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 FAQ, Check here if you have a Question
Harlie Sage
Posted: Mar 21 2007, 05:53 PM

Heir to the Techno Thrown of Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 382
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-February 07

- What do you mean by Spamming?
o Spamming is simply trying to get as many posts as you can to raise your Rank in the game. Or to advertise your own board, but never be part of our board. It you do this you will be banned or turned into the Administrators of InvisionFree itself.

- How do I become a staff member?
o Talk to an Admin. At the moment however we are looking for Moderators to help us keep the Forum working. We will give you a form to fill out.

- When will I know that I have a power or not?
o You will know when you put up your character sheet. Since the power doesnít happen until you get into Nightside, you wonít know about your power until you have started to post it wonít affect your Character sheet at all until you discover you have it. But make sure you give a logical thread has to how you found out you had it. You canít just suddenly have it. Make sure you follow the Rules when it comes to making your power, and using it.

- Why canít I have a character that has been into Nightside before?
o The only reason for that is because we wonít exactly know if you are a Major Player or just a Tourist in Nightside, since what you do in Nightside gives you a Reputation. Itís easier if all new members are also new to Nightside. And it also makes the game fun, because you have to earn your reputation.

- Why canít we play an NPC God?
o Good Question. Truth is, because a God (or some one of such a high power that you can make a deal with) is the one that give you such a power, you could simply say you talk with a God or such a power and now are immortal, or a Godling or something and that would make you too powerful. So this way, we make it fair for everyone and lay down that rule.

- Why canít we talk to God or the Devil?
o Through out the books, it says that Nightside is a safe place from Above and Below. They have no bounds here, they can have no rules or use it as a play ground. They are not allowed to do anything to help or harm Nightside. Does this mean you canít make a pact with either or? No, it just means they have to use their messengers (the Angels from above and Below) to do their bidding.

- Why canít Angels have Godly Powers?
o Thatís obvious. Think about the above answer. If neither God nor the Devil can interfere than an Angel or a Demon (An Angel from Below) with Godly powers would be doing their Masterís interference? So Nightside has a protection against that. In the Nightside, they are powerful yes, but they are severely weakened. But No one can play Angel from Above or Below. You can be a half-angel or a not so powerful demon, but you canít be a full fledged Angel, or a high powered demon.

- Why canít I help the Staff and let some one know they are breaking the rules?
o We had been letting people do that, but we realized that the Members who did help were really rude about it, it caused arguments and made the one who broke the rule really angry or embarrassed, so we feel it is better to let us handle it that way there are no hard feelings.

- I keep seeing the word Open next to Threads, what does that mean?
o Good Question! Open next to a Thread Topic means that it is open for anyone to enter the RP. If it has a personís name next to it, that means that it is only meant for that other Character. Some times it will have both, that simply means it is for who ever started, the character as well as anyone else who wants to be apart of it.

- What does GM mean?
o That is simply a shortened way of Saying Godmoding. Like Admin is Administrator, Mod is Moderator and so forth.

- What does it mean to have an Original Character or a Cannon Character?
o Original Character means a character that was never introduced in the books. Itís a character that comes from your mind, and not the authors. Cannon Character means a character that is from the books, such as John Taylor, or Walker. But at the moment, we really want Original Characters to be made.

- Can I use different colors in my Posts?
o YES! By all means! We would love if every player had a certain color they used for their characters. It would make the posts easier to read, and the board more colorful. This also helps if you are using two different characters in a single post and make what one says and does in one color and what the other says and does in a different color.

- Can I have more than one Character at a time?
o Go right ahead! The more the merrier, but we are asking that you do not make more characters than you can handle. Remember, if you are in a fight or such, you only have 72 hours to post unless you put an absent note up.

- What is the Goodie Note Forum?
o The Goodie note Forum is up so people can post a Rumor they have heard about some one else (not themselves, and we are talking In Character here!) as well as current Targets that are up for Grabs. We also post current plots that are happening board wide. And we also have the Night Times posted there every Month. Itís a good place to check every so often. There Might be a Rumor about you thereÖ.

- I understand what OOC means but what does IC mean?
o IC simply means In Character. That is what people put when they are switching between Out of Character, to In Character.
Harlie Sage
Posted: Sep 17 2008, 03:06 PM

Heir to the Techno Thrown of Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 382
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-February 07

I really am interested in this site, but it seems it is based on a book that I haven't read. Do I need to read this to become a member?

- Hells no! The reason we all got together to make this board was only because we enjoyed the world that Simon Green Created, but all you need an imagination and creativity and you are good to go. This world is for anyone with a sick imagination and interesting concepts. All are welcome whether you have read the book or not.
John Taylor
Posted: Apr 6 2009, 03:13 AM

Private Investigator and Son of Lilith

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 595
Member No.: 2
Joined: 8-March 07

Considering this is the Nightside, and it is based on series of books. Where exactly are we in the time line of the books?

Good questions. This has a bit more of a twist to it. Currently we are working up towards the Hex and the City book. We are planning to be running that plot a few months after the current Prophecy Plot gets played out. (If you are interested, let the Admins know)

However! As people who have read the story know, there are dozens of different time lines, as in like a Thousand or more. So using that logic, we are kind of considering our board to be an Alternate time line to the books.

Yes we plan to make sure the board follows the book, but different things can happen.

On top of that, the books take place of a span of YEARS! So with that in mind, we can add things that the books just may not cover for fun.

If anyone has any questions please go ahead and ask. We love to answer questions.
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