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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin. poll.

 GUDGEON, davy
davy hine gudgeon
Posted: Nov 22 2009, 03:57 AM

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Group: Resistance.
Posts: 11
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Joined: 22-November 09

Full Name:

Davy Hine Gudgeon





Blood Type:



- ABAGAIL – “Well I am marrying her right? Of course I like her—or love. You know, one of those L words.”
- JACKSON - “Okay, I am not in love with him I swear! He has just been my friend for…EVER. We went to muggle school together and everything. Of course, the jerk never told me he was a wizard.”
- MOVIES – “Ok wizard pictures will never replace the art of a fine film. I love them all! Action, horror, comedy, drama! Too bad we don’t get them here in Hogwarts.”
- GAME SHOWS – “I really do miss watching them. DON’T HIT THE WHAMMY!”
- ICE CREAM – “Ok, here is something that I get plenty of in Hogwarts. Thank god for knowing where the kitchens are, and getting in with the house elves! Anyway, I think I’m in with them.”
- THE HOUSE ELVES – “They love me so I should love them right? It makes sense!”
- POPULAR MUGGLE MUSIC – “One of the hardest parts of being in Hogwarts was NOT KNOWING WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE MUSIC WORLD. It is okay, I have my Abba.”
- DANCING – “It gets my expression out. You know, sway the hips, thrust them…gets your point across right?”
- TRUTH OR DARE – “I LOVE THIS GAME. It gets so much stuff to happen. You learn a lot, and you get to laugh a lot. Awesome fucking game!”
- JACKSON – “Oh I said him huh?”
- LAUGHING – “I love making people laugh, and laughing. It is like magical itself. You laugh, other people laugh, more people laugh. It is like some weird disease that is good for the human race!”
- LIONS TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY! – “Bahahahahahahaaha.”
- STARS – “Everyone likes stars. If you don’t, you’re a crazy person. I like that I could look up in the sky and figure out where I am if I’m lost…except I probably would think the North Star was some other star, and get even more lost. Oh well!”
- CHIPS AND SALSA – “This is like gods food. It has the flower which is supposed to be a huge fucking part of your diet. And then the veggies, which is the second biggest part of your diet! I fucking LOVE the food pyramid…(and don’t put chips up in the fat oil’s and sweets category.)”
- BIRDS – “They are fucking cool! They can fly and dive and stuff like that. And they are WAY too fast to catch. It is like they have this strange bird-sense that tells them when I’m trying to catch them.”
- SQUIRRELS – “Ok, whoever says squirrels are dumb is an idiot! Just throwing that out there!”
- CHIPMUNKS – “Aww they are so fucking cute! I’m not exactly sure what it is about them. But I want to hug them!”
- FORTS – “If you can build a fort, that just means you are fucking cool as shit.”
- MILKSHAKES – “This should probably go up with the ice cream. It is like drinkable ice cream! Although, you still have to use the spoon sometimes.”
- PIANO – “I wish I could play. I mean, I can sit there and bang on keys and call it ‘art’ but people would know I was just shitting with them.”
- CARS – “I love them. I guess this is a muggle thing.”
- BROOM JOUSTING – “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Seriously.”
- BANANA PANCAKES – “These were the one food that my mum was amazing at making. Holy shit. It is like—I can’t even describe it.”
- PARTIES – “Fuck yes. These bring people together. It is like BAM. I don’t know you but that is ok!”
- STRANGERS – “Strangers are just people who you haven’t talked to yet. Yes, mothers always say don’t talk to strangers…but I guess my mom never told me that.”
- WET HAIR – “I would rather not comment on this, which is saying a lot.”
- LAYING ON THE FLOOR – “It honestly is comfortable, even if you don’t think so.”
USING PEOPLE AS PILLOWS – “The natural pillow is the human body. Didn’t you know that? No? Well now you do!”
- TREES – “Oh trees are amazing! You know, they sit there, and let you climb them. Give you shade! Far far far far far from boring.”
- WIZARD SWEETS – “They are far different from muggle sweets. They’re like BAM I’m magic and will make your head EXPLODE!”
- EXPLOSIONS – “…they’re cool ok? Seriously.”
- TRANSFIGURATION – “I AM AMAZING AT THIS. You make me mad? Well, now you have green nose hairs! WHAT NOW? No, I wouldn’t actually do that to you.”
- PICTURES – “What can I say? I’m an artist at heart. Now all I need to do is get my hand on a camera.”


- LISTING HIS DISLIKES – “See if I list them, that means people are going to try to annoy me. I know it.”
- BITCHES – “I don’t like it when people are mean to me. Of course, playing mean is one thing! BUT being really mean and kicking dirt in my face is far from being cool.”
- MUGGLE SCHOOL – “I was horrible at it! And the memories weren’t too great while going there. Well, some of them were. Like when Jackson peed in a sandbox because he thought he was a cat. Or when we ate pickle popsicles. Ok, the only thing that made muggle school fun was Jackson.”
- TELETHONS – “I still don’t even understand how they work. Look! I’m calling you and giving you money because you are on TV and told me to! No. I will not call…and I won’t watch because they are horrible.”
- BOATS – “I don’t like getting sea sick, and believe me…I get sea sick.”
- BULLIES – “Well, they tend to not like me and beat me up, and I’m not some masochist. I don’t want to be punched if I don’t deserve it! Now if I deserve it and I get punched…that is another story. I still don’t like it, but it was my fault!”
- BORED PEOPLE – “I will fucking save the world of bored people. Seriously. Don’t sit there like duhhhh. It isn’t ok.”
- SAND BURNING FEET – “…it hurts. Yet again. I like sand between my toes, but that whole flesh deciding to sizzle is not a good sign.”
- GROSS HAIR – “Just wash it please. Have you ever ran your hand through a head of greasy hair? Yeah disgusting.”
- CHOKING – “IT SUCKS. You’re sitting there enjoying your chips and salsa and all of a sudden ACH COUGH COUGH COUGH. Your fucking meal is ruined, and people are laughing at you.”
- WHEN PEOPLE CALL HIM TENTACLE FACE – “I am not a tentacle face. I am the master of the seas thank you very much.”
- BEING IGNORED – “People have to try very very very hard to ignore me. So if they actually do it, it upsets me.”
- DROOLING – “I don’t drool. Even though Jack says I do. He lies…liesssss.”
- JACK – “Just kidding.”
- THE THOUGHT OF LOSING JACK – “Ok, this might actually make me cry if this happens. And I don’t fucking cry! AHH.”
- LITTLE KIDS – “They still make fun of me to this day.”
- PEOPLE JUMPING AT HIM – “Honestly, it doesn’t scare me that bad…and you will believe this when you hear me scream like a girl and cover my face.”
- SPIDERS – “Fuck the spiders man. They want to eat me, and I know it.”
- GROUPS – “Just be yourself! Yes, have good friends, but don’t limit yourself to hanging out with those people. GAH.”
- BATS – “These are one of those animals that decide to dive bomb me whenever possible. I’m walking in the great hall….oop there is a bat flying at my head! Really? Since when do we have bats in Hogwarts?”
- VAMPIRES – “They’re like human bats! OH no. I bet if I ran into one I’d be dead in an instant. That’d suck ass….get it? Suck…”
- MEANING TO EXERCISE – “I will get my muscles by walking to the kitchens and getting my ice cream and chips.”
- BEING PRUNY – “It makes me realize what I’m going to look like as an old man, and that isn’t pretty. I don’t want saggy balls!”
- BEING DISLIKED – “I just want people to like me. Duhhh.”
- PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THEIR PAST WHEN IT ISN’T THAT BAD – “Seriously if your life is bad, I will listen. But if your mom just didn’t get you a cool tricycle for your third birthday, I’m not going to feel bad.”
- MILK – “The only way that milk is good is when it is freaking frozen with flavoring in it…aka ice cream.”


-he is a wizard…unlike the rest of his family
-great at transfiguration
-has a good sense of humor
-knows how to avoid teachers when sneaking around
-average height, so he doesn’t really stick out in a crowd
-is great at hiding negative emotions
-good matchmaker (or so he thinks)
-can cook a mean sir fry


-prescription glasses (that he wears half of the time)
-can’t do math
-can’t say no to a dare
-his alcoholic parents
-doesn’t know how to shut up
-continues to drink, even if he is depressed about it the next day
-bottles in negative emotions
-very unorganized

Habits: -getting stuck in small places
-agreeing to do dares that he probably shouldn’t
-losing his glasses
-not staying focused long enough to finish a sentence smoothly
-finishing his coursework at four in the morning
-getting hungry at night, and running down to the kitchen
-flicking his hair out of his face
-making people feel uncomfortable
-hitting on people in a joking-like matter, even if he isn’t joking


”Worst memory…gah I hate going into things like this. Basically one day during elementary school I was having a horrible day. Jackson was sick for some reason, and well—he was my only friend. Other people made fun of me a lot regularly, but I usually had Jack there so I could ignore it. Well this time the kids decided to throw me in a near by bin. When I went home my parents ignored me yet again. It just is kind of a cycle of that over and over again. I suppose I could have a far worse memory, so in that way I am lucky, but I still don’t like living it. When I explain it it sounds lame—but I don’t expect anyone to understand either.”


His own version of the boogeyman. It is a large man. He is all black, except for slashes across his chest, and arms which are blood read. He doesn’t even have hair to add any contrast to this. His eyes are a golden color when he first appears, but if it says there for too long, they flash to red. The teeth are something he really can’t handle. They are sharp, and serrated, much like sharks teeth. The fingernails are also very sharp, as if they were filed to a point. And finally, the only thing that the man is wearing is a pair of ripped up jean shorts.


”I have a kickass patronus! A zebra. That is right. You can even see faint stripes in the silver—not much though because it is silver. Anyway, producing this isn’t too hard. I’m a pretty happy guy. I have a couple of memories that help me produce this. The first is that first day at Hogwarts when I saw Jack standing there alone awkwardly. I was afraid that this new school was going to be like my other, but worse because Jack wasn’t going to be there—but the fact that Jack was there made it…dare I say…magical.

"The other memory I often use is when I asked Abby to marry me and she said yes. Now you know I’m not a conventional guy, so I had to make this moment special for her. So on a cold winter day, I went outside really early in the morning and shoveled out 'Abby, Will you marry me?' in this field that wasn’t too far away from Abby’s house. Now, it was kind of hard to read because of the footprints…but it was readable. After that, I made two snowmen. One of them was the usual three balls stacked on one, and the other was two balls next to each other, and one on one of the balls. The second one was supposed to look like the snowman was on his knee…it kind of worked but not really. Now I put Abby’s old Hufflepuff scarf around the standing snowman, and put my old Gryffindor scarf around the one on its knees. I gave them both stick arms, and made it look like the one kneeling had one of the other snowman’s hands in his. Then I slipped the ring on the stick. Now honestly, I don’t remember this part, because it was freezing cold, and my teeth were chattering and it felt like my fingers were going to fall off. But when I was done getting everything prepared is what I think of. I ran back to her house, knocked on the door, and gave her father a small nod (I had asked for her hand in marriage a few nights before), and he let me in to go get her. I waited patiently as she bundled up (and tried not to laugh when she wondered what happened to her Hufflepuff scarf), and we were off to the field hand in hand. The look on her face as soon as she saw that field was priceless. I then proceeded to get down on one knee, and look up at her and ask her those four words, 'Will you marry me?' This memory produces the strongest patronus I have ever seen in my life."

Put the family information here. Either list or paragraph is acceptable. If you are playing a sibling/family member of an existing character, feel free to link them as well.


Mother - Gladys Gudgeon
Father - Galvin Gudgeon


Robbie Wadge

The Role Player

Name: Alica
Age: 25
Other Characters: Baldric Van Vranken, Kenneth Donley, Horacio Fado, Lennox Logan

Have you ever seen a kid after they had a lot of sugar, and they tend to spaz out like some insane monkey? That is precisely what Davy Gudgeon is like most of the time. It is debatable if this is a reaction to sugar or not, but there is rarely a time that you will find Davy down and out. His past has shown him how to be a survivor. Every day, he is working towards not being like his parents, even if him trying to do this is actually brining him closer to following in their footsteps. He is one who loves to party. People are what gives him his energy. The more people, the more energetic he will be. He thrives off of people’s reactions, and acceptance. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself if his friends told him he was stupid, or worthless. So he tries to get on their good side through the art of humor!

His lack of confidence isn’t visible to the naked eye. He probably comes off as another cocky teenage boy. Well, little do people realize, that cockiness has to come from something deeper. He wouldn’t bother going into details with people though. That type of emotion is only saved for a few special people, if not only one person. When he is in Hogwarts, he completely ignores what goes on in his home. He doesn’t trust himself to deal with things like that while at school. That is why when he was informed he was a wizard, he was excited. He wasn’t the weird kid anymore, he was just a wizard. He would give anything to flaunt that in front of the kids at his old muggle school, but he knows that wouldn’t be the best idea. He isn’t really one for revenge per say, he just wants to prove to them that he wasn’t as strange as they thought he was.

Davy lives for a lot of things, and thrills are a good portion of what he lives for. He can’t ever say no to a dare. If he said no to a dare, that would either show some sort of weakness, or would make him no longer liked by the people around him. He wouldn’t be the life of the party anymore! It doesn’t matter if that isn’t true, that is what he sees. He would rather put himself in danger to still be liked by someone, rather than kick back and live a boring life. He isn’t really afraid of being physically hurt. That doesn’t mean that he likes being physically hurt. He just figures he’ll get better eventually. And hell, if he ends up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, at least he’ll be getting some sort of attention! He also lives off the adrenalin that it gives him. There is nothing like running through the school naked to get your heart racing…or running up and slapping the biggest kid in the school. A lot of people call him an idiot for the things that he does, but he sees it as a term of endearment. When you’ve been called an idiot for most of your life, you begin to embrace it.

The houses are something that Davy is quick to judge people on. Gryffindors are often stupid, and like to party. Ravenclaws are smart, and tend to be a little bit more inward with their emotions. Slytherins are bitches. And last are the little Hufflepuffs, who are really nice and loveable. Now don’t get me wrong, this is just his first impression of them. As he gets to know people, this facade quickly fades, and he sees them for more than the house that they are in. He knows that people judge people, and figures he shouldn’t be any different. He doesn’t treat them any differently based off of those stereotypes…unless they actually live them out. He may judge people in his mind when he first meets them, but he knows that he is doing it and willingly lets them change what he thinks of them. There always has to be a first impression about people when you meet them, so why should this be any different. Davy just believes that it is easy to change a first impression. Well…as long as it is him who is doing the judging.

It takes a lot to actually get Davy to dislike you. He might think you are rude, or a bitch, or a bastard…but that doesn’t mean he dislikes you. He figures he doesn’t understand these types of people, so he really can’t judge them much more than he already has. So of course, there has to be something good about them! He just has to find it! Just because his friends don’t like someone doesn’t mean he won’t like someone. He is good about judging people on his own, and thinks that is something that everyone should do. It’d get rid of a lot of those groups, and would make the world a better place. He tries his best to like people when he first meets them, despite the fact that he already has an inward judgment on them. He tries to make it a positive one! Sure, they might be a bitch, but they are forced to be that way, so obviously they’re really kind on the inside. Sure, this is a bunch of bullshit most of the time, but it makes him feel better about himself. He doesn’t like disliking people, which is part of the reason why it takes so much for him to actually do it. He isn’t one who thrives off of making people feel like an idiot. Instead he wants to make people feel like they are accepted. When he first meets people, he will treat them like he has known them for ages.

Flirting isn’t something that is absent in Davy’s basket full of tricks. He lives and breathes it…and isn’t that great at it. He is the guy who uses the cheesy pickup lines, that offends girls, but somehow gets them entangled in his grasp…and when I say get them entangled in his grasp, I mean they think he is cute, and usually not dateable. Now when he finally gets the attention of a girl, he is still himself, but he starts doing little things differently. He listens to what they have to say, and does what they want. He isn’t one for that whole ‘Males are the ones who need to control the relationship’ philosophy. He figures it should be equal. And even though he believes this, that doesn’t mean he is a pushover. When he says equal, he means equal. Give take relationship. Not take take, or give give relationship. He can be a bit of a romantic sometimes, but that doesn’t last too long. His humor will quickly come to the surface and possibly ruin the situation (really depends on the girl).

He isn’t really one for being a leader, but also doesn’t mind taking the role. He just isn’t going to go into some leadership class to learn how to be a good leader. But if nobody is taking the job, he’ll jump right in. If nobody wants to do anything, then that means they are stuck sitting there staring at the walls blankly, and that is something Davy cannot do. He has a lot of things that he likes to do in his mind, so if a party is dwindling, and people aren’t conversing too much, he’ll pull something out and try to revive it. He can’t sit there and watch people being bored. If this happens, he takes it on himself to make them laughing. It is almost like a game. Make the bored person cry from laughing so hard. It really should be some sort of board game (or bored game if you want to get punny).

He is a strange kid, at least that is what he has been told all of his life. The thing is, he doesn’t mind being called that. He takes it as a compliment. Looking at a lot of the “normal” people around him make him realize being different is a good thing. It causes him to stick out. Causes him to be himself. He is a big person on having your own personality. Groups drive him insane! Now close friendships are one thing. But when you actually name your little group, and dress alike, and have to eat the same foods on certain days, etc…that is going too far. His best friend and him could be considered a “group,” and have probably named themselves in the past, but they never force the other one to do something just because they like it. But, they are there for each other when need be…Hell, they are there for each other even when they don’t need to be! Davy likes to consider them wallflowers, where everyone else probably considers them some weird boys who like to creep up on people. See, Davy likes to know a lot about people. He figures it makes his judgment on them a lot better. So why not creep on them?

Basically, Davy is a lot deeper than he lets off. On the surface he is the cocky boy who seems to not care about what anyone thinks. Below he has a lot of strong opinions, and really wants people to see him as something more than he actually is. If he gets his dream, nobody knows. For now, the turbocharged lionhearted dimwit just needs to get his way through school and get on with his life, getting stronger one day at a time.
It seems as if every witch or wizard’s parents have a very romantic stories…either romantic or tragic. It is hard to say if Davy’s is to the point of being tragic, but it is far from romantic. Galvin Gudgeon had been one of those guys who never wanted to make much of himself. He sat at home, and listened to the radio. All the advertisements gave him an idea. Write jingles. He assumed that you wouldn’t need much education to do such a thing, and all you really needed was one big break, and you’d be out there in no time. He figured it would be easy. Sit down, write down a few things, and you’d have yourself a hit. He spent two months working. Nothing came to him. Not even a little melody. There was one thing that he was lacking, which was inspiration. And this was the first night that he went down to the bar.

Gladys Westminster was a young girl, looking to further her career. She never really knew what she wanted to do, so she began searching the classifieds for any job opening. It took her two months, just like Galvin, and still nothing. So, she took her trip down to the bar. The first time they caught each others eyes, nothing happened. Not even a nod to say hello. The first night Gladys actually watched Galvin walk out of the bar with a lady in very little clothing, shaking her head in disgust. Another week passed. They both had seen each other at the bar every night. Everyone else’s faces were blurs, but they recognized each other. Finally, Galvin walked up to her to say hello. It was obvious what he was after, and Gladys wasn’t about to give it to him. She ignored his hello, and turned towards the bartender and ordered another gin and tonic. A few more weeks passed, and they still saw each other every night. None of them had been successful in their goals, so the alcohol was the only thing that seemed to be keeping them inspired.

They had something in common.

It was Gladys who went over to Galvin this time. She asked why he was there every night, like some disgusting drunk, and he just looked at her. Then they sat and talked. They were there that night until the bar closed. They both went home alone. This happened again, every night for a full week, until finally Gladys was the one to make the move. She leaned forward, whispered in his ear, and told him exactly what she wanted. Not a job. Not a family. Not someone to support her. She wanted him tonight, and that was it. This was the beginning of a downfall. They made a pattern of this for many months. Go to the bar, drink, go home, fuck, wake up in an awkward state, and then try to find jobs or write stupid jingles.

And finally it all clicked. There was an ad in the classifieds for a telephone operator. Supposedly the last lady went crazy and quit her job. So Gladys quickly called the number listed, went in for an interview, and got the job. Galvin finally got some sort of music muse. Of course, it had to be for something as small as lunchmeat, but he submitted his song, and they bought it. It seemed like everything in their lives was finally going down the right path, so they weren’t about to change anything that they had been doing in the past. Every night they would go back to the bar, and would drink, go home, and fuck. It was another three months of this. Everything was still going ok. They took this as a sign that they were meant to be together. Too bad the only time they actually spoke to each other was when they were drinking.

They got married, and little did they know they had very little in common. The only thing that seemed to be visible was that they were both born and raised in London, and they both went to the bar every single night. That wasn’t much to base a relationship off of. So not everything was smooth in the Gudgeon household. They didn’t talk They didn’t eat dinner at the table. Instead they would work during the day, and continue the same routine that they had before they both had rings around their fingers.

It didn’t take long for their routine to change slightly. See when you are married, there are certain things that aren’t worried about when having sex, such as children. Well, Gladys got pregnant, so she could no longer go to the bar every night with Galvin. She would work, go home, take care of himself. He would try to write music, wait for her to get home, and then go off to the bar to shoot some pool. Gladys didn’t have the guts to question why he didn’t stay at home, and honestly didn’t mind too much. They didn’t talk that often when they were at home anyway, so it just would have made the situation more awkward. She was a married pregnant woman, who was still very much by herself. Of coursed, she was relieved when her son was born, and gave him the name of Davy.

She tried to be a good mother for the first year of his life. But the work was very taxing on her. Gladys’ sister quickly came to the rescue and offered to baby-sit Davy, so that the two Gudgeons could have their parent nights. The poison was back in her system. Those baby sitting times quickly grew longer and longer, but even when Davy was home, his two parents were immersed in alcohol. They weren’t angry drunks. They were just drunks. Gladys’ sister couldn’t stand the site of it, so she offered to take care of Davy for a little while until they cleaned up. Well, after a full year the Gudgeons did not even make a move to clean up. Gladys’ sister’s husband was furious. He wanted to raise his own family, and having the little nephew was not what he wanted. He didn’t dislike Davy, he just wanted his own parents to raise them. So they went over to the Gudgeon household, sent Davy to his old room, and had a little talk with Gladys and Galvin. Davy never saw his aunt and uncle again.

The alcohol consumption stopped for a little while, but they were convinced they could drink in moderation. Well, once the alcohol came back into their system, it was like being on a steep hill, and deciding to run down it for a few steps and stopping. It doesn’t work. But now Davy was exposed to it. He often played outside, went to his neighbors, or just played alone in his room. The only family he had didn’t seem interested in him, so he began to find new ways to entertain himself. Things began happening that he couldn’t explain. He would tell his mother, and she’d be like “Davy, you have such a great imagination.” Too bad he wasn’t imagining it.

Muggle schooling was one way to escape his home. Too bad he didn’t have any social skills. He was the short kid. The awkward kid. The kid who ate paste. Nobody really wanted to talk to him at all. But he wasn’t the only one outside of a group. There was the tall kid. He seemed to hate the school. Well, they had one thing in common, so they might as well run from there. To this day, neither of them remember who went to who first, but they seemed to fit together like two puzzle pieces. They were both looked at as strange. One was tall, the other was short. It was perfect. They had plenty of memories that took place during school, most of them weren’t that great when they happened, but looking back on it was humorous. Halloween was a brilliant time of the year during school. You got to go to school dressed in your costume! And of course, they had to coordinate somewhat. So Jack was a Giraffe, and Davy was a turtle. The kids laughed. Davy and Jack ignored them. Jack made Davy feel like his life was normal. So of course, when he got his letter to Hogwarts he was very surprised. His parents didn’t seem surprised. Probably because they thought that the wizarding part was something they imagined themselves. But Davy wasn’t sure that he wanted to go. It was a few days after he read the letter that Jack told him he was going to a boarding school. Davy was heartbroken, but it helped him make his decision. He would attend the magical school, and he would begin to understand a whole other side of himself. The trip to get his supplies was an interesting one. His parents finally had the shock settle in. He was different. But why did it have to be their son?

He was more than ready to go to Hogwarts by the time they got everything. They dropped him off on the platform, and didn’t wait for him to leave. It was this very day that Davy found out a little something about Jackson that he had never known before. Jackson was indeed going to a boarding school. But, Jackson was also a wizard. They were both in shock when they saw each other, but their friendship kept growing from there…especially after they were sorted into the same house. They hardly went anywhere without the other person. There was no need to. Same classes, same interests, same dorm. Well, Davy would soon find out that he wasn’t as strange here…still strange. Just not quite as isolated. So he had to keep people liking him. People would dare him to do things, he would accept, and he ended up in the hospital wing way too many times. The worst was when he was dared to touch the Whomping Willow. It almost took his eye out, and he still has a scar to this day. But that was ok, because that is how you earn respect. Parties began to get bigger. He let the poison enter his system. It was all he could do to keep it from taking over his life. His aunt and uncle would hope that he would catch on before it was too late.

But as soon as he graduated, he basically stopped drinking all together—well there were those occasional parties…but for the most part he didn’t see the need anymore. There were other ways to enjoy himself, and alcohol wasn’t what he needed. Instead, he began to focus on his life (well as much as Davy could). He would get a job, get bored with it…get another, get bored with it. This happened for a good year straight. He went from being a mascot, to a drive thru worker, to attempting to be a firefighter (that one lasted about twenty four hours). But he finally found a job that suited him fairly well. He is a party entertainer. Not a clown, but a magician! He was a bit iffy about it at first, but when they informed him he got a cape, he couldn’t resist the offer. Plus, he got to work with children! Now the trick was trying to inform his employer that what he was doing was fake, and make the kids know it was real. So he practiced on making things look like they were magic, when they weren’t…that way if someone was there watching him he wouldn’t get in trouble. He didn’t want to get too famous after all. He was happy as could be just doing little parties.

A few years after graduation, Davy felt the need to ask Abagail Delaney to marry him. He went and did an elaborate proposal, and luckily for him she said yes. So Davy’s life is off and running. He has aspirations to have his own party entertainment business, and that goal will probably change at least fifty times before he finds his career. But for now, Davy is happy where his life is going…minus the Death Eater attacks. He is waiting for that day that he has to go into one of the refuges, and hide like he can’t fight. He still hasn’t decided if he is going to go out with his wand blazing, or hide behind the doors like nothing is happening. But, Davy has never been known for making plans before acting…so this isn’t anything new.
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