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Welcome to Rage 2.0!

Here is a world where Death Eaters roam free, and muggles are off to fend for themselves.

Headlines read
"He Who Must Not Be Named Killed by Infant, Now Missing"
"The Minister of Magic Murdered"
"Dumbledore is Dead"
"The War is finally Over!"
In reality, there is a resistance that is still fighting for the rights of themselves, muggles, and muggleborns alike.

It is January 1981, and it is one of the coldest winters London has seen in quite some time.

January, 1981
We are open!!!

Due to just opening we have no site-wide events at the moment.

But in the future they will be posted here and in the announcements.

For now get those applications in, and get ready to submerge your character into the dark world that will be developed by you, and our other members. Let's let the magic begin.

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Lennox Edan Logan
Posted: Aug 1 2012, 08:47 AM

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Group: Double Agent.
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Member No.: 103
Joined: 1-August 12

Full Name:

Lennox Edan Logan




Double Agent, sided with The Order/Resistance

Blood Type:



-Alcohol (Particularly Scotch) - "There is nothing like sitting down after a long day and drinking a glass of scotch. It reminds me of the good aspects of my father."
-Cigarettes - "What can I say? They're my vice."
-Fofar bridies - "They remind me of home. When I was at Hogwarts, I would sneak into the kitchens and make the house elves make them for me. Although I will never tell my mother this, they made them better than she did."
-Quidditch - "There is nothing like a bunch of men riding on brooms and throwing balls at one another. Really, there isn't. I was on the Slytherin team when I was at Hogwarts, as a chaser, and had the best times of my life up in the sky. Plus, it was a good way to get the girls back then."
-Charms - "What can I say? I've always been good with my wand."
-Dueling - "It is a good mix of adrenaline, pain, and excitement."
-Having intelligent conversations - "There is nothing more painful than talking to somebody who has no idea what they are talking about."
-Mixing Drinks - "It is like brewing a potion, but it doesn't blow up in your face. I've always been horrible at potions, but I do make one hell of a drink."
-Talking to Strangers - "I was always told as a child to not talk to strangers, because you never know if they are 'good people' or 'bad people,' but I really don't like doing what I am told to do."
-Attractive Females - "Who doesn't like attractive females? Girls love to hate them, guys love to look at them."
-Tattoos - "Tattoos are something that are very personal to me. They symbolize different events that have happened in my life. But for some people they are just artwork. But no matter what, they all have a story behind them."
-Legs - "I am a leg guy. Long legs get me every time."
-Wimps - "All I want is for people to fight for themselves. Don't hide from a fight, go out there and fight!"
-Dark Hair - "Blondes have always been overrated. There is something about the natural beauty of a dark haired woman."
-People with minds of their own - "I hate listening to people ramble on about a topic that somebody has told them that they should like. Pick what you like or don't like on your own, please."


-Ballroom Dancing - "When I was younger, my parents got me a tutor to teach me how to waltz. I don't waltz. I don't like to waltz. I might know how to, but I refuse."
-Doing what he is told to do - "Just don't tell me what to do. You can ask me to do something, but do not tell me what to do. If you do, I won't do it."
-Children - "They are loud, obnoxious, and don't listen. Once they turn around twenty, I can deal with them."
-People Without Street Smarts - "How hard is it to realize you don't leave your house without your wand?"
-Followers - "How can somebody live their life following something that they don't truly believe?"
-Having to Hide - "Why should I have to hide who I am? It might be for the greater good, but that doesn't mean that I am going to like it."
-Small Spaces - "I just don't like small spaces. They make me panic."
-Leprechauns - "Fucking Leprechauns used to tease me when I was younger. I would see them frolicking in our garden, so I would go outside to see them closer. They then decided to throw rocks at me while screaming something about their gold. Fuck leprechauns."
-Being called Irish - "I'm not Irish."
-Bananas - "Mushy disgusting excuse for a fruit."
-Poetry - "Roses are red, violets are blue, shut the fuck up."
-People Whistling or Humming - "I feel like I don't need to explain this one. It is just annoying."
-Early Mornings - "I am a bartender for a reason. I do well in the night, I don't do well in the morning."
-Walking into the kitchen and forgetting why - "Who likes this?"
-His sister - "I'm not getting into this."


-Great at keeping secrets - "Although I don't like secrets, I am great at keeping them. I can look at the big picture, and realize that not everyone needs to know the little details that I want to spurt out."
-Knows both sides of the war - "No comment."
-Quick to adapt - "I am a quick thinker. If I need to jump, I jump. If I need to crawl, I crawl. If I need to talk to the fat lady with the beard, I talk to the fat lady with the beard."
-Great Dueler - "I've had practice thanks to the dueling club. Plus, Voldemort used to make us practice on one another. I may not be the quickest to cast a spell, but I am one of the quickest to cast a counter spell."
-Played Quidditch in Hogwarts, so he knows how to fly a broom well - "Traveling by broom is both romantic, and practical."
-Knows when to keep his bout shut most of the time - "I just don't talk much. I know that most people don't care about my opinion, so I don't share it."
-Great memory - "I've always had a knack for remembering stupid facts about people, or remembering little moments that most people wouldn't remember."

-Impatient with people - "I just feel like people should be better than they are. I expect the most out of them, and they never meet my expectations."
-Not always the nicest guy - "If someone actually wants to know my opinion I will share it and be completely honest about it (if I can be)."
-Bad family relationship but has to pretend it isn't bad - "No comment."
-Unorganized - "I am a male. Since when am I required to have a neat clean house?"
-No imagination - "I see things how they are, not how I wish they were."
-Doesn't know what Romance is - "My parents were never really lovey-dovey. I also don't understand why just because I am a male I am required to buy flowers, and plan out candle light dinners."
-Vain - "I like good looking people. I like being a good looking person. There is no shame in that."

-Checking the time
-Quickly looking at the door any time it opens


Shortly after his sister persuaded Lennox to join the Death Eaters, it was time for their first outing. His sister, him, and a few other Death Eaters went to a small orphanage. They were instructed to kill all the children that were in the building. Although Lennox has never been a fan of children, he was not looking forward to this trip. Instead of going after the children, he went after the nurses. The first one that he came in contact with was very old and looked as if she wasn't going to live much longer anyway. So he raised his wand towards her, and was surprised when she cried out "Please, don't." He froze. From over his shoulder, his sister called out "Avada Kedavra," and killed the old woman right in front of his eyes. He stood there as the woman crumpled to the ground.

When they reported back to Voldemort, he was then told that he needed to be punished. His sister volunteered to be the punisher. She then proceeded to torture him with the Cruciatus curse and various other hexes of her choosing. But worst of all, this was all in front of other people. To complete his torture, they had brought back a surprise for him. A young boy who had to be around the age of three. He was then instructed to kill the boy in front of everyone to prove that he had what it was to be a Death Eater. At this point in time, he knew that he no longer wanted to be a Death Eater and could not stand for what they stood for, but he knew if he didn't do this that he would be killed. So he killed the boy, and vowed to himself that he would do whatever it was possible to stop the Death Eaters so that no one else would have to die. After he left that night, he went near the orphanage and found a large rock to use as a symbol for the little boy. On the 13th of every month, he goes and visits the rock and lays a flower by it hoping that one day the boy would forgive him.


His greatest fear is being found out. He has dreams of Voldemort coming back from the grave and killing him because he knows that he is working for the Order. He also has dreams of Rodolphus Lestrange killing him for the same reason. But his worst dreams are when his sister finds out and instead of just killing him she takes him to a crowded square, and tortures him in front of everyone as an example.


His patrons is a Pine Martin. To get his patrons to take its full shape, he has to merge two memories together: graduation of Hogwarts, as well as the opening of his bar. It is very difficult for him to get it to produce seeing as he has to focus on the two memories in great detail at the same time, so it rarely works.


Father - Percival Logan
Mother - Alice Andrews Logan
Sister - Logan, _____ 24


Vinnie Woolston

The Role Player

Age: 25
Other Characters: Baldric Van Vranken, Davy Gudgeon, Kenneth Donley, and Lennox Logan

Speaking of Lennox as if he was a model citizen would be very deceiving. If you were to pin him down and ask him what the one thing that he could live without was, he wouldn’t answer. He knows how to keep his mouth shut to protect himself and others, and this is a good skill to have when you are working as a double agent. Although no Death Eater would hesitate to say that this man was a part of their team, every resistance member would refuse to step out and state that he was on their side. Not because they don’t believe he is on their side, but purely because they would like to protect his position.

Although he was raised to feel superior to any Muggle or halfblood, after a lovely moment with his sister and a group of Death Eaters, he quickly began to realize how wrong his family was. Although he still might have a bit of prejudice buried deep down inside, he realizes that Muggles and Wizards alike should not be treated any differently. He isn’t one to defend this in public (due to his double agent status), but he won’t go out of his way to put down someone because of their blood status (unless he is with a group of Death Eaters).

He never has believed in killing for fun. He knows that you have to do what you have to do during war times, but he would prefer to keep his hands clean. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t like a good fight. He isn’t one to step down from a challenge. Being a bartender, he prefers if the fights happen outdoors, so he won’t hesitate to jump in the middle of two large men battling it out to get them out.

He has never really been a huge fan of children. They do many of the things that drive him nuts, like: singing, humming, dancing, etc. Lennox has never really thought about being a father, and never plans to procreate. He knows that this is something that is important to many women, so he is sure to set them straight the moment that they begin to speak of having children.

Lennox isn’t a huge romantic either. He doesn’t want to have a long term relationship because he doesn’t like the pressure of “keeping things alive.” Giving flowers, chocolates, and a candlelit dinner aren’t something that you should expect if you are interested in Lennox. He realizes that this is something that many women would like so he might succumb to the pressure every once in a while, but he won’t like it while he is doing it. He will however defend whatever woman he might be with at all cost. Being the man in the relationship is not something that he fails at. He pays for every date, and in exchange would like to have his dishes done by a woman. He feels like there are very clear gender roles, and people in a straight relationship should stick to them. Although he does not understand homosexuality, he does know that it really isn't any of his business as long as they are not hitting on him.

Working at a bar gives him many skills. Pouring a mean drink, math skills, social skills, etc. The ones that he is most proud of are his social skills (although he will never admit this). He knows how to talk down someone who is upset, even if he doesn't care about that person. Because of the newer times, he doesn't get to take full advantage of his social skills because he has to be sure to not be found out by the wrong person. You never know when someone is under the Imperius curse trying to gain more information. He has grown to be very cryptic when talking about certain subjects, and will avoid other subjects at all cost. Paranoia is creeping up on him, and despite his attempts to stop the paranoia from taking over, it is slowly making a home in his mind.

As a rule, it has always been stated that pure blooded wizards should stick together. From before any living wizard could remember, there had been arranged marriages, which were used to strengthen the bloodlines, and also to keep the wealth close. Husbands were paired with wives sometimes even before they were born...This story is one of those stories. The Logan family of Scotland had their eyes on the Andrews family of England. The Andrews were to be said to having a daughter in a few short months, and the Logans were convinced that bringing their two families together through the Andrews'' future daughter, and their four-year-old son was a profitable decision. The two families had a brief meeting, and it didn't take much convincing for the Andrews family to agree with the arrangement.

At the ripe age of four, Percival Logan was already betrothed to a girl who wasn't born yet. By the time he turned five, he was visiting his future in-laws house to meet the little baby Alice. When he was told that she would one day be his wife, his little five-year-old mind couldn't grasp the concept. "I don't want to marry her, she is a baby!" But his father explained to him that the baby would grow up and become a beautiful woman. He still couldn't understand how something so smelly could grow up and be a beautiful woman, but his father was going to teach him what exactly that meant.

- - -

At the age of eleven, Percival was just months away from going to Hogwarts. He was still being forced over for various "play dates" with Alice, and his attitude hadn't changed much in six years. When he went over, he often sat in the corner and glared at the little girl. The last thing that he wanted to do as an eleven-year-old boy was to sit and play with a six-year-old. After what seemed like hours of sitting, his father picked him up. Percival spoke to his father like he usually did, but his father didn't seem to be having any of it. Instead, his father grabbed his hand and disapparated from the Andrews' front yard without a word.

Percival thought that they were taking their usual trip home, so he was surprised when they stopped moving and he felt the feeling of sand on his feet. His eyes scanned the location that his father had decided to take them, and tried to figure out why they were not home. His father sat him down in the sand, and told him to look around and tell him what he saw. His eyes scanned the beach for something unusual. It only took one scan to notice that the people on the beach were not wearing any clothes. "Dirty muggles," were the words that came out of his fathers mouth. "They don't cover themselves up. They flaunt around as if people would like to look at them. These people are disgusting. Do not affiliate with them." But Percival was focused on another thing, he was focused on the women. Was that going to be what Alice would look like when she was older? He had to know.

"Father," he said with apprehension. "Is that what women look like? Women wizards?"

"Yes, and no," his father said calmly. "Muggle women are dirty, they don't understand what witches do. Alice will grow up to be a beautiful woman, much more beautiful than these. You deserve better than this trash."

"But father, these women are-" he couldn't take his eyes off of them " -they are - " he couldn't figure out the word to use.

"I know son," his father said. And the two sat there on the beach, watching the Muggle women for hours in silence. Percival learned two things that day. The first: muggles were disgusting. The second: women were objects for men's pleasure. Although he didn't know how far that pleasure could go, he knew that he loved to look at them.

- - -

It was Percival's fifth year at Hogwarts, and it had been a successful year at that. He had a group of close friends who shared the same ideals as himself, and he was successful in the majority of his courses. But this day was not a test on his school aptitude, it was a test on how masculine he was. He had convinced Lucy Mulciber to meet him in a paddock near the lake for a "date." It had been known that the Mulciber girl was not very much of a lady, and didn't know how to keep her legs together. It was something that he would never admit, but Percival was nervous. He had never been with a woman in the way that he was planning to be with Lucy, but he had heard and read how things were supposed to work.

He was sitting on a log, waiting, his eyes stuck on the opening barely focused. He didn't know if Lucy was late or if he was early, but he was growing impatient. He stood up, and walked to the opening and was surprised on what he found. Lucy was being forced down to the ground by another Slytherin boy and was about to be taken advantage of. His eyes widened, and he did the only thing he knew what to do. He drew his wand and ran towards the boy yelling any curse that he could think of. When he got close enough, he kicked the boy in the ribs, and grabbed Lucy and ran back towards the paddock. Instead of resting inside that paddock they ran into the forest, deep enough where the trees began to get very thick, and hid. He held his hand over Lucy's mouth to keep her quiet, made eye contact with her, held a finger to her lips, and then let her go. They sat there for what seemed like an hour, listening for the other Slytherin boy.

By this point, his confidence was high. He looked at Lucy and finally asked the question that he should have asked a long time ago, "Are you ok?" And without even answering she threw herself on him and began kissing him passionately. It was that day that Percival learned that women were not just objects to be looked at, but also objects to physically please men. But he also learned something that he would not tell another man: you earn a woman, not just take her. He spent the rest of his years at Hogwarts "earning" other female students. But he paid little attention to his future wife, the woman who's heart he probably should have been trying to earn.

- - -

A wedding was supposed to be a joyful time. The union of two pureblood families was masked with a joyful scene but was actually interlaced with a competition to show wealth to everyone invited. Their wedding was no different. It wasn't a happy day for Alice or Percival, as Percival never tried to get to know Alice. He knew that he was going to be stuck living in the same house as her, and his days of winning over other women were pretty much over. He tried for the first year of his marriage to remain faithful, but he quickly fell into his old patterns of finding and using other women for their bodies. Their sex was still active, seeing as it was their duty to produce offspring. It took two years for Alice to become pregnant with their firstborn. Percival found out what the third purpose of women was: to produce children.

During Alice's pregnancy Percival was still not loyal. He had his casual encounters at least three times a week. But, what he did change was the fact that he stood up for her when any of his male colleagues said anything bad about her. She was carrying his son, and that gave her some worth.

After nine months of pregnancy, the firstborn Logan baby was born, and Percival's was pleased to find that he had a baby son. They named him Lennox Edan Logan, finding it to be a strong name. He was a large baby and was very spoiled for the first seven months of his life...until his mother got pregnant again.

- - -

At the age of one, Logan gained a little sister. As they grew up, they were close despite the fact that they were raised by two different parents. Lennox was raised by his father, and his sister was raised by his mother. They were both taught what their gender roles were, starting from before they were able to talk (although Alice tried to teach her daughter that she shouldn't ever be treated the way she was).

Lennox was taught from a young age that women were objects. On Lennox's eleventh birthday, Percival told him that he was going to take him on a special trip. So the two of them disappeared from their front yard and appeared at the familiar beach that Percival had been to in years past. Muggle women were parading topless around the beach.

"There," said Percival, pointing out toward the crowd of women, "are women. Muggle women, but women."

Lennox looked out at the women with a slack-jawed expression. "Father, I thought we didn't look at Muggle women." Even as he said this he couldn't stop his eyes from woman to woman.

"We don't," he said simply. "Witches are much more pleasant to look at."

"Why did you bring me here if I am not supposed to look?"

"To teach you." Percival stood beside his son, both hands in his pockets. This was the most relaxed Lennox had ever seen his father. "Women are here for us. For men."

Lennox nodded, "To become our wives?"

"Yes and no. They are here for our viewing pleasure, for our physical pleasure, and to have our children."

Lennox thought he understood, but could not understand the complexity of this statement at his age. All that he could comprehend was that he liked looking at these women, and he didn't want to stop.

Percival began to speak again, "these women are asking for it. They are asking to be taken. But, you cannot just go take one. You have to earn it. It is kind of like a game. Would you like to see how this game is played?"

Without knowing what he agreed to, he nodded. And with a crack his father and him disapparated from the beach.

He found himself in a dark room. His father was still standing next to him. "Son, there will be a woman coming soon. This will be my first encounter with her in this type of situation. I need you to remain very quiet." And with that, he lead Lennox into a closet. The door was cracked open so that Lennox could see what was going on in the room, but he couldn't be seen.

There was a knock on the door, and Percival looked at Lennox and pushed a finger to his own mouth. "Come in," he said with a smooth voice. A woman, who had to be in her 20s, walked into the room. Percival began his game. He offered her a drink, told her she was beautiful, and kept on making eye contact with her. Every chance that he got he would touch her for a brief moment.

Lennox had no idea what was about to happen, or why he was stuck in this dark closet. But then suddenly it began to happen. His father began to take off the woman's clothes, and before he knew it his father was on top of the woman. Lennox tried to back further into the closet, not wanting to see the scene that was before his eyes. Although his father thought he was teaching him women's place in the world, he was teaching his son something else. Men were driven by their desires, and would do anything they could to get what they wanted.

- - -

It seemed like ages until his Hogwarts letter came. When it finally arrived the whole family went to Diagon Ally to get his supplies. The entire trip, his sister whined about how she wanted to go to Hogwarts this year, and how it wasn't fair that he got to go first. Lennox ignored her through his robe fitting, wand shopping, book shopping, and through the apothecary. But when they were picking an owl out for him he finally snapped at her, "I am older than you. Stop acting like a selfish brat." His sister glared at him. This marked the moment that they began to drift apart.

- - -

"SLYTHERIN!" The sorting hat was taken off Lennox's head, and he walked to the table filled with green wearing students. He knew he was going to be forced to become friends with many of the children around him. He just wanted to be sure that he was making friends with the "right people" as his father said.

During the first few months of schooling he began to realize who he wanted to fraternize with, and who he didn't. He never was a fan of the Ravenclaws, as they seemed to flaunt the fact that they were sorted into their house because they were intelligent. He was smart as well, but he didn't flaunt it around the school.

One day an older Slytherin boy shoved Lennox into a wall as he was passing him. Lennox, not knowing how to keep his mouth shut, shouted at the boy that he should open his eyes, and watch where he was going (in much harsher words). Much to be expected, a hex was thrown his way, and he threw up slugs for the next two hours. It was then that he realized he needed to keep his mouth shut unless there was something that absolutely needed to be said.

- - -

A year later he sat at the same table, watching first years get sorted. His sister walked up to the stool and had the hat barely placed on her head, and a loud "SLYTHERIN" yelled out. She came and sat by her own brother, and he congratulated her.

From that day forward, he aimed to protect his sister. He didn't want anyone to take advantage of her, especially in his later years at Hogwarts when he was taking advantage of other young women. He was the dark quiet type, and Hogwarts girls ate that up.

His sister had an attitude on her, and often got the two of them in trouble. Detention at least twice a month was customary for the siblings. But she never seemed to appreciate his help. She always told him to leave her alone, and said that she could handle it. She mouthed off pure blood propaganda, and he was often blamed for what she said. It wasn't that he didn't believe what she was saying, but he didn't want to back it up either. He had no choice but to back her up, because she was blood to him. He always had believed that nothing ran thicker than blood, and he wasn't about to let anyone mess with his sister.

- - -

Girls at Hogwarts were a fun, yet easy, game. He had a few things going for him...He came from good blood, he was on the Quidditch team as a chaser, and he was a very smooth talker. Thanks to his father, sex seemed like a small step in a relationship, so he was never really nervous about the act. That being said, many young women were deflowered by Lennox. He was never really a relationship sort of guy, so many of the girls had a dislike for him after they realized that he wasn't as into them as they were into him. That being said, there were always those girls that he wanted to get, but he could never get his hands on. They were the girls who knew how to stand up for themselves...the ones who ran with the boys, and could hold their own. For some reason, they always intimidated him. As much as he tried, he could never bag one of these lasses. Instead, he would be stuck fucking a dumb bimbo that he wouldn't even want to see the next day.

- - -

Graduation came much sooner than expected. He was thrown into the real world with a shock. His first job that he got was as a bus boy at wizards bar in London. Six months later he was behind the bar serving alcohol to the locals. He knew this is what he wanted to do, so he took money from his father, found a bar with an apartment above it, and signed a lease. It took him three months of renovating the bar before he opened it. It was the greatest feeling opening for the first time, even though it was just a few already drunk wizards joining him in the bar.

He was so focused on trying to make his bar succeed that he didn't keep up on the happenings around him. Sure, he heard the drunken rumors that came from the prattling of customers, but it was almost impossible to know who was telling the truth. His sister began writing him letters, telling him about the Death Eaters, and about Voldemort. She told him that she was joining in the fight as soon as she graduated. Of course, this meant he had to join the fight as well in an attempt to protect her.

- - -

It was the beginning of the worst night of his life. He was being sent on his first raid with the Death Eaters. They all apparated into a Muggle orphanage and were instructed to kill every child in the building. Lennox couldn't stomach killing a child, so he decided he was going to go after the adults instead. An old, frail woman was hiding behind a desk. She looked as if she only had moments to live. He began to raise his wand at her, and she cried out "please, don't." He couldn't. But within a split second he heard his sister hiss the killing curse from right behind him, and with a flash of green light the woman crumpled to the ground.

Lennox stood there in shock as screaming people around him suddenly grew silent. He had never seen so much death in his life. After what seemed forever, they all disappeared from the orphanage without a trace. The moment they arrived back in front of their master, Voldemort took control of his mind and saw that he hasn't killed anyone. He told him that he was to be punished, and asked for volunteers to join in the fun. His sister was the first to step forward. She threw every curse at him that you can imagine (other than the killing curse). He had never felt so much pain. When he was feeling like he would no longer live, he heard a strict "enough" come from Voldemort's mouth. The room went dark, and Lennox passed out.

When he woke up, he saw a young boy stuck to a chair with what looked like invisible ropes. "Kill him," hissed Voldemort.

He had to do it. He couldn't be tortured any longer. With a green flash, the child went limp.

- - -

One night later he was sitting in his flat, thinking and stewing about the night before. He knew it wasn't right. If they could do that to someone who was on their side, maybe they were the ones who was wrong. He was ready to denounce the death eaters and take a stand against them.

He got in contact with a known member of the Order and told him his story. He said he wanted to fight on their side, and that he knew that it was what was right. The order member told him to wait, and remain silent about his decision.

A week later, Dumbledore himself appeared in his apartment. He had a small vile of Veritaserum, and he told Lennox to drink it. Lennox willingly did, and told his story again. Dumbledore looked at him, silent for what seemed like hours, and finally told him that he had a job for him and that the job would be difficult. He was going to be a double agent. He would have to fool Voldemort into believing that he was fighting for him. He would lay low to avoid attention being driven to him, and he would report back to the Order with any pertinent information.

- - -

In what seemed to be the worst turn of fate, it was all over. The Death Eaters took over the Ministry and were convinced that the war was over. But, the Death Eaters didn't seem to realize is that there was still a resistance rising and Lennox's bar was a common meeting place for that resistance. Lennox played off as if he didn't know many of the people who he was in fact very close to.

He was still new to fraternizing with the half-bloods, and wasn't sure if they wanted to talk to him, so he remained somewhat quiet. He only spoke when he had something important to say, or if he was serving a drink. He quickly began to realize how arrogant he had been in the past. It was beginning to be hard to put on the rough face in front of the side that he didn't even want to be aligned to. But luckily for him, every death eater seemed to be celebrating, and didn't have time to question him.

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Congratulations! We have read over your application, and you have been accepted! Now you need to take a trip over to our face claim, and after that you can call this board your home!
HEY GURLLLLLLL. I love him. He's awesome. Congrats on yet another character! At least we know if we go crazy and end up in a nuthouse we will have PLENTYYYYY of people in our head to keep us company!

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