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Rose Tyler - September 1, 2009 03:38 PM (GMT)
*get over it,

rose TYLER
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hey bitches, Lia here.
i found my lucky star searching with Cap & Kris
and i'm helping out with jack harkness.
i've been living for about 25 years years and about eleven of my life has been spent roleplaying
if you ever need me you can holla my name by PM or MSN

*simple and sweet,

birth name, Rose Tyler
nicknames, The Abomination [Dalek Emperor]; Dame Rose of the Powell Estate [DW: Bad Wolf]
age and date of birth, 22; 27th April 1987
gender, female
sexuality, heterosexual
species, human
allegiance, the Doctor, Torchwood | classified under good.
canon, yes

*i'm no supermodel,

hair colour, Blonde [though appears dyed]
eye colour, brown
height, 5'5" [165 cm]
weight, weight doesn't matter as long as you're happy with yourself.
physical flaws, None to speak of, outside of a few marks and beauty marks scattered over her body.
clothing style, Rose has her own very unique style of dress: eccentric would be the best way to describe it. She'll combine things together that have no earthly business of being put together, yet somehow they mange to fit her style and personality. Only Rose could get away with wearing the union jack on a shirt during the London Blitz. As she's grown older, her style of dress has tamed considerably, mostly due to needing a more 'professional' side while at Torchwood. She still, however, manages to put her own unique spin on outfits, adding a short skirt over a pair of trousers, always accented by a leather jacket of varying ilk. She's always kept her hair blonde, even though her natural hair colour is dark (cue the dark eyebrows), though she still will wear it a different way for a different day of the week. While more 'restrained' in some areas, Rose will always be the eccentric teenager at heart no matter how she dresses.
play by,
Billie Piper

*this is me,

+ Chips
+ The Doctor [all incarnations of him. Honestly]
+ Any and all new things the Doctor has opened her eyes to. Apple grass, for one.
+ Taking the knowledge she's gleaned over the years and trying to make herself sound well-informed.
+ The 1950s. Come now, who wouldn't love the 50s after seeing the Doctor on a scooter?
+ Her family. Even if mum gets on her last nerve more often than not.
+ Correcting people when they're wrong and she's right. One of those things that happens far too rarely, so she enjoys whenever it happens.
+ Jack and the rest of the Torchwood team
+ Running.
- Daleks. Daleks. And have we mentioned the Daleks?
- Cybermen
- Being separated from her Doctor. Again, not that she dislikes MetaCrisis!Doctor. He simply would never be hers.
- Being left behind.
- Having to work. Now, working at Torchwood is quite different from working at Henrik's.
- Daleks. Oh, wait...
- What has happened to her family as a result of her choices.
- Beaches
- Being told she needs to stop eating chips.
~ Chewing on her lower lip either when she's unsure of herself or when she's nervous.
~ Tends not to stand still, which may or may not be a habit she's acquired from the Doctor(s) over the years.
~ Her hands always need to be doing something. Usually it's playing with her hair, but she's the sort who would destroy an empty paper cup (if it was handed to her) without even thinking of it.
~ Running full-tilt into the face of danger with a smile on her face.
There's part of Rose that will forever be the rebellious teenager -- even though she's finally beginning to mature, Rose will always be a teen at heart. Perhaps it's not such a bad thing, but it does lead to the problem of being ruled by her emotions. Rose is never able to shut herself off, but rather her reactions come from what is happening to her. Even in the 'relationship' with the MetaCrisis Doctor, Rose's head can always be turned by a man with a hero complex and a great looking coat. Or a great smile. Or fantastic hair... well, you get the idea. While she loves to travel to different times and places, it's no secret that Rose's ability to blend in is sorely lacking. Some now, she didn't know that acting abilities were going to be a pre-requisite when it came to time travelling. And, really, her Scottish accent is getting better. Then again, couldn't get much worse, could it?
If there's anything about Rose Tyler to note, it's that she'd determined with a capital D. She doesn't let things get her down and she knows that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Granted, she didn't always have this mindset, preferring to take the slow and lazy path as opposed to taking charge of a situation, but travelling with the Doctor has changed her outlook on life in so many ways. Shes the woman who can keep a hold on the Doctor's reigns where his anger is concerned (even if she doesn't completely know it -- look, loves, at his reaction during 'Idiot's Lantern'). She's able to charm her way out of trouble, flashing a grin and quickly ducking away before anyone can realise she's been there and gone. For Rose, life has always been about having fun and she can see the bright spot in any situation -- perhaps that's why she's managed to capture the affections of the Doctor.
Rose's main goal (though one she's kept hidden for many years) is about to come to fruition: meeting up with the Doctor once more. While MetaCrisis Doctor was an admirable substitute and one she truly did love, there would never be another man for her but the Doctor. Now, with the chance to see him once more, how can she refuse to go to him? Otherwise, Rose's goals are more grandiose, though attainable through her involvement in Torchwood. She wants nothing more than to travel the Universe, keeping places safe and helping as best as she can -- hopefully with the Doctor by her side.
That she misses the Doctor terribly? Well, Rose would like to think it's a secret. She's always harboured feelings for the roguishly handsome Captain Jack (what girl wouldn't after dancing with the man on a Chula warship during the Blitz?), though she would never act upon them. And going back to the subject of the Doctor, she wants to have a family with him.
overall personality,
Rose Tyler, in her own way, is a force of nature. She is the one woman who has been able to reign in the Doctor's temper and it was she who was entrusted the care of the MetaCrisis Doctor because if she could fix the Doctor she could, logically, help the clone who had been born in battle. Even as she has grown and matured (theoretically in any case) Rose has never lost her playful and rebellious nature. She will always be, deep down, the shopgirl the Ninth Doctor saved that night, even as she's had her eyes opened up to the wonders of the universe.

What Rose lacks in 'intelligence' (and really, she isn't stupid -- she just doesn't apply herself like she should) she more than makes up for with street-smarts. She's resourceful and is able to think quickly on her feet, proving to be quite the help to the Doctor, proving that it isn't all about 'book' smarts when it comes to saving the world.

Listed under her strengths is Rose's ever-present determination. Perhaps almost to the point of stubborn at times, Rose will see something through to the end and she is never one to give up. Even when sent back home by the Ninth Doctor, she couldn't sit still knowing he was facing the fight of his life and here she was back on earth eating chips. Rose will always be a bit blind where the Doctor is concerned and knows full well that she'll do anything to help him. Anything. Almost to the point of being pigheaded at times (coupling a stubborn girl with the trait of a rebel is never a good thing), Rose occasionally lands herself into a heap of trouble and if she cannot get out of it on her own, it wouldn't be the first time she had to pick up the pieces later after figuring out what went wrong. Rose is and will forever be the young girl, even as she ages.

While many aspects of her personality seem to be negative qualities, Rose is far from a bad person. In truth, she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Her desire to help outshines any and all of her flaws and it's Rose who manages to help the Doctor find his mercy once more. She's a positive influence on anyone she's near and tends to think with her heart first as opposed to her mind (proving a perfect companion for the ever-logical Doctor). It must be said that Rose has a jealous streak in her a mile wide, particularly when it comes to her Doctor. She's selfish when it comes to him, both in her treatment of Sarah Jane and the fact that she would abandon the man she married for the simple chance at being with her Doctor.

*my life story,

hometown, London, England
current town, Bad Wolf Bay
parents, Peter Tyler [deceased in her world, alive in various other worlds]; Jackie Tyler
siblings, Tony Tyler [that's a bit complicated]
pets, none.
other relatives, none
loves, Ninth & Tenth Doctors; MetaCrisis Doctor. And she really does still love him. Honestly.
A large part of Rose would love to say she had a fabulous childhood, full of excitement and adventure -- but saying so would be a complete and utter lie. In truth, there was nothing interesting about her while growing up. She was born, her father was killed in a hit-and-run accident when she was just a baby and grew up the daughter of a single, working mum. Absolutely fascinating. Around the time she turned fourteen, Rose began dating Mickey Smith, again -- something completely unheard of for a girl her age. However, as unusual events go, Rose was suspended at the age of fifteen from Jericho Street Comprehensive after persuading the choir to go on strike: the true start of our rebellious teenager. Rose was only a mediocre student, enjoying such things as hanging out and partying as opposed to studying for her exams. Doing poorly on said exams, Rose consequently left school to live with musician Jimmy Stone. A whirlwind romance that ended badly for Rose, she returned to her mum and Mickey utterly heartbroken and they were the ones to pick up the pieces.

Jackie called in a favour through one of her ex-boyfriends (and really, Jackie shouldn't have been too surprised when it came to her daughter's behaviour: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this instance), landing rose a job at Henrik's department store. All was fine, or as fine as it could be for a girl working in a shop, until she met him: the man with the funny ears and leather jacket who grabbed her hand and told her to run. From that moment on, Rose's life was turned upside down -- for better or for worse, Rose truly had a life-altering experience. Rose never realised then how her life would become intertwined with the enigmatic man and never in her wildest dreams would she have ever thought she'd find herself inside a space ship that had the wonderful side effect of being able to travel in time.

Happily, and knowing she could return to her old life whenever she wanted, Rose took the Doctor's hand and willingly entered the TARDIS, never thinking of the repercussions that would be for those left back home. Still, Rose's travels with this incarnation of the Doctor opened her eyes to worlds and galaxies that existed far beyond our own and slowly, she began to cultivate feelings for the man. Also during this time she had the good fortune to meet the dashing Captain Jack Harkness after he saved her during the London Blitz -- a note, Rose will never wear the union jack shirt when she knows there's a war on. Being a giant moving target in the sky was one time too many in her opinion. Rose soon learned how fragile her existence was with the Doctor when he sent her away from Satellite 5, knowing how dire the situation was about to be. Not to be outdone, Rose found a way to return to him through the message of 'bad wolf' and returned to him, wielding the power of the Time Vortex after looking into the heart of the TARDIS. Not knowing what she was doing, Rose both gave life (to Captain Jack) and took it away (from the Daleks), even as her own body was burning up cell by cell. The Doctor sacrificed his Ninth incarnation in order to save Rose, leaving Rose sitting in the TARDIS with a very different looking man.

It didn't take Rose long to learn that this tall, thin man was (in essence) the same one she had met originally. His personality and looks were quite different, but deep down he was still the Doctor and it was with this form that she developed feelings beyond the typical bond of Time Lord/companion. While these feelings were never acted upon, Rose still managed to make it known just how she felt about him. What Rose never expected, however, was that she would be separated from the man she had fallen irrevocably in love with. Their parting on that beach in Norway will forever stick out in Rose's mind as the worst day of her life. And while she may have been overjoyed to be reunited with her father and Mickey once more, the presence of neither couldn't erase the pain of being separated from the man. And, to add insult to injury, she had confessed her love for him but their transmission had been cut off before he could say anything in return.

Rose spent the next few years doing whatever she could to return to the Doctor. After varying degrees of success, always seeming like she missed him by a matter of moments, Rose finally was able to be reunited with her Doctor -- even if it was for a few brief moments. However, even for all her attempts at finding him, she had to be returned to Pete's World though she was given the substitute of the human MetaCrisis Doctor. While he may have looked like her Doctor, there was no way to duplicate the original. Still, if this was all she could have of the Doctor, Rose was determined to make the best of the situation. And in truth, she does love the MetaCrisis Doctor, but not in the same way she loves the original.

She has a feeling he knows, though he has never confided such in her. They've waited for the TARDIS coil to grow and now, armed with their TARDIS, Rose and the MetaCrisis Doctor are returning to Earth and Rose is beginning the search for her Doctor.

Hopefully he hasn't forgotten her.

*how we do,

important items, TARDIS key, any other tech she's seen and used at Torchwood.
anything else, Enjoy!

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The Doctor - September 1, 2009 08:36 PM (GMT)
Your Rose... honestly, you have no idea how much I love her!

Accepted, naturally love!

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