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Almtnman @ 06-30-16 20:48
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 Delusion in America, another sign of our decline
Posted by gobblerblaster - 06-2-16 10:21 - 0 comments
I don't watch a lot of TV anymore and one of the reasons I don't is because of all the silliness that has become so popular with the mainstream culture here in America. Or maybe it's just me but, if what is happening on the tube is any i ...read more
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 MS tricking users into Windows 10
Posted by gobblerblaster - 05-25-16 15:34 - 1 comments
Micro Soft is now tricking users into updating to windows 10. Do NOT click the x on the pop up, it will start upgrade automatically and the only way out is to do a hard shut down. There are instructions in this article how to avoid it. It happened t ...read more
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 Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by Almtnman - 11-26-15 13:00 - 3 comments
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here on The Mountain. I hope,all of you are well and enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!
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Posted by Joy - 10-31-15 15:57 - 2 comments
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 July 20, 1969
Posted by Nate King - 07-21-15 01:15 - 1 comments
July 20, 1969 - 46 years ago today, the first men landed on the moon following a 200,000+ mile journey from Earth, in the Apollo 11 spacecraft . Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin landed on Earth's Moon, on the Sea of Tranquility, ...read more
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 Independence Day 2015
Posted by gobblerblaster - 07-4-15 10:14 - 4 comments
Here we are the Annual celebration of our Nation's Birthday. As usual people will be on the Lake, at the Beach and in the back yard, at celebrations of various kinds doing what we always do, with family and friends. Please take time to thank GO ...read more
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 Open Letter to Republican Representatives
Posted by Born On The Fourth - 06-29-15 06:14 - 0 comments
This is a link to a post I blogged. I am posting as a kind of review from you guys as I intend to post it on Facebook and send to my elected representatives. I have shared many thought with some of you and appreciate your opinions. I would appreciat ...read more
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 The Confederate Flag
Posted by gobblerblaster - 06-22-15 18:15 - 28 comments
In the aftermath of the Charleston SC shooting by this obviously disturbed little twerp at the AM Church there, there is a new debate over the whether the Confederate Flag should be banned from display in public. I guess the reason is because on thi ...read more
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Posted by Joy - 01-3-15 00:16 - 11 comments
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERY ONE! clap.gif Read 1,314 times - last comment by Nate King   Print email

 I don't care
Posted by gobblerblaster - 12-2-14 20:27 - 8 comments
Sometimes things just build up inside until you just have to let it out.
I am generally a Christian, Conservative thinking Country Boy who is simple to please. I live a simple life with as few complications as I can get by with. I don't car ...read more
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