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Title: PRESLEY, saffron j.
Description: admin <3

Saffron James Presley - March 25, 2007 12:04 AM (GMT)
e x c l u s i v e

name: ricadonna!
gender: female.
rp experience: 5-6 years.
contact info: pm me. or email: ricadonna!!DOT!!rama!!AT!!gmail!!DOT!!com.
get rid of the !!s and replace DOTs and AT with punctuation. yaaa.

e x p o s e d

canon info: n/a

name: saffron james presley
nickname: jimmy.
birthdate & age: nineteen, july 29
grade: graduate
occupation: ---
financial status: upper middle-class

e x h i b i t i o n

eye color: naturally honey blond; currently black
hair color: light brown
height/weight: 5"7, 120 lbs.
fashion style: eclectic, indie
- piercings: navel (one), ears (two per lobe, one halfway)
- tattoos: a black cat on her shoulder blade, "mine is gin." on her hipbone

avatar claim: samaire armstrong
picture: user posted image

describe them: Saffron... is indescribable. Or so she's told. But we'll try it anyway: She's a mystery, an enigma, beautiful, sexy, wild, fierce. Tiny, skinny, slim, delicate, skin and bones, strong.

Her eyes is a plain copper brown, nothing extraordinary; they don't shimmer, or smoulder; they don't glisten with guilt. They're eyes that seem closed, cut-off from the world; while most eyes are windows to the soul, hers are windows to an empty field dense with fog. Her hair, hanging just below her shoulders and left somewhat untamed, gives her a somewhat 'rough' image, though it frames her small delicate face like the thorns on a rose. Her fierce beauty makes her seem nearly untouchable, like a goddess Midus-Medusa who would turn someone to stone, or gold, depending on her mood.

She stands at a willowy 5'7" and weighs in at a slight 120 pounds, seeming almost sickly in her fragile build. Yet Saffron is anything but delicate. Her body is strong and sinewy, like an athlete's, and virtually impervious to foreign bodies, thanks to her strong immune system and the amount of drugs she's put in her body over the years.

Yet despite her somewhat rough image, she still manages to emanate grace and sophistication, every movement nearly a work of art. But nothing she does seems to hint at her personality; Saffron likes to keep people guessing.

e x i s t e n c e

likes: black coffee, peppermint tea, dark chocolate, spearmint lipgloss, spearmint gum, guys, cigarettes, cherry-flavored cigars, grape juice, orange soda, sex, green apple vodka, probably drugs, music, donny miller art
dislikes: people who have no sense of self, liars, fakes, cheaters, celery, when people don't say what they mean, stupid/ignorant people
strengths: individuality, self-confidence, writing poetry, devil-may-care attitude
weaknesses: ...attitude, a cute boy who knows his stuff
fears: an atomic war, dying without achieving anything

hobbies: writing poetry, painting, doodling, sewing, listening to music while sleeping
habits: smokes like a chimney, chips her nail polish, cracks her fingers, makes odd noises

list facets of their personality:
- dreams blacker than her coffee
- insomniac
- not your typical rich girl
- completely cynical about everything
- bitch to ignorant people
- the brooding type
- morbid/neurotic to some
- yet somehow still believes in the good of humanity
- wannabe communist
- open-minded to a fault
- probably a nymphomaniac
- addicted to auntie's prescription pills
- very strange, eclectic, out there & likes it
- not afraid to stand up for herself
- wants to move to london
- desperate to get published
- smokes too much
- parties every other day
- can hold her liquor
- she's the girl your mother warned you about
- too bad your mother doesn't know that
- she's a smart girl with common sense
- (unlike her peers)
- and a nice girl inside... for the most part
- (she doesn't hate people for no reason)
- she's just different, and rather taboo

e x p e r i e n c e

mother: Carmandie Nicolette Dickinson -- Arist, currently in rehab.
father: Rafferty James Presley -- Artist, currently in rehab.
siblings: none

hometown: Hidden Hills, San Fernando Valley, California

history: Years before Saffron was born, before she was even a possibility or a hazy sun on the foggy horizon, artists Carmandie "Didickinson" Dickinson and Rafferty "Elvis" Presley lived in San Francisco, with two other couples, in an open relationship. In their spare time, they would gather in the local public park, and hold rallies for peace, share joints, and sing "Purple Haze" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" to the soothing backdrop of acoustic guitars.

(This may seem familiar, to those who know their history.) No, they weren't bums. Yes, they were hippies. Yes, hippies, living of marijuana, LSD, flowers, and unsafe sex... all of which resulted in the birth of Saffron James Presley. The marijuana are mainly to blame for the strange middle name, which, as most people know, is usually reserved for males. But this event wasn't as simple to solve as it was to create, considering no one knew who the father was. After all, Carmandie and Rafferty enjoyed an open relationship, often sleeping with people whom were not their spouse. But since it was definitely Carmandie's child, they took the easy way and assumed it was Rafferty's.

Saffron was raised in a very loving environment... sort of. Carmandie and Rafferty were both from very affluent families, and when their families heard of the big news, they were immediately requested to return home to Calabasas, which was a flourishing neighborhood for the trendy and wealthy. Yet, as the saying goes, you can take the hippie out of the tie-dyed shirts, but you can't take the tie-dyed shirts out of the hippie. While their ideals were greatly frowned upon in Calabasas, they ignored complaints from even their own families, and raised Saffron as they wished they had been raised. They took care of her well enough, but they didn't pressure her to do anything, like do her homework, eat breakfast in the morning, or fulfill her potential as a human being. In fact, Saffron grew into more of an adult than her very own parents, for some reason not finding their hippie natures very appealing... though that's not to say she grew very responsible. How could she, when there was no one to say "Hey, don't do that, that'll screw you up?" Considering how much pot and LSD was in the house, it was only a matter of time before she got into it.

Unfortunately, or luckily, depending on one's perspective, the free times were not to last. Around the time Saffron was 17, an anonymous source tipped the police off about Carmandie and Rafferty's stash, and the Feds were all over them in a second. Saffron was taken out of their custody, and they were jailed, fined, and sentenced to at least two years of extensive drug rehabilitation and psychological counseling before they could take her back in. After finishing her own petty 3-month stint in rehab (which she promptly wasted once she was let out), Saffron was sent to live with her affluent relatives, the real estate agent aunt Chloe, and boring stockbroker uncle Thomas, who had recently moved to Dalia. There, Saffron attended Dalia High, and made some friends -- though not many. But that was sort of the way she liked it; her personality didn't present much in terms of common conversation, and most people bored her.

Now, two years later, her parents are still unprepared for modern society, though they should be ready soon. Saffron was tired of her relatives' straitlaced dispositions, and moved out as soon as she was 18, paying her rent and surviving on the vast amount of money her parents and the state allowed her.

e x e c u t e

extra information: she's cool. :] & has a black kitten named spooky. <3
desired member title: hers is tonic.
name your favorite rule: respect me, foo'.

sample roleplay: refer to mckenna & elizabeth's posts.

Saffron James Presley - March 25, 2007 03:16 AM (GMT)
of course admin's accepted!

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