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Board Guidelines


[1]This site was created by Robin Scorpio and Kimberly McCullough fans therefore bashing of this character or actress in ANY forum is unacceptable.

[2]Respect is a two way street. Bashing of your fellow posters will NOT be tolerated, regardless of viewpoint. If you have a problem, take it to the mods/admins. Regulating the board is not the job of its members. If you see something you don't like, please take it to the admin/mod team. Respect each other and different opinions. Everyone has the right to their opinion. Remember, have fun and be respectful!

[3]Because of the need to scroll when there are too many banners to load in a thread, we ask that you limit your banners to two standard sized banners. Also, please credit your artmakers. It makes them feel good to see their work credited and used!

[4]When requesting artwork, please go to the artmakers art thread and ask for it there. Do not PM artmakers. Its too much hassle for them to go through PMs when they could just go through their own thread at once. Also, if an artmaker is on "break" from taking requests, please respect that. A lot of our artmakers are in college and they get very busy with projects, papers and exams. So during these times, they don't need the distraction of artmaking, so they take breaks and post that in their threads. Life comes before hobbies!

[5]For mvid makers, please do not dissect other viders' work. This includes taking clips from another person's video, artwork, audio, etc. People work hard on their videos and put a lot of time into it. Copying their work is unacceptable.

[6]Anyone who downloads clips must say thank you to the clippers. Taking clips and running off without even acknowledging the hard work of the the people who took the time to put together and post clips for your enjoyment will NOT be tolerated. DO NOT hotlink RiL's clips. Always credit the clippers.

[7]We've put together a clips archive that you can download daily Robin clips (not from a free site like savefile, but from an actual FTP thanks to Kimmers), daily recaps, transcripts, screencaps. The clips start from Robin's return in 2005 and they run up to the present. We will constantly update it with current recaps, transcripts, etc. We just really wanted people to be able to have a place to come and find clips of Robin. Also, this will tie in with my older Robin clips (the Jason years) that I will be uploading onto the FTP and clipping some more stuff through Jason getting shot. The important thing is, all of Robin's recent stuff is here since Kimberly returned to GH in 2005. So if you want to see that stuff and be able to use it, read further...

We have decided that since we are the most host the most expansive Robin Scorpio clip archive online and we do offer a lot of clips here at RiL (Robin clips, Scrubs clips, J&R clips, NS clips, GG clips, OTH clips, 90210 clips, The Office clips), we wanted to make it so that only our regular posters are able to see our Robin clip archive so that we are sure that people aren't just registering to the board to get clips, but that the site is active and being posted on by people who love Robin, not just those that need a quick resource and leave without as much as a thank you. So we maneuvered some things around so that only our active members with 30 or more posts are able to see the clips. But there is a catch. Only the "members" group will be able to see the new section for the archive of clips. The members group are people who have 30 or more posts that are also active posters. You don't get moved into that group unless you post in this thread that you've read and understand what's going on. This is also to ensure that this portion of the site does not get hacked, since only active members will be able to see it. If you join the site and spam it with mindless posts just to get to 30 posts to be able to see the clips, those posts will be deleted and only genuine posts will be counted. I have seen people spam the mvids section and post that they liked 30 different mvids all in the span of 5 minutes. We're not stupid here. We know there is no possible way you could watch 30 mvids in the span of a few minutes. The point of this message board is to promote discussion about Robin Scorpio. If you're not here to discuss Robin and chill with fellow Robin fans, then what's the point?

So please READ AND REPLY to this thread, and you will automatically be moved to the new group that has the privilege of seeing the Watch Robin Fly section as long as you have 30 posts.

And remember, if you use clips, always credit this site, the clipper, etc. And also, don't forget to post a thank you. Its common courtesy.

[8]The team is very busy running the site and other sites as well as running their personal lives. Do not PM an administrator or moderator unless absolutely necessary. They do not have time to answer every PM that comes to them, especially when many of the answers to members questions are right here in the BOARD NEWS section.

Full board rules HERE.

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