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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin.

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 DONLEY, kenneth
kenneth brayden donley
Posted: Dec 16 2009, 12:53 PM

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Group: Resistance.
Posts: 7
Member No.: 16
Joined: 26-November 09

Full Name:

Kenneth Brayden Donley





Blood Type:



-Knowing People's Names
-Even Numbers
-Multiples of Ten
-Early Mornings
-Always Having Something To Do


-People Talking For Hours About Themselves
-Walking Barefoot
-People Who Sleep In Past Noon
-People Without Common Sense
-Excessive Facial Hair
-Public Speaking
-Being Late
-People Showing Up Late
-Heavy Metal
-Excessive Drinking
-Physical Fighting
-Uneven Lines
-Drooling/Shedding Dogs


-Knows how to work hard, and never quits a task until it is done
-Doesn't talk very much, so he stays out of drama.
-Knows how to keep a clean house.
-Always has order in his life.
-Works out, so he has a healthy lifestyle.
-Knows how to bake.
-Very timely (also known as never late).
-Has a very strong bond with his family.
-He is a gentleman.


-Doesn't talk much, so he appears to be mean.
-Cannot talk to women unless he is very comfortable with them, or it is a professional matter.
-Has OCD, and it takes control of his life.
-His height causes him to stand out in most areas.
-He cannot bring himself to speak in front of people he doesn't know.
-Confidence is not a strong suit for him.
-He has a problem going after what he wants.
-He cannot cook a sunny side up egg without breaking the yolk.
-He doesn't know how to say no to people.
-His fear of women causes his romantic side to dwindle.


-Not looking directly into the eyes of the person he is talking to
-Letting other people hold the conversation, while he just listens.
-Showering AT LEAST two times a day.
-Picking out his clothes the day before he gets up.
-Keeping a quill and ink bottle on his desk, right by his empty piece of parchment.
-Washing his hands after touching a lot of things.
-Jogging at exactly one in the afternoon.
-Putting his right shoe on before his left.


During his Seventh year at Hogwarts Kenneth finally got the guts up to ask a girl out on a date. Everything seemed to be going quite swell when a very angry boyfriend came up, yelling, and ready to attack. Kenneth didn't know that the girl had a boyfriend, and there was no way that he would have known based upon the actions that she showed during the night, but it was obvious that this was her boyfriend, and he had no way out. Soon after he saw the boyfriend, there was a very piercing pain to his nose, and a loud crunching noise. His nose was broken due to the fist of the boyfriend, and Kenneth was left outside in the cold with blood streaming down his face. He hasn't had a true date sense.


A naked woman...no need to elaborate on that one.


A big moose. It is silver, just like any normal patronus. It isnít too hard to figure out how to conjure it, seeing as he hasnít had that difficult of a life. But what he usually thinks of is the last Christmas that he had at home, and his brother and sister opening up the gifts that he got for them, and the big smiles on their faces when they opened them. He got little Edward a Bludger Bat and got Jenn a new winter outfit so she would be warm when they went outside to build snowmen.


Mother - Lauren Donley
Father - Edwin Donley
Uncle - Martin Donley
Little Sister - Jenn Donley
Youngest Brother - William Donley


Jessie Shannon

The Role Player

Name: Alicia
Age: 25
Other Characters: Baldric Van Vranken, Davy Gudgeon, Horacio Fado, Lennox Logan

Personality wise, Kenneth doesn't seem like that deep of a guy. He gives off a stone-like personality, especially to people he doesn't know. Part of this is a fear to open up, while another part is just a fear of people he doesn't know in general. When people actually have the patience to get past that long awkward stage that he puts off, they'll see the many different layers to him. The layer that holds his obsessive compulsive disorder which controls a lot of his life, the layer that holds everything that it means to be a gentleman, and of course the later in his life that holds his love for his family and friends. He has had plenty of things in his life to change him into what he is now, but he isn't going to let just anyone know how he is.

Thanks to his first years at Hogwarts, he does have a slight fear of people he doesn't know. The pain of going to a Wizarding school in headgear doesn't really help a young child fit in. He immediately put up a shield to avoid the pain from people making fun of him. Even though he mostly stopped getting made fun of after his third or fourth year (the growth spurt helped), the shield never fell. To this day, he isn't a fan of opening up to people he doesn't know very well. He will stand there with a blank stare on his face as they speak to him, and then return their questions with the minimum amount that he can. It isn't that he actually has much to hide (other than the fact that he is a muggle born, and supposedly that is bad during these times), he just feels uncomfortable letting people know anything about himself. He feels like someone will take something he says and twist it into some new way to make him feel like a fool. This is much different than the people who are shy before getting to know someone. Kenneth just doesn't talk to people he knows, but when he begins to know people...he still doesn't talk much, he just talks a little bit more.

Part of what he wants to hide is the fact that he has obsessive compulsive disorder. He is convinced if people know about it they will go out of their way to make his life a living hell. His OCD controls many parts of his life. First off, he needs to be clean. At least two showers a day, and more if he happens to get dirty or sweaty. As for washing his hands, that happens far too often. If he touches a random doorknob, he will probably go try to find himself a sink so he doesn't have to have the millions of germs on his hand for too long (or open it with a paper towel around his hand). He also has a thing against walking barefoot. To avoid doing so, he actually sets clean socks by his slippers so he doesn't have to let his bare feet touch the ground. He also has to have a blank piece of parchment, a quill, and a well of ink ready on his desk just in case he has to write anything down...which rarely ever happens. His obsessive compulsive disorder gives him a lot of quirks that most people don't understand, so he thinks that keeping it away from people is going to protect him in the long run.

One thing that he was always told to do was to be polite to everyone, even if he didnít know them. So despite the fact that he doesnít say much to them, he does listen to everything that they say. He wouldnít ignore someone just because he didnít know them. He just prefers not to let too much information out about them. Part of being polite includes opening doors for females, never cursing in front of a female (not that he does anyway), and defending them if they need defending. Now the strange part about this last thing is that he wonít stand up for himself, but he will for other people. He sees the people around him as more important than himself. Even though he tries to be such a gentleman, he is still scared of women. This could be what helps him be a gentleman, but it doesnít really help him in the romantic department. Yes, he will hold the door open, but no, he wonít tell you that you look beautiful (unless he is very comfortable, which takes way more work than most people are willing to take). It isnít that he doesnít want to, it is that he cannot get his vocal chords to vibrate and form a sound that even resembles the English language. Needless to say, he hasnít had very much luck with the female population around him.

Almost everything that was stated above can be canceled out when he is around his family. When he is with them, he is far more charismatic. He has nothing that he needs to hide from his family, so of course he is more talkative. He is still a gentleman around them (seeing as they are the ones who raised him to be that way), but he doesnít get tongue-tied when he is around them. He would do anything for his family. He actually spends a good amount of his time helping them out in their muggle bakery, just so they will have a couple of extra hands. Neither of his siblings got letters to Hogwarts, so he is the only wizard in the family. He made sure to never let the family bond that they had break. If anything ever actually happened to his family he wouldnít know what to do. He doesnít want people to know he is a muggleborn just in case the Death Eaters decide to go after his family. It isnít like they would want a muggleborn playing Quidditch for a national teamÖunfortunately for Kenneth they probably already know.

The only time that he might actually try to fight is to protect his friends or family. He doesnít know how to fight like a muggle, and he is not a dueler. The only way that he would probably win a fight is if he had a bludger bat, and there is no way that he would actually fight with a bludger bat. Luckily Kenneth has his height as an advantage, and most people donít actually try to attack himÖbut if someone actually decided to he probably wouldnít know what to do. He isnít a fighter. He doesnít even like getting into arguments. A good thing about him not talking very much is that he rarely gets into a disagreement with someone. When he actually manages to, the majority of the time he will back down and let them win. He thinks that if a person wants to waste their time fighting with them, they arenít worth the effort to talk to. He would rather give them the satisfaction of winning than the satisfaction of getting him worked up. There are a few things that he has very strong opinions on, and he will take the time to speak back, but when this happens he just wants his point of view to be known and that is enough for him.
A normal meeting? That was something that never seemed to happen to the parents of the Hogwarts students. But, Lauren and Edwin Donley were an exception to that rule. Lauren Gadsby was a waitress in a little diner in the slums of London. Edwin was working as a store boy in a little corner store just a few doors down. Both of them were at the ripe age of seventeen. Little did these two know, they got off work at the same time, and would be walking in the same direction home. For the first few weeks, they didnít say anything to each other, and instead made sure to keep at least ten feet apart from each other. But, Edwin decided to make the first move at introducing himself, and actually shouted up to her ďílo. Iím Edwin Donley. Iíve seen ya walkiní by yourself a lot. Need some company?Ē and for months after he said that, the two walked home together.

As you know, relationships at a young age tend to develop quickly. Well, for these two it wasnít as quickly as a lot of people. But, they did begin to date, and they dated for quite a long time actually. Four years to be exact. Edwin was no longer working at the corner market anymore, but was instead working at a little office typing on those typewriters like a maniac. Lauren was still hard at work at the diner. Just a few months after Edwinís promotion, he waited in that little corner store for Lauren to get off of work. As soon as he saw her walk out of her restaurant, he made his way out of the corner store, and shouted up to her. ďílo. Iím Edwin Donley. Iíve seen that ya doní have a ring on that finger.Ē And then he dropped to one knee ďCan I keep ya company for the rest of your life? Will you marry me?Ē And as they say it now, the rest is history.

Lauren informed Edwin that she had one major goal in life: to own her own bakery. Edwin immediately began to research what needed to be done to open such a shop, and at their wedding he informed everyone that showed up that he just rented an open space to open the Donley Bakery. The people looked at him like he was insane, but he knew it was what he needed to do to keep Lauren happy. To begin with, Edwin still kept his job at the office. He would come to work at the bakery on weekends to get it to the point where they could open it. At first, they just had it open on weekends. There were people who frowned upon it being open on Sundays, but that didn't stop them from coming inside to buy a scone before going to church. It was becoming obvious that Edwin was going to have to quit his job at the office, and help out at the bakery during the week as well. He was still on the edge of quitting when Lauren gave him a little news: she was pregnant.

That sealed the deal for Edwin. He went to his office, informed them of the news, and then told him he would be leaving in two weeks (no sense in being irresponsible). Lauren began to teach Edwin how to make the food, also getting his brother Martin in to help out. The business was beginning to grow, and there were other important matters forming in Lauren's stomach. At the six month mark, Martin and Edwin had the bakery skills needed, and Lauren was just the girl in the front taking the orders of what was needed. She would get comments on her stomach regularly from the regulars in there. "You shouldn't be working this hard dear, you need to rest while you are pregnant." She would always return their remarks with a smile, and a reassuring, "This isn't work to me, I want to be with my family."

But being with her family after the child was born was going to be difficult, and she knew that. When Kenneth was born, the maternity leave would have to begin. She spent the first six months of Kenneth's life at home, getting him nice and prepped for the world outside their home. As soon as the six month marker hit, she began taking him to their bakery every other day. She kept Kenneth attached to her hip during this whole time. It made taking orders a bit more difficult, but Kenneth was a good conversation starter (not that he was the one talking). Finally, when Kenneth turned one his uncle Martin had an idea. He would help watch the boy every other day, that way Lauren could have a decent day at the bakery. The only problem with this would be that Martin wouldn't be at the bakery during those times. It would still survive, it would just be difficult. Lauren and Edwin both agreed with Martin, and the journey to keep the bakery open while raising a child would continue.

This schedule worked fairly well for the Donley's. When Kenneth was three, things would change ever so slightly though. His mother was pregnant again, so there was a new schedule that they would have to get used to. At the age of three, Kenneth didn't completely understand what was going on. All he knew was that there would be a new little girl appearing at their house in a few months (anyway that is what his mother told him), and he had to help take care of her. Surprisingly, Kenneth was never jealous of his little sister. He just wanted her to be protected, even at a young age. He tried to teach her how to walk when she was just two months old (which obviously didn't work). The schedule with his uncle went back to normal when his younger sister Jenn turned one. Martin was a very clean guy. He didn't like dirt, dust, or anything of the sort--but he still managed to be patient with the children. He taught Kenneth how to be clean, how to be responsible, and also taught him how to be a gentleman at a very young age. His education would have went further with his uncle, but he had to attend muggle school (not that they called it that, seeing as their family were muggle).

It was just a year into his schooling that his mother told him that they were going to have another child. They told Jenn almost exactly what they had told him at a young age, and tried to tell Kenneth the same thing--but he was curious and wanted to know more. "Where do babies come from" were the exact words from his mouth, and his father had to explain to him. They then had to tell him that it was only for a man and a woman who loved each other deeply, and it wasn't just something that happened every day. The concept was still confusing to Kenneth, and he didn't really care to delve deeper into it at the age of six. Instead he focused all of his energy on his schooling, and football. He may have been the quiet kid in school, but he loved playing football. It always seemed as if something was missing though. He didn't know what it was, but he had always had that pit in the bottom of his stomach telling him he could do so much more. Strange things happened when he was around. He still remembers a time where he fell, and ripped a hole in his new pants. By the time he got inside, the hole was no longer there. He thought that he was just imagining it, but there wasn't any way to prove if it had happened or not.

That is, until the letter came. It explained everything. He was a wizard. It was difficult for them to comprehend at first. A whole new world that they didn't know about existed, what more can you really expect? But the Donleys weren't afraid to dive in head first and get their son to the strangely named "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." The whole world was foreign, and they needed to learn about it for their son. To begin with, they got him all the supplies needed, cauldrons, robes, books, and most importantly a wand. Then they began to wander around the alley in search of things that were different. The thing they quickly noted were the owls. They noticed that the wizards used owls much like pigeon mail. The first chance they got, they bought Kenneth his first owl. Kenneth vowed to keep in contact with his siblings before he went off to school, and that was one vow he never broke, even though he was the only one in his family who ever attended the school.

The Donleys knew that there was no way that they could understand all of the Wizarding World without living in it, so they reluctantly let their child go to a school to learn about a world that they would never understand. He was sorted into the house called Hufflepuff (even though he didn't know what the hell a Hufflepuff was). His first year at Hogwarts was a difficult one (mainly because he appeared his first day with what was called headgear wrapped around his head), but he managed to make a soul friend. These two were pretty inseparable throughout all of their schooling. Kenneth eventually became Head Boy while his friend was a Prefect right there with him. The one thing that his friend didn't do with Kenneth was Quidditch. Kenneth found a new passion for a sport he had no idea existed. During his first year, he watched the sport from the stands with fascination. His second year, he tried to make it on the team as a chaser, and failed royally. But during his third year at Hogwarts the current captain put a bludger bat in his hand, and sent him up on a broom to see if he was worthy. He was a natural beater. He continued playing for the Hufflepuff, and eventually became team Captain. He was never one to let power go to his head, and was a fairly calm captain. They didn't end up by winning the house cup, but they enjoyed every second that they were up on their brooms.

It was the last week that he was in Hogwarts that he got the letter from the Westgate Winged Horses informing him that they wanted him to come try out for their team. He did, and managed to get a secondary spot on the team. He wasn't going to go out as a starter quite yet, but if there were any injuries, he would be out in a second. It only took another year until one of the beaters managed to get a bludger to the head, which gave them a sudden fear of flying. Unlucky for the guy, but lucky for Kenneth. He was a starting beater for a professional Quidditch team. He doubted anyone would believe that he would have gotten this far in a Quidditch career, but it didn't really matter what people believed. Kenneth wasn't one to let this get to his head. In his spare time, he continued to go back to his parents bakery and help them out. It was as if he had two full time jobs. Even while he was still in school he would return home on the Holidays to help them with the busy time. He never asked for any money from them. He just wanted to see the little shop survive.
ty sophia

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Posted: Jan 7 2010, 04:36 AM

the pushy admin.
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Congratulations! We have read over your application, and you have been accepted! Now you need to take a trip over to our face claim, and after that you can call this board your home!
KENNNNNNNNN. KUH-ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. KEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Hi Ken. You smell like cookies. America loves you. And Abby is scared of you. Liss thinks you're a twat and Adelaide just says " :] "

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