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Title: BRINTON, landon d.

Landon Daniel Brinton - March 22, 2007 09:46 PM (GMT)
e x c l u s i v e

name: taylor
gender: pssh
rp experience: pssssh
contact info: PSSSH

e x p o s e d

canon info:
    [] Medical student on his last year, preparing for the MCAT
    [] Close to his father and brother, but dislikes his half-brothers
    [] Heir to Brinton fortune, though he doesn’t want it
    [] Completely head over heels in love with __ Rowe, 21, though ever since his father remarried he’s been pressured to break up with her because of social difference
name: Landon Daniel Brinton
nickname: Lanny [only by lizbit], but everyone else calls him Landon
birthdate & age: October 1st && twenty-five
grade: graduated
occupation: bartender at Tonic
financial status: filthy rich

e x h i b i t i o n

eye color: blue
hair color: black
height/weight: 6'0 ; 198
fashion style: casual; laid back; classy when need be
piercings/tattoos/etc: right ear pierced

avatar claim: Orlando Bloom

describe them:

Landon is not what you would call the hottest guy. He is handsome, yes, but not ‘omfg, he’s so howt’. He stands at six feet off the ground, and his broad shoulders stand out. Soccer helped him tone his chest, though it isn’t a six pack. He’s a cross between pure wimp and tough guy. Some people may fear him, and most others don’t.

Landon looks nothing like his father, except for his light skin. He got his black, slightly shaggy hair from his mother, and Landon never keeps it ‘presentable’. He hardly brushes it, but he does clean it. His hair hasn’t seen a pair of scissors for a while, and he plans to keep it like that. Landon likes his longer styled hair. It’s the opposite of his fathers style, and that’s what is most appealing to Landon.

His eyes, taken from his father, are a nice shade of blue, and they have a slight sparkle hidden in them, especially when he is laughing. On his heart shaped face, he has natural looking features, nothing to big or to small. He’s happy with his looks.

e x i s t e n c e

    girls Lizbit <3
    the color “maroon”
    Marlon Brando movies
    anything computer related
    “lord of the rings” anything
    eating in general
    playing soccer
    being out in the fresh air
    making other people laugh
    the color “white”
    blank spaces
    empty soccer fields
    Lizbit when she is sad
    people hurting the ones he loves
    his dyslexia
    when his computer is slow
    being alone for too long
    bad jokes
    humid air
    people tickling him
    black coffee
    sarcasm being confused with being mean
    his sharp wit
    his bright mind
    his pleasing appearance
    lizbit <3
    his family
    loosing lizbit
    his family being hurt
    never being free
    being first
    eating from the right to the left
    biting his nails

list facets of their personality:
    he’s very charming
    has been since forever
    has to have everything in it’s right place
    so you could call him ocd
    doesn’t want all the pressures of being a Brinton
    wishes he could just be normal
    loves Lizbit with all his heart
    wishes his parents would accept that
    hates the world he’s in
    hates coffee
    wants to paint for a living
    but is a bartender instead
    which isn’t too bad
    he actually quite enjoys it
    depends sometimes on his sharp wit
    is dyslectic
    but no one knows
    wishes he wasn’t

e x p e r i e n c e

mother: Annabelle Roberts
father: Frank Brinton
    __ 19, Graduate -- Waiter, studying to become a music producer
    Played by James Franco
    [] Hated by his half-brothers; lives on his own in an apartment with older brother, mother lives in same building but different floor
    [] In major love with __ Hardesty, 17, Junior; being pressured to break up with her because of class difference

    __ 16, Junior
    [] Despises his half-brothers
    [] Wants to be a rock-star; his band, LAST!MAN, is getting some big recognition
    [] Helplessly devoted to __ Atchison, 16, Junior, who doesn’t know he exists... yet

    __ 15, Sophomore
    [] Desperate to take over business, despises all his brothers
    [] Loves girls; uses them like Kleenex during flu season
    [] Designated black sheep of the family because of drug abuse problem
    [] Close to his twin

    __ 15, Sophomore
    [] Complete bombshell
    [] Strives to be popular/notorious, but her older brothers keep her in line

hometown: Calabasas, moved to Dalia 5 years ago


Landon was always a happy child. He had wonderful parents, and loving brother. He was raised in the suburbs of California, and grew up in a nice neighborhood. At the age of 5 he learned to play soccer, and shortly became the best on his block. His father and him would practice all the time, and let his sister play as well.

He and his brother have a great relationship. Most brothers grow up fighting, but not these two. It seemed they were more like best friends than siblings. When people would pick on him, Landon would make them pay. He would die for his brother.

He never really understood what his father did until he turned eleven. He saw a flyer to one of his father’s shows in the trash can. It was then that he began to dislike his father. And it was also then that he found out that his father was not faithful to his mother.

Landon grew up hating his father from then on. He hated how he never treated anyone with any respect, and hates how he treats women. Especially his mother and Elizabeth. Landon hates his new stepmom, and the two new children that came along with her. He’s living on his own now, with his younger brother living with him as well.

[ew. It’s bad. I’m sorry]

e x e c u t e

extra information:
desired member title: inLOVEwith__yousuddenly
name your favorite rule: you know this <3

sample roleplay: see Peyton’s application

McKenna Rylee Bosko-Belo - March 22, 2007 09:55 PM (GMT)
accepted! welcome to dalia, california.[/b]
no worries about shortness. i know what you're capable of!
Landon is not what you would call the hottest guy. He is handsome, yes, but not ‘omfg, he’s so howt’.

i would consider him omfg hawt. ; ;

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