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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin.

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 DELANEY, abigail
abigail nicole delaney
Posted: Dec 4 2010, 05:29 PM

Advanced Member
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Group: Resistance.
Posts: 38
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Joined: 25-November 09

Full Name:

Abigail Nicole Delaney




Resistance -- “I mean, I do have an opinion on the matter, of course! I have a lot of muggleborn friends and everything and, like… I dunno. I think judging them based on their blood is just stupid! A lot of them are really nice!”

Blood Type:



    Her mouse
    Watching Quidditch
    Fun times
    Taking walks
    House elves
    Her family
    Staying up late
    Hanging out with friends
    Caring for things
    Running around


    Muggle contraptions
    Eating too much
    Falling over
    Rude people
    Enclosed spaces
    Angry people
    Being underground
    Seeing anything (or anyone) in pain
    Feeling helpless
    Being scared
    Death eaters
    Hot weather
    Getting up early
    Being unable to understand people


    Quick learner


    Slow on the pickup
    Sensitive about too many things
    Shy at the most inopportune moments


    Chewing on her lip
    Biting her nails
    Staring off into space
    Running into things
    Not getting the point


“..Well... I don’t know. This sounds stupid but... Okay, well I’d never had anything close to me die before and, well, Daniel, my pet mouse died a couple months ago and I’d had him since I was like... Ten. I don’t really like talking about it…”


A car -- “Davy has tried soooo many times to get me into one but I refuse. They... Just, no. I don’t like them.”


Squirrel -- “This one’s easy! I have so many memories from Hogwarts that I use and a lot from after, too. I like to focus on the positive in life! Basically, I have just… a bunch. When I first got Daniel, uh… graduating from Hogwarts, of course! And yeah… When Davy proposed to me…. Wow.... That was pretty much the best day of my life. AH. Thinking about it makes me so happy. I could probably produce a bunch of patronuses all at once! Actually, no, I probably couldn’t. Getting only one to come out is hard enough…”


`Joan Bridgette Claymore-Delaney (45) Homemaker – Mother
`Joseph Gary Delaney (46) Journalist for the Daily Prophet – Father
`Brett Vincent Delaney (14) Hogwarts student – Brother
`Janice Marguerite Delaney (13) Hogwarts student – Sister
Other Significant Figures:
”Well, shoot. I have my nanny and my papi, my Paw-Paw and Nanna, and my Aunt Dawn who is totally mental! Well not really, but she’s a little out there... Mum always said it’s a blessing she never had children. Brett disagrees because Aunt Dawn always gives him sweeties and what not when my mum’s already said no. OH AND OF COURSE there is Davy. Davy, Davy, Davy. He’s my fiancé (that still sounds really weird to me... BUT IN A GOOD WAY). He is… I can’t even describe it using words. I love him. Last but not least is my owl named Charlie. He is fancy as you-know-what!”


Barbara Palvin

The Role Player

Name: Sarah
Other Characters: Addy, Liss, Kriss, Cissa, Dahlia, Jasper
How you found us: Your butt.

Abigail Delaney is silly. That in itself could suffice as an overall description of her, but as detail is called for and would in all honestly be helpful, explanation is necessary. First of all, Abigail is quite possibly the biggest ditz in the world. Really. She isn’t stupid (and do not call her that or she will get upset), but she is quite... slow... More jokes, punch lines, and ideas have flown over her head than probably anyone else ever and that is not an exaggeration. The ‘huh’ look is generally a permanent fixture upon her face (when she isn’t smiling or laughing, that is). She does understand some jokes, but mainly, she is the last one to go ‘Oh!’ when a joke has been said which tends to earn her a lot of pitying looks.

She is not completely forsaken, though. She gained in book smarts what she didn’t in street smarts, at least in the more ‘hands on’ subjects. She rather enjoys learning and showing people that she isn’t really all that brain-dead. Naivety was just something she was cursed with although it has to be said it has become more of an endearment to those who know her best. She loves to expand her knowledge of things as school is basically the only place she can. She never was given much room for open-mindedness at home. There are some classes, however, that she is just plain terrible at. Transfiguration, for example. Abigail has only ever successfully transfigured one thing, and that was after the fourth try and the pincushion still had whiskers. Wand work is not her forte, although she sometimes has random bouts of skill with charms. Abigail’s true skill comes in the form of taking care of things and, academically, it applies to animals. Since her first day of the class, Abigail has always loved it. She has that slight mothering streak in her that finds its muse in creatures and pets instead of people. Even with her brother and sister, she has never felt the need to ‘take care’ like she does with animals.

One thing among many that faults Abigail is her lack of desire for responsibility. Subconsciously, this is derived from her fear of taking too much on when she has no confidence to accomplish it, but it is sort of detrimental now that she has reached adult hood. She does know how ridiculously ‘blonde’ she seems sometimes and that gives her quite a few ego blows. There are many things she has wanted to try or take on but has been afraid of screwing up. Her parents have always chastised her on not being more responsible, but Abigail simply just does not know how. This is why she adores caring for animals so much. She feels it’s what she was meant to do and latches onto that feeling of being needed.

Comic relief is one thing Abby finds herself good at, and it is not intentional. Really, when is genuine comic relief intentional anyway? For some reason or another, Abigail is very, very accident prone. Stairs hate her, corners despise her, and her shoelaces, well... They have a vendetta. It has never been decided whether or not it is an equilibrium problem or if it is just one of those things that happen, but the fact remains that Abigail is a klutz. Were she to take a Muggle sobriety test where one has to walk in a straight line, she would fail and that’s without a drop of alcohol. Balance has forsaken her and she for some reason has never understood the concept of watching where she is going.

Abby is also one of those people who have an unwavering desire to be nice to everyone. Well, if someone is being a jerk to her, she’ll stand up for herself, but her endearing traits (whether or not she herself sees them as such) have earned her her own little group of friends. She is a fun person and, as said, usually has a smile on her face. Living life for the moment is something she takes very seriously, without taking anything seriously at all, if that makes sense. Life is too much fun to waste and perhaps that philosophy has contributed to her aversion to responsibility. She simply wants to love life and not have to think too hard about doing it.
Joe Delaney was a nerd in school. That is harsh, but, really, he was. He was not a cool nerd that everyone simply calls quirky just to alleviate the embarrassment of being called something rude, he was an honest to god nerd. He looked classy and clean enough, true, but this wasn’t enough to assuage everyone’s discomfort when he tried to involve himself in a conversation. He was an awkward genius who had an unnatural aversion to anything muggle and that tended to make more open-minded people uncomfortable. He did not hate muggles, nor did he find them lesser than himself. He simply did not understand them and people tend to avoid that which they do not understand. Joan Claymore was different, and that is putting it lightly. She was involved with school activities. She was fun and outgoing. She had friends that were human and not an old, one eyed mouse that had a tendency to run away (an annoying habit Joe wished his mouse would quit). All in all, Joan was everything Joe was not. That is, except for intelligence. The two were the top of their class, but this generally is not enough to promote a decent friendship. No, the unlikely friendship between the two stemmed from a next-door neighbour-ship that had been instated since the two were babies. The Claymores and the Delaneys were close enough to associate commonly and it was needless to say their only children were going to end up knowing one another. They grew up together, played together… they did everything together until school began. Joan went her own way and Joe went his, although the two remained decent sort of friends. She defended him from the teasing and on the rare occasion when Joan needed help with her homework, Joe assisted.

As they grew up and entered their latter years of school, people began appreciating his brains a little more and cut back from the teasing as maturity blossomed, but Joe still was never a member of the ‘in’ crowd. He was simply a respected mind among classmates. When graduation came along, he actually walked away from the school with a few friends.

Joan and Joe did not have similar tastes in career choices and so it was inevitable they would grow apart after school. Joan wanted to be chef, of all things, and Joe had interests in journalism. The first year they were out of school was awkward; both were so used to having the other there when needed, separation took some adjusting to. Thus, it was no surprise when they saw each other that next summer that feelings of an empty space being filled again and a slight ‘hey I like you’ pang here and there happened to blossom. Neither had ever dreamed of finding a soul mate in the other and so the only surprise was for them. Their parents and family, however, were ecstatic when they began dating and, finally, were married (pureblood families have a way of instating a marriage match before their children can even talk, regardless of how large or small the sticks up their asses are). Joan soon thereafter established herself as a pastry chef at a small bakery in Glasgow and Joseph moved up enough to become an editor on issues in society and the government for the Daily Prophet. For a young, newlywed couple, they did alright. Not liking the city life of Glasgow, the two decided mutually to move themselves to the less boisterous but just as central city of Aberdeen. There, they could live a life of suburbia and still be close enough to society to feel connected.

Several years passed and Joan found herself pregnant with their first child. She was excited, but knew well that a baby and a successful career in anything rarely, if ever, go hand in hand. Although, it has to be said, that when she was pregnant, being a pastry chef had its perks. Anyway, when little Abigail Nicole was born, she was prepared for the downer of having to slowly pull away from her job. It was a good thing too, because baby Abby was about as accident prone as full grown Abby, if not worse. The second born, Brett, who came into the world six years after his sister, would one day be old enough and snarky enough to comment every now and then that their mother must have dropped Abby on her head at least a couple times. He usually is smacked by both of them.

A year following Brett, little Janice was born. The family now complete, Joan was content at being a stay-at-home mom and spoiling her children with cakes and pastries rather than the population of Aberdeen.

Abigail, suffice it to say, grew up a normal, middle class child. Her dad worked his ‘nine-to-five’ job and her mother was as doting as any woman ever was with her children. Both were involved in the raising of their three kids and perhaps that is why all three were subjected to the strictly-wizard-living lifestyle. The children were never allowed to play outside wizard boundaries, they never socialized with muggle children and never were taught anything about the muggle way of life. Now, this may sound stupid, and really; it is, but Joseph and Joan Delaney were both adamant members of the ‘avoid what you don’t understand’ club and kept their children far from the reaches of those weird, void of magic-type people. Abigail never learned what electricity was, she never learned what a car was… She scarcely knew there was a population of anything outside her life of wizarding folk unless it was brought up in conversation. It was like everyone else in the world knowing about the atrocities going on in South Africa and yet choosing to ignore it. Yes, that is a rather dramatic example, but one works with what they can. This rather annoying quirk in her family’s lifestyle bothered Abigail a little, for she had always loved to learn, but respect for her otherwise just-fine parents kept her in line.

Because of this obligated naivety, Abigail was excited to start school. She knew she could be around other kids who might not be from a wizarding family and learn that way, which, to her, was great. When she finally turned eleven, her family took that infamous first trip with their child to Kings Cross station and from there to Platform 9 ¾. As sheltering parents go, it was difficult for them to let their first born go off for a whole year by herself, but it was custom and had to be done. Abigail will never forget her mother actually staring rather embarrassingly at a muggle family on the platform sending their son off and having to kick her lightly in the shin to get her to stop.

After being sorted into the house of Hufflepuff, Abby was decent in school. Despite having a severe lack of street smarts, Abby was gifted when it came to the books. She struggled a bit in the classes where wand use was prominent, but in the others such as History of Magic, Potions, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures, she was excellent (when not knocking substances into her cauldron that should not have been added to the mix, of course). She enjoyed school very much, more so than normal kids should do, and didn’t have a problem making friends with her rather sweet temperament. Some chose to make fun of her for the slightly ‘slow’ impression she gives people at times, but they are never worth making friends with anyway. She stayed within her own house, generally, and usually only had pureblood friends. She tried to make friends with muggleborns but they had absolutely nothing in common and it was therefore difficult.

The summer before her last year, Abby started to have a bit of a wakeup call. She was now seventeen and of legal age. It finally dawned on her that life was starting. Not, like, ‘life’… She was very obviously already alive. But real life, like adulthood life, was on its way fast and she didn’t know if she was ready for it. She was naïve, yes, but she was aware enough to understand that she was naïve. That is quite possibly more alarming than being unaware of it; you don’t have to worry about unnaïve-ing yourself. Abigail did not know what on earth she wanted to do with her life or, when she figured it out, how to go about achieving it. Finally, one morning as she was playing with her pet mouse Daniel, it occurred to her how much she really loved animals. And so, with a burst of excitement that rather alarmed her parents (they were unaware of their daughter’s mental dilemma), she opened her bedroom door and shouted the words “I WANT TO BE AN ANIMAL HEALER” throughout the house. She was awarded with a “Shut up!” from her brother’s room and a tentative “…That’s nice honey!” from the kitchen where her parents were apparently sitting, but she wasn’t looking for an award. She had found her purpose and it was one that didn’t involve too much street-smart. That in itself was its own reward.

During her last year at Hogwarts, her band of friends expanded and she became less enclosed in her protective bubble of pureblood friends. It was then that she became good friends with Davy Gudgeon and the two shortly thereafter began dating (after some devious scheming on the part of mutual acquaintances). She spent the summer fallowing her graduation from Hogwarts enjoying her momentary freedom from school before diving into her studies as a future magical creature healer. She knew it was going to be a long road, but she felt it was worth it. It was all she’d ever felt this strongly about doing and she was going to see it through till the end.

Lately, dreams and ideals have been put on hold, however. With the damper that’s been put over the wizarding world, Abby’s future (like most everyone else’s) has been put under question. Despite the joy of being engaged to the love of her life and the hope that one day she will be able to help poor animals in need all day every day, the fact remains that the world has found itself in peril. The death eaters have taken over everything, the very demographic her fiancé belongs to is being hunted down like vermin, and Abigail is supposed to find this ‘final solution’ appropriate due to her own heritage.

That, she resolved, will just not do.
ty sophia

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Posted: Jul 9 2012, 09:16 PM

Drifting off to Amsterdam
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Congratulations! We have read over your application, and you have been accepted! Now you need to take a trip over to our face claim, and after that you can call this board your home!
ABBYYYYYYY MY LOVEEEEEEEEEE. Love her. Always will. Approved.


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