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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin.

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 JOINER, adelaide
adelaide kathleen joiner
Posted: Dec 4 2010, 05:31 PM

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Group: Neutral.
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Joined: 21-November 09

Full Name:

Adelaide Kathleen Joiner




Neutral – “Well….. I don’t know… Call me spineless, but I’d rather keep my head above water while remaining inconspicuous. If I really had to pick a side, however, I would definitely choose the side of the rebellion…. I really shouldn’t have said that….”

Blood Type:

”Technically, I am three-fourths pureblood. Really, though, I see no reason for it to matter, personally. Currently, it really is not the time to be saying such things though, so I just go with ‘I’m a pureblood’. I believe it’s safer.”


[+]Mature conversation
[+]The colour blue
[+]Silk sheets
[+]Her maternal grandparents (she thinks they’re comical)
[+]Hot cocoa
[+]Critical Thinking
[+]Shopping in Camden


[-]Clashing colours
[-]Awkward silences
[-]Hot weather
[-]Bad breath
[-]Crying in public
[-]Judgmental people
[-]Blood-purity supremacists
[-]Pitch black darkness
[-]Waking up late


-Adelaide is severely organized and tidy, almost to the point of anal-retentiveness
-As she danced through most of her childhood by way of strict ballet lessons, she also has a knack for agility
-Because of a desired future in law, Adelaide has always practiced an affluent speech. While she can be rather timid at times, her insecurities seem restricted to her appearance, for some reason, and not her charisma. If she tried, she could probably sell a bikini to an Eskimo; something quite handy if she’s going to achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer like her father and brother.
-As aforementioned, Adelaide has a real affinity for colour coordination (and coordination in general). Not the most handy of accomplishments in a sticky situation, but an important aspect to her, nonetheless.


-Despite her self-assured projected demeanor, Adelaide is actually quite self-conscious. Perhaps this is the true reason behind all of her aspirations for success.
-Adelaide is severely allergic to peanuts. This wouldn’t exactly be considered a life-threatening weakness, but it’s irksome nonetheless because a lot of candy is processed with nuts.
-She is terrified of men. Not, of course, to the point of her physically running away from them, but because of her self-consciousness, she becomes quite uncomfortable around the more attractive ones. This is perhaps the one time in her life she doesn’t have something charismatic and smart to say. As she has gotten older, she has grown out of it to an extent but it is still difficult for her to function normally around them.
Adelaide is almost ridiculously OCD. Everything must be in its place and everything must be organized, color-coded, clean, and alphabetized. If anything is out of order, it makes her cringe and severely uncomfortable.


”Bites on her lower lip when in thought
“Taps her nails to the beat of songs stuck in her head
“Has a tendency to stare off into space when she’s bored
“Cleans, tidies, organizes, and arranges to an obsessive level


Adelaide started her training in law school almost immediately after graduating from Hogwarts. She hadn’t yet passed her apparitions test yet and so for the first four months of her commute to the Ministry, she had to walk (Adelaide has never used floo powder and never, ever will; it is much too dirty) to and from her flat. Sometimes, when her classes got out late she would have to walk in the dark; an already off-putting scenario even without the thought of all the creepy individuals about after the sun goes down. One night while making this commute, Adelaide found herself being harassed by a group of shady-looking teenage boys who proceeded to follow and cat-call behind her all the way home. After a while, when they seemed to be gaining on her, she broke into a run only to find them running after her. Being that they had more appropriate running shoes on than her stilettos, they caught up to her and attempted to wrestle her into a vacant alley way. She managed to fend them off with a small bit of magic and ran the rest of the way home, sobbing uncontrollably.

When she arrived the next morning at the law school, still shell-shocked from her ordeal, she received a note from her lessons summoning her to the Department for Magical Law enforcement head office; the directorial head of the school she now attended. She received a severe reprimand, in the presence of her father and brother (both are lawyers) and the Head Auror for using magic in the presence of muggles. Never one to use excuses, she did not explain her case and simply took the telling-off wordlessly. It was without a doubt the worst (not to mention embarrassing) 24 hours of her life.


Definitely a Lethifold(a cloak-like creature that smothers its victims in their sleep). Her older brother used to tell her stories of this South American creature when she was younger and it still frightens her to this day.


Her patronus is potentially a blue jay, though all she’s managed to conjure so far is a faint shadowy form that vaguely resembles something like a bird. To conjure this puff of silver smoke with wings, she simply thinks on the day she was accepted into the Ministry’s prestigious school of law.


Father: Jeremiah Joiner (Attorney)

Mother: Fiona Jackson-Joiner (Accountant)

Brother: Benjamin Jeremiah Joiner (Attorney)

Maternal grandfather: Victor Jackson (Retired Muggle)

Maternal grandmother: Kathleen Jackson (Retired Muggle)


Jen Proske

The Role Player

Name: Sarah
Age: 847
Other Characters: Kris, Abby, Liss, Jasper, Dahlia, Cissy
How you found us: I am your Jesus.

At least four paragraphs detailing the personality of your character.
Jeremiah Joiner and Fiona Jackson met whilst attending Hogwarts together, through Fiona’s older triplet sisters who were in Jeremiah’s year. Jeremiah was a year older than Fiona, but both were in the house of Ravenclaw so it was no surprise that they would meet. However; the fact that they would someday be together romantically is another story. Jeremiah was the only son of two financially affluent members of the Wizengamot Administration Service. Fiona was the youngest of four daughters (the three oldest of which being triplets), parented by a muggle plumber and a witch hairdresser. While the Joiner family was extremely professional, even in their home life, the Jacksons were quite the opposite; very much the embodiment of a loving, tight-knit family. Despite the fact that Fiona’s parent’s had four similarly aged daughters to look after, everyone seemed to receive the same amount of attention, affection, and love from their amiable parents. As Fiona was the baby of the family and the slight anomaly, as hers was the only single birth, she liked to distinguish herself a bit. While her family was very carefree and fun-loving, Fiona had a love for success and keeping busy. This is not to say that she was any sort of oddball; she loved her family very much and associated with them as much as the rest of them. Fiona secretly just wanted a more auspicious life than that of a plumber or hairdresser. Needless to say, someone as successful and promising as Jeremiah immediately struck her fancy once notice had been taken. The two were an odd sort of friendship at first, as it was well known the differences between the two families, but it was eventually accepted by all the compatibility between the two. They began dating in Jeremiah’s sixth year and Fiona’s fourth.

The two graduated and were married as what muggles would consider “high school sweethearts”. They went off to a wizarding university soon after their marriage (Fiona’s sisters had apparently opened a boutique in Camden, London and were doing fairly well at it). Jeremiah studied law like his prestigious parents and Fiona, being the number-fluent girl she’d always been, studied accounting. They graduated in due time and established respectable careers for themselves. A long gap ensued after this while the two enjoyed the first half of their twenties as happy, successful adults. Soon after this, though, Benjamin Joiner was born as the first son of Jeremiah and Fiona Joiner. The couple was elated, especially since they had decided a while ago that they wanted their first child to be a boy. Another five year gap passed by before little Adelaide was born. To this day, Jeremiah and Fiona maintain that their daughter’s capacity for synchronization began at birth. When in her crib with her toys, she would apparently arrange them by colour or type rather than play with them in the typical infant fashion. Jeremiah was delighted: he joked with his wife that it was a great achievement to have fathered two geniuses (Benjamin showed a penchant at an early age for winning arguments against even the most skilled of his father’s colleagues).

Because of the slight lack of warmth between Jeremiah and his parent’s, Victor and Kathleen Jackson (the latter of which Adelaide’s middle name was taken in honour of) were the chief grandparents in her and her brother’s lives. The two were enamoured with being grandparents; spoiling the two nearly as much as the children’s parents did. Because of the short distance between homes, Victor and Kathleen visited nearly every evening for dinner. It took some getting used to, as their daughter and son-in-law were quite wealthier then they were, but they were not people to let it bother them. Indeed, Victor, being a muggle, was endlessly fascinated with everything magical: Though his wife was a witch, she’d thought it proper to raise their children without an overabundance of the convenience that was magic (“If your father can do it, so can you. You’ll have all the time in the world to be around magic when you start school.”) Therefore, Victor was still fairly new to all the wonderments that this mysterious alternate universe had in store. Adelaide and Benjamin thought he was hilarious from the time they could comprehend the situation. They both would laugh hysterically whenever Grandpa Victor would gasp in delight when Mommy would use the ‘no-no stick’ to make dinner float over to the table. Thus, Adelaide developed a very close relationship with her maternal grandparents.

This could be said about most of her immediate family. Jeremiah heartily agreed with his wife’s philosophy of raising children in a household filled with love and laughter; something he regretted missing out on as a child himself. So Adelaide grew up very much a daddy’s girl. She was essentially Daddy’s little princess while Benjamin became something of a momma’s boy. This closeness between father and daughter obviously came hand-in-hand with the over-protective father aspect that comes along with most situations like this. This being said, Jeremiah was very skeptical about any male friends his daughter had and all but forbid Adelaide having any. He wasn’t trying to be controlling; he was just a dad. Adelaide really paid no mind to such silly rules anyway because in her opinion, boys still had cooties. Who wanted to deal with them anyway?

When Adelaide was seven, she was visiting Grandma and Grandpa Jackson and was surprised to find a large, important looking box in the family room. It was wooden on all sides, save for the front-facing one and had a litany of knobs adorning the left side of the glass. Adelaide was deeply intrigued. She turned to ask her grandpa what on earth it was and he replied ecstatically, saying that Grandma Kat had finally splurged on getting ‘electricity’ in the house and he’d decided to buy a ‘telly’. Adelaide became even more mesmerized when, with the click of some sort of object he picked up from the coffee table, Grandpa Vic brought the box to life. Her eyes widened in wonder as the glass screen of the box shone bright with a million different lights and pictures. People were walking around inside the box and talking. It was like watching a more involved photograph, but with sound. It was amazing. Grandpa Vic then patiently described the concept of television to his curious granddaughter for the next ten minutes. Still not satiated, Adelaide sat herself on the sofa beside Victor and watched in astonishment as the pictures changed to different things whenever Grandpa pressed the button on the… was it called a ‘remote’? He finally settled on a program that showed a picture of something like her father’s job. Because of her heightened excitement of learning what this amazing object was, Adelaide pointed out to Grandpa Vic that the place on the ‘telly’ looked just like Daddy’s work. He nodded and then explained to her what a lawyer was(he found it comical she’d never thought to ask her own father about it). Astonished that her father was somehow a part of this wonderful box of sound and pictures and people, Adelaide became resolved to become a lawyer just like her father.

Though the childlike wonderment of her youth faded as she got older, the resolve to become a lawyer never did (notably, the stories passed around the dinner table of Adelaide’s first experience with a television never did either). Her ambition was heightened ever more as her brother graduated from Hogwarts and went to wizarding law school as well. Of course, Jeremiah was ecstatic about his little girl’s career choice. In truth, he’d always hoped she’d take up the field of law in some way, as she seemed to have the same knack for it same as her brother, but the fact she wanted to become an actual attorney like her father nearly made him glow.

When Adelaide started school, it was very apparent that she would do well. If she wasn’t dedicated to her studies before attending Hogwarts, she sure was now. The only classes she seemed to lack drive in were Defense Against the Dark Arts (somewhat odd, as most students find the subject enjoyable and even exciting) and Herbology. This was mainly because she was more partial to the more technical and practical of classes, such as Arithmancy (which she started in only her second year, though most would not consider this class ‘practical’, persay) and Transfiguration; her two favourite classes. The professors found her to be a little bit of a shock, as she really had no shame in verifying whether or not they were correct in something they were saying; something they appeared not to take more than lightly as they got to know her.

Adelaide was also lucky enough to carry some of her childhood friends over from her younger youth into school. Her maternal cousins were around her age and two of them began the same year that she did. They, along with a select few others, became her best friends throughout school. It was not until she gained this close group of friends that the awkwardness of her discomfort around boys became apparent. Whilst her female friends were off gaining and losing boyfriends like they were selections of cookies, and while she was perfectly capable of appreciating boys as fantasize-able, she never was able to fathom up the courage to speak to any of them. No matter how many times her friends tried to assure her there was nothing to worry about, even when the fact the boy fancied her first came into play, she just couldn’t gather the confidence to be herself around them; something that eventually turned these potential relationships off after waiting too long for her. Her friends just couldn’t wrap their heads around why someone so confidant as Adelaide in all other areas of her life could be so shy and timid when it came to a subject so completely silly as dating. Well, the fact that most of the boys she witnessed her friends dating were complete berks, to say the least, wasn’t something that altogether helped their argument. So, instead of pining over her wasted chances, she focused more intently on school and resolved to let that be her main priority, rather than wasting her time wondering why she couldn’t bring herself to date the immature male youth that seemed to have overrun the school.

Adelaide graduated near the top of her class and spent her summer, not attending parties and reveling in her new-found independence, but brushing up her knowledge of the wizarding law. As soon as September rolled around, Adelaide was already back in school, studying hard to achieve her goal as a top ministry attorney. Even as the world seemed to crumble around her, what with He Who Must Not Be Named taking power and everything looking as though there were no hope left, Adelaide remained intently focused on her studies. It was easier to heal from the pain around her when she had something difficult to focus on.

Years passed, the world greyed. Hope for peace dwindled to a smaller and smaller ideal. At twenty five Adelaide succeeded in keeping her head above water enough to graduate with her law credentials to practice as an attorney. She was aware of the corruption within the halls of the ministry she now wholly worked for, but her fear coupled with her determination to blind her from the peril her world faced. Adelaide resolved to keep herself from any social debates to protect not only herself but the integrity of her family that she had worked so long and hard to make proud.

Still, in the privacy of her home, she wakes every morning with a small prayer to any who might listen that the hidden war end soon, lest the waves consume her and the life she’s worked so hard to maintain.
ty sophia


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Posted: Jul 18 2012, 05:37 PM

Drifting off to Amsterdam
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Congratulations! We have read over your application, and you have been accepted! Now you need to take a trip over to our face claim, and after that you can call this board your home!
-washes hands before typing this- WELCOME ADDY TO THIS DISGUSTING WORLD BEING RAN BY SCARY DEATH EATERS! Good thing you're pureblood. You go girl, you go.


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