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Rules and Guidelines.
Welcome to Wedge's Table, the official Message Board of Barret Wallace's RPG/Anime Hideout, run by Dyne! I am _SW_Squall, your local board administrator. As follows are the rules and guidelines for the forum, as the title page suggests. Please make sure you read through them thoroughly, as you will be bound by them. A copy of these rules will be posted on the boards, and if you have any questions or require a clarification, feel free to IM an Admin.

In case anyone is wondering, the general board rating should be considered PG-13 (T for the gamers.)
1. Please keep your swearing to a minimum. We'd like to keep the language clean, for the most part.

2. No links to porn/hentai sites will be allowed. Posting of such pictures is also prohibited.

3. Please be respectful of other's opinions. Everyone has their own beliefs and values. They're gonna be different from those that you hold. Be tolerant as well.

4. Do not do the following when posting:

Double post: We have Edit buttons for a reason. Use those.

Necro post: If you have an old thread that you'd like to revive, please PM an Admin. If you were the author of the thread, we'll be happy to bump it for you. If you are not the thread author, PM them and ask them to request it. Make sure there is new and relevant information to the thread before you request it.

Spam : I hate spam. I hate spam. I hate spam. Spamming is almost an instant ban, at the very least, a suspension.

Flaming: And more than spam, I hate flaming. If you cannot discuss something in a civilized manner, don't post. I will not be nice if I see occurrences of this.

5. If you would happen to have a problem with someone, take it to the PM's. Do not start a thread about how you hate them.

6. You will more than likely butt heads with someone here at some point or another. That's cool. Disputes happen. Make sure you apologize later for anything stupid you might have said. If it gets too bad, contact a mod.

7. 1337 and other short forms of speak are allowed only in small amounts, and not in the body of your post unless you're making a joke, or it's in your sig/title. Try to keep to minimum in your sigs. Also, please do not spam the smilies.

8. Please, proper grammar/punctuation. I don't want to have to get out a stupid-English translation book to figure out what you're saying.

9. Please, no drama. Drama only works in Shoujo manga. Internet drama is annoying.

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