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Title: Lethe x Lyre Fan Fiction
Description: Written By Holy Warrior

Holy Warrior - February 25, 2008 02:26 AM (GMT)
Warning: This story is a wok in progress with sexual tones. MS has not yet defined exactly what kind of sexuality is allowed on this forum and how far it can go, so she has asked me to give it a rating (G, PG, etc.) This story is rated PG-13, and should not be viewed by anyone under that age unless viewed with a parent or legal guardian.

Hey everyone, it's my first post on MS forum! Thanks Tom is the Greatest for giving me the link. Anyway, this was a fan fiction I had written over a ne... another forum, and wanted to post it here as well. It is still in development and I need feedback It is set in a post FE10 world and is a Lethe x Lyre lesbian type thing with a deep storyline. It was written at the request of Dragon, and has evolved from an idea to several pages. Although when writing this for... that other forum, I had to have no sexual activity what so ever. What rules and limitations am I put under for posting it here? Thanks a lot.

The Love of two Sisters is Eternal

Chapter One: Evil Invaders

There must have been something in the air, because on that spring morning, Lethe felt so sensual. The flowers were in bloom and their smell was so pretty it was intoxicating. She could hear the bird chirping as well. Their beautiful notes rang through the forest like the water that ran through the stream she was sleeping by. Slowly, even though she was asleep, Lethe felt a warm feeling. It started in her pink toe nails, slowly coming over her dainty feet. The warm feeling started caressing her hairless and smooth legs, which seemed to go on forever. The feeling went even higher and higher still, until it passed over her waist and over her chest. The warm feeling continued to wash over her, flowing down her arms, to her pink finger nails. It was a blissful feeling, and she never wanted it to end. But her eyes opened up to see what was going on around her. The water level had risen, and it was the water heated by the sun that gave her the warm feeling. The sun was radiantly shining down on her, heating her body, making her feel safe. Lethe stood up and adjusted the skimpy pink bikini she dressed in. Although her mother had always told her to dress more conservatively before she passed away, she liked the way she felt in it. Her legs felt nice as the breeze hit them. She also thought her lovely flat tummy should be shown off, after all the hard work she did to get it that way. Lethe enjoyed how her long, flowing hair that framed her face and chest. Everyone that looked at her couldn’t help but bathe in her beauty, and often stared at her tail as it bounced up and down as it she skipped through the forest and the meadows.

Suddenly, Lethe heard men yelling from farther into the forest. “Just my luck,” she thought, “only a something as stupid as a man could destroy the peace and serenity of the Serenes Forest”. Lethe jumped onto her feet, accessing what was going on. She heard a high pitched scream, and Lethe immediately knew that a girl was in trouble. She speed off through the forest, following the screams. She came to a clearing, where she saw a group of men brutally attacking a young laguz girl, who looked a lot like herself. “Hey dirt bags!” Lethe yelled to them, “stop hurting her!”

“Oh, what are you going to do about it?” The soldiers asked her.

“I’m going to kick your butts out of this forest! You men are so mean and destructive, attacking a defenseless girl like that! Are you that gutless that you have to gang up on her?”

One man of the group stepped forward and said, “Shut up! We have heard enough out of you”. They grabbed their weapons and ran at Lethe, but she was ready. Lethe jumped into the air, and began attacking the soldiers. It has a sight o behold, as Lethe viciously attacked the soldiers, cutting their faces and arms, while never losing her graceful appearance. Soon all of the men fell to the ground, and Lethe stood over them. “Please, please spare us! We will leave, just don’t hurt us any more!”

“Oh, so now you want to leave?” Lethe replied.

“Yes, yes. Please don’t kill us!”

“You men are pathetic, not even worth killing. You are cowards one and all! Leave the forest and never come back, or else I won’t be as tolerant! Do you understand?”

“Yes, thank you” and with that the men ran away, out of the forest. Lethe’s attention soon turned to the laguz girl lying on the ground. “Oh, Goddess Ashunera! What they done?” Lethe looked at the girl’s face, and it was her twin sister Lyre. Lethe checked Lyre’s pulse, and it was dropping. It also looked as though Lyre couldn’t breathe. Lethe parted Lyre’s lips, and kissed her, forming an air tight seal. Lethe breathed into her, but found Lyre’s tongue was in the way of her throat. She pushed it out of the way with her own tongue, and continued to breathe life into her Lyre’s chest went up and down, slowly and rhythmically. Lyre’s eyes opened and, “Le… Leth…” was all Lyre could say as she tried to speak.

“Shh… it’s OK my sweet sister. Your safe now, I saved your from those evil men.”

“Than… thank you” was all Lyre could say, before she eyes shut again. A peaceful smile came over her face.

Chapter Two: Song of Serenity

Lethe took a seat by her twin sister while she waited for her to recover. She examined Lyre’s body for bruises. There were dark marks and scratches all of her body, like she had been beaten for a long time. It was ironic that such pain and suffering could take place in such a peaceful place. Lethe looked a ways in front of her, and saw a lake glisten in the sun light. The lake was being feed by a lake from a large mountain that the royalty of the Serenes Forest lived. The royalty were herons, a different type of Laguz than Lethe. While Lethe was of the cat tribe, with her long bouncy tail and sharp and shiny nails, the herons were of the bird tribe. They had the qualities of doves, with their immaculately white bodies covered in smooth and soft feathers. Their wings were their best quality, being a pink and white combination, although they had no bad quality. Their beauty could entice any being, if they be male, female, or something in between.

As Lethe sat there, she heard a faint, yet invigoratingly beautiful song. She listened hard, and harder still, trying to identify the sounds. “Oh Ashunera, what could that charming noise be?” Lethe wondered. Finally it came to her, “It is a song of the heron royalty!” They must be in their mountain home!” Lethe knew that heron songs had magical powers. They could heal the sick, influence others’ emotions, and cause great feelings inside someone. Lethe’s childhood friend was the princess of the Serenes royal family. Her name was Leanne, and she was the most beautiful of the herons. Lethe looked back at her dear sister Lyre and thought, “Surely Leanne can heal Lyre. She is the most powerful of the herons, as she is the most pure, and has the most love. I will take Lyre to her, so Lyre can be healed.” Lethe knelt down to her sister, and kissed her on her forehead before putting her hands under her butt and back, slowly lifting her light, petite body up. Lethe supported Lyre’s head, and started to walk towards the mountain. It was hard for Lethe not to think of Lyre as a younger sister, although she was only born seconds before her sister. As Lethe carried Lyre up the mountain, she brushed the hair of out Lyre’s eyes. It reminded her of when they were both younger and still children. They often made each other over, doing each other’s hair and make up. This continued into their adolescent years, and Lethe had made Lyre up beautifully for her first date. Lyre was excited that she was finally going out on a real date, and Lethe tried to help her as much as possible, although she had no experience with guys what so ever. They just repulsed Lethe so much. They treated her and her sister like slime, like when Lyre did go out to meet that guy, he stood her up. Lyre cried non stop for a month, and Lethe comforted her in any way she could. For that month, it wasn’t rare for Lyre to be crying in Lethe’s arms, trying to feel safe. “Goddess, men are such pigs” Lethe said aloud, “Why would did you create them in the first place?”

“I know exactly what you mean” someone said. Lethe quickly fell out of her day dream, and examined her surroundings. She had made it up to the top of the mountain, and in front of her was Leanne!

“Oh Leanne! I am so happy to see you!”

Leanne flew to her, and embraced her an a tight and loving hug. “My Goddess! What has happened to Lyre?”

“Some guys ganged up on her right in this forest! What is going on here Leanne? I thought this forest was the embodiment of the Goddess, perfect peace and love?”

“My dear friend, I do not know. What I do know is that if we don’t do something for Lyre, she will be in massive pain.”

“All because of those evil men” Lethe said with great distain.

“I know, I know. But before we get onto that, lets take her to the my bedroom, where I can heal her.”

“Alright then Leanne”. Leanne and Lethe, who was still carrying a sleeping Lyre, walked into the massive palace. Gold, silver, white, and pink, the colors of the herons, were everywhere and the entire palace had a lovely feeling to it. As the ascended the stairs, Lethe felt that she was very wet. She wondered if it was because of the water that washed over her, or because she was in Leanne’s presence. Before Lethe could discern one wetness from the other, the had arrived in Leanne’s bedroom, easily the one of the biggest rooms in the house, only smaller than her mother’s, the Queen of the Serenes Forest and all of the herons that lived in it. Walking into the room, Lethe smelled all types of pretty flowers. She knew that pretty and pure things grew well in Serenes Forest, because of the songs that rang through it. Lethe saw the big fluffy bed, and carefully laid Lyre down on it. She knelt down besides her sister, and Leanne flew over them. She began to sing a wonderful song, a song who’s beauty was unmatched. Lethe listened to the music for what seemed like hours, as the notes came over her and calmed her. Lethe was in perfect peace, feeling so wonderful and warm, like she was sitting by a fire, in the arms of someone she loved. “Lethe… Lethe…” Lethe heard. She felt two hands on her chest, like someone trying to wake her up.

“But how could someone being waking me up” Lethe though, “I’m not sleeping”. Yet to her amazement Lethe found she had closed her eyes. She opened them up, to see her smiling twin sister Lyre knelling over her, waking her from a deep sleep. “Ashunera! Look at you Lyre! You’re fully healed! How did this…” Lethe remembered what had transpired after the fight with the soldiers, “Oh yes! Know I remember, I had saved you from”

“Shh… I know Lethe. Leanne already told me what happened. Thank you so much for saving me, I though that they were going to kill me!”

“There will be time for thanks later. Much has happened while you both were asleep” Lethe and Lyre looked to see Leanne was talking to them.

“How long have we been asleep?” Lethe asked.

“About three days” Leanne responded. “I put you both in a deep sleep, I thought you both needed some rest after that horrible incident. Lyre woke up only a few minutes before you Lethe. I must have affected you stronger than I did Lyre. Although that is not important. We need to make our way to the Serenes Forest’s royal court, to discuss the matters at hand.” Leanne lead both of them out of her bedroom, leaving both of them wondering what in the Goddess’s name could be going on.

Chapter 3: Council of the Forest

The group of three hurried through the halls, with Leanne leading them. Nothing was said, as the sisters were panting from how fast they were going. After going through winding, yet beautiful, hallways, and down several flights of stairs, they came to a gigantic wooden door in a passage. When they approached the door, it slowly began to open, without any touch from the group. Light flooded the dark hallway, illuminating the cave wall around them. “I wonder where we are” Lethe wondered, “I have never been inside this part of the castle before”. They walked through the door, they were overwhelmed by what they saw. Bright colored art from around the content was on display in there, and a soft, sweet, and relaxing music filled the air. In the middle of the room, there was a large table in a pink table cloth, and plush covered chairs around it. Sitting in those chairs were some of the most influential and powerful people on the continent. There was Rafael, the elder Heron prince, who was sitting very properly, with his hands in his lap and back straight. Much like Leanne, he always had a certain glow about him, and his posture was part of it.. Next to him, was Nailiah, Queen of the Wolf Clan. She was a strong as two years ago, after the Continental War. She was talk and had a lot of muscle, but was still thin and feminine. On the opposite side of the table Empress Sanaki, the leader of the Begnion Empire where the Serenes Forest was located. Her guards Sirgun and Tanith were one opposite sides of her. Sirgun, while normally light hearted and joyful in even the hardest of times, had a look of sorrow on her soft face. Tanith, who has in regards of character Sirgun’s opposite, actually had a few tears in her eyes. Lethe, in all of the time serving with Tanith in the Daein-Crimea War and the Continental War had never seen her cry. “Something truly evil must have happened” Lethe thought. She looked into her sister’s eye’s, and could tell she though the same thing. At the table’s head was Queen Decora, the Queen of the Heron Tribe. Like Tanith, she too was crying with her head down, although a lot harder. “The last time she cried like this” Lethe thought, “was when her husband had died after they were reunited after the Continental War”.

When Queen Decora lifted her head up, she saw the group of three standing in the door way. She flew over to them, with her white lace and gold embroidered dress flowing behind her, and grasped them into her arms. Then, Leanne too started to sob, and this left Lethe and Lyre sad, but still unsure what had happened.

Queen Decora started to speak though the sobs, “Thank the Goddess you are all alive! With you being out in the forest, you could have easily been killed, just, just like”. The Queen couldn’t finish the sentence, as it brought her too much pain to say.

“Every, I beg of you, please sit down” Rafiel said. “We need to explain what is going on to Lethe and Lyre”

“Yes, yes” The Queen said, trying to hold back her tears. “Everyone, take a seat.” Lethe and Lyre walked over to where Rafiel was sitting, and sat down to his right. The chairs were covered in a purple, plush material. It seemed to bounce them up and down as they moved. Lethe has never seen them in the palace before, nor had she seen anything else in the room.

“Queen Decora, tell us what happened. We want to know.”

“Alright, I will try. I started about three days ago, when you were sleeping in the Serenes Forest. An army of Beroc came through the forest to the castle, destroying many flowers and trees. They made their way to the palace gates, and threw two blo, bloody bodd, bodies! Sirgun and Tanith tell me they were patrolling the skies because they couldn‘t find the Apostle, and saw what was going on below. As they flew down to the ground, the Beorc ran away, and the bodies were left there.’

‘I will tell them from here” Sirgun announce. “We rushed over to the bodies, and checked to see if they were still alive. They were as cold as ice. There was so much blood on them, we couldn’t tell who they were. We wiped away the blood from their faces, and almost fainted in horror at who we saw. It was none other than Apostle Sanaki, and General Ike!”

“No! Ike would have never been killed! He was the strongest person in the entire continent! I refuse to believe he could die” Lethe yelled.

“I know that is hard to believe, I can barely believe it myself.” Tanith continued. “We went over to Empress Sanaki, and fell to our knees. After kissing her head and hands and praying to the Goddess, as scripture dictates, we moved Ike and her unto our peggisi and flew them to the gates. After explaining what had happened, we moved Lord Ike and Apostle Sanaki to the Sacred Alter, where they are being blessed by the Goddess.”

“Where is this alter?” Lyre asked.

“Above our heads” Rafiel replied, “that is where all the light is coming from” Lethe and Lyre looked up at the ceiling, and in the far side of the room, they saw a huge stone alter radiating with light. The sight was unbelievable, as it wasn’t really the alter emitting the light, Lethe realized, but Ike and Sanaki!

“From what we understand,” Tanith said, “the same soldiers that left General Ike and Empress Sanaki are the same ones who you both encountered in and drove out of the forest.” Lethe saw Lyre move her head down, and stared at her lap, remembering the terrible thing’s that those men did to her. Her face scrunched up, like she was about to cry.

“Beyond that, we don’t know anything about what happened.” Queen Decora finished. Lethe looked over at her sister, and saw the pure sadness and fear in her face. Finally, Lyre began to cry uncontrollably, which led Lethe to do so as well. Lethe moved her chair closer to Lyre, and put her hand on her solder. Lyre looked up at her, and their love for each other was communicated through their eyes. They hugged each other tightly, and the entire room began to weep over what had happened.

Chapter 4: Death of the Forest of Life

About an hour later, the group had recomposed itself, and began to discuss what they were going to do with the matter at hand. The Queen stood up and began to speak, “There as been a lot going on in such a small amount of time, it is hard for me to believe”.

Tanith then spoke, “Yes so much has happened. First, soldiers with an unknown allegiance brought the dead bodies of General Ike and Empress Sanaki and threw them down at this castles door. On their way out, they encounter Lyre, and brutally attacked her, and luckily Lethe was there to save her.”

Rafiel then asked the Queen, “What are we going to do Mother?”

The Queen then replied, “I do not know, as I have only been involved in one conflict before. And that was when the those humans burned down the Serenes Forest.”

“Queen Decora,” Sirgun said, “be assured that the entire state of Begnion loyal to the Apostle will help you find out who invaded your forest, as they must have a hand in the death of our beloved Apostle Sanaki.”

“They are also the ones that… hurt Lyre. When you find them, I want to see them so I can scratch their eyes out, among other things” Lethe yelled. Lyre didn’t comment. Her eyes looked down at the ground.

“Be assured, Lethe, that they will be punished” Sirgun replied. “Now, I think we should go assemble the army, and plan a course of action. Lets go Tanith.” The two ladies got up from their chairs, curtseyed to the Queen, and walked towards the door.


“What is that noise?” Lethe asked.

“I don’t know, but it can’t be anything good!” Sirgun replied. The noises got louder and louder, and soon they could hear the yelling above them. Sirgun and Tanith move back to the table, unsure what would happen next. The noises continues to grow in volume, until they heard a big collision, and saw the door leading into the room bulge forward, like a large tree was being slammed into it. The door was then hit again, and again, and again, until the doors flew open.

Tanith yelled, “No! It’s enemy soldiers, the same ones that were carrying the dead bodies of Empress Sanaki and General Ike!”

“Please, please I don’t want to die” Rafiel cried.

“It will be OK sweetie,” Queen Decora told him, “these strong ladies will protect us.”

Shadow - February 25, 2008 03:52 AM (GMT)
Oh shit thats long...Your not done with it yet either...So far, it's pretty damn good. How much further are you going to take it?

Holy Warrior - February 25, 2008 04:09 AM (GMT)
Thanks. Yeah, I know it is kinda long, but not one person has disliked it yet. I plan to take the story as far as I can, hopefully going through every country and such. I am trying to build up a lot of characterization and story so when I get to the more erotic parts it won't seem just thrown in for a quick jack.

BSmith3 - February 25, 2008 10:50 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Holy Warrior @ Feb 24 2008, 09:26 PM)
As the ascended the stairs, Lethe felt that she was very wet. She wondered if it was because of the water that washed over her, or because she was in Leanne’s presence. Before Lethe could discern one wetness from the other, the had arrived in Leanne’s bedroom

Haha, nice subtlety. XD

But seriously, that's pretty damn good. I'll definitely be waiting for more.

Holy Warrior - February 27, 2008 03:26 AM (GMT)
Thanks BSmith, it means a lot. I will write more for an update this weekend. I'll PM you when I get it up.

Dragon - March 1, 2008 10:09 PM (GMT)
He who writes a hot new chapter is instant win.

Holy Warrior - March 5, 2008 08:04 PM (GMT)
Then I am an instant win, as I am writing more now.

BSmith3 - March 10, 2008 02:53 AM (GMT)
You will not be instant win until you post it. >.>

Holy Warrior - March 16, 2008 04:38 PM (GMT)
Sorry about that, between school and having one of my arms broken, it is a bit hard to write and type it. I haven't forgotten about it though, so I'll post the next chapter A.S.A.P.

Shadow - March 31, 2008 11:25 PM (GMT)
As stunned as i am to say this...I actually want to keep reading. At first it was something I was disturbed by and now I want to see how this ends up. Perhaps because of the happenings with war and death, mixed with lesbians.

BSmith3 - March 31, 2008 11:52 PM (GMT)
War, death, horror, tragedy... Everything can be made better with lesbians. >_>

Shadow - April 1, 2008 01:02 AM (GMT)
I feel sort of hypocritical....I can't stand gay men...but...the females are amazing....Unless they're fat...then its worse then gay men. O.o

Egore - April 2, 2008 04:57 AM (GMT)
What about fat gay men? D:

Shadow - April 2, 2008 11:42 AM (GMT)
*shivers*...anyone got a trenchgun?

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