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The Sexbomb Dancers were originally composed of four members upon their formation in 1999. They were background dancers for Eat Bulaga, the Philippines' longest running noontime variety show. Of the four members, only Rochelle Pangilinan remains part of the Sexbomb Girls, and is regarded as the leader because of her seniority.

The group began in November 1999 as the 'Chicken Sandwich Dancers' which was an offshoot of the Danz Focus (house dancers of Eat Bulaga). At first there were 4 (Cheryl, Debra, Janine and Rochelle). The group expanded to 6 with the addition of Jopay and Aira. The group expanded to 8, 12 and 13 (during their first FHM appearance) to an all time high of 22 Former Members are JB Cifra, Debra Ignacio, AB, Natalie 'Babat' Imperial, Jane Lao, Yvette Lopez (winner of the first search for SB contest)

The Sex Bomb 2002. The Sexbomb Singers were formed that same year, and are billed as Sexbomb Girls in their shows and promotional materials. The dancers did shows under the dance albums, Sexiest Hits Series and "I Like." The Sexbomb Singers and Dancers are commonly still referred to as the Sexbomb Girls.
The Sexbomb Girls is managed by Joy Cancio, of FOCUS E Incorporated. Joy is veteran of the Vicor Dancers of the 1980's

Near breakup
The Sexbomb Girls almost broke up when internal fighting among its members started in late 2004 and it was all about money matters. All the members, notably Jopay Paguia, complained that Rochelle Pangilinan (the most senior member) was overpaid with her monthly salary of P400,000. The Sexbomb singers (including Paguia) at that time received only P80,000 a month. The dancers, on the other hand, were being paid only P30,000 a month.

The scuffle intensified in early 2005 when ABS-CBN (the rival of the band's home network GMA Network) featured an exclusive interview with some of the band's members. Many fans felt that the controversial TV interview signified that the band was definitely coming to an end as it was viewed as a rebellion not only against GMA but also against manager Joy Cancio.

Miraculously, a major financial deal was reached which restored stability in the band. Sexbomb's singers have all started receiving an equal P250,000 a month but the reform hit Rochelle Pangilinan hard as she saw her monthly salary fall down by 37.5% (or P150,000 less monthly). The Sexbomb dancers started receiving P55,000 monthly.

2006 Dispute With Eat Bulaga

The SexBomb Girls (both dancers and singers) rebelled and stayed away from working in the Eat Bulaga show when one of its producers hired a member (Sugar) and promoted her heavily. Manager Joy Cancio claimed she decided to take the famous girly band off the show in protest at this.
As a result, media sources reported that the SexBomb Girls are being hired by rival network ABS-CBN to star in their recently-revived Wowowee noontime show, but Cancio denied the report and stressed that the band still has a long term contract with GMA Network, especially in regards to the hit afternoon drama show Daisy Siete.

The producer of Eat Bulaga accepted a texted apology from Cancio, but also said the time was right to move on. The Sexbomb Girls are unlikely to return to Eat Bulaga as they have been replaced by the young and fresh EB Babes, a group of dancers who survived intense auditions and hired by TAPE.


The Sexbomb Girls have long been criticized by moralists and conservatives in the Philippines. Their critics pointed out that the girl band promote the idea of sex through their songs (double-meaning lyrics), their dances (sex-oriented movements) and their appearances (showing of cleavage and underwear).
Because their songs have been hits among the Philippine mass as well as children, moralists stress that more and more Filipinos now think of sex as a fun and enjoyable thing.

Aside from the sexual innuendos, the Sexbomb Girls were also slammed for immorality as well as their meddling in national politics (particularly when they performed as the official cheerleaders of defeated presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr. in the 2004 elections).

Singing Career

Sexbomb Singers

The lineup for the Sexbomb Girls. aka the SexBomb Singers currently composed of Rochelle Pangilinan , Jopay Paguia, Izzy Trazona, Weng Ibarra, Evette Pabalan , Cheche Tolentino , Danielle Ramirez & Jovel Palomo.
In 2004, Mariam Obaidi was added to the lineup, although she was taken out a few months after and Monic Icban (originally a member of the Sexbomb Singers) left the group and in 2005 , Cheche Tolentino was introduced as Monic's Replacement when the "Sumayaw Sumunod : The Best of the Sexbomb Girls" album was released


• 2002: Unang Putok (4X Platinum)
• 2002: Wish Ko sa Pasko (Gold)
• 2003: Round 2 (5X Platinum)
• 2003: Spageti Sa Pasko (Single)
• 2004: Bomb Thr3at (2X Platinum)
• 2004: Pik-piripik-pik (Busina Ng Pasko)(Singles)
• 2005: Sumayaw, Sumunod: The Best of the Sexbomb Girls (Platinum)

Dance Albums

• 2002: Sexbomb's Sexiest Hits (Gold)
• 2002: Sexbomb:I Like & Other Hits (Gold)
• 2003: Sexbomb'S Sexiest Hits:2 (Gold)
• 2004: Sexbomb's Sexiest Hits:3 (4x Platinum)

DJ Bomb

Danielle Ramirez and Jovel Palomo were introduced in late 2004 as the newest Sexbomb Singers, leading many to believe that they were Mariam's replacement.

Jacque Estevez

Jacque Estevez was originally a winner for the Cebu Search for the Sexbomb Dancer. In early 2005, she released her self-titled debut album which achieved mild success. She is the first Sexbomb girl to release a solo album. Although she has a solo CD, she is still part of the Sexbomb stable, as a Sexbomb Dancer even though she is a singer but recently left the group to pursue a "career move"

• 2005: Jacque Estevez (Gold)

Acting Career


The Sexbomb Girls have their own movie, Bakit Papa, which was released nationwide in the Philippines in 2002. The Sexbomb Singers took the lead, with the Dancers playing support. Others in the cast include Allan K., Wendell Ramos, Epi Quizon, Chynna Ortaleza, and Richard Gutierrez. It was produced by Regal Films and had an opening day of P3.5 million. The exact total box-office sales is estimated at P20.6 million. A movie based on their drama series Daisy Siete is in the works.


• 2002: Bakit Papa (Sexbomb Girls)
• 2002: Bertud ng Putik (Rochelle)
• 2002: Lastikman (Jopay)
• 2004: Anak ka ng Tatay Mo (Cynthia)
• 2004: Fantastikman (Jopay, Grace, Rochelle, Jacky, Cynthia)
• 2004: Enteng Kabisote (Aira)
• 2005(?): Ispiritista (Aifha, Cynthia, Sugar, Danielle,Jovel)


Although officially out of Eat Bulaga, the girls are still visible in their own top-rating afternoon drama series is Daisy Siete. Aired over GMA Network weekdays at 2:30pm. The hour-long program showcases the girls' wide acting range and is currently on their 12th season.

Seasons 2 to 6 were weekly episodes, wherein the story is not continuous. Seasons 1 and 7-9 followed a teleseries-like approach. The first seasons were light and the real dramatic highlights were provided in Seasons 7 and so forth.

• Season 7: May Bukas Pa ang Kahapon
• Season 8: Tahanan
• Season 9: Ang Pitong Maria
• Season 10: Sayaw ng Puso
• Season 11: Nasaan ka?
• Season 12: Landas

Daisy Siete has been a ratings mogul since its premiere, charting its highest rating at 30% in December 2003 (first season). This is a very high rating for the afternoon block. These days Daisy Siete rates anywhere from 19% to 25%. It has blown away all the shows put up by rival networks to compete with it. Some of these shows are Colgate Trip Kita, Sarah the Teen Princess, Kapamilya Cinema to name a few. From 2002-2003, the girls were also part of Da Boy and Da Girl, with Rochelle as Britney, and the girls as japayukis.

The girls are very visible in different guestings on the GMA Network. Magpakailanman has featured the life stories of several Sexbomb Girls with them playing themselves: Sunshine Garcia, Jacque Estevez, Aira Bermudez, Evette Pabalan, Johlan Veluz and Aifha Medina . Rochelle Pangilinan's story was played by Rufa Mae Quinto. Rochelle has portrayed other characters twice, and Aira played the Aeta featured in one episode. All of these were winners in the ratings game.
Their mananger, Joy Cancio, has also been featured on the show and had Rochelle, Aira, and Jopay as guests. Like the Sexbomb episodes, this was once again a ratings champion. To date, there is not one Sexbomb-related episode of Magpakailanman that is not successful.

Aside from Daisy Siete here are recent works of Sexbomb Girls on TV (not counting guestings)

• Jacque - Love to Love Season 5: Love Blossoms , Darna
• Jopay - Love to Love Season 8: Love-an o Bawi , Etheria, Encantadia : Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas

The Sexbomb Dancers also have their own dance show on QTV Channel 11 , GMA's sister company. which aired last November 2005, the show is called Let's Get Aww!

Dancing Career

Sexbomb Dancers

Line-up of Sexbomb Dancers : Aira Bermudez, Sunshine Garcia, Grace Nera, Mia Pangyarihan, Jacky Rivas, Johlan Veluz, Aifha Medina, Cynthia Yapchiongco, Louise Bolton, Mhyca Bautista , Cherry Ann Rufo , newcomer Hazel Taligatos and returning Sexbomb girl Sandy Tolentino
Previous Members

• Jacque Estevez
• Sugar Mercado (Still in Eat Bulaga!)
• Mae Acosta
• Jhoana Orbeta
• Joices Pachejo
• Monic Icban
• Mariam Al-Obaidi (moved to ABS-CBN-No Longer Seen on T.V.)
• AB (moved to ABS-CBN-No Longer Seen On T.V.)
• JB Cifra
• Debra Ignacio
• Natalie 'Babat' Imperial
• Jane Lao (moved to ABS-CBN-No Longer Seen On T.V.)
• Yvette Lopez

Source: Sexbomb Girls’ article on as of October 10, 2006

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