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Title: Speed reducer/ jackshaft

Franzę - November 25, 2007 06:02 AM (GMT)
I didn't like the speed my scrollsaw was moving at for cutting metal, so I decided to slow it down.

Since my favorite branch of Curbside Suply was having a special I picked up the jackshaft assembly out of a laundry drier, and set it up on about 6" of pipe that slipped over the colum the saw sits on. Then I welded 2 nuts onto the pipe to accomodate setscrews and slipped the jackshaft onto the colum.

Since the motor is also mounted on a sleeve it moves to accomodate the belts. When I want high speed all I have to do is change belts and eliminate the jackshaft.

egon - November 27, 2007 01:14 AM (GMT)

Is this slowing down of the scrollsaw have anything to do with the age thing and getting slower?? <_<

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