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Title: Becoming A Vizard
Description: Also includes hollow evolution

Ami [Rukia] - December 3, 2009 12:29 AM (GMT)
Becoming a Vizard
[ Includes Evolution Information ]

Options [custom to BE]
    OPTION ONE. This is the most common way people will try to become a Vizard on this site. There's steps to it, and you're not guaranteed to come out a Vizard. We try to limit Vizards because of their rarity in Bleach. So, what you do is you get into a fight with a hollow (not arrancar). During the fight, you somehow must have hollow reiatsu enter your body. This could be done via blood steam, the most common, or through the digestive tract, or other various methods. Once this has happened, you'll have to have another thread where your inner hollow forms. NOTE: in this thread, you should describe it's appearance, personality, etc. The thread will include your character meeting the inner hollow. It will be a short thread, we know! This is all you do. THEN, you start another thread where you are in a fight and the hollow takes control. Then, you take back control after a certain amount of time. After this thread is over and done with, you have just one more left: fighting your inner hollow for dominance. Someone else must play your hollow. But this person must be accepted by a staff member first. You hollow is faster, stronger, and more skilled with your zanpakuto than you. If you win, hey there Vizard! If you lose, your hollow has complete control and you become a Gillian.

    OPTION TWO. This is a rare option, because it involves a canon character. You must become an experiment for one of the hollowing people: Szayel Apporro Granz, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, or Aizen Sosuke. Now, Aizen doesn't use the Hōgyoku on everyone he sees. And Szayel and Mayuri don't experiment on every single Shinigami. You must have VALID reasons why this canon is turning you into a Vizard. 9/10 times, there won't be valid reasons with Mayuri, as he's very picky with his subjects. It's even more rare for a situation to arise where Aizen would turn a random Shinigami into a Vizard. As for Szayel, it's a little more common, but still very rare. And the only thing Szayel and Mayuri can do is infect you. This is all one thread: infection, meeting inner hollow. Then your next thread will be fighting for dominance. Quicker than option one, but much more rare. With Aizen, you're automatically turned into a Vizard, but he will almost NEVER turn OC Shinigami into one. Also, someone must be actually playing the canon. If they're open, there's no NPCing. I doubt this option will only be used maybe for every 1/200 people. It's just that rare.
Whichever way you do it, it must be done via role play (otherwise know as IC or in character). You must be at least a B-3 Shinigami before turning into a Vizard. You will stay B-3, however whenever you have your mask on, it will bump you up one sub-rank. Your mask will be unstable however and you will need to train for control over your hollow and such.

Evolution to Higher Hollows
    Eat hollows. That's all it takes. Eat, eat, eat lots of hollows to evolve.

    NOTE: we do not allow Vasto Lordes, at the moment. We'll announce if we ever allow this.

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