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 Shhhh..., I'm hunting really big trolls! (Closed)
Posted: Dec 3 2009, 01:25 PM


Group: Adminstrators
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Joined: 3-March 09

_____Lumen slowly made his way through the Nightside, the overlarge full moon leering down at him. In the Nightside it was always three in the morning, the moon was always full, and everything that thrived in darkness was out in force, always. Mostly though, many of those “everythings” decided to walk on the other side of the street whenever Lumen came past. It wasn't because he had a reputation, which he didn't, and it wasn't because of the sword on his back, which was as big as him but hidden behind a glamor. It was because of the aura he gave off, a feeling that you were being examined and judged, and most things in the Nightside couldn't handle being judged. This was where people (the term being used very loosely here) went to get away from the everyday and the prying eyes of those with standards.

_____Lumen smiled on the inside as he walked, the reason he gave off his aura was because of the amount of Holy Water present within Lumen's body was off the charts. Everyday he blessed a gallon of water, fervently praying, and afterwords he drank the entire gallon. He had been doing it for a good half-year now, since he had come to realize that in the Nightside, Holy Water was more than just water, it was a potent power-source and weapon against...almost anything. Now it permeated almost every cell in Lumen's body, and Lumen wondered for a moment if he was going to start glowing at one point.

_____A Shroomba, a type of humanoid creature made up completely of mushroom fungus, shambled past Lumen, giving off small clouds of spores from the underside of it's cap. Lumen sneezed despite himself, and the Shroomba gave him a scathing look before plodding on, leaving a trail of floating spores that glowed with a phosphorescent light. Lumen rubbed his nose, annoyed. He really wished that “things” would be more careful with their excrement, never know if it was dangerous or not until it killed you. Lumen sneezed again, and a tiny glowing mote of light shot out of his nose along with the spores. Lumen grinned, another reason he enjoyed Holy Water, it made the fact it was protecting him quite obvious, what with glowing when it came in contact with something harmful to Lumen and all.

_____Lumen continued on his way, the bright lights and gaudy neon of Uptown shining almost as bright as the moon overhead. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Lumen wasn't here on a pleasure trip, not this time. He was looking for a place called Rat's Alley, and from there he was heading down into the sewer of the Nightside. To hunt trolls, of all things. Still, he needed the head from a very large and vicious example of troll-kind, just to learn what exactly it could be used for.

_____Finally Lumen managed to find the bistro that marked the entrance to Rat's Alley, and he paused a moment to examine it. Ridiculously fancy, it looked like the finger food would cost you an arm and a leg, and the main course your soul. Lumen shook his head, and swung around the corner of the building and into the Alley. It was like hitting a wall, the change was so sudden. The place was darker than any part of Nightside Lumen had yet seen, and it didn't seem to be because there were no street lamps lit there. It seemed more about...the spirit of the place, it was all despair and gloom and very certainly depressing. There were homeless everywhere, crowded in every nook and cranny that they could find, or make. Lumen actually took a step back as he looked upon the poor souls condemned to exist here, he knew there were homeless, but he had always thought it was their fault. Yet looking on the...almost people here, he knew there was no way they could get out by themselves. In one grimy and soaked box he saw what looked to be an animated skeleton, it's empty skull faced in his general direction. In another he saw something not even remotely human, some type of quivering mass of flesh, but when Lumen's gaze fell upon it, he realized the thing had a once-human face. In a corner, he saw a humanoid robot, the lights around it's “brain” center flickering on and off. It didn't move, even when Lumen approached it.

_____”...and who are you, to be in Rat's Alley? You don't have the look of one who'd join us.” came a woman's voice, and Lumen turned.

_____He came face to face with a woman dressed in the black robes of a nun, her eyes looking tired and worn, but they had a kindness to them. Lumen didn't need to see the cross around her neck to realize she was a Christian nun, come to help the homeless as she could. Lumen turned to fully face her and gave her a quick bow, his cross necklace somehow falling from within his clothes and dangling for a moment as he bowed. Lumen spoke,”Hello, sister. You're right, I'm not in such dire straits as these beings. I was merely passing through, on my way to hunt trolls, for a project of mine...”

_____”I see, and what is...” the woman spoke, he eyes flicking to the cross before looking to his eyes again,”..a fellow faithful such as yourself requiring troll flesh for?”

_____Lumen paused for just a moment before he answered,”I have no idea, yet. Thus the hunting. Take the head of the biggest one I can find, take it back to the Forge, and work it out from there. seems to be a lot less important from my point of view right now. Take this area for example. I knew even the Nightside had it's homeless, but I never thought it would be...this bad for them...” Lumen trailed off, looking at the nun meaningfully, silently asking her to explain.

_____”You should know the Nightside lives off of those who got unlucky or didn't have the stuff to make it here. These are just some of them.” the woman, a tear coming to her eye. Lumen was more than a little confused when she took out a small bottle, looking to contain perhaps some type of drug, and put her tear into the bottle with it. The woman smiled gently at his expression,”Business, young man, business. I needs must get back to it. I'll give you some advice. Don't go in after the trolls, you'll only end up dead, another meal for them.”

_____”Thanks for the advice, but I'm quite capable of defending myself. You may have heard about that fiasco at the Sage Manor, with all the extra-dimensional demons? I got second highest kill count, only Razor Eddie got more.” Lumen replied as he removed the glamor he had placed about his sword before he left the Forge. With that, he wrenched up the covering into the sewers, and climbed down into the darkness...

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