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 My 2016 Honda Pioneer!
Posted by PaJack - 10-5-16 17:42 - 8 comments
user posted image

Just waiting for the hand controls to arrive... Read 141 times - last comment by Chuckgrmi   Print email

 New UTV!
Posted by PaJack - 09-7-16 00:27 - 6 comments
I just ordered a 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 UTV with hand controls,it should be ready in about 2 weeks,I can't wait! Just in time for archery season... yahoo.gif yahoo.gif
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 Check this product out!
Posted by AFarCry - 07-29-13 23:48 - 5 comments
I can think of a million uses for this stuff starting with my wheelchair!

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 Better to have it regardless of need…
Posted by AFarCry - 05-2-13 21:29 - 2 comments
Something that should be in every pack…

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 Scope Cam alternative
Posted by Andy - 10-22-12 16:49 - 2 comments
Good news for shooters who use adaptive gun supports that make it hard to put your eye up to the scope, or those who want to help a blind hunter aim a rifle.
I use a Trophy Shot scopecam, and I’m happy with it, but this product seems to have disappeared from the market.
While researching the Internet I came across this less expensive alternative: a digital camera on an Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount (which is designed for taking photos through a telescope).
Although it looks ...read more
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 Better access
Posted by NY-STR8SHOOTER - 08-3-12 13:27 - 5 comments

I decided that I needed a better way to get into the woods. I pick up my new Polaris Ranger 400 today. This 4x4 on demand camo-colored UTV has a windshield, roof, winch, and I had added hand controls for gas and brake. I am psyched.
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Posted by Andy - 07-23-12 00:16 - 6 comments
I just posted an entry to my blog that describes the adaptive shooting gear I use while hunting and includes a video of some target practice.
See it at
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 medical breakthrough for paralysis
Posted by AFarCry - 05-25-12 00:31 - 4 comments
Pretty amazing stuff!

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 Sometimes the simplest ideas are so good
Posted by AFarCry - 05-20-12 22:19 - 3 comments
Check out this idea. So simple but so effective.


This all came about because I have a buddy that had a stroke 14 years ago whom I have taught to fish one handed as his whole left side is paralyzed. He has used a rod holder around his waist in the summer to hold his rod and reel while he reels the ...read more
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 interesting concept
Posted by AFarCry - 04-13-12 14:13 - 2 comments
What will they come up with next… Riley found this link.

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