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 General Board Rules
Harlie Sage
Posted: Mar 8 2007, 12:28 AM

Heir to the Techno Thrown of Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 382
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-February 07

ē To Start on the Board:

o Read all the rules, including the Nightside Rules. They are funny but true as to the workings in Nightside. Reading these and those and if you have any questions look at the FAQ to see if your question has been answered. This will make sure that neither we nor Walker have to get involved.

o Make a character, and make sure to follow the Character Sheet guidelines. This is a completely open forum, so make your character as creative as possible. You can be a fairy from the future, a neo-necromancer that raises dead computer viruses, just be creative! (However, the most common species is Human since the home is on Earth in the center of London)

o In your history, you have to explain how you got to Nightside for the first time, and then the first time you Post inside of Nightside will be your first encounter with the place. Everyone who is new to the board is a Newbie to Nightside.

o Everything in Nightside is protected by technology, magic and spells. Most of the time they are known as Defenses or powerful protections. No one knows every spell or protection magic used. What this means for you is that if you are not welcomed into a place you canít just by pass the security man and walk in. You must also be able to disable the magics, spells and technology.

o It takes time to learn Magic and spells. You canít just learn it in the snap of a finger.

o Now with that said, all those who are new to the board are new to the Nightside, but this doesnít mean you canít know about spells and magic. There are Pagans and wiccans and Neo-druids even in our world today, that at least practice spells and magics. So if you are one of those (make sure to specify that in your character sheet in species, and this includes elves or anything else that you can make to know magics in history) you are allowed to know some MINOR magics. Make sure to post them in your character sheet as well under Abilities/Magics. If they are too powerful we will let you know.

o WE are asking that not EVERYONE starts off as a magical creature of some sort, because while in the Nightside, you can still learn magic and spells, it just means youíll have to so some more learning. And humans are the more predominate race, species, whatever.

o Because gifts (abilities) are like Freckles in the Nightside, we will flip a coin and let you know if you can give yourself a power. Remember since you have never had such a power before you have to learn how to control it in your posts. All powers much have a weakness, a downfall, if it doesnít we will make one for you.
As a small change, anyone can have a gift, however, those who coins get flipped to receive a gift will be met by someone who will offer them a gift, it is up to you to take it, however, remember, nothing is ever free, especially in the Nightside.

o All weapons can be FOUND in Nightside, but if it is too powerful, Walker as the Authority to hire someone to destroy it. All starting weapons are not allowed to be powerful.

o In will usually take only a 24 hour day for us to check over your character sheet and let you know if you are accepted or if your profile still needs work. If something is missing we will also let you know, as well if there is something we donít like. But damn you for making us have to read it again!

o Even if you donít have a power to start with, doesnít mean you canít some how obtain one. You can get one by winning a card game, or something like that, but you can only get one if you win it from a real player and not an NPC.

o Just because you donít have a power doesnít mean you are weak. Suzie Shooter doesnít have a power at all, she just like guns and killing people with guns but she is a major player in Nightside. A power is only a tool, a reputation in Nightside is the real power.

Posting Rules:

 You are not allowed to use excessive language in ANY of your posts. This board is a PG13 board. We are asking that all chat, in all the RPG and GD are PG 13 ratings. Even in the Novel the only word that John uses the most is Shit, arse and Bloody. Please stick to those. This may force you to write intelligently, but we donít mind! We will ask you to change it, if you donít we will change it for you. If you donít like it, too bad.

 We are also asking that you donít spam. This means no one liners *like the above example* or advertise your board here. In the GD we will have a place for that. If you want to become an affiliate let us know in the same thread.

 NO one is allowed to write like ďHow R UĒ ďWhat R U up 2Ē ďU peeps sukĒ Write it out! That kind of writing is only allowed in the Chat room and General Discussion. Anywhere else and it will be deleted, or we will have rewritten it for you. But this gives us more work to do, and we donít like doing extra work.

 We are also asking that you check you spelling errors, grammatical issues, and splitting up your post into paragraphs. It looks good and is easier to read.

 Godmodding Ė This means you do something you canít do, have something you otherwise didnít obtain through RPing or just doing something godly that pisses people off: Example! (He leaps several buildings in a single bound) You are not superman! And unless you have such a gift that allows you to do that, you canít do it, so donít!

 OOC is Out Of Character discussion, and can be marked in role-play posts between double parentheses. Just don't go overboard with that. If it doesn't have to do with the topic at hand, or the plot or something like that, then try and keep in the General Discussion.

((My name is Bob, and I work in a button factory)) <<< Please DO NOT do this.

Try not to make too many OOC comments while RPing unless it is necessary for the other member to understand your post. Try to keep it as clean as possible. It's for RPing, not to chat with the other board members. If you feel the need to talk to one of the members OOC, then go make a post in the 'General Discussion' forum, or in the Chat Room.

Chat is encouraged in ĎGeneral DiscussionĎ. Just remember, RESPECT MA AUTHORITAH (Said in Cartmanís voice). We have fun Making examples of people, so donít slip up by saying something stupid.

 We are asking that people keep their posts to a min of 6 lines. We want to see people posting something that another person can reply to, how can a person reply to this:


This is completely, and utterly unacceptable. If you catch yourself posting like this, we strongly suggest editing it. Because if you donít, we will edit it for you, telling you to do it. If you do not edit, then God have mercy on your soul, because we will edit your post again, and we canít guarantee what we will edit it to. So please be considerate and post something intelligent.

 You may post your RP in any form. Third person, first person, (either past of present, which ever works best for you) hell, you can write in second person if you feel up to the challenge. Have fun with it.

 It is understandable that people have lives. So we are allowing a grace period. If you are in the middle of a post with someone that is just a casual meeting, we ask that you post at least once every seven days. This helps keep the board moving, and the plots going. HOWEVER, if you are in the middle of a fight that is going on you have to post within 72 hours of the last post made. If you donít, and there is an attack coming your way, we (not the other member) have the right to say what happens. We will take you abilities into consideration, but we will be logical about it too. So make sure to post in the ABSENT section in the General Area if you know you will not post in time. Make sure to let us and the other members know what you might be back.

In the Nightside:

 All newcomers to the Nightside will start off as Tourists until you have reached 75 posts. The more your post the higher you become in the scheme of many things. But just a piece of notation, we hold the right to keep you at a certain rank if we feel you are not ready to carry the weight of a higher position. (This means, donít post over and over again in the GD to raise your Posts. You have to make your posts count in the Nightside.)

 When you have reached the Rank Legend, that is where you will stay until you have traveled down the Street of Gods and have made a deal with a God, but Walker (IE Us) have the right to let you have godly powers or not. (Mind you, just because you are immortal doesnít mean you canít die. Even Razor Eddie can die if you find out how to kill him)

 When it comes to Running a business in Nightside all that we ask is (1) you talk to us before you make it. You have to let us know what kind of business it is, and where you want it. We will make an Area for your business and Pin it up so people know itís there. This is only so we can keep track of all the business currently working in Nightside.

 No Regular member can play an NPC God. If you want to talk with a god of your Liking by all means let us know what you would like of us.

 The only Gods you can not Talk to in the Nightside would be God, his son Jesus, and Satan and all other names he goes by. But both powers have agents running through Nightside. WE will allow players to make Half Angel characters, but even in the Nightside, an Angelís power is highly diminished, so not even Halflings have a great deal of power. Sorry, just how Nightside works.

 As long as you are RPing within Nightside, and do something that disturbs the Status Quo, perhaps you find a powerful weapon, or kill too many people, or just become a nuisance in the Nightside, Walker as the Authority to step in and deal with it. DO NOT take him lightly. You only get ONE warning before you become a Target. Who knows what will come after you.

 Bounty Targets, which can be found in the Goodie Note Forum, is a place where anyone can post a target on anyone elseís head. Anyone can accept the bounty if they feel they can handle it. NO ON is protected from becoming a Target.

Last Words and Side Notes:

 Anyone can die in the Nightside. If we feel that something is a miss in your fighting posts, or that you are doing something unlikely for your character or that someone cheated (Godmodding like, because pulling out a weapon they have and using it isnít cheating) we will get involved and deal with it.

 We hold the Right to add rules in this Side Note Section to accommodate the board and all its glory. WE will let you know when a rule as been added.

 When we say Navy, you say Boston.

 Have Fun! And BE creative!


- Make sure to read the FAQ. We have been getting a lot of questions that have already been answered, and even though we donít mind answering them, it just lets us know you really havenít read them. Youíd be surprised. So if you have a question look there first. If itís not there go ahead and ask. It might a good Question to add to the FAQ for future people.

- Respect the staff as well as the other members of the board. We have been getting some fights going on in the GD (ones we had to delete from the board) as well as in some OOC posts in the Nightside. If you are having an issue, bring it forward to the staff. We donít mind trying to help, but we canít help if we are unaware. If it gets serious there will be some suspending going on around the board.

- No abusing of the rules. They are more like guidelines anyway, simply there to help regulate the board, but we have been having some people throwing out rules. So we are asking that no one Back-Seat Moderates for us. We make it a point to look over threads, and we can deal with it. If we donít notice it, we donít mind getting a little tap on our shoulders, to point us in the right direction, but itís not your place to tell another member they are doing something wrong. So donít.
Harlie Sage
Posted: Mar 26 2007, 09:32 PM

Heir to the Techno Thrown of Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 382
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-February 07

More Side Notes!

We are allowing people to put their houses up in the OTHER AREAS. However, you have to talk with us if you want it as a section of the board. You also have to have a job in the Nightside, one that will make you enough money to have such a home. Remember it is a privilage, not a gift. Earn it.

(You can even have us add it if it is nothing but a warehouse!)
Dead Boy
Posted: Mar 27 2007, 08:29 PM

Best Dressed Dead person in Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 531
Member No.: 12
Joined: 8-March 07

If a forum mentions that it is OWNED or Controlled by some one they are the ones that run that forum. Yes, Admins and Mods have the right to step in if we feel something is not right, or not being dealt with, but the owner has the right to refuse entrance to their place for what ever reason they feel necessary. They own it, they have that power.

If you complain or dont like their reasonsing ... to bad. This is the Nightside, and in the nightside NOTHING is fair. However, we are asking that owners do NOT discriminate for OUT OF CHARACTER Reaons.

This means, if you do not like a person because they made fun of you in the GD, you do not have the right to give them entrance. Your reasoning for not allowing them into the your place is for gaming reasons only, or things that ONLY happened in the game!

It can be their reputation, their smell, the way they dress, but it can not be for your reasons, only your characters...

I hope that makes sense.
Dead Boy
Posted: Mar 27 2007, 08:32 PM

Best Dressed Dead person in Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 531
Member No.: 12
Joined: 8-March 07

Post Script on the last Quick Note:

We have made players that are not regular around the board players, but are needed to help keep the game in order. If you enter a place (Such as The Pit) in which Mr. Blood and Mr. Bones control it, (or the Demon Lordz as stated in the description) we (as in the Staff) will play the one of the owners. Just make sure we know...
Dead Boy
Posted: Mar 29 2007, 06:15 PM

Best Dressed Dead person in Nightside

Group: Adminstrators
Posts: 531
Member No.: 12
Joined: 8-March 07

Gah! I love how I am the one in charge of adding the Side notes! I will get you for this!

*Shakes his hands at the Gods*

Okay, another side note. All Cannon Characters (characters from the Books) Have been made save for those from Hell to Pay. They are also already in play. Many people who joined the board recently took on those so we don't have any real Cannon Character open for play. Sorry.

But we really REALLY would like to see more Originals in play! So get making them! We only have a few like The Whimsical Fool, Marien Mime, Weatherman, Cartoon Carrie, Mechanic and of course Harlie! SO get making them!
The Weatherman
Posted: Sep 19 2008, 01:07 AM


Group: Moderators
Posts: 80
Member No.: 45
Joined: 10-March 07

This is something many forget to say. We LOVE different people. Different writing styles different anything! We ask that the rules be followed that there is a standard so that this board can run smoothly, but for the most part this is all open. The more imagination you have the more this board can come alive. What whatever kind of writing style you would like. Don't hold back on being creative. We will not stomp on you for it, in truth you will probably be praised and credited for being like that. We are welcoming of all types.
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