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big rig guy - December 23, 2005 08:09 PM (GMT)
Got a customer that wants to trade my labour for a used Lincoln Ranger 250 with a Thermal Arc Hefty 11 feeder. Whole unit has 140 hours on it, comes with all the cables etc.

Customer bought earlier this year, for his fleet of trucks and cannot find anyone to do his repair/welding work, hence that's why I am doing it.

He paid 8500.00 CDN and wants 6500.00 value of my labour, so it would be a barter/trade type of deal.

I would not mind offering a mobile weld service, but time is a factor, I know I can't get outta the shop, my right hand man, well don't really want him to go either. My mobile guy could cart this thing around on a trlr to his service van, I don't know.

Alot of times over the summer we get the shop full and are welding outside, this unit would be handy for that. I like that it also has a generator on it, but concerned how well it would run a 3-5 hp compressor???

Specifically, how are these Hefty 11 feeders?????????

Franzę - December 24, 2005 12:55 AM (GMT)
Big, from my standpoint, I'd not be biting on this deal anytime soon.

First, the guy is probably thinking if he makes you the deal, he will automaticly become your priority customer, and you'll drop whatever you're doin whenever he calls.
I think there is a very good reason he can't find a weldor to operate his equipment, and without running the equipment, I wouldn't want to wind up obligated to do his work. A big part of his problem just might be the equipment he chose to buy.

The Ranger isn't a bad machine, but you may want to test it yourself starting the compressor before you bite.

The TA Hefty II looks to have a hell of a lot more heft in the name than it has in the machine according to TA's site. They referr to it as being a feeder for light sheetmetal work, and offer no reference to it's ability on aluminium (Canahodian spelling).

My thinking is that you'd be a lot better off with a MIG machine mounted on a skid you could position with a forklift and a long extension cord, than you would be with an engine drive at this time. Field work isn't going to be a moneymaker unless you have enough of it to keep a man on it full time, and most of the people you want to hire already have their own rig and are working full time.

I'd bet a whole US Dollar the deal will get a whole lot better, for you, by just sitting back and eating the other guy's time. Even if he makes a trade to someone else, or hires a weldor, chances are the work will come back to your shop.

big rig guy - December 24, 2005 03:20 PM (GMT)
Heh Franz, I am not too worried about this guy taking his work elsewhere or thinking that I have to drop everything to work on his equipment, the welder is half paid for now with what he owes me, the second trlr would more than cover the balance and he is dropping another trlr today.

I agree with your opinion on the Hefty, if it were a ln25, well I would not hesitate then. The Ranger has the cc/cv and I could buy a spool gun for it. I like the idea that it is portable, I could run it outside here in the spring and not have to worry about extension cords etc. Going mobile with this unit, yes I agree with you, just the cost of outfitting a truck is not too bad, but then the operating expenses, insurance etc. Factor in, the guys don't make enough already owning and operating trucks/equipment, to pay the additional charges that a mobile service would have to charge, they might as well bring it to the shop.

Buddy is in today, so I have to make up my mind.

My welders that I have now, I can lift and move with the forklifts, often I lift them 12 feet in the air to get access to where I need to repair.

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