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Title: Rules & Regulations
Description: Part 02 :: Character Creation

Kikki - January 5, 2011 07:29 PM (GMT)
.:: Character Bio's ::.
Members must first submit a bio here before posting using this template. Then the bio must be accepted. Your character MAY NOT be a major canon character but these characters may referenced in your posts, which means that you can have a conversation with Jack O'Neill or fight a battle alongside Bra'tac or Teal'c; we want you to be as original as possible and use your imagination when creating your characters, which is why you are asked to create an original character for staff approval. Please keep the validity of your character in check, the Staff will notify you if your character is too strong or too bizarre!

.:: Character Names ::.
Members must register as the name that they would like to Role-Play with. This means that Members should choose their characterís name before registering. If a member registers and would like to change their user name or character name please notify a staff member!

.:: Meta-gaming & Ownership ::.
No god-modding or meta-gaming. Your character is not all powerful nor can control all events or other member characters around him or her. Thus the reason for the addition of weaknesses to the bio's. You own your character & Content. Notify the Staff if a member actively attempts to control another memberís character and a warning will be issued. Written permission must be made for another user to use your character. Members are not allowed to post on another member's account, whether given express permission by that account holder or not. The only exception to this is if a member decides to leave permanently, and offers his account to another member. The parties in question must notify the Staff!

.:: Inventory/Items ::.
There are several places you can obtain Items, such as the Faction Stores and you also start out with a certain amount of items depending on your Faction. Accumulating items will give your character more to RP with and will enrich the entire role-play. Please post an inventory of some kind in your Signature. This inventory must include all items or fleets or non-player characters (NPCís) you control. If you attempt to use a major item that is not in your inventory, the post section with that item will be null and void. It is the memberís responsibility to add and remove items, not the Administrator or Moderator. Any abuse of this will constitute loss of all funds, a warning and other punishments deemed by the staff. Members can find items in topic if they can exist in the topic!

.:: Character Inventory / Items ::.

**Members must have a list in their signature detailing items they have on them!
**Members can choose up to 10 items to use per topic from their signature that must be stated in the intro post that is the first post of the member!

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