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Title: Anyla
Description: F/Lion

Anylaa - October 23, 2009 09:40 PM (GMT)
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general information
    NAME >> Anyla
    GENDER >> Female
    SPECIES >> Lioness
    RANKING >> None
    AGE >> Adolescent
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION >> Lean, and a bit on the lanky side. Her eyes are bright amber, her right eye being a bit darker in color than the left. Her eyes are outlined with white fur, and the tips of her ears are black.

    Her fur is dark brown, and can easily be mistaken for black from far away. The tuft of fur on the top of her head, and at the end of her tail are an ashy gray, as well as her stomach, muzzle, and toes. Unique Markings/Scars -- small white spots sprinkling her left flank.

    A few scars running down her back and her right hind leg, from a time she ran away from the Pridelands, and was attacked by a rogue lioness.
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personal information
    Anyla, in some ways, is rapidly changing, growing more serious. She's still known to pick fights, even if she knows she can't win them, when something seems wrong. In that sense, she's even become more vicious, but never picks on any lion that isn't threatening her or her friends in some way.

    She's gotten smarter over the past few years, and has quieted down. She watches what she says, and tries not to be as obnoxious as everyone knows she can be. She does, however, talk very loudly, as a result of her bad hearing.

    She never backs down from a challenge. She's grown more ambitious than she was before, taking her duties more seriously, trying to prove herself as a respectable lioness to everyone.

    She only sticks to a few friends, not really getting along with anyone else. Despite the fact that she comes off as violent or annoying to those who have only talked to her once or twice, she is actually a very fun lioness once you get to know her, and is unbelievably loyal to her loved ones.

    HISTORY >> Anyla was born to a rogue lioness and a Outlander father on the outskirts of the Pridelands. Her mother was sick at the time of her birth, and after a while, her mother wasted away. Anyla was struck with grief, and ran off to look for her father, though she had never met him. She was found near Pride Rock, completely lost as to where she was, and taken in by the lionesses. She wasn't particularly the most wanted cub there, but she made friends, Choru and Vivu prominently.

    When she was old enough to hunt, Anyla started to disappear for days on end. She never told anybody where she had gone. She normally avoids answering the question, or simply answers with "around."

    Truth is, she started to hang around a band of rogues, and managed to win (most of) their trust. They accepted her for awhile, but one day, the self proclaimed leader of the group attacked her, claiming Anyla was trying to become their leader. She gave Anyla a few scars along her legs and upper back. That was the last time she spoke to those rogues, and the last time she disappeared from the Pridelanders. Her disappearances certainly haven't won her any trust in her pride, though.
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everything else
    NAME/ALIAS >> Kitty.
    ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE >> I've been role-playing for about four years.
    HOW YOU FOUND US >> I got into a TLK obsession around 2008, so I was searching for TLK role plays, and I found Ulaya.
    OTHER CHARRIES >> Kesi. {coming soon.}
    OTHER >>

Taken from a board on the old site.

"Adventure?" The brown cub half-yelled. "Yeah, I wanna go with you two." She glanced at the lionesses. Her paws itched to leave already, but the adults seemed like they weren't going to budge for awhile. She thought of ways to get them to leave faster, but they'd all end with them getting in trouble. She looked back to Toboe, sitting herself down next to Choru. "Nice to meet you, Toboe." She said, then looked to the cub sitting next to her. "Where are we going anyway?" she whispered, trying to be sure the lionesses wouldn't ruin their plans.


Kat - October 23, 2009 09:48 PM (GMT)


Welcome to ULAYA! Your application meets our qualifications,
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