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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin.

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 MAURER, kristofer
kristofer demyan maurer
Posted: Dec 4 2010, 05:36 PM

sassamuffin extraordinaire
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Group: Death Eaters.
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Full Name:

Kristofer Demyan Maurer




Death Eater

Blood Type:



+Women (as objects, not people)
+Torture (obviously not performed on him)


-Mudblood supporters
-Muggles in general
-False sincerity
-The Order of the Phoenix
-Being unclean
-Being incorrect


*Unspoken magic
*Dark magic


*Emotionally unstable
*Doesn’t like to face his fears/weaknesses
*Hates being put on the spot and tends to fold under pressure
*Can’t handle positive human emotions
*Can never stick to the original plan
*Can sometimes get distracted easily


*Running his hand through his hair
*Running his fingers over things
*Quick to anger
*Tapping his hand/foot (he’s very jittery)


The concept of having a ‘worst memory’ doesn’t really register with Kris. When affected by a dementor, it’s more of a subconscious barrage of all the mental pain and horrific things (by normal standards) he has witnessed throughout his life.


An inferi in the form of his dead father.


His patronus takes the fully formed image of a large crow and all he needs to conjure it is either the memory of killing his father or the moment he received his dark mark. Even the memory of the burning pain of the mark being seared onto his arm is nearly a euphoric sensation to him.


Father: Vitaliy Maurer (deceased)
Mother: Aurelia Dragomir (deceased)
Sister: Iarina Maurer (Intern)


Miles Langford

The Role Player

Name: Sarah
Age: Get outta town.
Other Characters: Liss, Addy, Abby, Cissy, Jasper, Dahlia
How you found us: I got that boom boom pow.

The most accurate, one-worded description of Kristofer Maurer is sadistic. He is one of Voldemort’s most brutal, bloodthirsty, crazed followers and he is a key member of the Dark Lord’s raiding parties, young and new to the cult as he is. Mudbloods and muggles sicken him to the point of his not even flinching when murdering any one of them and, without a doubt, he has. One has only to stare into his crazed, shocking blue eyes to see the madman behind them. From years of prejudices having been drilled deep within his subconscious, the man has come to the deep-rooted conclusion that his mission in life, having now devoted his existence to the Dark Lord and his purposes, is to rid society of the filth that is the non-magic community. He pays no mind whether or not he is slaying women, children, or men; they are all the same to him. If they have the audacity to infiltrate the wizarding world with their poison, then they all deserve to be punished equally. And does he ever love to do the punishing…

Kris also happens to be extremely well-spoken. His eloquent speech has proved him to be very useful in dealing with the ministry when needs be. Though he’s a malicious monster on the inside (from the perspective of those who don’t share his views), he can quite easily put on the facade of a communicative gentleman to persuade the minds of those that need be. He prides himself on his ability to speak and relishes the fact that it makes him one of the more useful members of the Death Eaters. Anything that makes him stand out as someone of importance to those of a higher level is something he is quick to boast of.

This would bring us to the next aspect of Kris’ personality. He thrives on the praise of people of standing as it boosts his already high self-importance level even higher than normal. As per usual with the majority of pureblood society, Kris is extremely arrogant and loves to feel important. Even for the times he is forced to take a backseat, he finds some sort of way to feel as though he was influential to the plot. He feels a pulling need to always feel the part of the lieutenant rather than that of a sergeant.

Kris is also one of the most condescending, sarcastic individuals you will ever have the misfortune (or fortune, depending on how you look at it) to meet. In casual company, meaning when he is not using his words for business purposes (business being the manipulation of the ministry), every word from his mouth drips with a patronizing stain. His humourous nature, which is part of why many find him at first glance to be undeniably charming in some way, shape, or form, is derived from his handy ability to pull some sort of cheeky insult out of thin air. Whether you love him or hate him (though you would, admittedly, have to be quite twisted yourself to love him), one can’t deny the man’s brain works quicker than most. His scathing mouth has gotten him in more than one deep hole with other Death Eaters, though he writes it off as jealousy. Everything about him exudes self-confidence. However, as with most cases of profusely arrogant people, it is simply a front for his internal self-conscious struggle.

Given that Kris has a great love for parties and social environments that would make most parents squirm, he obviously has been exposed to more than a few controlled substances. He, surprisingly unlike many in his line of work (and age), is a severe heroin addict; something that has obviously contributed to his unhealthy mental state. During his downtime, when he’s not in class (and sometimes even when he is), or on one of the Dark Lord’s missions, more often than not he is to be found in his dormitory or the Hogwarts grounds, smacked out of his mind. He doesn’t limit his drug use to his time off, either. In fact, he prefers to be high when on the job or in school; there’s no question of holding back when he is. He gives it his all and, frankly, it’s terrifying. Most of his classmates are terrified of him and even his own colleagues tend to have misgivings about being in the field with him; he’s just too unstable. He goes off on his own random frays, diverging from the original plan to execute his own. Essentially, these tirades would get him more than a little trouble with his ‘superiors’ were they not just more severe undertakings than originally thought out. As said before, he’s essentially a monster.

Yet, despite his severe mental instabilities, Kris happens to be what could be casually referred to as a man-whore. He absolutely loves sex and women and if he can have both at the same time, all the better for him. During the holidays, he often has more than one slag in his flat that he most likely picked up from some random wizarding bar. Of course, he is never the type to settle down, so to speak. Marriage, or even just a casual relationship, is something for ‘berks that have no real purpose to their life’. He doesn’t see anyone as good enough or ‘together’ enough for him and therefore limits his relations to very twisted and violent sexual encounters with what society would view as the most self-depreciating witches in London, all supporters of the Dark Lord of course. Contrary to what one may assume from his given personality, Kris is actually a physically appealing person. There is something in the way that he carries himself that make people intrigued and want to leap into his bed. Perhaps it is the mask of self-appreciation and assurance he plasters on himself wherever he goes, but whatever the reason, it seems to be working for him. It goes without saying, however, that more than one of his choice ladies have failed to return home after sharing his bed (or couch or closet or wherever else was appropriate at the time)

All in all, Kristofer Maurer is one of the most disturbed, twisted, and psychotic members of Voldemort’s arsenal. His enemies and comrades alike fear him, sometimes equally, simply for his lack of hold on his deranged fury, and, though he is not any higher ranking than what could be considered a sergeant, he is a valued killer and pivotal member of the Death Eater army.
The Maurers and the Dragomirs have always been two of the most respected wizarding families in Romania. Though neither were filthy rich or any name of high political standing, in a country where blood purity is held higher than most things, the two families were well thought of. Both were fairly friendly towards the other and so it was no surprise to anyone when their children found their way into marriage. Vitaliy Maurer and Aurelia Dragomir were what could have been considered a stereotypical pureblood wizarding couple. It was obvious to all that there was little love involved; it was simply a match put together for the sake of utilizing the pure wizarding blood running through their veins. At 23, Vitaliy was already a haphazard, violent drunk. Though nearly unspeaking in his sober state, to the point where people began to assume he was mute, he became quite verbal when the drink was in hand. His rather laconic wife, who rarely spoke herself, became the target of Vitaliy’s unprovoked rage during these increasingly frequent bouts of hostility. The violence didn’t end when their first child, Kristofer, was born. If anything, it simply got worse. Aurelia, having been raised to believe that one does not contradict her husband for anything, never stood up to Vitaliy and simply allowed it to continue with a closed mouth. Needless to say, this was a household that could not have cared less what inappropriate things their child saw. Kristofer spent the first four years of his life watching almost daily his father beat his mother to near unconsciousness on an almost daily basis. As he could not help but to learn from his father while at the same time angry and upset by what he was seeing happen to his mother, Kris’ mental instability had begun to form. Neither parent showed any affection to their child, preferring to leave him to his own devices whilst they went about their own business. Aurelia fed, clothed, and bathed her son but that was the extent of their interaction. Kristofer spent his days from infancy alone, often crying at the top of his lungs, in his crib. Eventually he learned to entertain himself. As the only example of male behavior he’d ever seen was demonstrated by his father, Kristofer began to subtly copy these acts in his bedroom; acting them out for entertainment. As he got older and was allowed out of his bedroom, Kristofer saw more and more of his father’s drunken fury. He was too na’ve to understand what was wrong with the whole scene, save for his mother’s sobbing and wailing through her pain as she lay on the ground, and therefore could not understand how to feel about it. When Kris was four, Aurelia miraculously gave birth to a baby girl (miraculous for the fact she hadn’t miscarried through her husband’s beatings). She named the girl Iarina and charged Kris with the task of being her keeper. At four, this was quite a large responsibility for the young boy to have taken on. Yet, somehow he managed as best as he knew how, lavishing his baby sister with all the indifference and apathy his mother had shown him. He fed her and made sure she was healthy but that was it. He remained in his room, engaging in his twisted games to entertain himself whilst Iarina cried from the room next door, nearly drowning out the screams of her mother. Eventually Iarina became able to walk around and do as she pleased around the house, learning much like her brother to avoid the parts of the house her parents shouts were coming from. She and Kris developed somewhat of an understanding, rather than a normal brother and sister relationship. They both did their own thing within the Maurer house, Iarina choosing more productive activities whilst her brother grew more and more ‘different’, as she would often describe him.

At eleven, Kristofer was sent to school up north to a place called Durmstrang academy. Both his parents had attended as well as their parents before them. Kristofer knew that it was a place to learn magic; somewhere he could become more powerful. It was a prospect he became enamored with. Anything that furthered his knowledge and level of independence was good for him. He, however, never did very well in school grade-wise. He never liked people telling him what to do and how to do it. It was just something he wasn’t used to. He’d always been self-sustaining and had grown accustomed to doing things his own way. So, ability-wise, he’d become magnificent. As far as his professors, knew however, the boy was a moron. They never seemed to understand how his performance in class and on written assignments was so lackluster and yet his exam scores were beyond what they could have ever expected. His excelled in his knowledge of the dark arts, always marveling at the level of power one can have over another simply by the way of pain. As Durmstrang tended to be somewhat of an anomaly when it came to teaching the dark arts, Kris acquired more instruction and information than he could have ever possibly hoped for at home. As he wasn’t a very social person whilst at school, he spent most of his time pouring over books and practicing his magic alone in his dorm. As his power grew, he eventually gained a social confidence he had been lacking during his years of isolation at home. He became somewhat of a showoff and a wannabe ringleader. He loved being in the limelight. In fact, he very nearly thrived on it after so long without peers or friends. He was fascinated at the amount of recognition fear could gain someone, for he was very much aware of the fact that his ‘friends’, or cohorts, if you will, only associated with him out of fear. However deep rooted it may have been, that is what it boiled down to. Kris eventually fell into the preconception that having influence and power meant that whatever he wanted could be given to him. He figured that whatever trouble he got into, he could talk his way out of, for the boy was very good at talking. He was articulate and charming, though obviously a little different, which is where everyone’s fear of him stemmed from. They could not put their finger on it, but something about the wide-eyed, tall, unconventionally handsome young man put them off. He made people uncomfortable. He fell into drugs and partying, the heroin and cocaine altering his mind even more towards the negative and he eventually molded into the psychotic, deranged man he had become.

His fascination with the darker arts and with pain of others had begun to bloom as well. His enemies, usually only those who supported muggleborns or anything on the subject, learned not to cross him if they had a problem for if they did, they learned to regret it soon enough. Kristofer was ruthless in his reprimands. He never held back with his magic, preferring others to witness the full extent of what he could do so that they may get the gist of what happens when you upset him. Durmstrang’s policy on discipline was slightly lax on the subject of student tussles. The headmasters preferred to let the students work out their problems on their own, for that was how life would be once they left the establishment. This was a policy Kristofer took advantage of on a daily basis.

During his holidays, Kristofer took to remaining in his bedroom for the most part, not able to practice his magic, obviously, but allowed to read up on it surely. His bedroom eventually took to having no furniture save for his bed and a curio cabinet, but this did not mean his room was empty. Piles upon piles of books stood in towers about his room, all read and some reread. Kristofer had become addicted to knowledge. He tended to sit for hours in his room, smacked on a speedball or two, reading dark magic books that would make most witches and wizards cringe with fright. Not Kristofer, though. Kristofer loved it. The more he knew the better. Iarina never bothered him and of course his parents could not be bothered with anything other than their own devices. Their fighting had, however, come to a climax, it seemed and they mostly avoided each other. Aurelia took to shopping or going out doing whatever whenever she could while Vitaliy still remained at home, bottle still in hand. Kristofer began to forget the last instances when he had actually spoken to his mother or father. Sometimes his mother would stop by his room to see if he was still alive, but his father had begun to fall into somewhat of a myth. Kristofer, when he actually cared to think about it, began to wonder if his father had left the house. But then the periodic fighting would begin and he would think no more on it. He had, however, come to the point of becoming annoyed with it.

During the summer following his graduation from Durmstrang, he was reading in his room when the fighting began. It was the middle of the night and already Kristofer had gone several days without sleep already. Irritated, he made a decision to actually go down to his parents and say something. Irritable and unbelievably smacked, he trudged downstairs, determined to say something about the annoying brawls between his parents for the first time in his life. Of course, it was only because he was annoyed by it. It wouldn’t ever be because he cared for his mother’s safety… He opened the door to the kitchen, prepared to tell his parents once and for all to shut up, when he saw the back of his father’s hand collide sharply with his mother’s face, knocking her clean backwards down the basement stairs. She died instantly as her head collided with the concrete floor. Kris was shocked. For the first time in his life, he was shocked by death. Perhaps it was because this was the first death he’d ever seen firsthand. Either way, he wasn’t as perturbed by it as a normal person would have been. On the contrary, he rather wanted to try it out. Withdrawing his wand from his robes pocket, he took one very neutral look at his father and uttered the killing spell. That was the end of Kristofer and Iarina’s parents. Aware that it was no secret Aurelia and Vitaliy were a thoroughly violent couple, Kristofer successfully spun a tale to the authorities and his sister that Vitaliy murdered his wife before turning on his son; the only witness to the crime. It was in self defense, Kristofer said, that he killed his father. Given his rather persuasive way of speaking, it wasn’t long before his story was bought without a question.

Kristofer then had to decide what next to do. He came to the rather quick conclusion he was not about to stay in his parents’ house as there was nothing for him there. He gave his then thirteen year old sister the option of moving with him (somehow he’d grown rather fond, if Kristofer could grow fond of anything, of his sister for she was somewhat quiet and reclusive when at home much like he was) or living with their grandparents. She opted for their grandparents and Kristofer never actually saw her again after that. He moved shortly after Iarina left to London, where he fell in with a group of people he seemed to get along with rather well. They heartily agreed with his views on the importance of blood purity and even went so far as to act on them. They were called the Death Eaters; followers of the infamous Dark Lord Voldemort, who was something of an idol to Kristofer, though he’d never openly admitted it.

It wasn’t long before Kristofer joined their ranks quite gladly and became one of their most dangerous weapons. The Dark Lord appreciated his talents and his fervor for cleansing the wizarding world from the inside out. Kristofer was malicious in their raids, never holding back from his job for anything. He had no emotions, save for a murderous frenzy, when on the job. There wasn’t much of a difference when he had free time, either; the years of continuous heroin addiction had seen to that. Many of the other Death Eaters had grown either fearful or at least a bit uneasy when around him. In short, he became one of the most feared death eaters of the first war and a man with one of the highest death tolls ever recorded.
ty sophia

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Posted: Jul 9 2012, 09:17 PM

Drifting off to Amsterdam
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Congratulations! We have read over your application, and you have been accepted! Now you need to take a trip over to our face claim, and after that you can call this board your home!
Fucking psycho piece of crap who likes to eat bananas. Oh Kris how I love to hate you. You lady killer you.


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