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Title: Jesuits/Society Of Jesus - Brainwashed!
Description: The Secret Jesuits. "Illumbrados"

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SOURCE : Reformation.Org

On August 15, 1534, Ignatius Loyola founded his deadly Jesuit Order in order to fight God's Reformation. Loyola insisted on complete control over his 12 disciples even as a corpse in the hands of the undertaker. Here is a brief quote from his loyalty oath:

"I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ."

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Loyola and the cave at Montserrat, Spain.

Loyola spent almost a year in this cave at Montserrat about 60 miles from Barcelona. This is where he received all his visions and dreams. His Spiritual Exercises were written here which became the bible of the Jesuit Order. Almost 1000 years earlier, another visionary named Mohammed received his instructions for writing the Koran in another cave.

Loyola was also the founder of the Illumbrados or the Enlightened Ones. He was so filled with demons, and had such strange powers, that he was arrested by the Inquisition in Spain and was only released when he told them that he was fighting the Reformation too . . . but in a different way.
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Loyola levitating.

Loyola's goal was supreme power over his disciples. To accomplish this he used psychology, meditation, hypnosis, telepathy, parapsychology, psychoanalysis, logic, philosophy, etc., etc. These are now called behavioral sciences.

We could fill libraries if we were to enumerate all the exploits of the Jesuits since the fateful day of their founding but we will have to omit them and start at the 20th century.

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Leon Czolgosz (18731901).

Leon Czolgosz was the brainwashed assassin of President McKinley. It was an act of suicide because he was almost killed by the people right after the shooting. This terrorist act gave the Presidency to Confederate Theodore Roosevelt and changed the United States of America Government into the Confederate States of America Government!!

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"Rev" Jim Jones (1931-1979).

"Rev." Jim Jones (Mr. Cool-Aid) was a powerful warlock and a well trained Jesuit. On Nov. 18, 1978, in Jones town, Guyana, he ordered 900 of his brainwashed followers to commit suicide by drinking Cool-Aid.

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Jonestown, Guyana, scene of the mass suicide of 900 men, women and children.

The Press and TV world implied that Jones was a crazy Bible believing fundamentalist and all fundamental churches fell under suspicion. What a diabolical conspiracy!

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Timothy McVeigh (1968-2001).

Timothy McVeigh was executed in June 2001 for the Oklahoma City bombing. He was another victim of Jesuit brainwashing and mind control techniques.

The Vatican and Islam

Ever since the time of Pope Constantine, Rome has sought to control the freedom-loving Arabs or children of Ishmael. They have always blocked Rome's attempt to expand south into the Continent of Africa. Beginning around the year 600 A.D., they used a false prophet named Mohammad to steal the Bible from the Arabs . . . and replace it with the Koran.

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Mohammed and his wife Kadijah.

Mohammed was 25 years old when he married the 40 year old Kadijah. Kadijah was a Roman Catholic and a wealthy widow. She left her money to the "church" and retired to a convent. While there, her superior sent her back out into the world and told her to find a handsome, charismatic man with leadership ability. She found Mohammad and married him.

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Sister Kadijah as a NUN.

Mohammad in the Cave

After his marriage, Mohammad retired to a cave and began to see visions. His wife had a Roman Catholic cousin named Maraquah. Maraquah began to interpret the visions for Mohammed. He gave a very prominent place to the Virgin Mary in the visions which eventually ended up as the Moslem holy book or the Koran.

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Mohammad had his visions in a cave.

The Vatican and Fatima

The connecting link between the Vatican and Islam is Fatima. Mohammad's only surviving daughter was called FATIMAH. In the Koran, she is called the most holy woman in paradise next to the Virgin Mary. When the Moslem armies occupied Portugal, they named a little town there after her.

Fatimah was named after the daughter of Mohammad.

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Fatima shrine in Portugal.

In 1917, the Jesuits arranged to have the "Virgin Mary" make an appearance at Fatima.

Roman Emperor Pius XII was a Fatima Crusader.
Here is what Roman Emperor Pius XII said about Fatima:

" . . . the time for doubting Fatima is past; it is now time for ACTION" (Fatima, the Great Sign by Francis Johnston, Tan Books, 1980, p. 4).

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Adolph Hither was a Fatima crusader.

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Fatima Crusader Pope John Paul II.

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Roman Emperor John Paul II kissing the Koran.

Fatima and Russia

This mother of God production was all about converting Russia to Romanism. Here is an account from Avro Manhattan of the three visions given in 1917:

The first was a vision of Hell (something well known to the modern world).
The second was more to the point: a reiteration that Soviet Russia would be converted to the Catholic Church.
The third was sealed in an envelope and put in custody of the ecclesiastical authority not to be revealed until 1960.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO destroyed Yugoslavia and moved much closer to Russia in the West.

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Shamil Basayez is a Fatima Crusader on the Russian Front.

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Osama bin Laden is a Fatima Crusader.

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President George W. Bush is a Fatima Crusader.

Since the World Trade Center bombing, the Pentagon has jumped at the chance to erect military bases in Central Asia thus surrounding Russia with a ring of steel. We believe that this Pope wants to see Fatima fulfilled before he departs and meets his Maker!!

God's final revelation to man was given by the Lord Jesus Christ to the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos around 90 A.D.

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Revelation 22:18-19).

That verse means that Mohammad will have to give an account to Jesus for adding the Koran to the Word of God, and the Popes will have to give an account for all the man made traditions that they have added to Holy Scripture down through the centuries.

Editor's Notes

Not one place in the Old Testament is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob even referred to by the Name of ALLAH....God is called Jehovah, Eloihim, El Shadai, Adonai, Emmanuel, etc., etc., but never is HE referred to by the name of ALLAH!! The Hebrew and Arabic languages come from the same common root.

During the Dark Ages, the Vatican used Islam in a MIGHTY way. Thousands of Roman Catholics were conned into leaving Europe and fighting the "infidel" in Palestine. Many never returned and their estates were confiscated by 'mother church." That is how the Vatican became the largest landowner in Europe.

Vital Link

Read what the Great Martin Luther said about Rome and Islam.


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