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Posted by: CelticFury May 30 2017, 10:50 AM
Lilah O’Reilly


user posted image

WRESTLER THEME MUSIC: Dropkick Murphys - "Blood

MANAGER: Lucien Bank$


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MANAGER THEME MUSIC: Avenged Sevenfold- "This Means War"


HEIGHT: 5’6"

WEIGHT: 132lbs

AGE: 28

PLACE CALLED “HOME”: Dublin, Ireland

PLACE TO “HANG GEAR”: Portland, Maine


STYLE OF WRESTLING: Brawler, Technical, Submission

GIMMICK: She is one tough Irish Bitch...with plenty of Attitude.

AFFILIATION: A Lucien Banks Gal’

ALIGNMENT: NEUTRAL...but hardly ever receives a HEEL pop. Even when she is a bitch...she receives a huge FACE pop.

TYPICAL IN-RING ATTIRE: Various styles of boy shorts and very tasteful tops (Similar to Bio Pic), Arm Sleeves from just above the album down to the wrists, Wrestling Boots Complete With Shin Guards. Very often, will wear a long black jacket (Entrance Only)

SIGNATURE MOVES: Exploder Suplex, Shoot Kicks/Running Knee Combo, Seated Fujiwara Armbar, Liontamer

FINISHER MOVE #1:Celtic Fury"

FINISHER MOVE #1 DESCRIPTION: Tilt-A-Whirl Bank Statement. It’s the Bank Statement from Sasha Banks, but with a Tilt-A-Whirl twist off the ropes (Video Below)

FINISHER MOVE #2:Irish Car Bomb"

FINISHER MOVE #2 DESCRIPTION: Jumping Tornado DDT or Implant DDT...which Mickie James has used her entire career, but has used different variations. The most accurate version is when the superstar has the opponent’s head wrapped up in either arm as if going to deliver a regular DDT. The Superstar jumps into the air extending the legs and uses the momentum to do the biggest spin possible driving the opponent’s head into the mat.

BACKGROUND: Lilah spent most her life in Dublin. The warrior fighting spirit runs in her family. Her Father as well as her Grandfather trained her in the basement of their Irish Village Home in the backcountry of Dublin. She got her first start in wrestling throughout small venues in Europe. She has worked and fought hard to become the woman superstar she is today. Her family name is famous throughout Ireland as well as Europe. But, O'Reilly is ready to make the next move in her forever expanding career. It is time for the O'Reilly name to go global. Lilah is hungrier than she has ever been before and can't wait to bring home some Women's Division gold to her family name.


ENTRANCE: "Blood" by Dropkick Murphy's starts playing on the arena PA system as a multitude of black, green, and white strobes fill the arena to the rifts of the music. Lilah appears on the stage through a cloud of smoke and vapors as lyrics sound off.

"Trouble underground in Kenmore Square
You'd better watch out, you'd better beware
It's time to go, goodbye good luck
They said people like you screw everything up

Lilah makes a slow walk down the ramp giving a few high fives to the young children as the music plays on.

"If you want blood, we'll give you some
Straight from the heart till the job is done
If you want it now, then here it comes
If you want blood, we'll give you some

Lilah makes a walk around the entire ring still high-fiving kids as the music plays on.

"They beat us down, but we survived
Talked out of school and made up lies
But we don't listen, we do what we do
We don't care about them, we care about you

Lilah walks up the steel steps and enters the middle of the ring as her music comes to a stop and awaits her opponent(s).

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