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  1. Pinned: Where to buy gay porn?
  2. Do they enjoy the sex?
  3. What exactly do you like about Shikijou?
  4. Where are you from?
  5. Survey
  6. How do I donate Okane to another member?
  7. Pandora Charms Are Excellent For You
  8. 'Growers' and 'Showers'
  9. y r most koreans have the last name of KiM?
  10. Gay Korean Porn
  11. Asian Media!
  12. The funniest of AV
  13. what made you interested in CW??
  14. how do u know if someone is gay or bi
  15. Anyone met a Celeb?
  16. Habitas in dramas that annoy you
  17. What's your sexual orientation?
  18. Sexiest part of a guy
  19. Which Korean star you like?
  20. Japanese gay
  21. UFC
  22. BL Cafe in Japan
  23. who/what was your *first* fandom??
  24. What are you listening to now?
  25. What's your gender?
  26. Your favorite Alcoholic Drink
  27. sho?
  28. Native language? Can you speak another language?
  29. Birthday
  30. Who is Roxy Red?
  31. Tumblr
  32. What are you currently READING?
  33. Need Help With Making A Layout
  34. The Art of Ejaculation
  35. Fanservice in Japanese wrestling
  36. Celebrities Survival List
  37. have u ever been mistaken for a girl or a guy
  38. what do you do?
  39. J-Music Community
  40. Acne Tips
  41. (CLOSED)
  42. Favorite TV Show? [Not Asian]
  43. Asian Dramas/Movies
  44. Forum Help please
  45. How to get around Megaupload
  46. spottin clues to find gay guys
  47. Any guys here??
  48. How did you hear about Shikijou forums?
  49. Lesbo pron
  50. gone so long

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