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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

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 FADO, horacio
horacio marcello fado
Posted: Nov 25 2009, 11:50 PM

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Group: The Order.
Posts: 20
Member No.: 15
Joined: 25-November 09

Full Name:

Horacio Marcello Fado





Blood Type:



-Long walks on the beach – “I’ m a classic guy like that. And well, I grew up on the beach, so I really just like walking on it. I’m not trying to be some romantic geek…even if I actually am one in reality.”
-Stars – “Something about them is mysterious. They’re beautiful, and lighten up the night sky just perfectly.”
-Cooking – “Honestly, cooking is one of the things that I do when I’m really bored. It lets me get that creative side rolling. Sometimes my friends love it, sometimes they hate it. But I always love it!”
-Dancing – “Dancing! Freedom of expression! Okay, honestly dancing is something that shows how well you can cooperate with other people. It is a good way to get to know someone.”
-Drinking – “Well, what can I say? I’m a teenage guy. It relaxes me…but makes me go crazy at the same time.”
-Partying – “PARTY! Okay basically this is just a great way to socialize, and get crazy! You know, you never need an excuse to party!”
-Muggles – “It fascinates me that they can survive without magic! I honestly wonder how they can do it. I mean, I don’t use magic for everything, but I need it for some things, you know?!” -The wizarding world –“Even though I love muggles, I don’t think that I could live without ‘em.”
-Family – “ What can I say? I’ve always been a big family guy. You know, growing up with such a large family does that to you.”
-Rock climbing – “Living life on the edge. Scaling up a wall. Oh, the energy rush is amazing. Plus it is a way to get in shape without doing that running stuff.”
-Music – “Anyone who doesn’t like some sort of music probably isn’t a person. That is all I’m going to say about this subject.” -The ukulele – “Did you know that it is actually originally from Portugal? Bet you didn’t!” -Drums – “Come on. It is banging things. And you’re like the heart beat of the band. Who wouldn’t want that?”
-Attention – “…I’m going to deny this one for now.”
-Frothy drinks – “Froth! Okay, honestly I just like the word froth…and I like drinks.”
-Touching – “I am a touchy person. I actually don’t mean this in a weird perverted way. More like I like knowing where people are…or something like that.”
-Simple things in life – “If you don’t appreciate the simple things in life, there is no way that you’ll appreciate the complicated things.”
-Protecting people – “I may not be good at it, but I like to think that I could protect some people. -Especially my little sister Natalia.”
-Being different – “I’ve always been the odd duck in the family. So, I guess I’ve learned to like it.”
-Love – “I’m a hopeless romantic. What can I say? The only thing that will actually calm me down is the person who I am in love with.”
-Females = “What can I say?!”
-Males – “Yet again, what can I say?!”
-Bread - “The band, the food. Bread is pretty amazing. Think about everything that you can do with it! Toast it, butter it, make a sandwich, eat it…It is amazing.”
-His penis – “I’m not the only person who likes this, if you know what I mean.”
-The sunshine = “The sun actually reminds me of home. During the winter here at Hogwarts I feel so stuck…and groggy. But the sun gives me life!”
-Hot weather – “I love hot weather. You can actually do things in it, unlike the cold weather. Plus, it means I have to wear less clothing!”
-Swimming – “I love to swim! In the lake, in the ocean, rivers? Wherever! I was practically born in the waters of Portugal.”
-Skateboarding – “Now I don’t do any of that fancy trick skateboarding, I’m more of a long boarder myself. Good means of transportation.”
-Hanging out with friends – “Friends! Really, if you don’t like hanging out with your friends, you need to get new ones.”
-Slytherin girls – “Honestly, I dislike most of the Slytherin girls, because they dislike me. But there are those few….and especially one in particular.”
-Rock and roll – “It is that risky music. And heck, it has a beat. I’m sure it’d be fun to play on the drums, if I actually knew how to drum. “
-Being unpredictable – “I like surprising people! What good is life if you know everything that is coming at you?”
-Juice – “Yum. There is nothing like fruit squeezed so hard that it liquefies and then you drink that liquid. Okay, that was weird, I’ll admit it.”
-Holidays – “I’m a holiday man! It is just excuses of times to show how much you love someone. So, I like making up my own holidays…except I don’t actually.”
-Birds – “Especially tropical birds! They’re beautiful! And they are smarter than most people give them credit for. Most Wizards think Owls are the smartest birds, but I think that that could be debatable.”
-Octopus – “For some reason, they strike my fancy. I don’t know why. They just seem like cool animals. Just like the giant squid.”
-Surfing – “Swimming and surfing kind of go hand in hand. Well, when you live on a beautiful coast anyway.”
-Yelling – “AHH! It just lets out so much emotion! And it doesn’t have to be mad yelling. Just AHH!”
-one on one relationships – “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I cheated on someone. And honestly, I am a one man per person person. So, don’t come at me with any of that freaky crud.”
-The Ocean – “I love it! I’ve live by it for who knows how long now. If I didn’t like it, I would have moved in with my disgusting father by now. But I’d never do that to my mother.”
-Winning – “Who likes losing? Not me! I have to admit, I’m a sore loser. So…just let me win.”
-Puzzles – “You know, it amazes me, but I can actually concentrate on things like this. Maybe it is because it actually forces me to concentrate.”
-His hair – “I have amazing hair. Don’t mess it up.”
-Making people happy – “I’m not a big fan of making people unhappy…even if I do it a lot. But I try to make people laugh…most of the time.”
-Clubs – “I love dancing! I love music! I love drinking! I love clubs!”
-Knifes – “Not for killing people, you crazy person. There is nothing like cooking when you have an awesome knife.”
-Blankets – “They serve many purposes. Keeping you warm, hiding you from people. The list goes on and on!”
-Lobster – “It has that rich taste. Nothing else really compares with it, not even crab meat. But I do like crab as well.”
-Seafood – “I’ve lived on the coast for the majority of my life. Can you really expect much less?”
-Spicy food – “You have to get the balance between making it spicy, and still keeping it so it is edible. You don’t want the spice to overpower the food.”
-His Nationality – “Being Portuguese is a big part of my life. There aren’t many people in Hogwarts who even know about Portugal, so I get to be mysterious…only I’m not."
-Fresh ingredients – “Cooking with fresh ingredients is like opening a whole new world. It gives the actual flavor that you are looking for, rather than some diluted mess.” -Leather Pants – “Honestly, it is just recently that I figured this out. I don’t wear them that often…they are just warm…and tight.”
-Ripped Jeans – “It is breezy. I like breezy.”
-Spanish Accents – “Okay, this is kind of a secret, but I’ve always had a thing for Spanish accents. They aren’t much different from Portuguese accents, but I can tell the difference. It is a bit harsher. But, harsher in a good way. Not like German harsh.”
-Human Anatomy – “No, not like just looking at it. I like figuring out how things work in the body. So I guess you could say I like biology…but not really. I’m more interested in how the body parts work. Yeah…done explaining that."


-Vamprires - “This is like walking dead…no that is zombies. This is the undead. I honestly don’t know what the hell this means. It is like not alive, but not dead. Yeah, not my thing sorry.”
-People hitting on his little sister – “No. Just stay away from her.”
-His hair getting messed up – “Now why would someone want to mess up perfection? To make fun of me. Honestly, I’m not sure why it bugs me so much. You would think I’d be used to it thanks to my brothers. But no…I’m not.”
-Burns – “You have NO idea how many times I’ve burnt myself. Cooking is freaking dangerous. Just be careful if you decide to do it.”
-Baking – “When I bake, things explode. It is not good.”
-Cold – “I hate being cold. And honestly Hogwarts is not the hottest climate ever. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go wear baggy sweatshirts just to stay warm. I’d rather suffer."
-Habanero Peppers – “These are just too hot. It isn’t even a flavor! It is like BAM explosion. That isn’t okay in my book.”
-People attacking muggles – “There is no point. Honestly. They are people as much as us wizards are, if not more. Get over yourselves.”
-Sneaky people – “I hate it. Be up front, and tell me what you are doing. Don’t go beating around the bush.”
-People who don’t know how to get over things – “Yeah. Enough about that one.”
-Being called a child – “My siblings are the ones who love to do this. Yes, I am childish, but I am not a fucking child.”
-Sharks – “They totally ruin the swimming experience for me. But I can ignore them for a short amount of time. Supposedly they won’t attack…I don’t believe it.”
-History of Magic – “Honestly, I don’t care. Why didn’t we just call it history, and study everything? No, instead we had to talk about vampires taking over, us making the giants go into hiding. Seriously, how could people think Wizards are amazing people?”
-Morning breath – “I can’t stand it! I have to brush my teeth as soon as I get up in the morning. Have to!”
-Drama – “I HATE drama. If this starts, it is basically a group of people who think they are better than each other, so they have to do things to make the other people mad. I don’t understand it, and seriously doubt that I ever will.”
-People crying – “If someone is crying, it means they are unhappy most of the time. I don’t like it when people are unhappy, and tend to put it upon myself to make them feel better.” -When he can’t make people feel better – “It makes me feel worthless. Really.”
-Essays – “I am not a big writer to be honest with you. I can give one hell of a speech, but writing…no. Unless it is a poem or something. I have some serious skills there. But essays, I’d rather not.”
-Uptight people – “They usually don’t like me…so naturally I don’t like them back.”
-Losing – “I love being the winner. Since I am one of the youngest in my family, it has always been rare that I actually do…so I kind of take it personally when I lose.”
-Dueling – “I couldn’t duel my way out of a paper bag…okay I probably could. But honestly, is there a point to dueling? No.”
-War – “Fight against the war! Except fight using you words rather than violence. Come on people, there has to be a better way to work things out. Okay, I’m a freaking hypocrite.”
-Fitting in with the crowd – “I hate not being noticed. I don’t want to be just another person in your muggles studies class. I want you to know my name, and have an opinion on me. If you like me, that is great! If you don’t, it is still great!”
-People forcing their opinions on others – “Just grow up and deal with it. Not everyone is going to agree with you.”
-Pigs – “For some reason, pigs seem to find my boxers very…appetizing?”
-Traitors – “Never turn your back on who you are friends with. That is just pathetic. I am sorry.”
-People thinking he failed them – “Okay, if I can’t make someone happy, it makes me feel bad. But when people say that I failed them, that makes me feel horrible. I don’t want people who are actually relying on me to be disappointed.”
-Being sick – “…who likes this? If you like this, you should really go to the doctors.”
-Getting woken up – “I would much rather sleep as long as my body actually wants. There is no reason to wake someone up! When their bodies want them to get up, they’ll get up.”
-Being ignored – “Okay, this is worse than not fitting in. I want your attention, and if you are purposely not paying attention to me I’m going to get annoyed.”
-Confusion – “I can’t stand when I have no idea what is going on.”
-When people won’t explain things – “When I actually go out on a limb and ask about something, I don’t want to just be shrugged off.”
-Asking for help – “Okay, this is just a bit of a pride thing. I hate going to people for help, because I am too proud to do so…and also I am afraid of bugging them. What can I say?”
-His father – “You have no idea how much I dislike this man. He said he loved my mother, then had five, yes five children…and then left her. What the hell kind of move is that?! Glad to know his job is more important than his children!”
- Being left out – “I want to be part of things. Ever since I was young, I’ve been the odd man out of my family. So, being left out is something that I’m kind of used to…but just because I’m used to it does not mean I like it.”
-Early mornings – “Early mornings are like hangovers. And usually if you have to get up early, that means that you have to do something. I don’t like when I have to do something.”
-Being told what to do – “Yet again, I’m one of the young children. I got told what to do all the time from my older siblings. So I hate it when people still do that. Just leave me be!”
-Feeling alone – “Yes, I, Horacio Fado, will admit that I do not like to be alone.”
-Cold showers – “Oh my goodness. There is nothing that is more uncomfortable than a cold shower…unless you are in Portugal during the summer. Then they actually have their place. But at Hogwarts. No way.”
-Peeves – “The stupid guy likes to call me ‘Whore’ and make songs about it. Sure, they’re amusing, but he doesn’t need to sing it across the whole school.”
-People who can’t say his name – “It is not Whoreacio! It is pronounced like ‘Or- ahh see oh’. Not that hard to say.”
-People who don’t know the difference between Portuguese and Spanish – “They are two different languages! Come on people. Don’t be stupid.”
-Feeling used – “I’m a nice guy. It would be pretty easy for someone to use me. I’m a sucker for making people happy. So when I actually get used, I hate it. Who would like that?”
-People who make situations awkward – “Okay honestly, it wasn’t fucking awkward until you said it was awkward. Just go with the flow!”
-Barking dogs – “This….is just annoying.”
-Rumors – “Okay even I’ll admit they are funny sometimes. But there is a point where it goes to far…and that is when it hurts people.”
-People who don’t know how to treat women right – “Grow up, evolve, and be a fucking gentleman.”
-Abuse – “Any kind of abuse is not okay. We are all people. We are all equal.”
-Stupidity – “Ok, I don’t mind if you are naturally stupid. I just figure there isn’t anything you can do about it. But when you are a smart person, pretending to be dumb…yeah you’ve lost all of my respect.”
-Death – “Okay, if you like death, you are messed up.”


-kind attitude
-good looks
-the fact that he wasn’t born with money
-getting out of awkward moments
-owns own business


-the death eaters are probably after him
-doesn’t know when to be quiet
-fails at riding a broom
-addiction to drugs in the past
-getting into awkward moments
-giving into people
-not knowing when to say no
- self-conscious.


-Fixing his hair whenever he can.
-Checking himself in mirrors, and shiny objects to make sure that he looks okay.
-Getting himself in tight spots that he can’t get out of
-Scratching his chin when he is thinking.
-Falling down the stairs while drunk.
-Being interrupted…
-Yelling at his friends when he is annoyed. I swear it is playful yelling.


"When I was younger, I had a bit of an accident when I was at home. I decided that it was a good idea to go play in the ocean on my own. My mother had said it wasn't a good idea not very long before. I have to tell you this now, if you tell me not to do something, I will probably go out and do it. One, I like attention. Two, I don't really feel like being controlled. I feel like I've grown out of this a bit–but then I hadn't. Well what happened is I got drawn out further into the ocean than I would have liked. You know how the waves pull you back, well that is exactly what happened. Luckily, I am a strong swimmer and never gave up. My oldest brother saw what was happening and dove in to save me luckily. Whoever says Hufflepuffs can't be brave must be insane. Well, once he got me he brought be back inside for a scolding. Lets just say I didn't go swim in the ocean for about a year after that. The strange thing about this though, is I don't really mind the ocean. What makes this memory so bad for myself is the fact that I had to have people save me–and then on top of that I made my mother mad, sad, and worried. Yes, I am a 'mothers boy' but you can't blame me can you?"


"I have to warn you, but I am a little cliché here. I promise, this is the only aspect of myself that actually is. I've only come across a boggart once in my life (luckily) and I will never forget what it showed me. First, it was my youngest sister Natalia dead–and not only dead, but it looked as if she had been brutally beaten. When I attempted to make it go away, my mother appeared next to her in the same state that Natalia was in. This kept happening until all of my family was down there. Luckily, someone walked in and got rid of them for me. I don't even remember who it was. I try to block it out of my head to be honest."


"My patronus is a cheerful little Barbary Ape. I really wasn't able to produce a full blown patronus until after I graduated Hogwarts. Don't get me wrong, I've had a pretty good life, but there really was no memory that stuck out as 'great' in my mind. Once I was out, my friend Parker and I began to discuss opening a little restaurant together. First it was just playful, and it was doubtful that we would be able to (even though in the end I wanted a restaurant anyway), but the more that we started talking, the more it started clicking. My memory is the first night that we opened. All our friends were there, we managed to get a little bit of a prophet, and Parker managed to not blowup the whole building with his fiery drinks. It basically showed me where I was going in life, and made me realize that almost anything can be accomplished if you put all of your effort towards it."


Mother - Rosa Fado
Father - Frederick Reed
Older Sister - Julia Reed
Older Brother - Antonio Reed
Older Brother - Perez Reed
Younger Sister - Natalia Reed


Daniel Bederov

The Role Player

Other Characters: Baldric Van Vranken, Davy Gudgeon, Kenneth Donley, and Lennox Logan

Horacio is one of those guys that likes to lay everything out there, and likes to appear as if he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. If anyone looked close, they’d instantly be able to tell that he cares to a certain extent. Nobody would keep their hair like he did if they didn’t care. Most people just look at him as if he was a cocky guy (when he is away from his restaurant). It wouldn’t be hard for someone to make that assumption. His exuberant personality mixed with his uncaring attitude could often give off the appearance of a jackass. But once you get to know him the caring side comes back (the jackass doesn’t really leave, but it becomes more endearing). He is a hopeless romantic at heart, and isn’t afraid to admit it. The many layers of Horacio make him who he is, and a few short paragraphs won’t define who he fully is.

There are many ways of hiding the fact that you care about something, and Horacio uses many of these ways. The first tactic is a smile. The smile gives off a clue to the recipients mind informing them that the person giving the smile is happy. Happiness means that they are not upset, which obviously means that they are not bothered about a situation, which in turn means that they don’t care! So Horacio tries to have a smile on his face at all times. To continue with this strategy, he tries to have a positive persona around him (when he isn’t with people who he is actually close with). He often acts overly-excited about things that you shouldn’t be excited about. Example: Leather pants. He once found a pair of leather pants in his trunk at Hogwarts, did a little jig, put them on, did another jig, went into the common room and shouted about his pants, informed the rest of his friends about his pants, bragged about his pants, and finally did another jig. Showing emotions that you aren’t afraid to show, and multiplying them makes it much easier to hide those things that you might be afraid to show.

For the most part, he isn’t really afraid of showing his emotions. What he is afraid of is that people will judge him. It is precisely this reason that he spends so long making sure that his hair is perfect. He is very worried about his appearance. He knows that most people are going to judge other people based upon how they look, and if that is the case he has to look good as well. Now I must regret to inform you right now: Horacio is shallow. Part of the reason why he is so afraid that people are going to judge him is because he judges people himself. If someone doesn’t know how to take care of themselves, he figures they aren’t going to know how to take care of other people, which in turn means that they aren’t worth his time. That isn’t to say that he wouldn’t be friends with them if they approached. It is to say that he wouldn’t go out of his way to attempt to befriend them.

Romance isn’t something that Horacio jokes about. He is a cheesy-mushy-long-walks-on-the-beach type of guy. His personality changes when he is in a relationship. Instead of giving off that juvenile not caring persona, he gets serious very quickly. Many of his previous relationships have failed because of this. He seems like a different guy when they are in a relationship with him, so they often times run back to that friend-zone. Horacio is big about remaining friends with his exes. He figures if he went that extra distance and got in a relationship with them, there was no use in losing them as a friend over it. He probably would continue to flirt with them (which we’ll get into a little later), but he won’t see it as awkward. He is a big believer in the simple power of touch…or in other words he is very handsy. He isn’t going to go grope someone on a first date, but he will probably hold their hand, put his hand on their knee, let their arms brush, etc. He feels like when he is touching someone he is getting to know them better. He is even like that with his friends…just more with people who he is actually dating. Horacio is a flirt. It comes with “not caring” about what other people think. He will flatter girls, and will make them feel as if they are wanted. It is what he does.

As far as friends go, Horacio gets very protective. He doesn’t like seeing people who he loves hurt, and thinks that if they are not happy it is his fault. So of course the protective aspect is going to come out. Now, with his guy friends he is a bit more hidden about it. He doesn’t want to appear weak to them, so he dishes shit to them, and they dish stuff back. It isn’t that hard to understand (according to him), but other people who are observing the relationship might get a bit confused. He does believe in respect, even if the relationships with his male friends don’t display the respect in a traditional fashion. As far as being friends with girls, he doesn’t want them to be hurt by any guys. He doesn’t care if they date, and of course wants them to do that—but if the guy turns out to be a jackass he won’t hesitate to be the shoulder to cry on. He is a sensitive guy, and isn’t afraid to show that side to women. As for going and beating the guy up, he probably wouldn’t do that. Not because he doesn’t think they deserve it, but because him and physical fighting and/or dueling aren’t really his strong points. He does have a strong punch, but not strong enough to win in a fight…just strong enough to inform someone that he is mad (and he is only good for one punch in reality). To get even he would much rather come up with an elaborate prank. Why hurt the guy when you could explode his ego into a million little pieces?

Ever since Horacio was in school, he got a passion for cooking. He got the dream in his head that he would open up a restaurant, and actually got to live out this dream. This all brought out a new side of him: his professional side. He strives to serve the customer, and is afraid of disappointing them. He is a bit of a pushover when it comes to them, and is a firm believer that the customer is always right. But he isn’t afraid to bring his exuberant side out when he is working. The fact that he is a chef might give you the idea that he would come off as a bit of an ass backstage. The fact that he cooks in front of people makes those urges disappear, and transform into ways to entertain his customers.

In other situations when Horacio is stressed, he does not hide it well. He gets flustered, raises his voice, and moves his hands much more than one person probably should. If he gets angry enough, he will start speaking in Portuguese. The advantage of this is that people around him won’t actually know what he is saying…the disadvantage is that it is obvious that he is angry, and they don’t know what he is saying. He doesn’t really know how brush things off when he isn’t in a professional environment. If he is upset, he will tell you. It is part of that not hiding anything thing that he has going on in his mind, even bad emotions. Now unfortunately, if Horacio is sad he usually transforms that emotion into anger or frustration, depending on the severity. So because of this, if he gets stressed, or anything bad happens to him he becomes a bit of a jerk. Luckily, he is fairly busy with his restaurant, so this side doesn’t come off quite as much as it might have when he was in school.

Horacio has always had a love for muggles. He likes things that are different, and Muggles are far different from anything he was actually exposed to when he was growing up. It wasn’t that his parents disliked them, it was that he was a pureblood not living within muggle society. He loves learning about muggles. He loves speaking to them (even if he doesn’t understand everything completely). The one thing that he can’t get over about these times is that the Death Eaters have so much control. He would do whatever it is he can to get the muggles and muggleborns to be safe, and is doing that as well. He has put his prized possession (his restaurant) at risk, and made it a place to hide refugees. Surprisingly he isn’t afraid at all. That is the Gryffindor coming out of him. The only problem is he has a problem not talking about his opinion regarding the war. Keeping ones’ cover is very difficult in these times, especially when you are Horacio Fado.
Not everyone has an average history, especially if they’re alive in the 80s. But, Horacio Fado’s history is edging on the average side of someone who might have had their youth in the 90s, rather than the 70s. I suppose that it all started with his mother Rosa (anyway that is where Horacio would like me to start it). She was born and raised in Portugal. She was a pureblood, but unlike a lot of pureblood children at the time, she was never encouraged to dislike muggles. Rosa’s parents didn’t like them, but didn’t hate them either. They just didn’t pay attention to muggle matters, because in reality they didn’t have to. They lived in a little wizarding community, and really did not have a lavish lifestyle. In fact, Rosa’s family was considered poor. Her family had plenty of children, six to be exact. Three girls, and three boys. Rosa was the fourth born, so she never really got that “different” treatment that the eldest, or youngest child might get. She didn’t mind though. She loved having a huge family, and was convinced that she would have one as well when she was old enough to have children. Although the times might have been tough, having more people in the family helped to get the basic needs met. Each of the children attended the local Wizarding School in Portugal, and when they all graduated they helped to provide for their parents (or as much as they could).

Most of the family stayed in Portugal, but Rosa had a different plan for her life. She had excelled in both her charms class and potions class, and had always had a love for helping people. The natural career choice for her was to be a nurse at a wizarding hospital. She couldn’t be a doctor after all—women weren’t made to be doctors. So she did some research on wizarding hospitals (aka asking other wizards who lived around her) and she heard great things about St. Mungos in England. She informed her mother that she was leaving, packed her luggage into a trunk, and made her way to England. Within the first few days she met a young pureblooded man named Fredrick Reed . It turned out that Fredrick Reed had just graduated from Hogwarts and was in a house called Hufflepuff (not that Rosa actually knew what that was). It turned out he was an up-in-coming writer, and had just acquired a job writing for the Daily Prophet. He wasn’t writing any huge stories yet, but the job paid the bills.

The two hit it off right away, thinking that they had everything in common, when to everyone else it was obvious that they had very little in common. They ignored the warnings and got married a short two months after meeting each other. Rosa never got her job at St. Mungos (due to the fact that she moved up directly after Hogwarts graduation—so the jobs were pretty much taken), but Fredrick didn’t seem to mind. They did not waste time creating a family together. After a month of being married, Rosa found out that she was pregnant. Nine months later they were blessed with a little girl named Julia. Because Rosa wanted a big family, they didn’t waste time conserving the next child. Around a year later they had a son named Antonio. Rosa was still not pleased with the family size, so another son was in order. His name would be Perez. Now at this point, Fredrick was beginning to get worried about the size of family that they were getting. He felt that three children was enough, but Rosa still wanted at least one more child. Fredrick couldn’t really say no, so they had yet another son. This time his name was Horacio. Fredrick decided that Horacio would be the last child that they would have, but Rosa still wasn’t satisfied. She was willing to keep their family at the size it was to save their marriage though, and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it. Well—unfortunately Rosa somehow got pregnant once more and a this time they had a little girl named Natalia. This caused their relationship to get a little bit rocky. Fredrick was convinced Rosa got pregnant on purpose, and Rosa couldn’t convince him otherwise. They still decided to stay together for the sake of the children, and refused to argue in front of them.

Having so many children made it very hard for Fredrick to support them. About a year after Natalia was born, Rosa began to look for some sort of income. She wrote to her family, and got a few replies informing her that there was an available nursing position back in Portugal. Rosa was very excited about this position because she knew that it would be possible for them to all move back there, and Fredrick would be able to still have his job. All he would have to do was owl his stories back, or apparate into the office. Also, if they moved back Rosa knew they would have support in raising the children because her family was there. So she approached Fredrick about the move. Unfortunately, Fredrick said he refused to move, and would not listen to Rosa when she tried to explain the situation. This was the final straw, and the two decided to call it quits. Now luckily, the divorce was a clean one. Frendrick didn’t want full custody of the children, but of course he didn’t want to lose all contact as well. So the children moved back to Portugal with their mother in agreement that they would get to see their father every once in a while.

Horacio doesn’t remember anything from the above really, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping a grudge on his father. At the age of five, he asked his mother why him and his siblings had a different last name than his mother. After his mother explained, he begged to have the same last name as her. At first she refused, and explained that it wasn’t necessary…but Horacio was a persistent five-year-old and eventually got his point across and officially became a Fado. This instantly began to separate him from his siblings. They didn’t share the same last name anymore, so of course they couldn’t be completely as close. He never really had a liking for his father because he thought that he picked his job over the children. It didn’t matter how many times his mother tried to convince him otherwise, he refused to listen. Because of this, he got very close to his mother. He never really grew out of being a momma’s boy.

During the first few years of the Fado/Reed children’s time back in Portugal, they were literally passed around from uncle to aunt every day. Rosa had to attend work, and the children couldn’t be left unattended. Somehow this caused Horacio to act out. He felt that he needed to get the attention of whoever was watching them that day. He was by far the black sheep of the children. He was constantly testing the aunts’ and uncles’ boundaries. And of course the boundaries had to be checked every single time that he went to a different aunt or uncle’s house. But after a few years, Fredrick Reed began to get more columns in the Daily Prophet, and therefore his salary continued to rise. Rosa continued to work as the child support came in, and their family began to get to that “wealthy” standpoint. Rosa never actually stopped working, but she did get to the point where she didn’t need to work anymore (thanks to the money that Fredrick was sending), and this caused their family to get out of that “poor” standing, and helped them to continue climbing up in status.

Horacio’s siblings didn’t seem to pay much attention to him at a young age, but they didn’t ignore him either. It was a strange relationship that is fairly difficult to explain in words. But, Horacio always had looked up to his older siblings, even if they didn’t look down at him in a proud way. So when he saw them all leave to go to Hogwarts, he was sure to keep Natalia under his wing. He didn’t want her to get hurt in any way, and he wanted to make sure that she looked up to him. If she did, he never really knew. He just hoped. Anyway, both of his older brothers were sorted into Hufflepuff, and his older sister was sorted into Ravenclaw. So when Horacio finally got his letter to Hogwarts he assumed he was going to be sorted into Hufflepuff.

Amazingly, when he put the hat on his head the hat seemed slightly confused about where to put him. It eventually shouted out Gryffindor, and the Reed’s couldn’t be more surprised. His first year at Hogwarts was just like a normal first years…except he was still striving for attention. It seemed as if the young Fado kid would do whatever it was that he could do to get attention. The older Reed children began to disassociate themselves with Horacio, which was easy to do because of the last name difference. But when Natalia came to school Horacio began to be protective over her again. Most people didn’t understand why, and didn’t realize that they were related still—and Horacio didn’t mind. Just as long as she didn’t get hurt—or touched by a boy. Horacio’s attention seeking behavior didn’t falter as he continued his way through Hogwarts. He got a few friends, and was a big part of the Hogwarts party scene. He did get into the use of Gillyweed, and experimented with one of his best friends. When he got walked in on, he instantly stopped the gillyweed, blaming it for his actions, and hasn’t had sexual relations with a male since. He was always a person who was interested in Muggles, and was good at potions as well. He began to learn a bit about how Muggles cooked in his muggle studies classes, and mashed up that knowledge with his knowledge of potions. He still couldn’t get the hang of baking, but cooking things on the stove came to him in a breeze. It was then that he decided that he would become a chef, and would bring amazing muggle cooked food to the wizarding community. They didn’t have to know that it was cooked in a muggle fashion, he would make it taste as if it was created by wizards (according to pureblood standards).

After graduation, Horacio did not join the Order of the Phoenix right away. He set off into London to take a few professional cooking classes. He never lost touch with his good friend Parker, and they would always joke about creating a restaurant, where Parker would have his own bar. It didn’t take long before their ideas began to make sense, and actually got into a reasonable goal. Shortly after, they got money from both of their parents, and a restaurant was built and opened. Unfortunately, the war was still going on, and Horacio’s love for muggles had never really died. It seemed like the war was taking a turn for the worst when the Ministry was finally taken over by the Death Eaters, but they had a glimpse of hope. Voldemort was defeated. Horacio knew it was time to step in and save people. They converted the basement of their restaurant into a place to hide people that the Death Eaters were after. It was a new journey for the two, but Horacio was positive they wouldn’t get caught, and even if he happened to be wrong, he was going to go down fighting. This was his official entrance into the Order, and he was regretting not helping out sooner. But he knew their time was coming, and the muggleborns wouldn't have to fear for long.
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