as they touch the coins, they are burned and take % damage by them depending on the number (value) of the coin(s) they picked up. The coins are randomly numbered between 1-50%; the number of coins thrown and the numbers on them will be mentioned when regenki is used and will change each time.

Level 01 Rengeki: 1 Rengeki you start with

Winged Wonders of a Fox: The headdress and side wing decorations she wears begin to glow. When this happens, she fully heals herself and everyone around her in a certain circular radius.

Level 25 Rengeki: 1 Rengeki you gain at level 25

0H N03S TH3 1337: Olivia confuses the monsters by suddenly spouting years worth of horrible game grammar she has endured, complete with begging, text talk, and annoying voices. The monsters become confused and terrified by such awfully hellish noises, and as a result their accuracy is dropped by 50% for up to 3 turns.

Level 50 Rengeki: 1 Rengeki you gain at level 50

Glorious Nature: Olivia’s weapon glows and as she points it, she can send the earth/ground tearing up towards her opponents, damage depending on if they dodge it or not. 25% damage is taken by the monsters if it makes contact.

This can also include swinging (since it’s a heavy weapon) it to form a circle around her for defense if need be. Basically, controlling the ground and can send it rising up like pillars. Damage is reduced by 25% for two turns.

This post has been edited by Sora Kitty on Jun 24 2010, 11:49 AM
Posted: Jun 24 2010, 06:18 AM

Highly Sensitive Trigger Of The Inconsistency Cannon

Group: Theta Access
Posts: 3,967
Member No.: 815
Joined: 9-March 06

As is to be expected, everything looks just about perfect.
As is to be expected, the only issue is the rengeki section.

Namely, the last one. I can accept it being used either defensively or offensively, but exactly what it does when used either way should be explained. We need hard numbers, I daresay. Unless, of course, Drakar says otherwise.
Sora Kitty
Posted: Jun 24 2010, 11:50 AM

To Begin Anew

Group: Hero of The World
Posts: 576
Member No.: 1,469
Joined: 4-January 08

Lol yeah, it's always the rengekis. xD

how does it look now? I edited the fourth one and gave a more accurate description for the 2nd one as far as how much it heals.
Posted: Jun 24 2010, 12:38 PM

Lapin's Fist

Group: Hero of The World
Posts: 7,691
Member No.: 642
Joined: 4-January 06

~ From the staff
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