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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin.

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 VAN VRANKEN, baldric
baldric van vranken
Posted: Nov 20 2009, 06:35 PM

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Group: Death Eaters.
Posts: 15
Member No.: 5
Joined: 20-November 09

Full Name:

Baldric Van Vranken




Death Eater

Blood Type:



-Watching people – “Honestly, when you watch people you get to know them better than talking to them. People hide things. It is easier to lie when you can talk.”
-Reactions – “People’s reactions to what I say just make my life. People are so sensitive, and don’t know how to react half of the time. It is usually anger…which makes my day.”
-Knifes – “There is nothing like a sharp piece of metal. I like making them…Each of them are different, like they have different souls. Different likes. Some people like having children, I like making knifes.”
-Fear – “Honestly, it is one of the greatest things that humans go through. Fear. Being afraid of something means you have that much respect for it. You think it could actually do something.”
-Eyes – “I believe that the eyes are the way into the soul. If I don’t have eye contact, that means there is a chance that I am being lied to. I don’t like that.”
-Tattoos – “Body art. It is like a painting on my skin. Now if you don’t have an appreciation for art, you really do have no soul.”
-Punishment – “I believe that if you do something wrong, you should be punished for it. And well, I’m not one to turn it down.”
-The Forbidden Forest – “You know, there are some creepy things in there, but as I said before I respect what I fear. It is also a good place to hold meetings. You can hear anyone coming up on you. So, of course I like it.”
-Conflict – “People are so sensitive sometimes. It is funny to watch them go at it.”
-Innocent People – “Hey, everyone needs a little corruption, and some people need more.”
-People who trust him – “Honestly, if people trust me I can get what I want the majority of the time. If they trust me, that usually means they are on my side…or they are dumb. The dumb ones are easier to take advantage of.”
-Pictures – “Honestly, a picture does say a thousand words…and it says a million words when it is a wizard photo.”
-Feisty Women – “They put up a bit of a challenge. And usually, they have a little side to them that most people don’t know about…unless they get to a certain point with them, if you know what I mean.”
-Amsterdam – “I grew up there, so naturally I love it. It gave me my view on life.”
-Sex – “Lets just say I like it. No need for me to go into detail. I will say that I’m not too picky when it comes to a certain kind of sex.”
-Drugs – “An escape from the world into some new word.”
-Hard Alcohol – “Who wants to invest their time in drinking a lot of beer to get drunk. It doesn’t even taste that great. I’d rather have something that burns my throat as it goes down. Gives me that much more satisfaction.”
-Fire – “Fire is powerful. It burns, it warms, it provides light. Without it, we wouldn’t have life.”
-People with strong opinions – “It is fun to destroy them. Or just to put them down. It brings out that anger that I love so much.”
-Long Nights – “Long nights mean one of two things, and I am sure I don’t have to explain that to you.”
-Snakes – “Snakes are known for being able to strike before you even notice them. They are mesmerizing. Moving without legs, the split tongue, and the fangs. Oh they are built for something big, we just need to find out what it is.”
-Windows – “Where I’m from, windows are full of amazing things. Basically anything your heart can desire. Here, the windows aren’t quite that exciting, but I can pretend right?”
-Canals – “Honestly, they just remind me of home.”
-Change – “Life is boring when everything is the same. I strive to change things. I think this world is in need of change. Our standards are pretty lax when it comes to a few things…but we are too strict on other things. We just need change.”
-Anarchy – “I’m not a big fan of government. This might be hard to believe, seeing as I’m a death eater, but that is different. We are abolishing the government.”
-Power – “Oh you have no idea how wonderful I feel when I am in a situation that I have power. It is a huge turn on.”
-People with power – “I hate people who just crawl on the ground, and let people walk all over them. They are pathetic. They need to work things out in their mind and get some confidence.”
-Confident people – “They really are fun to play with. Ripping the confidence out from someone is like watching a tower fall. Wonderful feeling.”
-The Hogs Head – “It is never flooded with those Hogwarts Students, and the people who actually show up are interesting. I don’t have to keep my voice down low when I go in there, and I’m not even looked at as a creep.”
-Legs – “I’ll admit it. I like legs. Strong, smooth, long legs.”
-A toned body – “There is nothing like a toned body pressing down upon your own, or pressing down against a toned body. You can practically feel the power flowing from your own body into theirs, and the other way around. And of course, people with toned bodies have more power.”
-Paintings – “It is interesting to see the world through the artists eyes. See, I’m not too much of a creep…”
-The Dark Mark – “Honestly, it has to be one of my favorite tattoos on my body. It holds so much power. One of these days, flashing that to somebody will get me whatever I want.”
-Leather – “Oh you already know where I’m going with this one.”
-Red Meat – “It has a different flavor. Every time I eat it, I feel like the life of that animal is giving me its power.”


-Dancing – “I don’t dance, well unless there is something weird going on where I have to. So far, that hasn’t happened to me. Music isn’t meant to make you move like that.”
-Lettuce – “It is a waste of space in my stomach. No flavor. No time for me to eat it.”
-Muggles – “They are a waste of space on this earth. All they are here for is to be our little play things. You know how they play with dolls? Yeah, that is what they are. They are just role playing how their lives should actually be. The big wizards playing and controlling every one of their actions.”
-Trust – “I don’t like trusting people. Trust is for the weak. There is only a few people who I would actually trust. But if they break my trust, then my theory is complete.”
-Werewolves – “Honestly, these creature things need to no longer be alive. Sure, they are on our side because they think they are going to get some sort of freedom, but us wizards know that we are just using them because they are powerful.”
-Liars – “If you are going to the role playerlie to me, don’t even talk to me. I know that I surround myself with a lot of liars. Stretching the truth is one thing, but to be a bold face liar, no. That has to stop.”
-Fleas – “They infest everything! Disgusting. Just keep them away. Shit.”
-Tourists – “Honestly, the tourists that came to my home town deserved everything they got. They need to realize that they shouldn’t take advantage of the local goods.”
-Braces – “They aren’t attractive. It is another stupid muggle device that doesn’t need to be used. They are muggles. They don’t deserve to have straight teeth.”
-Butterflies – “They give too much hope to the muggles. It isn’t like they are ever going to grow out of being disgusting creatures, and we all know they aren’t going to ever be considered beautiful.”
-People who don’t know how to shut up – “Honestly, I want to shove a sock down their throat. Some times are times to not talk. Just shut up already.”
-Obese people – “Freaking disgusting. They must be lazy or something. There is no excuse for letting your body get like that. Nobody wants to see it. Just stay inside. Please.”
-Clingy People – “Okay these people are the kind I hate the most. I like quick relationships. I like being by myself. I don’t want you clinging to me, and never going away. Just back off and let me breath thank you very much.”
-Children – “Especially those annoying ones that are all bubbly and happy, and have no fear in the world. I don’t know how anyone can live like that. Watch your back, or you are going to be stabbed.”
-Bees – “I hate bees, and they obviously hate me or something. No matter what I do, if there is a bee around, it will come near me. So maybe they love me. Who cares, they are disgusting.”
-Glitter – “It gets everywhere, and is impossible to clean up. It isn’t even attractive! Look at me, I sparkle. Oh yeah, that makes me want to punch you in the face, not have sex with you.”
-Deadlines – “Oh just let me take my time. I’m smart, I’ll finish whatever it is that you want me to get done. Sure, there are certain things that need to have a set time, but everything? Just let me do my job!”
-Sympathy – “Is there really a point in feeling sorry for someone? They were the ones who got themselves in the situation, so they should be able to get themselves out. If they can’t, then that is their own problem. I wouldn’t bother worrying about them.”
-Being Tickled – “Don’t even play these games with me.”
-Heavy Perfume – “Now a little perfume is okay, but it is that point where you have to cover your mouth because you taste the perfume on the chick. Really, what do they have to cover up? Do they smell like human feces naturally?”
-Stupid People – “Open up a god damn book and learn something. Please. Don’t just stand there and look pretty. You aren’t pretty if you don’t have a brain.”
-Eating a lot – “You know that point where you eat so much that you feel sick? I hate that. Especially after eating something that was really good, because it ruins the meal.”
-Being Hungry – “Food is an important part to the power that someone has. If they haven’t eaten, they are going to be weaker. If they are really hungry, they are going to be even weaker. Hell, if you are so hungry your stomach hurts, you can’t even hide. Being hungry is just some sort of cruel thing that causes a lot of problems.”
-Boring people – “You know those people who don’t know how to carry on a conversation? Hate them so much. They need to respond to what I am saying, not just stand there like an idiot.”
-People who think they are smart – “I can’t stand when somebody tries to outsmart me. It is those cocky ‘I’m smart’ people who I can’t stand. If you aren’t smart, you aren’t smart. I suppose that maybe they are stupid and think they are smart…but that just puts them into the stupid people category.”


-Dark Arts
-Reading People
-Magic in general
-Holding his Alcohol
-Being Sneaky
-Hidden Dark Mark
-Death Eater Status
-Getting Some sort of Respect
-Twisting peoples words p>Weaknesses:

-He draws attention to himself
-He is paranoid that people are attacking him
-Doesn’t relate well to people
-Straightforward, so gets into trouble
-Use of drugs
-Out of his own atmosphere
-Doesn’t believe in love
-Doesn’t trust
-A little crazy
-Doesn’t fear death
-Takes a lot of risks
-Doesn’t know when to be quiet
-Doesn’t like following rules


-Getting into situations that he can’t get out of without a fight
-Calling people out
-Drawing his wand early
-Making women mad
-Watching people
-Sharpening his knifes
-Drinking from when he wakes up


The dementors always bring him back to the last day that he saw his sister. It starts out with the two running towards each other, full of joy, and then the man appears. He hears his own pleas, and hears her crying. And of course, the muggle man does nothing. This is explained in far more detail in his history, so if you are curious, take a read.


His sister in the form of an infiri. He has always been afraid that he would eventually find her being used as an infiri, and being forced to fight along side him…or fight him.


Baldric’s patronus is a leopard. It is very difficult for him to actually produce this patronus, because to be honest he doesn’t have very many happy memories in his life. Basically what he has to do is think of his last encounter with a female (which doesn’t even work all of the time).


Father - Gerlach Van Vranken

Mother - Agnes Shuck Van Vranken

Sister - Annabelle Van Vranken - Deceased


Jonathan Kroppmann

The Role Player

Name: Alicia
Age: 25
Other Characters: Davy Gudgeon, Kenneth Donley, Horacio Fado, Lennox Logan
How you found us: I'm an admin.

Why focus on something that you like when you can focus on things you hate? That is Baldric’s standpoint on life. He figures if he hates something, there is no reason in avoiding it. He would rather destroy it…or if he can’t do that he wants to at least have his hate for that certain thing known. He isn’t one to destroy something quickly though. He would rather it happen slowly…and in the worst way possible. Lets just say he lets his hate control him a little too much. And when you don’t like the majority of the world, you have a lot of hate controlling you. He isn’t necessarily an angry person. He somehow channels his hate into a happy feeling. Basically if he didn’t have hate, he wouldn’t have any reason to live. He likes finding ways to mess with the things he dislikes. He wants to hurt them, make them miserable, or just make it so that they can never do what they want. Death isn’t always the answer, and he knows that. But he also realizes that sometimes that is the only solution. When his hate fully takes control, there isn’t anything to stop it. It is almost as if he is a torpedo that has been sent towards its target. There is no turning it away unless something is thrown right in his path.

It is sometimes hard to tell if he likes you or not. He basically treats everyone the same…unless he is mad at you, but that is another story. He is fairly sarcastic, and hardly anything he says is taken seriously. What most people don’t know is that on average, half of what he says is true and half of what he says isn’t. He thrives off of peoples reactions, so when he doesn’t get one with the truth, he will lie. He wants people to squirm in their seats. He has multiple ways of doing this. Saying what he is actually thinking, lying through his teeth, and making sexual references are just a few of these ways. Of course, if none of these happen to crawl under his victims skin, he will do whatever he can to freak them out. If he doesn’t freak them out, then he figures that person is by far one of the most worthy people around…or an idiot.

He is very judgmental, and loves to watch people. He figures that if he watches people, he will be able to read them within a few moments. He isn’t one to judge someone on their appearance though. Instead he will listen to what they are saying, watch their mannerisms, and their habits. He prides himself on knowing a lot about people who probably know nothing about him. This might be creepy, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what people think about him, he just cares about his own emotions. One thing that he really loves doing is just sitting outside of the shops of Hogsmeade with a flask full of firewiskey, and watching the people go by. It amazes him how different people act in front of other people, and sometimes feels as if he knows the people better than their own friends. He wouldn’t ever dream of talking to those people though.

Drugs, sex, and anything you can imagine are not off limits to Baldric. He grew up in the city of freedom, Amsterdam. So naturally he doesn’t see why there should be rules restricting these things. It is human nature. You should just go with the flow right? Most people don’t understand him when it comes to this, so ever since he has moved to Hogsmeade, he has tried to keep it on the down low (no pun intended). Well, unless someone else agrees with him on this philosophy. Then he’d probably not shut up about it. Keeping things in isn’t something that he normally does. He would rather be upfront, and get what he wants. Rejection doesn’t faze him. He figures people will eventually give in, so he doesn’t have much to worry about.

Secrets aren’t something that Baldric likes that much. He figures if someone is hiding something from him, then they shouldn’t be doing it. And if he thinks you shouldn’t be doing something, which is saying a lot. He wants people to be honest, and hates fake people. If you are going to lie to him, he is going to find out, and he will call you out on it, and then probably never trust you again. He actually doesn’t trust people that easily. Hell, he doesn’t even trust his own family. So if someone ever actually gets to that point, they are a lucky person. As stated before, it doesn’t take much to lose that trust. Basically the only way that you will get him to actually trust you is if you have a lot of power over his life. It isn’t exactly trust; more like he has to respect you or he is going to die.

Surprisingly though, he doesn’t really care about death. Life happens, death happens. Of course, he doesn’t want to die. But he thinks there is a time and place for everything to happen, so there is no point in trying to avoid death. Risks are something that he loves to take. If he is going to die, he wants to die in an amazing way. He wants to be remembered. So he lives off of taking these risks. One thing that he would never want to do is just die in his sleep. That is so boring, and he is not a boring person. This is part of the reason why he loves being part of the Death Eaters. He loves seeing the fear in people’s eyes when it comes to death. He doesn’t understand how they can be so afraid when there really is nothing that they can do to stop it. He thinks of it as an educational thing. So, he will teach them exactly what they can do to change their fate. So far nobody has been able to do much about it. But that doesn’t make it so he isn’t paranoid. He is convinced that everyone is out to get him, and despite the fact that he thinks he can’t do anything about him, that won’t stop him from covering his back when he isn’t in a big fight. He wouldn’t want someone to come up and kill him from behind.

Behind his rough exterior, you might expect a nice guy. That is the last thing that you’ll get. He likes making people mad. As I’ve said before, he likes getting reactions out of people. He doesn’t care if they are good or bad, but he has noticed that in the past bad reactions are usually more amusing. Once he finds your buttons, he will continue to push them until you explode…and probably laugh throughout the whole thing. He finds it amusing to watch human emotion evolve through all of the stages. Happiness to anger is one of his favorite transformations. It surprises him how quickly it can change, and usually there aren’t patterns going from person to person. There are patterns in every person though; it just doesn’t transfer between them. That is what makes playing with emotions so entertaining for him.

When Baldric gets mad, he isn’t really one to raise his voice. Instead he gets quiet, and snippy. He brings in what people say, and spits it back at them like daggers. He is good at twisting people’s words, and past actions, and turning them into time bombs. His goal isn’t to only hurt them at the moment, but also to plant something in their brain that will bug them subconsciously. He realizes that that the current moment isn’t always what matters. There is a bit more satisfaction in knowing that you made someone’s life worse. He doesn’t ever accept losing a situation because of this way of looking at life. He figures he might have lost a battle, but the war is still raging on, and will never end. So, there is no use in telling him that he is a failure in life. The battle is never over in his brain. He never stops thinking about what is coming at him. He isn’t one to be surprised very often. With the combination of reading people, and always thinking about the future, it is difficult to surprise him. So when someone actually surprises him, he isn’t a happy man.

Baldric has a lot of fun surprising other people though. To get his way, he can change his personality in an instant…almost like a chameleon. He reacts to the vibes people put off, and tries to create a situation that appeals to them. If it doesn’t appeal to them, he probably won’t get what he wants, and then he wouldn’t be happy. But half of the time he is just trying to make people mad, so he doesn’t really have to disguise himself. He doesn’t usually like people knowing a lot about him, so changing himself comes naturally. He figures he isn’t lying, he is just stretching the truth a lot. But he doesn’t mind lying to people who he doesn’t really care about. They aren’t worth his time, so they shouldn’t be talking to him anyway. When he isn’t telling the truth, he is usually very good at keeping his story straight, so it is hard to catch him in the lie. But if he was to get caught, he isn’t one to run away. He will tell you that he has been lying to you.

Baldric is smart. He graduated in the top of his class, despite not caring that much about his schoolwork. And he has the combination of street smarts, and the book smarts. The combination makes him deadly. See, when you grow up in the dark side of Amsterdam, your street smarts are basically on steroids. This is probably why he watches people so much. He knows how to take somebody down if they are attacking him. The only way to get him down quick is to attack him from behind…and honestly that will just make him mad. There is one thing that he hates more than a liar, and that is a coward. He wants to force them to be brave…even though that isn’t possible.

Laughing is something that happens a lot. He uses laughter to express almost every one of his emotions. Laugh when angry, laugh when happy, and laugh when mad. The only time that he doesn’t laugh is when he is sad. But that doesn’t happen too often. His laughter changes depending on his emotion though. When he is angry, his laugh will be short, and abrupt. When he is happy, it would be loud and long. When he is making fun of someone, it’ll probably be a little chuckle under his breath. He doesn’t really know any other way to express his true emotions, so that is his only outlet. He figures people will probably figure out how he is feeling depending on how he is laughing at them. But, he honestly doesn’t care if they know. If they think he is happy all the time, they can think that. He doesn’t strive to make people know more about his life.

Sadness is avoided by Bladric at all cost. He has had plenty of sadness in the past, so he tends to build up walls. When he is sad, he will probably change his emotion around into something else. Sometimes it is some strange happiness, but the majority of the time it will be anger. This will probably be the only time that Baldric won’t have a comeback for someone. He will be fuming with anger, but will have no words. That is how you can tell that he is actually sad. Nobody gets close enough to him to figure that out though. He really doesn’t know that this happens, so he figures he doesn’t get sad that often. There has been just a few times in his life that he has gotten sad enough to cry. Luckily for him, nobody saw it.

An asshole. A horn dog. A creep. Those are just a few basic words to describe Baldric. He likes to put off that he doesn’t fear anything. He likes to make himself seem powerful. But when you are a Death Eater who has been assigned to watch over Hogwarts, those two things aren’t that difficult to do.

Being in a pureblood family in the Netherlands is far different from being a wizard in England, but of course there are still those certain things that need to be followed. One, get married to another pureblood, and have at least one child. Two, make sure to teach that child the “correct” way of living. Three, don’t let the muggles know you exist. Four, never fall in love with a muggle, they will dirty the blood. They of course knew the richer families were the better ones, so you wanted to get your offspring married into those families. The Van Vranken family didn’t stray away from this path. They searched and searched for a wife for their son, but unfortunately couldn’t find anyone that they thought was good enough. Either the girl was too poor, was unattractive, or their blood wasn’t pure enough. Naturally, they gave up on this quest when Gerlach was the age of five. Meanwhile, the Shuck family was not getting any offers for their only daughter, Agnes. They figured it was because she was too young. Nobody could tell if she was going to grow up to be beautiful. It didn’t matter that they were rich. It didn’t matter that she was the only female in their family. Nobody had given her an offer, so they had to take precautions. She was already five, and needed a match. So, they searched all over the Netherlands for someone perfect. Someone who would make their bloodline even better. And after a journey of two years they found the Van Vranken family and their only son. The match seemed perfect. Only son, only daughter. If they did not get married, the bloodlines were sure to fall. But, if they both got married their bloodlines would be continued. So of course, both families were happy to arrange the future marriage of their children. The couple didn’t meet each other until their wedding day, and lucky for them they didn’t hate each other completely…yet. They didn’t hesitate in starting their family. First, they were “blessed” with a son, and they decided to name him Baldric. It was just a couple of weeks after he was born that the fighting began. There were arguments about how to raise their son, if he was a good child, etc. So of course, they had to take drastic measures to save their marriage. Thus another child was born. This time it was a young girl, and they named her Annabelle. Baldric and family got along instantly, which was strange for siblings around this time. Baldric took his big brother roll seriously, and would do basically whatever he could to save his sister from any sort of pain, especially with his parents fighting all the time. It wasn’t surprising to see that the fighting didn’t stop, because now there were two children to fight over. At the age of eight, Baldric couldn’t take it anymore. He packed up his bags and made a run for it. That was brave to do, seeing as they lived in the heart of Amsterdam, right by one of the biggest Red Light districts, and the fact that he was only eight years old. Of course, that had to be the direction that Baldric decided to run. He was shocked by what he found. Women dancing in the windows, drug sales, and the one thing that shocked him the most was all of the muggle tourists. He hadn’t ever heard good stories about muggles, and from what he was seeing in this part of Amsterdam, he understood why. Although he didn’t notice, it was about then that a strong hate was beginning to develop for these people. Baldric wasn’t about to go back into that home, and be stuck inside all day again. He was finally free of the fighting. He was free of all of that drama.

He was gone for about a week, living on the streets and doing whatever he could for food. Then he saw her walking towards him. Young, five year old Annabelle saying his name. She was obviously trying to find him. He didn’t want to be found, because that meant that he would have to go back to the flat that had already caused him so much grief. At the same time, he didn’t want Annabelle to go back either. So he took a step out from the alleyway into the poor light of the street, and called out to her. Immediately her eyes lit up, and she began running towards him, and him towards her. But they were still fairly far away, and something came out of another alley, and grabbed her. This made him stop dead in his tracks, and he stared at the thing. It was a tall, ugly, strong, muggle man. And no matter how much Baldric he begged the man, he wouldn’t let his sister go. He claimed that Baldric had stole from him, and that he needed to repay him in one way or another. There was a familiar stench of alcohol drifting out of the man’s breath. Baldric didn’t have any way to repay him for whatever it was that he allegedly stole. He tried to explain to the man, and the drunkard began to move away with his sister. So, Baldric dove towards his sister…and that is where everything began to go wrong. The man knocked him out, just by putting out his hand as Baldric lunged towards him. All Baldric did was collide with his fist, and he fell to the ground, hard. When he woke up, his sister was no longer in site. All that was left of her was the ribbon that was in her hair, which was caught under a rock. This was the last time that Baldric ever cried in his life. He held the ribbon in his little fist, and made his journey back to the home that he swore he would never go to again. This was the only time in his life that he remembered his parents not fighting. They seemed to find something to agree with each other on, and that was that their son killed their daughter. They didn’t beat him. They didn’t scold him. They just looked at him, and in their eyes was pure hatred that would make anyone run in fear. That guilt has never left his heart. This event is what caused him to get his view on fate. He doesn’t want to be put responsible for his sister’s death, so he had to find something to blame it on. To this day, if someone brings up his sister he will not be able to speak, and on most occasions will throw a hex at the person. He even got a tattoo on his arm, and later on his back, in her memory. The one on his arm is a little girl with very large wings, much like an angel, and there is a banner that says Anna on it. On his back is a larger angel, which he actually made look like her. He got these tattoos much later in life, trying to pay tribute to her in one way or another. His guilt is still with him.

It didn’t help that his parents didn’t talk to him when he brought her ribbon home. He only stayed there for a night, and then left out into the world again. He would only go back home when he desperately needed to, and even then he almost refused to. But, when you are eight years old, it is very hard to survive living on the streets of Amsterdam. He began peddling drugs at a young age. It wasn’t a difficult sell, it wasn’t illegal, and it got him money. When he was about ten, he had to visit home again. This time, his parents had a letter for him. He thought that was strange, seeing as nobody had ever written to him before. His whole family practically had disowned him at this point. The letter was informing him that he was accepted into a Wizarding school that was located somewhere in the countryside of the Netherlands. It was then that his parents finally had a discussion with him. They wanted him to turn his life around, and “do something with [his] life.” They promised him that if he was to attend the school, and graduate, he would gain access to the family fortune. That was an offer that he couldn’t refuse, even at the young age of ten.

This school was not a friendly school, unlike Hogwarts. They taught the dark arts, and not defense against them. Potion making, hexing, dueling, everything. There was no punishment when it came to fighting on school grounds, and competition between everyone was encouraged. It taught the students how to use magic in the actual field that it was going to be used in as they got older. This school was not one that someone would want to go to if they were going to “turn their life around.” So, the young boy began to get tougher and tougher as every year went by. The only thing that he had to help him was his height, and even that was something that caused him to be weak in the pureblood school. Anything that caused you to become different made you a bigger target. He would be stuck in multiple duels every day. He would lose some days, and win others. But, with the practice that he was getting he knew that he was getting stronger. He would prove one day that he wasn’t as weak as they claimed he was.

It was at the age of sixteen that he graduated. In the Netherlands, the age of sixteen is the year that wizards become of legal status. When finally came home (there were no summer holidays, and he was not invited back home during them), he found his parents still together. Divorce wasn’t an option back in those days…especially when you were in an arranged marriage. They hardly spoke to him. They didn’t care about what the school was like. They didn’t even believe that he graduated. So yet again, the two parents teamed up against their son, and kicked him to the curb. That was the last time that he ever spoke to his parents. Without a goodbye he ran to the only place he knew, the Red Light District. His adult life had just begun, and he made money the only way he knew how. The one thing he learned at his school was those people who just sit around are weak, and worthless. He wouldn’t be one of those people. So, he began selling. It was just a couple of weeks into his business that he earned enough money to rent a flat. Selling drugs began to get boring. It didn’t take him long until he realized what really made the money in the Red Light District: Prostitutes. It took a bit of convincing for him to get anyone to work for him, seeing as he was about 17, but he had a way about him. He had two girls that worked for him regularly until he was 18, and then he expanded again. He doubled his business. Drugs, Prostitutes, the money seemed to just come to him. The road may have seemed easy, but with every dealer there was always problems. He was 19, he fell in love with one of his girls. He knew that the prostitution was her job, and didn’t take any offense to her work. But when a muggle man raped her at knifepoint, and then ended up by slitting her neck, that was the last straw.

Baldric was never raised to like muggles, but now that they had killed the two people in his life that he had loved his hatred grew to a mass that was too big to hold in anymore. He needed revenge towards the people that killed the people he was in love with. He kept his flat in the Red light district, and was sure to keep those red lights in the window on. But he no longer had constant prostitutes anymore. Instead, placed the girls under the Imperius curse. The girls would dance by his red window, luring in any male that they could. When they came in, Baldric was the one to great them. He would pull the blinds down, and tell him that the girl would meet them in the back room once she got ready. After that, he would instruct the girl to go into the washroom to “clean up”. He would then offer the man a drink of their choice, and make sure that they at least drank a couple of glasses, just creating casual conversation with the man. Finally, he would inform them that their girl was ready, lead them to the room, and then would shut the door behind them. The muggle man would be standing there in a dark room, all by themselves. He would Apparate into the room with a loud crack, which would usually startle them. Then, he would stand still in the corner for about 30 seconds, or until the man would calm down. And then it was time for his fun to begin. He would mutter the word “Crucio” under his breath, and let that last for a few moments, and then would finish it off with an “Avada Kedavra.” He was lucky that nobody ever figured out that it was him who killed these muggles. He would usually place their bodies outside somewhere (of course never laying a finger on the dirty blooded thing), and make it look as if they died of something like alcohol poisoning, or that they had been beat up by some gang in the area. There was never any twinge of guilt after doing the act, only a rush of adrenaline. Plus, he was making money off of them. Too bad it was worthless muggle money.

So as the muggle tourists began vanishing from Amsterdam, news of a war spreading around the country was beginning to spread. At the age of 21, he decided to go to the heart of everything that was happening. A quick move to London was needed. He used his money to get a flat in the waterfront district of London. He scavenged for any information about the war. There was news about people vanishing, and deep in his mind he knew that it had to do with the war. He sat in the darkest pubs in Diagon Alley keeping his head low. But a tattooed wizard can only keep himself out of the radar for so long. People began to look at him funny. He had casual conversations with various people who came into the pubs, voicing his opinion on muggles. He didn’t see what reason he had to keep quiet about it. It took a few months before someone with a plan finally approached him. They told him to take veritaserum, which he didn’t want to…but realized that if they needed to do this to give him any information that he would do it. The questioning began. He told them of his schooling, of his prostitutes, and of course of the muggles that he killed in his apartment in Amsterdam. When they found him “trustworthy” they handed him a portkey disguised as a candlestick, and suddenly he was in a large room with hardly any lighting. Men in dark cloaks with masks surrounded him, and he would soon find out that these men were called Death Eaters. It didn’t take much convincing for him to pledge his allegiance to Tom Riddle, especially with his belief in fate.

The hunt was about to begin.

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Congratulations! We have read over your application, and you have been accepted! Now you need to take a trip over to our face claim, and after that you can call this board your home!
Ohhhh Baldric <3 My love. My lovely love. Such a psycho. I love our boys. WELCOME TO RAGE RAGE HOPE YOU'LL BE HAPPY HERE OMG <3

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