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  1. which is dealing with the community
  2. quarter points are the fewest theyve
  3. all coming on the road
  4. returned two games ago from an eight-month
  5. The Orchard Park native missed the first five game
  6. Days after being beaten and robbed
  7. Charlotte announced the move
  8. inside the right post. Sebastien Le Toux
  9. Jenny Mollen and Robbie Keane watched
  10. bragging rights as both teams already qualified f
  11. take advantage of the practice time and
  12. Raptors now head out West for the next week
  13. my teammates and to the fans that weve given
  14. This is my favourite tournament of the year
  15. He struck out three times against
  16. Dudley hit three consecutive
  17. been like one of the biggest events for me, for so
  18. think (Kevin Martin) told me after the
  19. and working hard with them every
  20. determine whether it also deserves part of the
  21. relatively pain free, just eight days
  22. Terrence Jones plays that way for us
  23. Calgary and Jesse Lumsden of Burlington
  24. They got aggressive and we got passive
  25. Patrick Kueng of Switzerland trailed Heel by
  26. but entered the game for the first time at the
  27. who has played for the Kansas City Chiefs
  28. Royals pitching coach Dave Eiland. Harper
  29. decided to make this move at this point
  30. He assembled the teams that won one Stanley
  31. with five being the best mark. Henrik Lundqvist
  32. Silva injured his hand in an on-set scuffle
  33. has undergone surgery on his left knee to repair
  34. boxing guys out, but its timing. You got to bear d
  35. faked a shot and sent a perfect
  36. year receiver is a playmaker however
  37. keep their beards and their locks in check
  38. provided the Wild with no moral victories
  39. skis slipped beneath her at a sharp right-hand
  40. pitching since last October, its expected hell ne
  41. can play for us at some point this season
  42. was traded to the Yankees after the
  43. Follow Howard Fendrich on Twitter at
  44. interviews my wife keeps laughing and
  45. opponents in the preliminary round lightly
  46. k Forney announced today the signing of
  47. He may end up winning a second straight MVP award
  48. wants me to stay home, and its just a
  49. Luke Walton and Jason Kapono didnt get into the g
  50. centre Al Horford and top backup Pero

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