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  1. tonight and then tomorrow again
  2. but Peter Regin scored after goalie Corey
  3. nd to the ex-Fire head coach, where he sports a
  4. Dragic has scored in double figures in six
  5. of replenishing the organizations
  6. the final six minutes of the first half started
  7. learning from the game last night
  8. when safeties William Moore and Thomas
  9. Payton returned from suspension, New
  10. Stefan Logan was named CFL offensive player
  11. straight seasons with an ERA under 4.00 with
  12. normal that you have
  13. off after what has been a taxing
  14. Sandberg allowed Burnett to lead off
  15. couple of mistakes with his pitches and gave
  16. Cavs held on when Mayo couldnt find the
  17. bullpen was getting beat up lately
  18. was in charge throughout the
  19. rosse Royal blu Nike Air Max Flyknit Uomo
  20. partners, as well as with government and
  21. Previous inductees to the Hall include
  22. point confirmed Thursday by loader Sergio Almeida
  23. knocked out the Bryan brothers in a
  24. but hes a nice asset for the Sabres to have in
  25. looks at the Islanders securing the services of Ja
  26. what would be a long night for the Maple Leafs
  27. yards and a touchdown and James Starks ran
  28. but I dont think right at this moment
  29. first NBA player this season to go the full
  30. Phoenix went back in front before the
  31. for Hamilton at 6:57. Burris reached
  32. this weekend for an undisclosed problem
  33. He made his first basket, a jumper, with
  34. his development and he missed time last season
  36. Settling in with his approach at the plate will be
  37. when a spearing motion is delivered
  38. nd he and Howard brought the
  39. from the highs of playing in the
  40. Bilal Powell proven himself to be a solid
  41. history of the franchise in February by beating
  42. but we cant score every time
  43. their first two home wins of the season
  44. and the third run scored on Doziers sacrifice fly
  45. you shouldnt be totally surprised by the lack of
  46. have split the last six encounters at MSG
  47. Bosh nailed a 3-pointer prior to Mario Chalmers ne
  48. want to get back to that situation and kind of get
  49. the rally with 8:48 left in the period.
  50. rows deep into the left-field seats

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