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Title: Alchemical recipes

Vinsalt - June 19, 2007 08:33 PM (GMT)
I converted the alchemical recipes I found in the PC games (please do not think of this as herecy, I simply try my best to dig up new info, and this is at least something, no?)

Hylailian Fire: 2 parts of brandy (or any strong alcoholic beverage), licorish, 2 parts of lamp oil
Heat up the licorish in a melting pot, until it becomes a sticky substance, upon which you will pour first the alcohol and then the oil, stirring the mixture thoroughly. Then pour the mixture down to a bottle. The bottle must be closed before the mixture has cooled down. The bottle now contains a substance which will ignite the second it is released.

Vomicum: lamp oil, 1 shurin bulb, 1 mandrake
Take the oil and marinate the mandrake with it, while carefully roasting the shurin bulb. Then let the shurin bulb cool down. Then grind the shurin bulb into a fine dust, and sprinkle it on the oil and mandrake. Wait for the mandrake to become completely tender. Mix the substance thoroughly and let it boil and thicken. You may then apply the syrup to your weapon. The poison will last for approximately a year.

Anti-Hypnoticum: 1 mandrake, 1 festering toadstool, 1 bottle of brandy (or any strong alcoholic beverage), 1 ilmen leaf (This is a weak hallucinogen imported from the south. The leaves are usually smoked and their vapors are said to calm even berserkers.), 1 menchal, 1 intoxicumber
Take the mandrake and imbue it with astral energy. Then grind the magical mandrake with the festering toadstool and pour the alcohol on the dust. Next grind the ilmen leaf, menchal and intoxicumber into another dust, mix the dusts thoroughly and put the mixture above a fire to boil. When the liquid has vaporized, shape small pills out of the remaining substance. These pills will, when ingested, will protect you from the vampire's evil eye. (the ability to take command of a living creature against his/her will)

Please correct these if you feel that it is necessary. And do add more if you feel like it. :)

Vinsalt - June 21, 2007 02:59 PM (GMT)
This one I found somewhere, but I lost the address, so. But anyway, I wrote it down and here it is:

Potent Healing Potion: two whole whirlweeds, all the leaves of a fullgrown tarnele, one mandrake root, joruga root

To brew the potion is fairly simple, provided you have the nessessary alchemical knowledge and equipment. All the herbs must be ground using a mortar and a pestle. The end-product must then be added together and put into a boiling pot. After the liquid has become saturated, you must pour the product through a filter.

Again these are not official TDE rule-material, so use accordingly.

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