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Title: PHD Candidate
Description: from the official Miller site no less

Franzę - October 27, 2007 04:04 AM (GMT)

I just had a millermatic 200 given to me,it`s in pretty rough looking shape. I wired it for 220 volt flipped the switch on ,heard a buzzing noise .Pulled the cover ,noticed the open relay ,up in the top of the maching, not closing the contacts.I replaced the relay(24v ac dpdt relay)still had the same problem,checked voltage to relay ,only have 12v ac .anybody have any ideas where to look next? Also can`t seem to get any open circuit voltage at the gun.
thanks Don (530)8**-****( west coast time)

the Brilliant answer~
If you don't get an answer, post up at under Miller.
There is a user, "weldersales" that has lots of knowledge and could help you.

It just gets funnier all the time

Defective - October 28, 2007 12:32 AM (GMT)

Did it pull the trigger?

Franzę - November 6, 2007 03:54 AM (GMT)
Alas, the brilliant inquisitor goes forth to WoosieWeb, and posts his question there, because he has been informed WoosieWeb is a font of knowledge.

So what answers does he get there

1)If it's anything like the XMT's typically no OCV is a problem in the control board but without a service manual for that machine in front of me I can't tell you how to test it.

2)go to and get a owners manual for it... The one I found on their site: may or may not be for your machine... you'll need the serial number to determine year. Luckily, on the older manuals, they listed some of the voltages the Transformer puts out..
Do you have access to a clamp current meter? Couldn't hurt in the diagnosing of the beast.

Let us know what you find...

3)Try sending a PM to "weldersales" Larry is very knowledgeable and probably will have the parts for you.

4)Crawler, you are right, Larry knows his business and I know he has parts for 98% of the equipment on the market. John

5)Did you check the jumpers for the voltage(s)?

6) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the jumpers are correct for the input voltage.I verified that prior to plugging it in and flipping the switch,I downloaded the manual from the Miller website before I started wiring the thing.

7)Have you tried to call Miller for tech support?

Amazing the results you can get from a simple question when so many experts get involved.

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