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ultrasse - August 12, 2010 10:06 PM (GMT)
Next articles forthcoming to explain the actual dictatorship by Leproux,Colony,Lfp,Police, against Paris Fans.

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ultrasse - August 12, 2010 11:34 PM (GMT)
Leproux Colony Business - AS St Etienne - 07.08.2010

Source :

PSG - Saint Etienne: 249 arrests , nine fans in custody

Saturday night , 249 supporters , including two Etienne , were arrested around the Parc des Princes before the match between PSG and St Etienne. Among them , nine were remanded in custody. All others were released .

Most of the arrests related to the Parisian supporters , former customers of Auteuil and Boulogne stands opposed to the end of subscriptions and more generally the new security plan implemented by management of the club during the season 2010 - 2011 .

Demonstrations took place outside the meeting , which was the first test match official safety plan. Before Auteuil , nearly 200 extremists have sought to block access to the turn . Boulogne side , they were more numerous still . Having moved into the nearby streets , they came to sit before the roadblock secure access to their former sector . After a few minutes , the police evicted them to make them up in buses to evacuate them . At that point only about 180 of them were detained .

" Outside the Parc des Princes , there have been acts of violence , insults and pressure on viewers to prevent access to the stadium , "says a spokesman for the Prefecture of Police in Paris .

Supporters " were trying to prevent people from entering the stadium , " he added .

According to witnesses , there were clashes with the police who charged and used tear gas to disperse these groups .

VIDEO : . php

ultrasse - August 12, 2010 11:36 PM (GMT)
Premium Testimony

Source Psg Mag

" PSG: scenes of civil war around the Park "

Reportage around the Parc des Princes on Saturday afternoon

PSG : scenes of civil war around the Park.Two demonstrations were planned Saturday before the match between PSG and Saint-Etienne

The record number of arrests - more than 240 - at the match between PSG and Saint-Etienne has been much ink . The press made the information relayed by the Ministry of the Interior , referring to violence committed by supporters of PSG . Sunday TF1 and France 2 have even sanctioned the opening of their newscasts to 13 hours on this. What did the fans in Paris to justify this unprecedented intervention of the police ? Side Auteuil , 80 people waited in the rain for two hours later Boulogne , 160 people sat in front of a barrage of CRS .

-Demonstration side Auteuil
-Demonstration side Boulogne
-Summary of arrests
-More info

Two events were scheduled Saturday , before the match between PSG and Saint - Etienne , against the abolition of subscriptions to Auteuil and Boulogne. Report and testimony of several participants.

Demonstration side Auteuil

A call to the event Place de la Porte d' Auteuil was circulated on the Internet. Several hours have succeeded : 16h , 4:45 p.m. ... At 17:15, there are approximately 80 people who gathered around the fountain. Facing them, leaving the subway , dozens of riot police , some horses of the Republican Guard and police in civilian clothes .

Around 17:30, the procession gathers around a drum. A leaflet is distributed , using a megaphone , the organizers reiterated that is essential to avoid any incident. Protesters begin crossing the Place de la Porte d' Auteuil , then they stop moving after only a few meters. A member of Karsud , pass , advises organizers from now: it is likely that other fans in Paris ready to attend the event are not yet arrived - a group of former Lutece Falco is particularly expected. Above all, the police were already in place, it would be unfortunate to risk a police response immediately, thus ending the event more than three hours before the match without being able to be heard. The organizers decided to follow these recommendations, the procession turned back , and plans to wait several hours to rush again .

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Demonstration before Auteuil PSG 3-1 St Etienne ( 07/08/2010 )

Around 19:15, after we went to the demonstration site of the Porte de Saint -Cloud ( see below )We find the procession of Auteuil Avenue du General Sarrail a few tens of meters from the tribune Auteuil. Faced with a string of CRS , about 300 people gathered under the watchful eye of dozens of plainclothes police - among them Jacques Prigent , head of the intelligence team to oversee the general supporters of PSG. Access to the forum Auteuil remains open for ticket holders , without blocking any kind. Some sing in front of several television crews , others argue with a reporter Radio France. Some former Lutece Falco well known are actually present . Only a bear is briefly noted shouting "All PSG , all motherfuckers" to the attention of viewers across the dam consists of stewards and CRS .

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Demonstration before Auteuil PSG 3-1 St Etienne ( 07/08/2010 )

Around 19:30, the event draws to a close , the low mobilization does not lead to any action whatsoever. We reach the door again to St. Cloud. On the way , we see several units of riot police and Republican Guard being put in order of battle instead of the door Molitor . Not having seen the rest of the event , we interviewed various witnesses . All we describe the same scenario : Just after we left, anti-riot trucks were set up at the rear of the procession taking squeezed people who were in the procession . While attempting to disperse demonstrators , the rally is over, they were stranded for over two hours , only persons in possession of a ticket to the match being allowed to cross the cords of CRS. Finally , although no incidents have been reported , still present 60 fans were arrested at 21:30 for organizing a demonstration without first seeking permission . They may stage an administrative ban lasting six months , by decision of the prefect of Paris police.

Among the evidence we have collected the most complete is that of Sami Battikh , computer journalist and graduate of CFJ, author of a recent article published on the website Rue89.

My name is Sami Battikh, I'm 29 , I've subscribed to Auteuil for 10 years .

I saw on the Internet that an appointment of protest was set at 16 hours Porte d'Auteuil. I attended the entire event , and I can testify that there had been any violence. No firecrackers, no jet projectile. The " organizers " of walking repeatedly stated that it was unwise to overflow. They were in regular discussion with the RG and the heads of law enforcement. Thus in their recommendations that the route of the march has been decided.

Avenue du General Sarrail - at the corner of the street Raffaelli - reached 200 meters from the corner Auteuil , our procession was blocked by a barrage of CRS . At no time was there any violence or attempted forced passage. We sat for long minutes . Around 19:30, Leaders of the demonstration we were informed that there would be no action taken , and it was better to go home . So I retraced my steps to guide me to the Metro Porte d'Auteuil , located opposite the Parc des Princes . But when I try to get a barrage of CRS , the order was given not to leave out anyone who has no place for the match. The problem is that to get to where I was , CRS does not asked me a place for the game ...

We are about sixty to find ourselves in this situation : Blocked three dams CRSIn an area of 200 square meters , with inability to do anything . Initially, the CRS refuse any dialogue with us. Finally, we are informed that they let us leave as soon as the match has started . We therefore expect more half past one in the rain. Again , no overflow from the 60 supporters blocked .

At 21 hours - at kickoff - we realize that we do not always let go . Instead , around 21:30, CRS is closer around us and surround us in space can no longer restricted . We believe then they will escort us to the subway ... But no, actually , a bus arrives and takes us on all towards the detention center in the district of Clignancourt. We are crammed into two cells , where we look for more than three hours . Finally , we will be transferred in four different rooms with the program : search, identity verification , photo taking and examination .

We have been asked countless information : address, marital status , children , income, occupation, social security number , address, floor , telephone ... Then the police wanted us to sign a statement in which it was stated that There had been "throwing missiles" the "disturbing public order"And "prevented from passing spectators with tickets. Personally, I refused to sign the document which was totally contrary to the reality of wrongful arrest . It has also been notified that we are now punishable by six months of administrative prohibition stage.

It is very difficult to prove our good faith and the side of the totally arbitrary arrests . I really hope that an investigation being conducted is because it is clearly an abuse of power linked to political will and completely disconnected from reality safe.
While confirming the testimony of Sami Lawrence Bylka gives us some additional details :

After asking us not to start singing pro -Auteuil , deemed too provocative , plainclothes police told us that we were not allowed to move towards the demonstration Porte de Saint- Cloud. [... ]

While we were stuck, we surprising information came from the CRS: we were told that protesters had crossed into force Porte de Saint - Cloud, and they were allowed to return to Boulogne stand . Our agitation will remain peaceful, without any attempt to force the dam . At 20 hours , my brother and I went in Boulogne stand to see the game. At the first dam, our tickets have been requested. We then realized that all those who did not could not get out ...

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Photos and videos of the event

Demonstration side Boulogne

Side Boulogne , the event was scheduled for 18 hours . At that time , only a few small scattered groups are present Place de la Porte de Saint- Cloud. A half hour later, they are several tens to regroup to head ... the gardens of the Porte de Saint -Cloud , a regular gathering place . Some riot police followed the funeral procession at a distance , while the Republican Guard has been monitoring the Avenue de la Porte de Saint -Cloud. Arriving at the corner of Avenue Edouard Vaillant, they retraced their path: "They were lost ...The procession turned back , and ends up this time before the church of St. Jeanne de Chantal , direction Boulogne stand . The demonstrators stopped at the corner of Queen's Road and the rue du Commandant - Guilbaud , it is reserved for holders of tickets to the game .

user posted image
Event Boulogne before PSG 3-1 St Etienne ( 08/07/2010 )

With the arrival of a television crew , some songs are sung "Paris" "Kop of Boulogne" "Leproux resignation" La Marseillaise. Shortly after 19 o'clock, when we headed towards the Porte d'Auteuil , about 180 people were arrested. Again , we have interviewed several participants. Arnaud , a journalism student , unknown to police, Says:

My name is B. Arnaud , I'm 24 years old, I am a student - I have to integrate a large school of journalism - and I live in Essonne , I am subscribed Boulogne stand in blue since 2004 . I 've never been part of an association of supporters in Paris and I consider myself a subscriber lambda since I do not travel, but I find myself in the ultra movement in terms of how to support Park my club .

I was present at the entrance of the Rue du Commandant Guilbaud to 19 hours . There were a few songs before the dam of CRS , and thata smoke or two and three detonatorsBefore some reframe the event to avoid confrontation with the police . We decide to sit in front of the dam , and thus block access to our forum . The challenge is going quietly in a good mood. Some songs are launched . This lasts twenty minutes. Meanwhile , the CRS have approached us, we finally circled. They attempt a first breakthrough, the first rows are receding, but do not rise . A few minutes later , two or three vans are parked near us. We understand the maneuver . CRS involvedMy brother and I get up to us to stick to the gates of French stage and show that this time they have won , We offered no resistance. Some climbed over the gates , but most will be stopped a little further . Others resist : they are beaten with batons and tear gas ...

My brother and I are against the fence , facing the CRS . They ask us to send back to our knees . One by one, we are led unceremoniously inside the van about 7:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. . Once the van full - about 50-60 people - we expect more than an hour the convoy , one on the other , in stifling heat , without knowing where we go. We are led to the police 15e district, where we wait about two hours before going out one by one : taking identity , waiting to be photographed and auditioned . In our case, it will last another two or three hours. Finally , my brother and I go out to 1am . It was reported that we risk six months of administrative prohibition stage our "participation in an unauthorized demonstration in the context of a sporting event and which led to incidents" Seeing me even though the officer told me that auditioned , he said , there was little chance that I am not having offered resistance or thrown projectile .

I want to clarify that this is the first time I am call . Until this weekend , I never had to deal with the police. Moreover , the conflict Auteuil - BoulogneI 'm not back in the " war ". As my brother , I have friends and acquaintances at Auteuil.
Photos of the event

Summary of arrests

In total , the Paris police prefecture announced it had detained 246 supporters of PSG . Of these , only nine were remanded in custody , the others being released into the night. On Monday , a dispatch AFP returns to the plight of these 9 fans :

Four fans suspected of throwing smoke bombs in the direction of police, were brought to the outcome of their custody to the floor [... ] . Three of them have been summoned by the minutes to be tried later on charges of meeting on violence in the police officer and contempt. They have also been placed under judicial supervision , which prevents them from visiting stadiums. The prosecution took similar requisitions for the fourth supporter who was brought Monday.

Regarding the other five in custody , one was released without charge found in its case , another has been a reminder to the law, while the investigation continues for the three latter also released .
Although the troublemakers are therefore a handful - those accused of rebellion had been guilty of anything until their arrest ... - all the protesters can expect a stadium ban. Jean -Louis Fiamenghi , the executive assistant to the prefect of Paris police , announced on France Info:

We will do everything so that there is 250 administrative restrictions in the coming hours to prevent them from disrupting our matches. [... ]

As always , they are lobbying with groups of 100-150 people . They are very violent verbal and physical and thus prevent normal fans , families to slip a pass to reach the stage . Contrary to what was usual, where clashes took place over tens of minutes before the start of the match , [the police went into action ] as soon as they wanted to prevent [ the spectators to enter and ] blocked our dams .
Contrary to what is indicated by the Director of Cabinet of the Prefect of Paris police and the Interior Ministry - which has "welcomed the application by the police for intervening in firm instructions from the first incident" - later arrested 60 supporters have been at Auteuil 9:30 p.m.More than half an hour after the start of the meeting - four hours after the start of the event - without any viewer has been denied access to the stadium, and without any violence . Boulogne Cote , except for some smoke lit , the only violence reported occurred during the arrest ... .

"If there were only 50 excited we would have arrested 50 people"Assures Fiamenghi . The haul has retained all the fans attending the event , provided they are without a ticket , it is doubtful ...

We will return soon on the media coverage of these events .

More info

The blocks around the stadium
Already impressive in the tournament in Paris, the security perimeter was expanded to meet Green . All streets leading to the seat of PSG or bordering the Parc des Princes and were blocked by dams filter composed of SRF and stewards , allowing only ticketed spectators . PSG had opened the bungalow situated opposite the rostrum K , next to the little shop for to buy or to remove seats. At 18 hours , a big hundred people were lined up.

user posted image
Before PSG 3-1 St Etienne ( 07/08/2010 )

As we approach the game , many casual viewers , unfamiliar with the area, have expressed their annoyance with the stewards posted on dams requiring them to make long detours . While some dams were reinforced by the presence of guides equipped planes to indicate the route to follow , however it was not advisable to ask directions to the police . Dialogue heard instead of the Porte de Saint- Cloud , at the subway exit next to bus station :

- A bear a little lost :Where is the Parc des Princes ?"
- An agent not very useful "The Parc des Princes ? Uh ... the Parc des Princes ... It must be ... Wait , I 'll ask my colleagues ..."
The atmosphere in the stadium
View the low attendanceThe stand K remained completely closed, as well as forums and E low E blue blue top . At the galleries - which few subscribers - and G - available to families - were open, but with only a few dozen spectators. Hundreds of red flags were placed there for nothing : no one will take away their seats remained empty throughout the evening .

user posted image
PSG 3-1 St Etienne ( 08/07/2010 )

Note A blue grandstand down the presence of a tarp "Hoolicool, instead of TitiFosi . Last season , however the Hoolicool were located K forumAnd only those already subscribed grandstand A during the 2009/2010 season there were supposed to subscribe again in 2010/2011.

The red curves are the first to fill . At kickoff, they will be full. In addition to the suspension of subscriptions turns and quarter turns, the increased rates in side galleries - up to 24 % increase either € 850 subscription integral cheapest - And the precipitous decline in the number of subscribers contribute to achieving these forums . By turning up in blue contrast, areas reserved for communities and the Foundation PSG reveal many empty seats .

St Etienne fans have 'm almost thirty times less numerous than the Parisians - 841 of 22,869 - is to them that the animation of the Parc des Princes : songs , continuous , give the impression that PSG is changing outside . Some outbreaks of red curves are quickly stifled by the vocal power of the Greens - inexplicably , the few "singers "of Auteuil calaient sometimes songs Etienne , destroying their chances to be heard . Even the 200 mini- vuvuzela distributed by leaders in Paris for a background noise was inaudible. In contrast , the Parc des Princes becomes noisy to celebrate the objectives or actions of hot PSG . At the very end of match, "olé" very hasty complements all the passes of the Parisians .

Bulk Info

The moment propaganda. Absent during the second day of the Paris tournament , Valerie has returned to the delight of admirers of Stalin. A handpicked sample of " new public " and was asked to share his joy to Finally back to the stadium, because only 18 € only places for a couple with children - available in all the usual outlets only the service area of the Parc des Princes at the shop of the Champs -Elysees - is really great! And above it changes from before, when there were police everywhere so it was full of violence . Well , here is yet more police than before, but it's different , it feels safe with Germain lynx .

Invitations: personal spaces and black market
"Looking for tickets ?And "Who sells tickets ?" These are the two phrases most heard in the subway exit on Saturday night. This is a perverse policy invitations of the club , it was unable to fill the stadium with a paying audience . While the MTP boasts of selling only tickets are named , thousands of tickets are thus immune to identity checks . As for the black market, he saw his finest hour ...

And apparently , the new audience is not yet familiar with this practice:

- A seller "Looking for tickets?"
- A passerby "Is there anyone out there who seeks ..."
- Seller "Down the street there ? Yes, it is a partner to us."
- The man, perplexed: "A partner ?"
Photos forums
The Saint Etienne have deployed several banners on the plan All PSG :
"With Leproux , we're at home"
"€ 15 for us , free for women , thank you Leproux"
"It begins in Paris , it ends like Vichy

ultrasse - August 12, 2010 11:38 PM (GMT)
Stadium ban for 249 PSG fans - 09/08/2010

Source : The Express

Four PSG fans accused of involvement in violence Saturday night around the Parc des Princes in Paris will be judged by two months and 249 people arrested that night will be banned from stadiums for three weeks in first .

To the public prosecutor of Paris , four young people aged 18-23 years will have to answer " meeting on violence in the police officers " and " outrage " , it was learned Monday from the Paris prosecutors .
They have remained free under judicial supervision pending trial , which prosecutors said , denying them access to the Parc des Princes .
Nine people on the 249 arrested Saturday night, had been placed in custody following the violence on the sidelines of the meeting between PSG and St Etienne .
The majority of those arrested were protesting against the new policy of Paris Saint - Germain in the allocation of seats in the stands , where there are more sites for fan clubs.
" We certainly will not stop there , " said Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux Monday during a trip in Seine - Saint-Denis , a suburb of the capital sensitive .
The minister said he had asked the prefect of Paris police to stadium bans against the 249 people arrested Saturday night.
"They are adding to the 152 prohibitions against supporters of PSG before this meeting, " he said, adding that there were now 283 national stadium bans .
Selopn , the prefect of police, Michel Gaudin , signed in the day a stadium ban under the emergency, which implies an obligation for young people concerned to point at a police station on match days .
The direction of Paris Saint - Germain announced in May a plan anti -violence which includes the abolition of subscriptions in the stands and Auteuil Boulogne , creating forums family , free for women and the random distribution of seats in stadiums .
Brice Hortefeux estimated to have put in place an effective policy, stressing that no operation of this magnitude had been conducted before the preventive operation on Saturday night.
" I hoped that the resumption of the Championship League is the start of a love of sport and not the hooligans . I have implemented a simple policy and comprehensive : there is a red card from the first incident, " He said .

ultrasse - August 12, 2010 11:40 PM (GMT)
PSG : Justice cancels bans for 20 fans of tribune Boulogne - 11/08/2010

Source : YouTube

Administrative Justice has canceled stadium bans ( IDS ) delivered in 2007 against supporters of PSG Boulogne stand . This is not IDS imposed this week after demonstrations outside the Parc des Princes on the occasion of the next championship of France of L1 .

IDS affected by the cancellation had been made following incidents during the 2006-2007 season after the death of Julien Quemener .

Administrative courts of Paris , Versailles ( Yvelines ) and Dijon broke IDS delivered by the Prefecture of Police and ordered it to pay compensation to fans for the loss suffered.

10,200 euros compensation

"Considering that the prefect (...) merely produced a background paper from a website on the history of PSG supporters , that this factor alone is not adequate to establish that the conduct of (...) applicant was likely to justify the action taken against him , the order of the Prefect of Police has canceled " , say the tribunals of Paris , Versailles and Dijon into account transcripts that AFP has procured.

About the claims, the lawyer supporters , Jerome Triomphe , recalled having " revived the police headquarters last week but it's still radio silence . " The board has officially claimed 12 February 2010 at police headquarters the payment of 10,200 euros that he is still waiting .

Hope the Boulogne

With this court decision , the Boulogne can not help some hope for the prohibitions imposed recently after PSG Saint - Etienne. "We will wait to receive IDS administrative practice Saturday and then we will be a hundred cases of cancellations , then informed the Boulogne .

In Saturday's margin of PSG Saint -Etienne , 249 people were arrested and were subject to stadium bans, including nine for the nine judicial supporters placed in custody , had told police .

The duration of IDS could be extended

Since March 2, 2010 , an amendment of the law can be imposed for a single IDS is set against a repetition of facts before that date. From September , the law could still be amended to lengthen the duration of IDS currently limited to six months , police said .

During the mass arrests on Saturday , police confirmed that a student peacekeeper was among the supporters . He faces the radiation.

The Professional Football League has announced that 13 were ignited smoke only in the L1 stage during Saturday's opening day , including six in Rennes , but none at the Parc des Princes . Never seen since the 2006-2007 season .

Bans of Psg want to go to court 12.08.2010

Source : YouTube

The 247 fans in Paris by a procedure referred to stadium bans are organizing to challenge this decision in court . Most of them consider their arraignment on Saturday on the sidelines of the reception of Saint -Etienne , near the Parc des Princes , was not justified and that, consequently , the stadium ban which will be imposed on them either.
According to our information , they plan to have the greatest possible number of complaints and wish to engage the services of a tenor of the bar to defend them. Several months ago , following the death of Julien Quemener outside PSG - Hapoel Tel Aviv in November 2006 , a massive wave of stadium bans struck fans of the Boulogne in Paris . Already, they were sued and had been successful for twenty cases.

ultrasse - August 13, 2010 02:40 PM (GMT)
PSG: chronic daily disinformation Have you been fully informed of the side - to PSG Saint - Etienne ? Not sure ...

Saturday evening , two events brought together hundreds of supporters in Paris protesting against the late subscriptions turns. The arrest of all participants led to a communication perfectly orchestrated by the Ministry of Interior . Until then , nothing illogical ... But theAFP, Which feeds the entire French press , merely relaying the word of the government . Between idleness and a priori, Most of the media has given a high media exposure incidents never explain , or even describe them accurately. This weekend, Brice Hortefeux has won the media battle with a wide lead over his opponents. And information ? She is always so bad, thank you for it .

We lie to you even on factual points
Violent altercations Park (...)
Hortefeux was great ! Hortefeux was beautiful ( ...)
The events seen by Amaury
Further reading:
PSG : scenes of civil war around the Park (Story events )
PSG: focus on the propaganda L’ÉquipeOf JDD… ( published Wednesday )

We lie to you even on factual points
The daily swell the crowd of 12%
As mentioned Sunday, 22 689 spectators - including 841 fans in the stands Etienne F - attended the match between PSG and Saint-Etienne , according to official figures provided to LFP. These lowest peak a L1 match at Parc des Princes since November 10, 1993! Since 1994 , match between PSG and Saint-Etienne met average of 42,210 spectators.
Clearly reluctant to disclose this kind of news this Monday Parisians chose to lie to his readers:

With 25 367 spectators, the crowds of the first rendezvous of the season at the Parc des Princes has been correct for a game at the heart of summer.
In reality, the Parc des Princes did not ring so hollow in a league match since August August 28, 1993 ( 20,874 spectators ). Since that date , the average attendance in the month of August is 36 155 spectators. More than a game played on two "de l' été au heart" met at least 40,000 people , and not one of the last 26 meetings - since 1997 - had attracted fewer than 30,000 people. Given the number of invitations issued , the influx of PSG Saint -Etienne was so undeniably low . It is also interesting to note that Parisians and L’Équipe put forward a figure of 25,367 spectators, which overestimates the peak of 12% provided by the PSG , available since Saturday evening LFP.FR and PSG.FR. The prize goes to, Which provides that "a good third Park was empty" while more than half the stadium was actually unoccupied. On August 8, L’Équipe already spoke "third stage vacuum ».
What do the PSG intox, it is understandable [1] but dailies Amaury group involved in this enterprise of misinformation, "that is more singular [2].

Violent clashes at the Parc des Princes
L’AFP made the com ' Brice Hortefeux
Saturday evening, as news AFP relayed the statement of the Ministry of Interior about the arrests . Therefore , official version could flood the entire editorial staff of France, leaving no room for the measure :

249 fans , almost all supporting and Paris SG protested violently [3] against the new rules for admission to the stadium, have been arrested (sic) Saturday night around the Parc des Princes before the football match between PSG and Saint - Etienne , said the Ministry of Interior. [... ] Groups of several hundred people had formed around 19:30 Auteuil gate and door Boulogne (sic), outside the Parc des Princes [...] . "Outside the Parc des Princes , there have been acts of violence , insults and pressure on viewers to prevent access to the stage" said a spokesman for the PP . Supporters 'trying to prevent people from entering the stadium" Has he said. According to witnesses, there were clashes with the police who charged and used tear gas to disperse these groups. [... ]
The Interior Ministry pledged to fight against hooliganism , with plans to have zero tolerance against troublemakers . Against them, the government decided to strengthen the sanctions that are the subject of a circular to the prefects.
The ministry "welcomed the application by the police for intervening in firm instructions from the first incident ».

The PSG fans who protested violently , have been logically arrested by the police : theAgence France -Presse, which provides the entire French press , set the tone [4] . Based primarily on the statements of the Department of the Interior , accompanied by some " testimony " very incomplete - the altercations with the police, who were held as side Boulogne , nothing triggered as they occurred ... during the questioning - she wished to perfection the role of spokesman for the government. For what is to inform , however , please call again.
Already a biased account of events provided by theAFP will be relayed in the media more or less faithfully . Illustration of the Arabic phone with this brief example : while a dispatch AFP announces "According to witnesses, there were clashes with police who charged and used tear gas to disperse these groups" site refuses to copy and paste stupidly agency . Two alternatives present themselves to : investigate - is long and difficult - or paraphrase. After much thought , the site has opted for the second option, letting his imagination do the rest. Thus the unhappy players have " learned " that "according to sources who have been in place (sic), there have been fights in every corner outside the stadium and the police have had no choice but to use tear gas to disperse the troublemakers ." Does this sound ludicrous? Wait for the fall:

regrettable scenes that are not unlike that what happened to the PSG in February, just before the clasico against Marseille .
That is how, with more than stupidity , laziness and incompetence of bad faith, transform two simple demonstrations peaceful siege. In the end , no mass media does not allude to reasons for the events , conditions or evidence of arrests of the 240 participants , soon banned from the stadium to have gathered . ( see PSG : scenes of civil war around the Park) Note that theAFP itself has contributed to this rapprochement between very doubtful peaceful demonstrations on Saturday and incidents of unprecedented severity of February 28, 2010 , accompanying his dispatches almost always the weekend ofa photo of the pre-match PSG- OMOn which there are dozens of supporters amid tear gas in an atmosphere of chaos. This photo is laconically captioned : "The PSG fans trying to evade police during previous incidents around the Parc des Princes, 28 February 2010 . »

The JT 13 hours you inform
Sunday 's announcement of the 250 arrests made the happiness of the media , especially television news. The topic has been open 13 hours TF1, France 2 and France 3. Despite footage shot on site , the three chains simply by way of explanation ... the same news AFP the press , so they also mixing the two events and dramatized incidents.
Illustration with 12/13 the France 3, which is none the images of fans singing Boulogne seated

These ex -members of forums Auteuil and Boulogne were rioted against new security measures imposed by the club . Several clashes have erupted with police .
On France 2The "altercations' are also present , and explanations folk culture :

It begins with altercations , again , near the Parc des Princes yesterday. [...] They heard prevent spectators access the stadium. The CRS them quickly dissuaded . All are former groups of Boulogne and Auteuil, two groups of rival supporters dissolved there a few months. Their protest against the new safety device has petered out . The police have arrested 249 people .
The brief report of TF1 devoted to the arrests was mysteriously cut from the video available on the Internet - too bad , the topic was not as bad as that of public service channels - we fall back to the press review on the subject circulated LCI :

The demonstration began peacefully. [Images of the event later Auteuil ] [... ] More very soon the situation escalates. [ images of the event later Boulogne , where we see some fans climbing the gates during the questioning of the CRS , then back to Auteuil for an interview with a protester ] [ ...] In the two corners of the stadium, usually Reserved the ultras Auteuil and Boulogne, temporary end subscriptions and random placement of the fans .
Hortefeux was great ! Hortefeux is beautiful !
The article in Figaro Tuesday is a good summary of the general - read anything seen implied in the media over the last three days . On a half -page , line company , Jean- Marc Leclerc " analysis " the action of the Minister of the Interior:Zero tolerance for football hooligans » :

After Roma, Grenoble crooks and polygamists , the interior minister strikes a blow against the ultras of football. The Prefect of Paris police , Michel Gaudin, has for the first time yesterday, served a stadium ban , under the emergency, the more 200 hooligans arrested at the Parc des PrincesThis weekend, at the meeting between PSG and Saint-Etienne , which marked the first day of Ligue 1 . Not only these more or less fanatical supporters forums Boulogne Auteuil and lose access to stages for three weeks , but they will also point to the police on match days . The prefecture imposes , in fact, almost automatically a measure prohibiting the stage of an obligation to score. In a second step, they could be excluded for a period much longer . [... ]
What happened last Saturday at the Parc des Princes was in itself a first . Typically , police calls few dozen hooligans at best, in case of clashes . But the record in the last game was clear: pick all the agitators from the first insult that fuse . Zero tolerance , in fact , applied to a sporting event. They were so close to 300 this evening to shout their hatred and trying to prevent peaceful supporters , from family, access to the stadium and especially "their " forums turns Auteuil and Boulogne, which they were banished.
The police placed that night under the direct responsibility of Jean - Louis Fiamenghi , former boss of the Raid became executive assistant to the prefect of police, have strictly applied the new doctrine . Result : 249 arrests in one hour , including two " Etienne [5], almost a quarter of the arrests made during a football season. From never- seen. [... ]
Andres, Spanish restaurant and unconditional support of the GMP, reporting what he saw that night :The ultras were addressing the public profanity fitted tickets . They literally blocked the street to prevent us from passing. The CRS them stretched a net. And bundles of ten , methodically , with agents in civilian clothes, they were picked to lead them in a bus all white . At the end of the match , everything was quiet ." He says without hesitation : "Today , we can bring her children to the park. We are not afraid as before ." Many fans also ensure that the policy of the club, consisting of lowering the price of tickets and make the forums Boulogne Auteuil and the public , enjoying huge success. The last game has attracted 23,000 spectators . "And it was free for girls"Enthuses a teenager who attended the PSG- Saint-Etienne.
A font reactive, a club that plays the game : the proceeds will be tested again on August 19 during a PSG - Tel Aviv Park . No fewer than a thousand police officers are mobilized .

The article is illustrated by a photo of some Parisians seated before their arrest Porte de Saint -Cloud , accompanied by the caption : "Arrest of supporters of PSG hooligans before the game against St Etienne on Saturday night ." It tells us jumble that anyone participating in a peaceful demonstration is a hooligan , more or less fanatical , screaming his hatred - as opposed to 'peaceful supporters , from family"- the ticket price has dropped - except a few thousand tickets expected to satisfy both the 13,000 former subscribers and the "new public " rates have actually exploded- and that trade policy was so successful that as many as 23,000 spectators were present . And it's true! Unlike L’Équipe and Parisian, Figaro not faking the numbers. He is content to believe that an uninformed public the worst attendance in 17 years is "great success" commercial. Daring , but very consistent with the rest of the article. For years , an evening at the Parc des Princes was presented as incredibly risky expedition. However , if some games actually engendered incidents , the majority of meetings in Paris were going smoothly . Among the main complaints heard until last season : the massive presence of police around the stadium. " When we see so many of CRS , it worried. "
From the first official match at the Parc after steps All PSG, while Leproux explains that it will take months to "pacifier" stage , the whole neighborhood is cordoned off by roadblocks , the police are everywhere , as arrests of unprecedented proportions took place just before the match with tear gas ... everyone rejoices the magical atmosphere of the Porte de Saint -Cloud. "Today, we can bring her children to the park. We are not afraid as before" We advised Andres . If such testimony had been delivered after a few weeks back, he could be heard . But after a single match, which was the scene of incidents, it has one virtue : we warn about the blinders with which some referred to the Parc des Princes .
It is legitimate to want to tell a good story ... but anyway, is this a reason for refusing to inform ?

The events seen by Amaury
According to our findings, or Damien Arnaud Hermant Degorre or were attended demonstrations , long-planned , which took place Saturday afternoon. That did not stop to summarize ... more or less precision .

The set of seven errors by Damien Degorre
These fans in Paris [all those who have been arrested ] had tried in vain to circumvent the many police roadblocks put in place to post before the rostrum . [...] No member of the former groups of Paris supporters who attended the meeting yesterday [...] . From a sound point of view during the meeting, however , it is 1200 fans EtiennePlaced in the same quarter turn for visitors , we mostly heard.

Neither the protesters nor Auteuil Boulogne have attempted to bypass the dams.
Plusieurs « former members of groups of fans in Paris" including protesters, attended the meeting.
Etienne fans were 841, according figures provided by the LFP.
Relapse Arnaud Hermant
Before Auteuil around 200 extremists have sought to block access to turn. Their movement, born as a result of a call over the Internet , wanted peace . Despite this , over 60 of them were arrested. The others , with tickets for the most part, went to the stadium. Boulogne side , they were more numerous. Having moved into the nearby streets, they came to sit before the roadblock secure access to their former sector . After a few minutes , the police evicted them to make them up in buses to evacuate them . About 180 of them were detained . Those who did not went home . Shots were exchanged during the evacuation . [... ] If this first movement of discontent was conducted in a peaceful , future actions appear to be more muclées (sic). [... ] The police have handled these incidents completely under the eye of Michael Bart, chief of staff Brice Hortefeux oversee this came first. After the match , the atmosphere was friendly with the victory of men Kombouare . The Parc des Princes has hosted approximately 25,000 spectators yesterday , instead of 35,000 or 40,000 ambitiously announced the weekend , by management . Without its two kbps , the Park has certainly made some noise , but the songs have mostly emanated from the thousands of fans green . Parisian fans have never really released , except late in the game . Is it because of the absence of the mascot Germain ? The park will have to wait to see elsewhere in corridors . For fear it is piped , the leaders do not want to get on the lawn ...

If Arnaud Hermant is mistaken in claiming that the demonstrators Auteuil tried to block access to the stadium, his account of the arrests , however, is much more honest than his colleagues: it clearly shows the absence of incidents, n Has not prevented the intervention of riot police. But the reporter Parisian soon resumed his role as propagandist to claim that "the police have handled these incidents very" and repeat that about 25,000 spectators were present . Is it because of the lack of lynx that Germain Park remained largely silent? Good question ...

Further reading: PSG : scenes of civil war around the Park (Story events )
PSG: focus on the propaganda L’ÉquipeOf JDD

ultrasse - August 13, 2010 03:03 PM (GMT)
PSG - Saint Etienne: 249 arrests ,Total war is declared

Source Ultras tifo

PSG: scenes of civil war around the Park

Saturday night , 249 supporters , including two St Etienne , were arrested around the Parc des Princes before the match between PSG and St Etienne. Among them , nine were remanded in custody. All others were released.

The record number of arrests - more than 240 - at the match between PSG and Saint-Etienne has been much ink . The press made the information relayed by the Ministry of the Interior , referring to violence committed by supporters of PSG . Sunday TF1 and France 2 have even sanctioned the opening of their newscasts to 13 hours on this. What did the fans in Paris to justify this unprecedented intervention of the police ? Side Auteuil , 80 people waited in the rain for two hours later Boulogne , 160 people sat in front of a barrage of CRS.

Two events were scheduled Saturday , before the match between PSG and Saint - Etienne , against the abolition of subscriptions to Auteuil and Boulogne.

PSG: chronic daily disinformation, Have you been fully informed of the side - to PSG Saint - Etienne ? Not sure ...

Saturday evening , two events brought together hundreds of supporters in Paris protesting against the late subscriptions turns. The arrest of all participants led to a communication perfectly orchestrated by the Ministry of Interior . Until then , nothing illogical ... But theAFP, Which feeds the entire French press , merely relaying the word of the government . Between idleness and a priori, Most of the media has given a high media exposure incidents never explain , or even describe them accurately. This weekend, Brice Hortefeux has won the media battle with a wide lead over his opponents. And information ? She is always so bad, thank you for it .

ultrasse - August 17, 2010 09:41 PM (GMT)
new article on justice for paris here:

Rebogol84 - September 23, 2010 08:13 PM (GMT)
I've read the situation in Paris also on some numbers of Supertifo, that's really incredible...

Solidarité aux fans du PSG!

Blouze - October 8, 2010 10:53 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Rebogol84 @ Sep 23 2010, 08:13 PM)
I've read the situation in Paris also on some numbers of Supertifo, that's really incredible...

Solidarité aux fans du PSG!

BOYCOTT of the Parc des Princes but we are still fucking here !!

We were in Sevilla, we will be in Dortmund.

Fuck Leproux, Bazin and Colony Capital

You can't ban a Paris fan.

ultrasse - October 14, 2010 03:03 PM (GMT)
France: gallery visitors closed for two matches between PSG and OM - 07/10/2010

Source: YouTube

No Marseille fans in the gallery visitors to the Parc des Princes PSG-OM meeting of 7 November (12th day, 21 hours). No Parisian supporters in the gallery visitors to the Stade Velodrome Marseille-PSG March 19 (28th day). This was decided by the Competitions Commission of the LFP. "This measure, which the authorities have been informed beforehand of course, is to ensure the best security of all after the serious incidents in recent seasons," said the League in a statement.

Leproux: "We take note, one can understand"

It fits, it added, "the policy against violence carried out jointly by the state, the LFP and the clubs."

This decision comes as little sentences have already been exchanged between remote leaders Marseille and Paris for the 'clasico'. Jose Anigo, Marseille sporting director, was criticized Robin Leproux, president of PSG, about the time of the match on 7 November and the number of supporters allowed Marseille to Paris. President Paris he replied Wednesday. "The number of fans coming to Paris is a decision of the League, not at PSG, the manager explained Paris. Then schedule the match, it necessarily follows from the authorities, for security reasons so it's not a decision of the GMP. If Mr. Anigo has really taken his remarks, he again missed an opportunity to shut up. "

"The worst solution for football"

"Leproux loses his nerve to say such things," Jose Anigo resumed Thursday on the site of OM. "If Robin Leproux had the courage to turn the hooligans of the stadium, it does not give him the right to give lessons to others. We have no problems with our fans and we came to 2000 at the Parc des Princes for years without causing any incidents. "

Asked Thursday night on RTL, Jose Anigo has criticized the decision of the LFP to close the gallery visitors to both stadiums. "Preventing people from coming, this is the worst solution for football. The big problems have never opposed the Parisians to Marseille but the Parisians them, "he said. "It is a political lobbying in Paris who gave birth to this solution and it will be difficult to explain to the Marseille fans," said Jose Anigo.

On the sidelines of the last PSG-OM, February 28 last, a clash between rival fans in Paris had seen the beating of a man of 37, who was then DCECS the night of March 17 to 18 as a result of his injuries . Leproux Robin said Wednesday on the sidelines of a reception for Mayor of Paris, he envisaged a meeting with supporters to "discuss the return of the supporters," but did not alter the bursting forums Auteuil and Boulogne.

ultrasse - December 16, 2010 10:53 PM (GMT)
PSG supporters march in Paris against the plan anti-violence club - 05/12/2010

Source: AFP

Nearly a thousand of PSG supporters according to organizers, 700 by police, protested Sunday in the streets of Paris, shouting "Leproux resignation" and "Give us back our subscriptions" to protest against the anti-violence plan of the President club, Robin Leproux.

Wearing hats, scarves and flags in the colors of Paris SG, protesters of all ages, held banners saying "Support the PSG is not a crime!" or "Our passion is not random," while an action plan provides for the setting up random subscriptions for the fans turns Auteuil and Boulogne.

"Subscriptions random, it can not subscribe to only four and one does not choose its forum," told AFP Queru Albin, co-founder of the Freedom Association for subscribers, who organized this on "peaceful" but "protest".

"It is wrong to stigmatize the 13,000 subscribers of turns, while the problems are for 300 people. (...) We've had enough of assimilation hooligans equal violence," he added, calling the club to take "responsibility with individuals who cause problems for years" and not to punish the "love of the club."

"I have my wife and my children and PSG. More than a passion, it's a love," Thomas told AFP Tonnasi, territorial agent of 29 years and subscriber PSG since "14 years". "Without support, PSG has no soul," he added.

S "it is" not a big football fan, "Augustine, an executive in the building 30 years, was" subscriber for 10 years "and went to the Parc des Princes for PSG but also for this festive and People ".

"We paid an annual subscription, we are left with some friends, we talked about our lives," he recalls.

The cortege left around 2:30 p.m. in the Republic Square, joined shortly before 4:00 p.m. City Hall, an hour before the start of the game between PSG at the Parc des Princes Brest.

The fans have turned some smoke, before deploying a banner when it was written "40 years of PSG, 13,000 candles blown" and observe a minute of silence.

The City Hall until 29 January organizes a photo exhibition to mark the fortieth anniversary of the club.

Strike against Leproux Colony

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more here:


thanks to World Peace

ultrasse - December 20, 2010 04:14 PM (GMT)
PSG: Former subscribers will be heard Saturday at the Park - 14/12/2010

Source: YouTube

At 18 o'clock last night, Robin Leproux, president of PSG, and the two mediators Alain Cayzac and Franck Borotra met about twenty representatives of supporters in order to present the redesign of the security plan. Among those present: veterans of the Boulogne stand, of Lutece Falco, or members of the group Freedom to subscribers.

Not surprisingly, the decisions announced generated little enthusiasm.

"We tried to talk but did Leproux questions and answers, indignant Bennacer Amar, former spokesman of Lutece Falco. It ruined our evening to tell us what we knew four months ago. Since we are discussing with him Leproux always told us it would be random subscriptions. His plan does not solve any problem. If he wants to talk back to us, we will be there. But not with its terms. We do not accept what he decides to go to the fans. "Same story on the side of Philip Pereira, former spokesman of the Boulogne stand:" The mediation did not help. It had however proposed interim solutions. But Leproux imposed his ideas without taking into account our opinion. He has only one word: security. But this argument no longer holds. Dialogue was established between the two forums. And there are over 300 banned from stadiums. He has said he was out of question we return to the Park. Except of course for PSG - Monaco. "

The "opponents of the plan Leproux (Boulogne Auteuil) have decided to rally on Saturday evening. Between 400 and 500 fans, as the club have bought seats in side galleries to proclaim their discontent, as was the case during PSG - Rennes, September 19, or Valenciennes, last weekend. The club will maintain a dialogue throughout the week to limit the excesses. "Leproux told us that he lived very poorly being insulted," says one supporter. On Saturday, he will be served. "

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