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Posted by Anne - 04-9-14 19:04 - 0 comments
There seems to be more and more people who live in Spain who I hear have bad backs so with the blessing of Alastair I am going to try and put some information available.


Private Medical Surgery: one of the surgeons I h ...read more
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 ADR are in Spain
Posted by Alastair - 07-5-13 18:42 - 1 comments
One of our members has advised me that ADR is being carried out in Spain and the website is here.


I have no knowledge of their competen ...read more
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 Mr Khai Sing Lam and Mr David Harrison
Posted by cunningtonpaul - 04-22-13 01:43 - 7 comments
Hi all,

Firstly, congrats to the moderators and members on a really useful forum. I've been lurking to date, but wanted to post today to ask members if they could share their experiences of the following surgeons in the UK:

read more
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 Neurosurgeon in North West Private or NHS
Posted by VickieR - 07-11-12 19:43 - 0 comments
Just thought I would drop this in here as there doesn't seem to be many recent entries or the surgeon I used.

Mr Jeremy Holland BSc MBBS MS FRCS(SN)
Consultant Neurosurgeon

Details on the BMI website - follow ...read more
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 Dr Zeegers works at the Betaklinik in Germany
Posted by Alastair - 07-16-09 12:50 - 0 comments
Dr Zeegers works at the Betaklinik which is here in Bonn 6/7/2011 update


There is a hotel they do g ...read more
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 Facilities at Warrington Spire hospital
Posted by Alastair - 04-17-09 19:32 - 1 comments
Thanks to Ruth and Vickie for this information
N HS is here
http://www.warringtonandhaltonhospital ...read more
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 France -- lumbar and cervical ADR trials
Posted by Liz33 - 02-12-09 21:00 - 0 comments
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 ADR UK Hospitals and surgeons
Posted by Alastair - 07-15-08 20:03 - 0 comments
The list below is a group of UK doctors who do ADR and have done over 100 procedures. I have indicated who will perform these on the NHS so I am told.

We are totally reliant upon feedback from patients about this information so please do ...read more
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 UK Surgeons who use Activ L and Activ C
Posted by Lynda - 05-25-08 09:57 - 4 comments
Activ C

Mr Shackleford - Warrington NHS Foundation Trust & Spire North Cheshire
Mr Krishnan- BMI South Cheshire
Mr Ahmed- Hartshill Ortho Unit, Stoke
Mr Hammer- Medway Hospital, Kent & Spire Alexandra read more
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 Find any Dr or specialist in the UK here
Posted by Alastair - 06-23-07 11:27 - 0 comments
Find any Dr or specialist In the UK with Dr Foster. It doesn`t tell you about their results - --thats one thing this board helps with but does give a lot of information and is free - - - -its here

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